Final Warning

Final Warning

This is your final warning, repent now or experience the full extent of God’s wrath that will be poured out on our country. I wrote these words back in 2006 and every day since, these words become more prophetic for a country that has all but turned its back on the one true God.

Thus saith the Lord, “Legalizing abortion, homosexuality, and same sex marriage has barely scratched the surface of your immorality. You are a country that has kneeled at the altar of psychology seeking answers to your multitude of problems. You are staggering around like a drunk under the heavy weight of psychotropic drug addiction. I am no longer welcome in your schools as you seek to introduce the practices and traditions of other world religions among your children. Your leaders no longer respect me as the God over all of mankind, but now seek an audience with foreign gods through appeasement and empty treaties. Every vile and unclean bird has been allowed to enter your borders to set up human trafficking, magical arts, sorcery, and every manner of lewdness. What can be said about your greed and lust for power that has abandoned all restraints of morality and have inflicted pain upon my people will be written in your epitaph.”

Thus saith the Lord, “Don’t blame your president for it was you who put him into office, not once but twice. Don’t blame your pastors for it was you who called them to their office. Don’t blame anyone but yourself, for you are the ones that remained silent and did not speak up for Me. Even the foreigner has recognized your great immorality and has referred to you as the Great Satan. Because of your great wickedness and refusal to repent of your many sins then I will bring my wrath upon your country. In the midst of the great apostasy spoken of by my prophet the Apostle Paul, I will raise up an ancient power from the East that will reign down my wrath upon your country and others who have rejected my truth and denied My Son Jesus Christ as Lord.”

Yes, Iran could be used as the very hand of God to bring His wrath to an apostate nation. Why is President Obama allowing them to proceed with their nuclear plans? Why is he allowing North Korea to proceed with testing of their long range missiles and the possible resurrection of their nuclear program, when both call for the annihilation of our country and the nation of Israel. Even if they cannot pinpoint their target they both will soon have the capacity, if not already, to detonate a nuclear device in our upper atmosphere creating an EMP event and causing the fulfillment of a vision I received last year (simply called “Visions “on YouTube). This would not be the first time that God used a pagan power to unleash His unbridled wrath upon His people for rejecting Him and turning to the idols of their age.

So what can be done? I believe there is only one answer to that question! This country must repent. It must transcend political, religious, and racial barriers. Every man, woman, and child must repent of their gross immorality and turn to the one true God of Heaven and Earth. They must stop relying upon the secular goddess of psychiatry and psychology and turn back to God and His anointed Word alone to solve all of their problems. They must seek immediate medical assistance in getting off their psychotropic drugs and trusting in God to bring the true healing once they have truly accepted Him as their Master and Lord. Homosexuals and lesbians must repent of their lifestyles and seek to have relationships with only the opposite sex. Abortions must be stopped and banned as a legal practice. Fair wages must be paid to all workers with health insurance paid by their employers, from the least to the greatest. All traditions and practices of other gods must be banned and not be allowed in our public schools to lead our children astray. Public reading of the sacred Scripture of the Christian faith must be allowed in all public schools along with the ability of our children to pray openly to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, God’s infallible Word must be applied to all of society and where man’s laws contradict its teachings then they must be overturned.

I pray that all will seek God’s direction in how this should be accomplished. Clearly I believe this should not be done at the point of a gun or by open rebellion against all elected officials. On the other hand, God’s children must be busy fighting the unjust laws of our land. They must be busy withdrawing their children from the public school system and setting up their own schools. They must be busy organizing an electorate that would only put people in public office that adheres to the creeds of the Christian faith. They must be busy overturning laws that legalize abortion and same sex marriages and no longer allowing them to flag in zeal at public events. They must be busy preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone they come into contact. They must be busy in not calling pastors to church leadership roles when they openly support the art of psychology and psychiatry and who refuse to counsel their flock only from God’s anointed Word. God’s people cannot just sit idly by waiting for the secret rapture to rescue them before His wrath is poured out on an evil world. The clock is ticking and time is running out. We must work for true change, while time is left. We must seek justice and righteousness for all. God help us if we are not busy when He returns in Glory. So, let’s get busy and bring real change back to America.

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