Invasion of the Antichrist Spirit

Invasion of the Antichrist Spirit

No one can say exactly when this invasion took place, but we have seen the visible signs of it since they put the colored lights on the White House to hail same-sex marriages during the Obama administration. What we have seen since that day has been earth-shattering if we had eyes to see. Once we can clearly see the invasion of the Antichrist spirit, then the Antichrist and his minions will come more into focus. The Antichrist spirit is like a multi-headed beast (Revelation 13:1-2) reaching his tentacles into every area of society to overcome God’s children and to control fallen humanity. This is accomplished by raising up his dedicated minions to do his bidding even if they don’t realize that they are working for Satan and his Antichrist. His methodology from the beginning has been control, to control humanity even when they don’t realize that they are being controlled. See my last article “Are You Being Controlled Psychologically.”  We will briefly examine each of these minions, filled with the Antichrist spirit, to do his bidding. Although there will be a global reach, it will be centered in spiritual Babylon, the seat of his power.

Antichrist and his spirit are clearly the opposite of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Antichrist is openly opposed to all the laws of God, creating his own laws to embrace his philosophical beliefs in democracy, the rights of every person to follow his own beliefs and practices canonized by the majority. For over two thousand years the Church preached its doctrines emphasizing the Holy Laws of God. Although there were always various opinions in the interpretation of Scripture most congregations stayed united, true to their faith, and committed to obeying the Holy Laws of God. This all changed when the doors were flung open, and people began to come out expressing their own take on the laws since the creation of man, that they no longer believed in the created gender. This created a flood of perverted lifestyles. The Antichrist spirit immediately moved in to help the process grow and be legally accepted by all the citizens of spiritual Babylon. Perhaps it started in the political arena by passing laws to stop the general population from violating the rights of others to openly express their different beliefs and activities that didn’t align with the commandments of God. Of course, this was just the beginning.

Minions were enlisted to teach Satan’s way by allowing them to have a very large platform to touch the hearts and minds of humanity. So, a young Jewish man, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg, was enlisted to open the floodgates of social media that would no longer be restricted to a few hours a week in the local church. These new platforms would grow exponentially with opportunistic individuals bringing forth short spellbound videos to occupy the mind and messaging apps to spread their false teachings. These platforms would have access to the hearts and minds of humanity twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It may have begun with so-called experts in religion and social behavior, then it quickly opened Pandora’s box to allow everyone to have their own platform causing some to be noted as social media influencers. So, along with the theology of every world religion came false prophets and experts in non-religious beliefs and scientific discovery. Perhaps the worst thing possible was allowing everyone to express their own opinions and receiving the same from others. This all caused increasing division among the general population as each solidified their own opinions in their respective echo chamber, which caused lukewarm theology to flood the churches of spiritual Babylon and the global community.

We can clearly see how this has affected every area of society from public education to the political arena. Who would have ever dreamed that our schools would allow our precious children to choose their own gender? Who would have ever dreamed that colored lights on the White House would lead the current president, Joseph R. Biden Jr., to announce the recognition of the “Transgender Visibility Day” on one of our most holy and sacred days, called Easter, to honor the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Step by step the Antichrist spirit has invaded America, spiritual Babylon, through social media driving humanity further and further away from their God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Laws have been changed, hearts and minds have been changed, and the trajectory of this country has been irreversibly moved. You might say that my mind and actions have not been changed. However, if you are not grounded in Scripture and don’t have proper discernment, it’s more likely that you have without your knowledge. When you continually listen to or read other belief systems and false prophesies it will have a profound effect leading you to accept every teaching as equal, because the Antichrist says all people and their beliefs are equal, causing you to question the all-sufficient truth of God’s holy word. This will drive you further away from God allowing you to be controlled by the Antichrist spirit and eventually marked as one of his followers.

