Gun Confiscation a Coming Reality

Gun Confiscation a Coming Reality

To understand this topic we must look at the big picture. To get stuck on the particulars of gun control and the heated debate between two opposing sides on the issue will shed little light on things to come. For the Christian he must always look at the big picture to truly understand what humanity is trying to accomplish apart from God. Furthermore, we must never underestimate the intelligence of those in power to achieve the established goal of the evil one who directs their every action. His minions in world leadership will work feverishly toward garnering public opinion through mass media and the charisma of public servants to unveil his plans step by step until they have ushered in a new world without God. Many leaders in times past have attempted to fulfill this vision of a new world by confiscating guns from its citizens, but were overpowered by the forces of righteousness. So what makes our time different? Simply put, the forces of righteousness have greatly diminished with the increase of gross immorality, a mass media that has become experts at shaping public opinion, and a movie industry that has been preparing humanity for years, for a new world free of capitalist and the enslavement of an unseen deity. We will see how this new world will eventually lead to gun confiscation, the enslavement of humanity and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

Let me stress once again that this eventual gun confiscation and the prohibition of ownership will be accomplished in small steps so as not to alarm the population. At each step it will be important for those in leadership to garner public opinion through town hall meetings and its support from mass media. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the proposed executive actions of President Barack Obama. The overall plan is to close every loop hole in the transfer and ownership of all guns in America to be accounted for and registered with NICS thus being logged into their data base and shared with other agencies. For this large undertaking they will be provided with additional funding and personal to accomplish background checks and notify agencies of persons who are prohibited from obtaining a firearm. At this point it seems only reasonable to stop people from obtaining a firearm who have a criminal record and with additional funding with the ATF would make it easier to investigate and stop such people from obtaining a firearm. But unfortunately it does not stop here as we shall see in the next steps to be taken by those in leadership.

The next step is to make a $500 million investment to increase access to mental health care by increasing service capacity and the behavior workforce. That is a lot of money used for future mental health evaluations. Furthermore, this initiative will remove any barriers preventing States from reporting relevant information about people prohibited from possessing a gun for specific mental health reasons. This money no doubt will also be used to mine the data basis of all States to unearth any information about its citizens who could be determined to have specific mental health issues. Furthermore, it would require certain legal barriers preventing States from reporting information to NICS. And clearly these barriers to be removed have been put in place for health insurance companies and now will be removed once HHS has written a rule in making it possible to share this information about all of its citizens from their respective States.  Now, again on the surface this might appear to be a great idea to keep firearms out of the hands of people with a mental condition, especially in lieu of the many mass murders caused by such people. However, whenever we look deeper into the matter we discover that the plan is much more sinister and would include a very large part of the American population. But we’re not yet though with this plan for it will include a requirement that the mental health information from the Social Security Administration to also be reported to NICS. With all this reporting going on filling up the data base at NICS one must ask who determines what a mental health issue is or is not.

I wrote an article some years ago that stated that over sixty percent of the population has been seen by a psychiatrist at one point in their life and has had a label affixed to them and may well have been prescribed psychiatric drugs to cure their problem. It is my belief that this number has greatly increased with many more people lining up at the counselors office in lieu of trusting in God’s counsel alone. As this number grows so does the data base kept at NICS, which will notify the appropriate state and local agencies to keep even more people from obtaining or possessing a firearm. Until people are personally affected, I am afraid they will turn a blind eye and say, “How wonderful it is to keep firearms out of the hands of people who have a mental issue.” Yet what they fail to see is this so called mental issue may no longer be relevant for most people who have now matured in facing their emotional problems, turned to God for help, or have just gotten better on their own. But now it’s too late!  For they have already been reported as having a so called mental issue and is prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm. Be honest; ask yourself this question, have you ever been seen by psychiatrist or a mental health counselor? Have you ever been prescribed a psychiatric drug? If you have; then those records will no longer be private once Obama’s executive actions have been implemented, but will be shared with NICS who will have the ability in conjunction with the ATF to revoke your privilege of owning or possessing a firearm. Clearly for a supposed mental issue they will have the ability to confiscate your firearm. Now, add to this the many veterans who were required to see the base psychiatrists during and after their enlistment then you will see the magnitude of gun confiscation, because of a so called mental issue. This will include most Americans, but not all. So, there is one final step by those in power to ensure that every single person no longer has the right to own or possess a firearm.

There are some folk who have never entered a counselor’s office and feel that they will have no problem owning a firearm, but this may all change. Once Pandora’s Box has been opened those in leadership may well seek to make a mental health evaluation mandatory for all people who wish to purchase a firearm. As I have written previously there are many reasons why those in leadership could require that you undergo a mental health evaluation. As the evil one continues to lead his minions in world leadership to lead every person to worship the coming Antichrist he knows that certain people will resist even with their life. Therefore, it will be necessary to change their mind through mental conditioning or have them destroyed. When ISIS and other related groups classified as extremist are finally destroyed and there’s real hope for a new world without God then true believes in Christ must be dealt with by those in power. I foresee a time when every Christian will be asked to make room in their faith for all the gross immorality in the world and to respect all religions without putting one above the other. For the true believer in Christ he or she will be unable to conform to this new world regulation and will be classified by the mental health experts as having a mental issue. Once, that determination is made it will be necessary to remove all firearms from their possession. This will be the last step in disarming the entire world making it ready for the coming Antichrist who will usher in the New World Order and demanding all to worship him. God help us to stand firm.

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