Evil Will Unleash an Unimaginable Chaos

Evil Will Unleash an Unimaginable Chaos

We wrote previously about how the image of the beast would bring forth the unity of thought and opinions to lead all of humanity to worship the beast or the Antichrist. Before that happens Satan and the powers of darkness will unleash unimaginable chaos on planet Earth (John 10:10, Revelation 12:12,17). We have written a lot about the increase in global warming, natural disasters, wars, and famines. We have written a lot about the increase in mental illnesses, lawlessness, pandemics, and the great falling away. It is the coming together of all these tragedies that will create unimaginable chaos beyond anything the world has ever witnessed. For years we have only seen bits and pieces of this total chaos by reporting only the latest news stories selected by the gatekeepers to not overwhelm the people. Much was kept secret to prevent pandemonium. At this point, we have not experienced all of it at the same time, which would bring forth total chaos driving many to complete lawlessness, insanity, or suicide. However, this is all quickly changing for the world is now being overwhelmed by every news story concerning weather events, natural disasters, wars, and predicting the next pandemic. Add to this all the false prophets predicting things that are not biblical and you have a recipe for disaster.

This coming chaos has already driven many into their proverbial caves. Look and you will see it. There are many different proverbial caves that people hide in to escape the coming chaos when everything in society seems to be breaking down. Perhaps the most sought-after cave is social media which will allow you to pick your own friends or discard them at will. This cave closes the windows to the outside world for many hours at a time allowing you to breeze through your newsfeed hiding what’s uncomfortable or embracing what makes you feel good. Although this in time will change, and everyone will be required to think and believe the same thing. In time, the proverbial caves will be changed into a secret prison. There are many different caves such as the cell phone or the latest technology that have people sitting at the same table with friends and relatives, but they are truly in a different place. There is the television, streaming movies, YouTube, or the Metaverse that can carry people into a different world or to a different time. All these along with many other caves constructed by humanity will not protect you from what is coming quickly upon the whole world. You may feel like you are protected, but it only appears that way, for you are exactly where Satan wants you to be.

Let’s be clear there has always been evil from the very beginning but it has always been kept in check, to a certain degree, by the different world religions and spiritual occults. The global check on evil has been quickly fading away allowing every perversion to freely flourish and to be eagerly accepted by most of humanity. This unchecked evil is causing society to break down by reducing and eventually destroying the work ethic. We have witnessed this where the workman no longer takes pride in producing the best product or providing the most excellent service. We have witnessed the bright cheerful faces of true hospitality that have been exchanged for abruptness, rudeness, and a lack of true care for the customer. Furthermore, the lack of one’s ability to perform their task is appalling. Now we are confronted with artificial intelligence, and a series of prompts and put on hold endlessly. Dear children, all this is seriously affecting humanity causing frustration, anxiety, and even stress. This is only the tip of the iceberg for we have not yet considered increasing traffic with either inexperienced or extremely careless drivers with a higher number of hit and runs. The ruthlessness on the nation’s highways is shocking. Humanity is being pushed to the limit with no religious faith to help people react blamelessly.

We have not considered the increase in homelessness, gangs, and unchecked lawlessness. All this increases the level of fear not only on the city streets but in our own neighborhoods. The point is without the world’s religions to help people cope with the rising chaos, it will either push them further into their proverbial caves or it will cause them to become a part of the chaos by striking back with impunity. Either way, the chaos is causing more mental illnesses and unbelievable lawlessness. Most true believers in Christ know the instigator, who is pushing people to their limits and watching them self-destruct (I Peter 5:8-9). They know it’s the old devil often disguised as the little voice in people’s minds. Don’t ever underestimate Satan’s ability to push humanity to its limits causing unimaginable pain and suffering. He can easily access the minds of humanity telling them exactly what they want to hear, telling them that they are right and everyone else is wrong. He is the instigator of pride telling them that they should think more highly of themselves as they should (Romans 12:3, Galatians 6:3). He tells them that they can fix the world’s problems and receive all praise from others. He tells them that they have been set free from the restraints of religion to be all that they envision themselves to be, apart from God.

Removing the religious restraints from humanity is accomplished by convincing the world that the collective minds of humanity through a quasi-form of democracy is greater than any God to establish its own ethical standards and rules of law. Satan is accomplishing this in nearly every country, even if they publicly proclaim that they are following God’s law exclusively. This has opened Pandora’s box leading humanity to accept every form of perversion and requiring everyone else to accept it as a freedom of choice. This increase in evil worldwide will lead to the inevitable consequences of their collective sins. As the tornadoes grow stronger and more destructive, the oceans become higher flooding coastal cities, and increasing hurricanes devastate whole communities humanity denies that there are consequences for their growing number of sins (Galatians 6:7). As earthquakes shake and volcanic ash fall on their cities humanity is not thinking about repentance from their perversions but is listening more intently to Satan who has given them a new freedom of choice without religious restraints. He has convinced humanity that there is no problem with greed and longing to get all that the world offers even at the expense of taking it from others. Pride, greed, and corruption are strangling most countries devastating their economies, and causing homelessness and destitution. As a nation, we have thrown off the restraints and have evicted God from every area of society.

The devil is a liar and a thief. He desires to cause chaos where humanity will have no choice but to serve and worship him alone. Satan, his Antichrist, and false prophet cannot stop the consequences of humanity’s sins, but he can enlarge their proverbial caves by giving them increased access to every new technology. The Metaverse is coming soon to usher you into a new dimension. Satan will continue to speak loudly into the minds of humanity that they must exercise their freedom of choice even when it includes revenge and harboring unforgiveness in their hearts. So many in the fallen world are suffering from the effects of unforgiveness because they have chosen not to forgive others (Matthew 6:14-15). This is Satan’s favorite target causing humanity to remember again and again how they have been hurt or humiliated by others. Satan is also a master of deceit leading humanity to pridefully trust in their own ability to build a brave new world with the help of their scientists and their professionals of mental health. Satan knows that when humanity stops trusting in God exclusively, which leads to unimaginable chaos, then humanity will be ready to trust in Satan’s Antichrist, his false prophet, and the image of the beast.

Dear faithful remnant, humanity needs to be shown a better way, the only way, to enjoy the blessings from heaven in the midst of our greatest trials. When the world goes crazy doing the unbelievable, we as God’s beloved children must continue to sing His praises in the hallways of life (Psalms 30:4, Philippians 4:4). When the world strikes back or acts as if they have lost their minds, we turn the other cheek and go the extra mile (Matthew 5:38-42). When Satan puts thoughts of unforgiveness and revenge into our minds, we cast out the evil thoughts and replace them with thoughts of purity and righteousness (Philippians 4:8). Remember this, when evil thoughts come place your thoughts upon Jesus Christ hanging on the cross at Calvary dying for your salvation. The Bible is full of holy and righteous thoughts to think about constantly. When Satan casts a dark shadow of doubt and mistrust, we as God’s beloved children should let our light shine even brighter trusting in God’s loving providence knowing that He is with us (Romans 8:28). When the world falls apart and fallen humanity lines up to serve Satan and his powers of darkness, we will not cower in our proverbial caves, but we will confront the world with God’s love flowing through us to all of humanity (I John 4:11-12). In the midst of the unimaginable chaos, we will stand firm as bright lights amid the most horrific darkness.

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