Corrupt Foreign Policy

Corrupt Foreign Policy – (Gaza, Syria, Iraq, and Israel)

They say that foreign policy is written for the best interest of the country writing it. However, when one looks out on the world stage one must seriously question if that interest is for all the people or just for a select few who have been empowered to write the policy. How is it in the national interest of all of our people that we should arm rebel groups fighting against their elected officials in their respective countries? How is it in our national interest to send money, some call it blood money, to countries for seemingly humanitarian purposes to have that money enrich its leaders to live in luxury and its military to purchase weapons on the open market? How is it in our national interest to gamble the possibility of having those same rebels who received weapons, training, and money to turn against their own people because of their religious believes or give them the ability to invade another sovereign nation? I am here to say with the loudest voice that I can muster, screaming from the rooftop that it is not in our national interest and must have been written by corrupt politicians. Let’s look at the specifics.

Why did we get in the middle of a civil war between the Shea Muslims ruling Syria and the Sunni Muslims seeking to overthrow it by supplying money, training, and weapons? How could this be in our national interest to supply these splinter groups who came together to overthrow their rulers, especially when we knew full well that some of these groups were attached to Al-Qaeda or other groups even more ruthless. Was this country blind to the fact that these rebels burned churches and beheaded Christians for their faith?  No, we kept sending money, weapons and training until one of their splinter groups, Isis started their own caliphate carving out parts of Syria and Iraq. Is this just failed policy or is it corrupt from its core? Was this policy written for all the people or just for the few who would make money on the sale of weapons? Or is it something even more sinister?  Now we know the horrific outcome of their corrupt foreign policy. Christians are told to convert to Islam, pay a heavy tax or be killed for their faith in Christ. Churches are turned into Mosques while their books and paintings are burned. As Christians flee the area they are stripped of all their belongings left only with the clothes on their back. This is American foreign policy at work. Yet in our self-righteousness we now condemn Russia who is supplying money, weapons and training to the rebels in the Ukraine. Perhaps we should take the log of our own eye before we attempt to take the spec out of another countries eye. Perhaps in our self-righteousness we should be setting a good example by not supplying weapons to rebels. With the downing of a civilian airliner should not both countries now see the horror of writing corrupt foreign policy? You would think that after supplying weapons and superior air power to the rebels of Libya we would have learned our lesson, because we have now unleashed the terrorist in that country to spread their terror throughout the region.

Then there is the matter of Gaza being controlled by Hamas a known terrorist group! Why do we want to stop Israel from destroying all of their missiles, weapons, and tunnels especially when we know that if not destroyed they will be used at a future date to reign down terror once again on the nation of Israel? One must ask where are they getting the money to buy so many missiles and construct so many tunnels when the country is totally impoverished. What is really happening with the so called humanitarian aid? Can we say with any certainty that every penny is spent on the people of Gaza or is it being spent on weapons and the luxury of its leaders? And if some money is being used for the people is it not only to garner respect and obedience to its leaders. Does our corrupt foreign policy really want peace in the region or are the select few writing policy so they can enjoy the profits made from selling advanced weaponry to the nation of Israel? If we really want peace in the region then let Hamas recognize Israel as a nation and to destroy the tunnels and weapons so that Israel can open their borders and assist them in the rebuilding of their country.

Do we write foreign policy to make war one against another or do we write foreign policy to ensure peace among the entire world’s population. Should we not go about disarming every nation or caliphate that stands against the freedom of religion and seeks to get converts through the edge of a sword? Should this not be the true foreign policy of a free nation? We must speak up now. We can no longer remain silent; to do so will only invite future disaster from the Muslim Caliphate or terrorists bent on our destruction. I admit that I have written this article with great anguish that our foreign policy is now responsible for the suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. When will this madness stop? I implore every Christian to get into the street by lifting their banner high against those who would make a profit from war or ignore what Muslims are doing to Christians worldwide. Wake up Mr. President Obama!

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