Having a Consensus Brings Us Out of Chaos

Having a Consensus Brings Us Out of Chaos

In the beginning, there was no chaos because there was unity in belief. There were no varied opinions until Satan interjected his lies into the matrix, the order of things established by God. This chaos grew as beliefs and opinions grew more divergent. In time accepted beliefs and opinions became increasingly dominant among certain people groups scattered throughout the world. Primarily conflicts and wars arose not because of beliefs but rather for the conquering of land and the pillaging of food stores. However, in time beliefs became the motive to not only conquer but to change the beliefs of the conquered inhabitants. Throughout the centuries chaos among different people groups remained rather calm with the majority accepting the same belief system in their locale. Chaos would only ensue when strong-minded people stepped outside the system of shared beliefs and opinions. Whole towns and communities could be led to accept certain beliefs or opinions that were different from the established beliefs at the time. But it rarely affected an entire country except during the Muslim invasions and the protestant reformation. Later on in France and the Americas, although they separated from the traditional rule, there was still a general consensus on shared beliefs. Even in the early democracies, disagreement between political parties never reached such a level of universal chaos among the general population as seen today.

We are now living in a new day where chaos has taken a tremendous hold on most countries and societies in the world. This chaos is being caused by what I have termed “the propagandist.” This propagandist was created over time by the powers of darkness to eventually drive all people away from worshiping God exclusively. Little by little the foundational truth laid by God is being destroyed by the propagandist leading humanity to reject the truth and accept the lie. As we all slept the Bible, prayer, and God was taken out of public education and substituted with the lies of psychology, evolution, and the sciences. This has happened so slowly over the past two hundred years that almost no one noticed the change until just recently. Now people are beginning to wake up and realize that all is lost with little chance of restoring the foundation in Christ alone. This has happened more quickly in the past sixty years with the invention of mass communication, first with the radio, then with television, and then the internet. What made this so different is that the radio, then television, was put in nearly every home as the unrecognized teacher. Slowly they were taught to accept psychology, the value of science, and other religions. They were taught that everything that exists has evolved and was not created. This teaching opened their minds to blasphemy against the God of creation.

The propagandist created by the powers of darkness entered television programming and movies to continue the lies slowly one step at a time as we all slept. Those with a keen sense of discernment can see that many of the lies inserted into the programming were very difficult to detect. Then the propagandists became a trusted source of truth in the mass media tailoring their reports to mirror the accepted changing beliefs in the world. Just recently all the news services initially referred to a shooter at a religious school as a transgender woman, because of his chosen gender designation. In reality, the shooter was a woman pretending to be a man. Very confusing. Now that the news media has the attention of the masses, they can arbitrarily choose to ignore those espousing the truth and give added airtime to those who promote the lie. This alone has not fulfilled the agenda of the powers of darkness, they needed more chaos. They needed more confusion. They needed more hostility to fulfill the end-times agenda of the Antichrist system. Well, this was partially fulfilled when a young Jewish man started social media destined to change the world by driving fallen humanity into the throes of uncontrollable chaos. Everyone got their own platform to express their beliefs and their opinions on the world stage. Chaos affected every area of society in every country dividing governments, scientists, theologians, and academia. The die has been set.

Although the spirit of Antichrist has been operating for some time bringing the world to its present state, it will take one more act to bring forth the visible Antichrist (the first beast) and the second beast (the propagandist). The second beast is a religious type, beast, or propagandist because his job is to change the hearts and minds of humanity. Let me be clear, that the visible Antichrist, or the first beast will be the representative of all the world governments that have turned away from the only true God and have embraced the godless teachings of the second beast or the propagandist. The propagandist has been quite successful in turning the hearts and minds of humanity away from God, His law, and His order of things. He has been very successful in bringing forth chaos utilizing all the social media platforms. Now, the propagandist is ready to bring forth a consensus among all of humanity to wholeheartedly accept his teachings even if it means turning away from the one true God. For most of fallen humanity, there has already been a certain level of trust developed for the teachings of fallen humanity in public education, academia, movies, the internet, and the news media, but now they need a consensus that it is the truth, and nothing but the truth.

