ISIS Linchpin to the NWO (World War III in Piecemeal)

The entire world is still horrified by yet another tragedy in Paris. Through their investigation and the Islamic State’s own admission of this act of terror it has caused a universal outpouring of sentiment and solidarity with the people of France. It is uniting the entire world together in a common cause of rooting out this terrorist organization founded on religious radicalized fundamentalism. Pope Francis declared, “Paris attacks were part of a ‘piecemeal Third World War.” And for once I agree with the Pope, for this is the start of World War III, but only in piecemeal. One step at a time all religious radicalized fundamentalism will have war waged upon it by the entire world. But how this will be a piecemeal of World War III is even more telling.

They say that when people fight a common cause it has a way of erasing all religious, social, economic, and racial barriers. Miraculously everyone appears to be one as they seek to overpower a common enemy. This can be seen not only in war but also in natural disasters where the ash of a volcano or the dust of a storm covers up the color of an individual causing all to look the same. This common enemy at the present time is ISIS – the Islamic State, which has broadcast its fundamentalist doctrines and horrific brutality worldwide. I have said it from the beginning that the powers to be have allowed this virus to grow and spread to drive fear into the world’s inhabitants. They have simply pinpricked them with a measured bombing campaign unwilling until lately to put boots on the ground. They have allowed the refugees, many of them just men of military age, to enter the boarders of the West unimpeded, knowing full well that some could be terrorist to inflict injury and death upon its citizens. Now that the world is fully awake concerning this danger it’s finally time to unite the entire world together in a conservative effort to eradicate this cancer, no longer allowing it to have a place in the New World. As we shall see, this is only the first step, a piecemeal if you will, in an all out global war against any and all forms of religious radicalized fundamentalism.

The second step, or piecemeal of the Third World War, is to assimilate thousands, upon thousands, of so called peace loving Muslims into the fabric of Western civilization. While it was Barrack Obama’s job to allow this virus to spread it will be Angela Merkel’s job to assimilate Muslims into Europe. The assimilation process will require that all radicalized fundamentalist doctrine to be jettisoned for the greater good, so that all religions can live in peace accepting all people in the New World. They will be taught to accept racial differences, all sexual orientations, and religious or non-religious preferences. This assimilation will also include the citizens of the host countries to accept their new Muslim brothers and sisters along with their traditions of dress and worship. To fight against this assimilation process will make you an enemy of the State and a violator of humanity in the New World. Pope Francis has also joined in this process by directing all churches in Europe to accept and care for Muslim refugees as brothers and sisters. Barrack Hussein Obama has also joined in the assimilation process by giving Muslims credit for many of the great achievements of Western Civilization, leading public schools to recognize their accomplishments thus allowing them to teach many of their doctrines and traditions. Mr. Obama has also celebrated their Muslim holy days and even joined them in prayer to their god. The assimilation process is in full swing.

The third step, or piecemeal of the Third World War, is to disarm all citizens of the New World to ensure that religious radicalized fundamentalism can no longer raise its ugly head inflicting death and destruction in the New World. When some of the radicalized Muslim refugees continue to wreak death and destruction in cities around the world, most people will cry out loud to disarm all people, believing that disarmament will keep them safe. When Christians proclaim their God given right to keep their guns in order to protect their families, it will classify them as religious fundamentalist, and a clear and present danger to the State. Moreover, when they proclaim openly as I am doing now, that Jesus Christ is the only Way to heaven and all other so called ways will lead you straight to hell will indeed put you in the cross hairs of the State as a dangerous religious radicalized fundamentalist. There first recourse will be to reform you into the social fabric of the New World by requiring that you attend one of their new learning centers to accept all faiths. In these same learning centers you will be required to accept all people and their sexual orientation. They may also require that you accept their new laws that allow abortion on demand along with many other immoral laws yet to be written.

As the New Word starts to take shape the greatest enticement will be their new drugs that can fix every problem. Truly it will appear as a great miracle to actually help people to overcome their many emotional and psychological problems. With real improvements to psychiatric drugs they will no longer rely upon their God to solve their problems, but simply take the pill that will give them the euphoria of joy, happiness, and the promise of a new life. Even the drugs for physical problems will be like wonders from above as people tend to get well faster or not sick at all. The world’s counselors will replace most priest, rabbis, pastors, and the Muslim imam to care for the needs of humanity in the New World. Yet the greatest wonder will be the establishment of a New World where everyone appears to be getting along. They will be eager to show their allegiance to those in power and agreeing with them to stamp out any form of what the State would perceive to be a dangerous religious radicalized fundamentalist. Yes, my friend ISIS will be used as a lynchpin in the establishment of the New World Order. Mark my word that those in power have been working toward this goal for a very long time moved clandestinely by a greater power of evil known as the old dragon or Satan himself.

I had a dear friend ask me if I could do a Tribulation Radio broadcast on “is there any hope for America?” I honestly believe if there is ever to be any hope for America and Western Civilization then we must immediately turn back to God, not only individually, but as a Nation. It would take a complete 180 degree reversal. As a nation we would need to return to God’s law by outlawing abortion, homosexuality, transgender, and every other form of sexual orientation different than the Biblical mandate of one man and one woman in holy matrimony. But I am afraid it’s much deeper than that we would also need to ban all psychiatric drugs and lead people back to trusting in God alone to solve their emotional and psychological problems. All forms of greed and dependence upon a social welfare program must be eliminated. Personally, when I look at Holy Scripture and its prophecy for the future, I simply don’t see this country or any other returning to God’s law alone.

On the other hand, what I do see is the faithful remnant growing more bold in their witness and standing firm on the truths handed down to them through Holy Scripture.  What I do see is a great polarization taking place between the New World and those of the faithful remnant. Unfortunately, what I do see is the faithful remnant being classified as a dangerous religious radicalized fundamentalism that will make us an enemy of the State. This will be the last piecemeal to fall into place of the Third World War spoken of by the Pope. Dear friends, Bible prophecy will be fulfilled that says, “If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” (Revelation 13:9, 10). The Christians hope is in the return of Jesus Christ to rescue those in captivity and bring judgment upon the entire world that has rejected His beautiful message and followed after the beast and the false prophet in the formation of the New World Order. What a freighting day that will be for the unbelieving world as the veil falls off everyone’s eyes and they see the truth. Every knee will bow as they are swept away into eternal judgment. On the other hand, in the midst of the Great Tribulation the Christian hope is that he is shielded from God’s wrath and never left alone to suffer persecution at the hands of a fallen world. The Christian hope is that his peace and joy will never depart from him even in the midst of his greatest trials. The Christian hope is to reign with Christ forever and ever as every tear is wiped from his eyes.

Finally, what can be done while we wait upon the Jesus Christ to return in glory as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords? The first thing we can do is follow His commission and make disciples of all nations with the promise that He will be with us until the end of the world. The only way I know how to make a disciple is to come face to face with another person and teach them everything that Christ has taught me through the indwelling Holy Spirit and study of Holy Scripture. The second thing we can do is learn how to stand firm: how to stand firm against the enemy of our mind and emotions; how to stand firm against false teaching; how to stand firm against a world that wants to pull you down into the filth of her immorality and abdominal life style. Dear friend, the enemy has a plan to destroy the Church, which is already in the process. Now you know the plan of the enemy. The question is: “what are you going to do about it?”

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