Election 2012

Dear children please do not get hung up on the 2012 election. No matter how much money you contribute; no matter how hard you work; no matter how many votes you cast he will not be your king. The king … of this world will be elected by the people of this world. He will be clothed in the values of this world. He will promise economic prosperity and many other things to ensure his place upon the throne. He may even speak in spiritual terms and acknowledge God, but he will not embody the spirit of self-denial and impervious service to Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He will pander to his party and financial supporters while speaking half truths and empty promises to the general population. I am afraid that this nation will get what it deserves and I say that to your shame, because we have not followed God’s way in our fight for truth and righteousness. We have not followed our King’s method in establishing His Kingdom here on earth, but have followed the methods of this world in bringing change to a besieged world.

The election process was of no concern to Jesus Christ, because His method for bringing in the Kingdom would be radically different. Many of His fights with the religious leaders were over this very point. They simply could not understand why He would not take His place upon the throne of Israel, throw off the yoke of the Roman Empire, and institute His laws for all mankind to follow. They wanted to forcefully bring in the Kingdom and require everyone to be subject to its laws. But what did Christ say, “render unto Caesar the things of Caesar and render unto God the things of God.” So apparently Christ had a different way to bring in His Kingdom. It would not be done by force like the Muslim religion or other man made governments to rule the people. It would be done radically different. It is to these principles we must return even in the face of violent opposition.

Let’s be clear, this is a spiritual battle that must be waged if we are to stand firm in the last days. At this point God is still calling people into His Kingdom and away from the kingdom of this world.  Our Job has not changed in over two thousand years. We must proclaim the whole gospel whenever and wherever we go. We must proclaim a Gospel that teaches people how to die to self (deny self), pick up their cross, and follow the King by obeying His laws and serving His interest. Friends, when we follow His ways we will let our light shine as brilliant as the noon day sun that will attract others to Christ and bring glory to our risen Lord. When we follow His unchangeable laws then our righteousness will become our breastplate in our struggle against worldliness, materialism, and the antichrist forces arrayed against us.

Friends, the Kingdom of God is within us and only manifested in the assembly of God’s Holy people the true Church of God. Any attempt to manifest this Church in the governance of man will only lead to legalism, corruption, and bloodshed. On the other hand, following God’s commandments placed upon the heart of every Christian in the Kingdom of God would have a profound effect upon the world as we know it.  To reject excessive materialism would impact our economy more than any elected official. To reject the use and proliferation of drugs would impact the physical and mental health of this nation more than any health care plan pushed by an elected official. To reject the culture of immorality will impact the world more than any of the empty promises of an elected official. To overthrow what is wrong in our world can only be accomplished by doing what is right – one person at a time – obeying our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.

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