Hoofbeats of the Apocalypse are Growing Louder

Hoofbeats of the Apocalypse are Growing Louder

We would need to be spiritually dead not to hear the hoofbeats of the apocalypse. It’s growing louder every minute of every day in the hearts and minds of all God’s precious children. It’s not fear mongering. It’s not a product of vain imaginations. It’s not just an opinion. It’s not even necessarily prophetic. It is reality. It’s happening now. Every believer should already sense the tremendous moral decline in our society, that’s almost beyond belief. It’s almost like waking up to a bad dream. We have seen the wrath of God being poured out on all ungodliness in this country and around the world for some time now. Although most will not see or recognize this wrath, it should not be so, for God’s elect children. We have been given eyes to see. The Bible clearly indicates what God’s wrath is, and how to recognize it. Three times in the Bible, specifically in the letter to the Romans, it says, God gave them up by allowing them to sink deeper into their sins and its inevitable consequences (See Romans 1:18-32). Yes, my dear friends, sin does have its consequences. Listen and you can hear the approaching hoofbeats of the Apocalypse.

I believe that’s exactly what we are seeing today, in this country and around the world. When this country turned its back on God by approving homosexuality, the transgender, and every other sexual sin openly and unashamedly then they have received the due consequences for their sins. When this country turned its back on God by approving of abortions, the killing of millions of innocent children, and the cruel treatment of the less fortunate, then they have surely received the due consequences for their sins. When this country turned its back on God by removing His teachings and prayers from the public schoolhouse, then they have received the due consequences for their sins. When the whole world has turned its back on God by destroying His beautiful planet, then they have received the due consequences for their sins. So what are these consequences? The increased death and destruction upon the planet and in our communities have already shocked our sensibilities. We as a nation and the world at large are being overwhelmed by gangs, perverts, the insane, godless religions dragging humanity down to the gutters of immorality, mass murders in our schools upon our defenseless children, homelessness in our streets, and rampant drug addiction. Clearly, this is the consequences of our sins.

I hate to even imagine how much worse it will get but imagine we must. The streets will be filled with horror with evil lurking around every corner. And for those of us who were born and raised in quieter times, we have seen the tremendous decline and its effects upon humanity. Back in the ’50s when prayer and Bible study was allowed in the public schools with the Ten Commandments hanging proudly on the wall, we never heard of mass murder in our schools. Now the numbers are staggering. It is reported that there have been 2,057 school shootings since the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14, 2012. Can anyone question the pain and suffering this has caused not only for the children but the tragic loss that the parents and grandparents must endure. Before there was a sense of safety and confidence that our children were not being taught things contrary to our beliefs. Now our children are taken away and led into every manner of perversion through approved public-school indoctrination. We had never even thought of allowing a five-year-old to choose their own gender, now it’s being widely accepted. This alone, not counting all the other perversions, will have a profound effect upon the family unit and the society as a whole. We need to count the cost. We are reaping the consequences of our sins.

There are also dire consequences for destroying our beautiful planet. No, we are not going to blame Global Warming, but we will point to our sins and their consequences. Our cities are now being flooded beyond anything we have seen in history. Rising temperatures are raising the sea level, affecting our weather patterns, destroying crops, and causing the extinction of many different species that have a profound effect upon the ecosystem. Smog alone has been responsible for 5.5 million deaths per year. When we start adding up the number of deaths, disease, and poverty caused by violent hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and earthquakes we can plainly see the consequences of our sins. We can’t blame God or anything else. The blame squarely sits upon our shoulders for the greed, avarice, selfishness, pride, and any other number of sins that would cause us to destroy our very home. Yes, we will sink ever deeper into the consequences of our sins. Again, it will be difficult to imagine even by reading all the bowls of God’s wrath in the book of Revelation. Let’s be clear the wrath of God is allowing us to slip deeper and deeper in the consequences of our sins. Dear friends, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Nothing short of total and complete repentance.

A stronger economy will not stop the decline. A more robust military will not stop it. The most magnificent wall on our Southern border will not stop it. Climate control will not stop it. All the best political decisions from Congress will not stop it. Even our beloved president cannot stop it. Only one thing will stop it, total and complete repentance before a Holy and Righteous God. So, what about the believer? What can, or should, the Christians do. We can keep preaching and teaching that people will wake up and repent. We can continue to pray. Yet, there is one more thing we are all called to do. This one last thing is not an option for it is a clear command in Scripture. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5). The good news is if every Christian living in the world today, took this command seriously, we may not stop the descent, but we could slow it down substantially, if not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren.

So how do we come out of the world? Well, we don’t withdraw to some mountain top with other like-minded believers. On the other hand, we do withdraw ourselves, our children, and our entire household from what the world is teaching, participating in, and selling. So, how does the world teach and counsel us? They do it daily through all the Social Media platforms, YouTube, Television, movies, games, public schools, organizations, surfing the internet, and counseling centers. Come out from among them and be separate. When you do there will be a tremendous void that may cause you some slight anxiety or depression. This is where we really need other like-minded believers in Christ for mutual encouragement and love. You will need to really read and study all of God’s Word asking Him how to apply all of His teachings to your life. You will begin to enjoy the times of quiet meditation and praying in the Spirit experiencing an indescribable inner joy and peace. As you put off the old life that was being shaped by the world and start putting on the new life shaped by the indwelling Spirit, you will not miss the world or the things in it. Fellowship among His true believers will take on a whole new meaning. Let me conclude by saying it again, this is a command of Scripture because God loves you. He does not want you to experience the plagues falling upon the world as they sink deeper and deeper into the consequences of their sins. Come out from among them and be separate!

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4 thoughts on “Hoofbeats of the Apocalypse are Growing Louder”

  1. So true. The Lord has taken me out of the world by giving me a disability. I am so grateful for this. I do a little volunteer work, but stay home in my sanctuary most of the time. The volunteer work enables me to see flaws in my character that need to be worked out, and opportunities to learn to love others more. I never had children and the only man in my life is the Lord. I have no tv. MARANATHA!

  2. The Truth, dear brother. … AMEN. . . Thank you!
    Prayers are with you and Robin!

    Love in Christ,
    Linda & Gary Palmer
    Boise, Idaho USA

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