Coming Trials Will Test Your Faith

Coming Trials Will Test Your Faith

We all know, or should know, that it’s faith that unlocks the door to heaven and eternal life. Perhaps that’s the first thing we heard when we embraced the glorious message of Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation. The majority of those who say that they believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially those living in the West today, have not had their faith severely tested but their time is coming quickly. You might be thinking that the trials thus far this year have been quite enough to test or prove our faith, to make it stronger, and to rely solely upon the Lord. But I will tell you plainly, that the trials coming will either break you completely or they will strengthen your faith. We have not seen anything yet. The trials on the horizon will shock the entire world. Unfortunately, most have allowed their faith to grow weaker and weaker as they lean more on their own understanding or their unwavering reliance on the many props and counseling of the modern world. This weakened faith, my dear friends, will not stand during the coming trials to test our faith. On the other hand, we must allow the coming trials to strengthen our faith, just as the metal is strengthened by passing through the fire thus purging it of all its impurities.

The Bible says, “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations” (James 1:2). We rejoice because we have not given in to the temptations that test our faith. Let’s look at some of the most dangerous temptations that try our faith. When these trials come, most people will be tempted to strike back or take matters into their own hands. They will be tempted to make quick, irrational decisions, that often bring about even more grievous trials that can last for decades. Or they will immediately strike back with no thought of the consequences. Or they will rely heavily upon the counsel of the world with no thought of asking God for His counsel. Our first lesson, during the approaching trials that test our faith, is learning to wait upon the Lord, allowing our trials to teach us patience. The Bible says, “Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience” (James 1:3). This is a beautiful verse because it teaches us, if we allow it, by not striking back, our patience will increase. Be patient. Our patience will increase if we don’t make quick irrational decisions when trials come. Be patient. Our patience will increase when trials come if we don’t rely on the world’s counsel but seek God’s counsel immediately and then wait for His answer. Be patient.

To stand firm against all that’s coming upon the world will take a great deal of patience that will grow stronger after every passing storm if we don’t overreact by taking matters into our own hands. In the midst of the storm, we will only need to cry out to the Lord, waiting for His counsel, for his direction, and His leading. It takes great patience to do this in the midst of your trials because you will be tempted. You will be tempted to rely on others. You will be tempted to make the same mistakes. We have seen this in people returning to abusive relationships, or following the same old crowd, or returning to their old addictions. When trials come the temptations will be great. The Bible says, “But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing” (James 1:4). Patience is an often-overlooked virtue that’s so desperately needed today. Patience is our path to perfection and the glories of heaven. Let me be clear, patience is not just sitting down and doing nothing. Patience is active and sharper than any two-edged sword. Patience turns to God alone seeking only His advice. It takes great patience to stand on God’s Words alone and follow His directions in the face of an evil world.

Let’s take a look at Daniel for example who was cast into the lion’s den simply because he continued his daily prayers to God. Daniel demonstrated great patience as his faith was being tested. He did not cry out to an unbelieving world. He did not attempt to fight the lions. He did not attempt to hide from them. He did not hide his face in shame, nor did he just give up. No, I will tell you what he did, he turned immediately to his God, the God of both heaven and earth. He put himself totally into the hands of God who answered his petition by sending an angel to close the mouths of the lions. Let me tell you that I believe that Daniel continued in prayer and faith, throughout the entire night, believing that God would keep the mouths of the lions shut and in their respective places so that they would not bring any harm to him. Daniel allowed his patience in the coming trial to bring forth its perfect work, that he would be perfect wanting nothing. So, please dear children, when tragedy strikes and you’re facing your next trial meant to strengthen your faith, turn immediately to God with all patience waiting upon Him to answer.

