The Crucible of Brotherly Love

The Crucible of Brotherly Love

We all know that the hallmark of true Christianity is love. Love for God and love for our fellow man and especially for our brother or sister in Christ. Jesus Christ was our greatest example of this kind of love. He fought against the vicious wolves of His day who were destroying the sheep with their human traditions and false doctrine. He stood toe to toe with them not to win an argument but to protect those who were put into His care by the Heavenly Father. For the sake of the sheep He confronted the blind guides, He argued against the established order, and exposed their dangerous doctrines that kept people in bondage to their human traditions. His love was so great that He healed the sick, cured horrible diseases, made whole the lame, restored eyesight to the blind, and drove out demons that were holding people in bondage. His love was so great for all of His followers that He spent many hours every day teaching the truth about life and liberty. Not only did He want to restore the broken bodies and free their minds from their enslavement to the devil but He also wanted them to experience the new life – a bountiful life free from anxiety and the stresses of everyday life. Finally, He paid the ultimate price by offering His life as an atoning sacrifice for all those who believe. His love did not stop there, but He made good on His promise to send the Comforter to lead His followers into all truth by reminding them of all that He taught them concerning the new life.  He counted the cost and fulfilled His mission.

As followers of Christ we are called to follow in His footsteps, to love others deeply from the heart with the same determination to see all of God’s children free from their bondages and walking in the glorious new life. We too must count the cost. When I look out on the sea of humanity and particularly those who claim to know Christ but continue in bondage to their old lives my heart is sorely grieved. We can preach the gospel and get people excited about the transformation and their new life in Him, but until they break the chains of their bondage through repentance then I am sad to say nothing really changes. They simply learn the traditions of church while continuing in the same old human traditions as before. They may look and talk like a Christian but they have not yet learned how to put all of their trust in Christ alone to give them everything they need for life and godliness. In their spiritual adultery they put their trust in human traditions while claiming to put their trust in God alone. The sheep are being destroyed.

If we stand back and do nothing then we cannot say that we truly love our brother nor can we say that we are following in the footsteps of Jesus.  Friends, this is not the preachers job, it is everyone’s job. We are all called to love others and to truly love others helps them to escape their bondage placed upon them by the world thus allowing them to experience the new life in Christ and all that has to offer. So what bondages are we talking about?  What human traditions have captured the hearts of men, women and children? I am totally convinced by the Word of God that psychiatry and the administering of their mind altering drugs is the worst human tradition to ever descend upon fallen humanity. This human tradition has cast people into the deepest darkest pit known to modern man even worse than alcoholism. Lives have been ruined and all but destroyed. People who have escaped this have testified to the inhumanity and suffering caused by their drugs and counseling. Those who have escaped this bondage tell of behavior changes, thoughts of suicide, inability to speak or think clearly, and physical woes. If we see our brother or sister for who Christ died in this condition then the love of God should motivate us to do something. We can no longer sit on the side lines believing that God will work all things out.  I am here to tell you that He is working things out by extending His call to you today, to get off the side lines and extend your love to all of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

So how do we extend our love to those who are still in bondage to the human tradition of psychiatry? I have spend nearly 30 years asking myself that same question being led step by step to develop a new ministry to rescue the perishing. This ministry must start by proclaiming the truth about this dangerous tradition. This cannot be done by establishing one website or writing a hand full of books on the subject. It must be done at the grass roots level. “This is not a ministry of one, but a ministry of all God’s children who are willing to be light bearers in a very dark world.” To become a light bearer then we must shine the truth of God’s Word to everyone we come into contact; those who are already in your inner circle; family members; and, especially those who have been taken captive by this human tradition. I have personally labored long and hard on developing tools to be used in sharing this truth. One can make use of the website, order free brochures to be passed out at your church while courageously wearing the Ministry tee shirt. But be ready to answer their questions and expound on the new life in Christ which promises to grow them from one degree of glory to another if only they put their trust in Him alone. Help them to see that transformation is a reality for every believer. Use God’s Word to demonstrate how they must put off the old life and put on the new. Help them to see that as long as they sit under worldly counsel they will never hear anything about sin and repentance but only about a label that’s been placed upon them by the professionals for their emotional and so called psychological problems. And for those who are so led, start your own Chapter in your city in this country or others around the world to spread the truth of God’s Holy Word leading people to flee their captivity. Dear friend, fill out the membership form today and get involved. Don’t put it off. This human tradition (or the new world religion) is spreading around the world only to be used by the coming Antichrist to control the hearts and minds of every person living upon the planet. Will you not pick up the torch today and become a light bearer for Christ Jesus?

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