Lawlessness Leads to Anarchy

This country has been on a downward spiral of lawlessness for some time now. We can all remember the school yard shootings where children killed other children, where college students went on a rampage against their own classmates, where a sniper randomly kills innocent bystanders, where a disgruntled ex-employee reenters the job site to wound and kill fellow employees, and then most recently a husband and father sets his own house on fire and crashes a small plane into an office building (less than 10 miles from my house). What in the world is happening?

Let’s be clear about one thing we are not talking about terrorists. We are not talking about an alien invasion. We are not talking about organized crime, but we are talking about people who gave us no warning that they would explode causing unbelievable carnage and untold suffering to their fellow citizens. From the best I can tell most of these people looked rather normal to their peers, family members and friends. Although one similar trait among them was that they appeared aloof, distant or a loner. What was going on to cause these people to explode? What kind of pressure were they under?

We all know that a boiler that has too much pressure will eventually explode. Let me suggest that this country has lost its way and are churning out citizens who expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter with little or no work. They expect to be treated with honor and respect when they have never been taught how to give it. They look at all that the world has to offer and if they don’t get it then the pressure begins to build. Or if someone attempts to take away what they do have then the pressure continues to build to unsafe limits. Unfortunately most people in this country would be horrified to lose all of their material possessions, because they cannot separate their life from them.

Add to this the moral decline and the total disregard for the law and you have a recipe for disaster. As our leaders in high places are caught in every manner of sin and the talking heads continue to fan the flames of discontent, then many question their moral authority to pass laws or even their right to enforce them. Then if that were not enough the philosophy of tolerance has led many to reject the truth peddled by the establishment for their own set of values which in many cases are no values at all, but rank lawlessness.  Regrettably with this country’s drift away from Christianity and absolute truth, she has lost her moral anchor.  Set adrift in the sea of immorality she will continue her decline into lawlessness. So where will this all lead? Anarchy!

As the world comes crashing in from all around you it is time for every true Christian to take a deep look within and make sure you have not been captivated by the world of materialism. Can you give up everything for the cause of Christ knowing that He will not allow you to be tested beyond what you can handle?  Are you unsettled when you do not receive the honor and respect that you have become accustomed to or are you following the example of Christ who humbled himself to death even death on a Cross? Do you follow the world in their godless counseling and drugs to ease the pain or do you run to Christ who promises to be with us in the midst of our greatest suffering? Friends, it’s only going to get worse as we fast approach His Second Coming so please do not follow the world in these godless acts, but remember the words of our Lord Jesus Christ to love one another so that the world will know that we are His disciples.

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