Dear children, if we are befuddled by what’s happening, unable to understand why we are going through our trial then we can ask God for wisdom. This heavenly wisdom is very useful because it tells us why our trial came in the first place. Was it our doing that caused it? Or was it simply a trial sent by God to strengthen our faith? Or was it our perception of a trial, simply caused by our unwillingness to accept the course of events? Or was it simply a course of events that are causing us to do something that we didn’t want to. God’s wonderful wisdom will answer all of our questions which will help us to face our trial, to make sense of it. However, we must ask. We must ask in faith, believing that God is listening, believing that He has not left us alone, and believing that He will tell us exactly what’s causing our trial; and most importantly, how to face it. However, if you are one who believes one minute and not the next, you will not receive anything from the Lord (See James 1:5-8). On the other hand, if we have faith, if we wait upon the Lord, and do nothing until He directs our path, then we will be absolutely amazed at how God works in our life. You could very well be the next Daniel facing his lions.

On the other hand, what if we discover that it’s our sin that’s causing our trials? Don’t blame God. I know many who have done that, by saying, that the sin just happened, or I just fell into the trespass. So, you blame God but remember dear children, He only sends good gifts (See James 1:17). Furthermore, the Bible tells us falling into sin is a process. You did not just fall into it. I can remember years ago coming to the aid of a dear Christian woman who was absolutely broken-hearted that her husband had admitted to the third extramarital affair with another woman. Three separate affairs devastated this poor woman. I insisted on meeting with the husband as well, which in time took us to this very Scripture (See James 1:13-15). The husband said it wasn’t his fault. He insisted that he had just fallen into the trespass, taking no blame for his actions. As I took him through the Scripture, step by step, I demonstrated to him that the trespass began the moment he had “lust” in his heart making it easy for him to be “enticed.” It’s a process. Then over a period of time by allowing an intimate conversation to take place with someone other than his dear wife (which I see happening to a lot of people on Facebook). It’s a process. Then his lust finally conceived and brought forth sin; the sin of adultery. It’s a process! This man faced many needless trials in his life, because of his own ungodly, wrong choices. God cannot be blamed for your trial if you sinned.

Also, it could be that our trials are simply due to our own bad decisions. You may have just started running with, or listening to, the wrong people. I see this all the time on Facebook; someone asking questions on Facebook and then getting fifty different answers to choose from. Instead of praying for God’s guidance through the study of the Bible or being led to a mature believer that God has picked out, they turn to an open forum relying on their own understanding to make the right choice. Believe me, making the wrong choices can lead to many grievous trials. God’s beautiful wisdom can reveal that your bad decision is the cause of your trial. Ask God for wisdom. Then immediately ask God for His forgiveness, forgiveness for your bad choices. Then ask God for His new direction. His answer may be difficult. You may not even want to do it. God may not even deliver you from the trial because of your bad decision. However, you will feel different. You will receive God’s magnificent peace that He is back with you, back in charge, working out everything to the good (See Romans 8:28). Just remember, dear children, every trial is not necessarily the hand of God but could be brought about by your own evil actions.

So, as you can see there are various types of trials to test our faith. For those who have no faith, their trials will destroy them. We are already seeing this in today’s world where people are going stark raving mad because of the many trials and tribulations falling upon the world. For you Christian, it should not be so. As we face the raging forest fires, the heat waves, an increasing number of earthquakes, destructive hurricanes, rising sea levels, and flooding, along with this latest pandemic, we will not be overcome by our trials, but our faith will be strengthened. We stand before the storms of life with great patience believing that God is in control. We believe that God has His faithful children in the palm of His hand. We believe that He is giving us the grace and mercy to see it through to the end. We don’t cry out to the world. We are not afraid. We don’t complain. We don’t overreact. We don’t take matters into our own hands. We don’t seek the counsel of the world. We stand firm on the truth that God has given us the truth, that He will work all things together for good for those that love Him. Dear children, let the world, who’s in a panic, see your strong faith instead of your constant complaining and bickering among yourselves (See Philippians 2:14-16). Stand firm, dear children, the coming trials will test your faith – as they destroy fallen humanity.

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