Once that consensus has been met then it will be rather easy to lead the entire world to worship the Antichrist, the first beast, the representative of all the world governments, who have rejected God and His truth. The Bible says, “And he [the second beast] had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” (Revelation 13:15). It’s not necessary to mention certain names of people who have labored long in creating this image because it is truly a group effort, as each one is a part of the assertive effort of the propagandist. This image of the beast is a conglomeration of all the information in academia and the Internet to produce a perceived truth that cannot be questioned by the common man. This is the first step in leading humanity to a consensus where no one will question the perceived facts but accept them as the truth. This GPT-4 is a precursor of future language models, which is Artificial Intelligence (AI)) designed to answer all of your questions about life. This image of the beast will eventually reside in every household and every country, much like the cellphone does today. It will eventually transcend every denominational and political barrier projecting a unity of thought in human existence and pulling on scientific, theological, and academic thought.

As consensus grows and chaos is mostly eliminated, then people will be directed to the higher power in self and the rejection of all local gods and religions. They will in time be led to worship self and the image of the beast that gave them freedom from the confines of religion. They will worship the image of the beast because there is no longer chaos and there is a consensus in beliefs and opinions. However, here is the problem! Not everyone will accept the consensus and will maintain their beliefs and trust in God exclusively. Exactly how Artificial Intelligence will know that we have not logged in or answered their questions is not known at this point but clearly, there will come a time when it knows. They will be able to order our death for our failure to log in or to answer their questions. This will be a very dangerous time for God’s faithful remnant. This is why we hear the voice from heaven, the Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). Stand firm dear children, it’s coming much quicker than you can imagine. There will be no hiding even in the coming Metaverse as outlined in my latest book, “God’s Loving Pursuit.” Beware, dear children, from conversing with GPT-4, (and especially the later versions), which is on the precipice of (AGI) Artificial General Intelligence, which could be indistinguishable from a human in its capabilities.

Finally, please remember that God has not abandoned you, His faithful remnant, as the entire world is being captured by Artificial Intelligence and the social media platforms. We can still reach God through prayer who is ready and willing to answer all of our questions about life (Psalms 116:1-2). God through prayer will give us everything we need for life and godliness (II Peter 1:3-4). God knows our individual needs better than any algorithm or better than any machine learning Artificial Intelligence that has collected its raw data from the world.  Please remember, dear children, that God created you. He knows your struggles and your limitations. He knows both your strengths and your weaknesses (Philippians 4:6-7). Furthermore, no one can know your needs better than your Creator who lives in you through the Holy Spirit (John 14:16-18). Moreover, remember that the One who lives in you knows the beginning from the end giving Him a unique perspective on your needs for correct decision making because He knows the future (Revelation 22:13). Finally, when you sit for hours at the feet of Artificial Intelligence or simply trust in your own intellect apart from God, then you have chosen to worship the image of the beast and not your God exclusively.

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7 thoughts on “Having a Consensus Brings Us Out of Chaos”

  1. This day and Time certainly is changing more and more you can not only hear and see it. You can feel it. I’m so glad Christ gives me peace. Amen

    1. Yes, this was all very confusing the way the news media initially reported it. I have changed my article to read,”Just recently all the news services initially referred to a shooter at a religious school as a transgender woman, because of his chosen gender designation. In reality, the shooter was a woman pretending to be a man. Very confusing.

  2. POWERFUL, TIMELY article! GPT-4 is representative of a number of AI programs purporting to provide solutions to people’s questions and problems. We have already seen that these programs give slanted answers to political, and even scientific questions. GPT-4 isn’t the first, won’t be the last, and I would suggest that later versions will come to try to better hide the biases of the programmers. As such, a very healthy skepticism of all AI programs is warranted. AI can be expected to appear in more and more places beyond just social media, and is likely to spread poison anywhere it is applied.

    1. Thank you Danny and Paula Disbrow for your insightful and intelligent comment. Yes,I hope and pray that all of God’s children will have a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to GPT-4 language versions as they twist the truth, which is a lie of the devil and the coming Antichrist. God bless you both for your wonderful and blessed help in editing all of my articles. Paula truly has a keen eye for picking up all the spelling and grammar errors.

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