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Stand FirmFrom the forward to my book: Stand Firm

We need to put everything in perspective. We simply don’t see the big picture as God sees it. We look at all the little problems in the world which may seem big to us but in the grander scheme of … things they mean nothing and can change nothing. Man has always done that in both secular and religious spheres. And for years both have blamed the other for the world’s problems. As the divide widens or a schism deepens then an open rebellion has occurred in all organized religions and God in particular. Many have cast their lot into the secular sphere with a glimmer of hope that they can solve the world’s mounting problems before it reaches a tipping point and all is lost.

The world leaders look at the economy and think if we fix that then all is well; or they look at the other problems individually and think if we can solve each problem then all is well, but the truth is if all the problems were fixed they would still be left with an encroaching catastrophe. The political leaders go to great length to convince the population that their plan of socialism, capitalism, or communism will solve the problems facing mankind, that all will be greatly improved if they only adopt it as their new form of government. But if the world chooses either of these choices it still faces insurmountable troubles continuing to plague the greater part of humanity. The planet is on a conclusion course with destiny and mankind will be left in the balance of its inevitable consequences.

So what can mankind do to save himself? How can he fix the problems facing him and his world? As seemingly natural disasters increase in number and severity around the world he cannot even get a consensus as to what is causing the problem nor does he see it as being relevant. Yet it’s these very things that are causing a drain on the world economy, loss of life, and property. It is causing global unrest and great anxiety among the world’s population. It is bringing out the best in some but the worse in most. Riots and mass demonstrations have become the norm as the world marches relentlessly to its pending doom. Even if mankind cures all of his problems the planet will continue to convulse – with an increase in volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and deadly hurricanes.

The powers unleashed against the planet are beyond man’s ability to stop. The powers unleashed against humanity causes an increase in mental stress and a myriad of unsolvable psychological problems. It is time for humanity to realize that there is a bigger picture to be seen, a new perspective to be realized on the problems facing this world and humanity in particular. The forces at work are greater than the world has ever known and quite simply man is incapable to do anything about it. He can fix his economy; establish peace between the nation states; offer health care to its people; and offer a new form of government to please all the people, but it will not solve the bigger problem facing this planet and its people. So again what can we do?

As a religious man I would like to believe if the world population repented of its many sins then things might get better. I would like to believe if man learned how to truly love one another then we might begin to see the makings of an earthly paradise. I would like to believe if people saw the light of God’s truth and decided to follow Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior then we could see many more delightful years upon the planet. But as a realist I know that they will not! They will continue to allow Satan to dictate their destiny by controlling their behavior and blinding them to God’s holy truth.

No matter how you interpret the end time scenario we will all agree that time is running out for humanity as the planet groans under the weight of God’s judgment and humanity suffers the consequences of its own sins. We are facing the inevitable. So the only thing mankind can do is to choose whom He will serve and if He chooses to follow Christ then he must prepare for what lies ahead. He must learn how to stand firm against the powerful forces arrayed against him and he must do it now while he still has a chance to make a choice. Weak and wobbly Christians will be no match for the satanic forces unleashed upon the world and unprepared for global disasters and unfeigned persecutions.

Before it’s too late we must ensure that we have a firm foundation in Jesus Christ and dressed in the full armor of God. The true believer in Christ learns how to die to self and follow Christ by picking up his Cross. He learns how to fear God, to give Him the glory, and worship Him as the Creator and Sustainer. He learns how to come out of the world, resist the apostasy, and endure patiently. He learns how to harness the power of God by standing in His strength. Stand Firm offers godly counsel on how to stand firm in the last days.

This is the forward to my  book: “Stand Firm” that’s available at our online bookstore.

Copyright © 2012 Rev. Daniel W. Blair – From my book “Stand Firm”

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