Social media is not our only problem. Lies from the Antichrist spirit are also coming from the political arena. This goes beyond just passing new laws to justify their godless behavior that’s diametrically opposed to God’s Holy Laws. I have already mentioned that Joe Biden chose one of our most sacred dates of the Christian calendar to recognize their accepted perversions, even if he claims that it was for only the current year, it is still quite disturbing. The political arena has already given the population free reign to practice their perversions openly in parades and in front of little children. They have already allowed the perversions to take place in public education giving parents little recourse, to either accept it or homeschool their children. Make no mistake it would take a heavenly miracle and a nationwide revival to reverse some of the damage caused to the population’s belief system and their newly accepted morality. Yet, we now have another political candidate, Donald J. Trump, who pridefully says that he can single-handedly do it himself. I doubt that this would be possible unless he forcibly required the entire population to adhere to his new standards of morality, which immediately raises a number of red flags. God chose a completely different method to share the Gospel with fallen humanity giving everyone a free choice without coercion. However, the Antichrist will not choose this path but forcibly require every citizen to follow him in obedience and eventually to worship him alone. Moreover, Trump has the wherewithal to seduce the Christian community, allowing them to be easily overcome (Revelation 13:7).

Accepting this political rhetoric either from Biden or Trump will put you on very shaky ground and cause you to be numbered among the followers of the Antichrist, which puts you in line for receiving the mark of the beast. The Antichrist spirit has raised up another minion, Samuel (Sam) Harris Altman, a Jewish man who is currently making an image of the beast. This image will require everyone to follow the technological way from sunrise to sunset believing that it will give them all the correct information about life from where they came from to where they are headed in the future contrary to what God says (Revelation 13:14-15). This technology can be seen currently in algorithms, internet searches, Chat GPT 4, and coming soon Artificial General Intelligence. Step by step this information is being changed in every technology to control those reading the information or watching their short videos. Its goal is to lead you into a different dimension of reality where goals and aspirations are completely removed allowing you to be completely content with a constant information feed. The end result is to be completely controlled by the Antichrist, proven by how quickly you respond to his request, even if the request is immoral, contrary to the word of God, or the voice of the indwelling Spirit. Dear children, it makes little difference who wins the upcoming election and sits in the seat of power, for the seat of power in Babylon is reserved for the Antichrist.

Before we conclude, let’s look at two other Antichrist minions who will work to keep the Antichrist in power, even standing against the righteous wrath of God. The Antichrist spirit has entered the nation of Israel, and its far-right Jewish leaders, believing that they can recover all of their land from the ocean to the sea through the power given to them by spiritual Babylon and the Antichrist. It’s important to the Antichrist to control all the people of Israel. Spiritual Babylon will act like they are against the invasion of Rafah, but it’s only an act for they know that the Muslim hordes are a serious threat and are God’s unyielding wrath. Israel must be the buffer, with their secret atomic weapons, to stop the Muslim hordes by keeping them from attacking spiritual Babylon. When we come out from among them we will see another young Jewish man, Volodymyr O. Zelenskyy, in Ukraine holding back Russia and the Eastern alliance that is threatening Europe and spiritual Babylon. They too will be supported by spiritual Babylon to stop the Eastern alliance and the hand of God destined to destroy Babylon for their grotesque unrighteousness and for teaching their population to turn away from God.

When we truly come out from among their politics, their public education, their technology, and their social media, then we will see that the Antichrist cannot stop the wrath of God. They lie by saying that they can stop the mental illness effecting nearly 50% of the population, which is the first woe (Revelation 9:1-11) by introducing the counselors of psychology. They lie saying that they can stop the Muslim invasion, which is the second woe (Revelation 9:12-19), by integrating them into spiritual Babylon or utilizing his minions to stand against them. They lie by saying that they can stop the wrath of God (Seen in the Trumpets and Bowls of God’s Wrath) by blaming everything on global warming. They will not stop the hand of God that will destroy Babylon. I have greatly expounded on the wrath of God in my new book, “Annals of Prophetic Writings.” This day will come sooner than you think, casting fire from the sun or fire from multiple thermal nuclear warheads to destroy America, spiritual Babylon with an infernal fire (Revelation 18:8). The Antichrist and his spirit are now publicly identified as the one who sits in the seat of power in America, spiritual Babylon. Come out from among them now and prepare for what is coming upon the planet (Revelation 18:4-5).






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