God's Loving Pursuit

God’s Loving Pursuit

God’s Loving Pursuit “As Humanity Escapes His Reality”

About the Book

You know that there’s something wrong with the world, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  It’s because you can’t see the big picture. Join Reverend Blair in an unforgettable journey from the dawn of history to the approaching apocalypse to unlock humanity’s most sinister and esoteric problem, which are driving them to an alternate reality, in an all-encompassing Metaverse. To unveil this big picture, the author takes us on a scholarly review of each epoch in Biblical history from humanity’s infancy to adulthood as the all-powerful God of creation lovingly pursues humanity in their rebellion, lawlessness, and great fear. Without understanding the big picture, humanity will be ultimately controlled, destined for demonic slavery, and led into a global catastrophe beyond measure. May the shocking truth in this little book allow you to see what’s really wrong with the world and more importantly how to fearlessly resist what’s already coming.

 About the Author

Rev. Blair has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years serving as a Pastor and preaching internationally. He is the founder and president of He Reigns Christian Ministries, with a mission to help God’s children worldwide stand firm in the face of heresy and religious persecution. He has always had a heart for the broken and troubled, leading him to become an effective biblical counselor and an advocate against the growing practice of medicating mental health disorders rather than correcting the underlying issues. Pastor Blair continues to write for his popular website, with over eight million visitors, and recording messages on his internet radio. This is Daniel Blair’s fifth book, he has previously authored Final Warning, Stand Firm, Revelation Truth, and Guiding Principles of Biblical Counseling.

From the Back Cover

There is an old adage that says, “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” which has led us to look at the big picture so we can see the proverbial forest or what is truly happening in the world. We are living in a world that cannot see the big picture because people are so involved in their day-to-day struggles from living in a world that seems to have lost its mind. They once called it future shock, where the world progresses at the speed of light, introducing such things as Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Metaverse. So, let’s go back in time to the beginning to help us see the big picture. This will be an unforgettable journey from the creation of man in the Garden to the caves in the Book of Revelation to help us see what’s really happening and more importantly, what to do about it.

How to Order the Book

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God’s Loving Pursuit hardcover book ordered here will be autographed by Reverend Blair, and specially boxed. However, you decide to purchase this book, it should be considered a treasured keepsake for your children and grandchildren as the world is cast further into darkness.

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” The hardcover will stand up under the rigors of being passed from one person or family to another.”

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10 thoughts on “God’s Loving Pursuit”

  1. Brother Daniel, I just want to let you know that I read Ch.3 and I enjoyed it very much. For the first time I see God’s commandments in a different light. I now see it as a way of God showing us His love instead of just laws that need to be followed. His laws are a way of showing us His loving pursuit. What a wonderful new perspective I have gained. Thank you so much for sharing this new light to us. I will never see it the old way because the truth has been revealed. God bless you! <3

    1. Thank you so much my dear sister for your review of my book but even more importantly on how it spoke to you in you personal walk with Christ. God bless you and keep reaching. I look forward to more reviews.

  2. Brother Daniel, I just finished reading Chapter one of your book: God’s loving pursuit”. I love your writing style as you took me to the garden of eve so vividly. I also felt the emotions you tried to convey through God’s Word. I also have felt extreme regret of leaving the path of God. I accepted Jesus as my savior at the tender age of 12. I left His path by the time I was 14. Thankfully, God has given me another opportunity to make it right with Him. Now that I reflect on it, He’s never left my side. His loving pursuit upon my life never ceased. I strive now to please Him and get back to that personal closeness I once experienced. Thank you so much for allowing God to use you. I can’t wait to continue reading the book. God bless you. -Maddie G

    1. Thank you Madelyn for you wonderful and blessed comment. I give our God all the glory for indeed it all comes from Him. May our God continue to bless you as you continue reading in this little book.

  3. Although I’ve not read the book, but I’m so inspired already.
    – And this here speaks volumes. “We are living in a world that cannot see the big picture because people are so involved in their day-to-day struggles from living in a world that seems to have lost its mind.”

    1. Thank you, Bless, for your recent note on my “Keep in Touch” form and now a wonderful comment. I do hope that you can get the book in your country. I know that there are some bookstores that sell to your country along with online books, if that is of interest. God bless you my friend.

  4. Praise the Lord! O, I can’t wait to read your book! Our Lord is so faithful! Thank you Rev. for being obedient to your assignment! God bless you!

    1. Thank you my dear sister for your comment and blessing. Yes, it was an amazing assignment from the Lord but I am confident that His beloved children will be helped to stand firm in the coming days bringing forth great glory to His magnificent Name.

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