Christian Rebuttal to President Obama

Christian Rebuttal to President Obama’s Speech

This is a Christian rebuttal to President Barack Obama’s speech to the American people from the Oval Office on Sunday night. Mr. President we know what you’re doing. Yes, the one true God of the universe is not blind to your deception. He is not unaware of your ambition to stamp out Christianity as the only path to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. You stated that no matter “what religion you practice, you are equal in the eyes of God and equal in the eyes of the law.” Mr. Obama you are following a very dangerous path by speaking such lies about God. In fact, your words are very similar to those of the Beast who comes in the last days where it, “was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies.” (See Revelation 13:5). To make all religions equal in the eyes of God calls Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God a liar. Yes, Mr. Obama to speak above what God has stated in His Anointed Word elevates you to a position of authority not granted to humanity. To reinterpret the clear teachings of Christ concerning the only path to salvation offered to humanity is clearly blasphemy of the first order. To make God the God of all religions including Islam must be rejected not only on biblical grounds but in good conscious. It is a fearful thing to fall into hands of an angry God who will bring about a just punishment to all those who malign the Name of God.

The god of Islam is diametrically opposed to the God of Love who has called us out of darkness and into a marvelous light. Yet, you have stated in your speech that, “it is the responsibility of all Americans, of every faith, to reject discrimination.” Christians of good conscious must discriminate by exposing the lies manifested in other world religions, cults, and heresies. We do not hate the Muslim people, for it would be against our nature. On the other hand, it is our gospel duty to point out the many hateful things in their bible – the Quran. Furthermore, you said, “ISIL does not speak for Islam. They are thugs and killers, part of a cult of death. And they account for a tiny fraction of a more than a billion Muslims around the world, including millions of patriotic Muslim-Americans who reject their hateful ideology.” Yet, it is this hateful ideology that is written in the Quran that you assume they reject. So are we to conclude that these billions of Muslims are not true Muslims for not following all the teachings of the Quran, but have chosen only to follow certain verses and to deny others, making them acceptable to your New World Order where tolerance must be accepted? Well, Mr. Obama you have been blinded by the god of this world if you think that all Muslims don’t read the majority of the Quran and follow many of the hateful acts against all those who would oppose them. Mr. Obama you must stop trying to sanitize Muslims by telling the world that they don’t need to follow the Quran in its entirety. Clearly, even Muslims in this country and the West follow many of the verses in the Quran that demonizes other religions, rejects secular government, and enslaves or tortures their own wife and children. I am sure you have personally read the entire Quran so I do not have to tell you of all the horrible things that they can do to others in the name of their religion. I am appalled that you would have Christians to embrace the Islamic Religion in the name of tolerance.

Furthermore, on Biblical grounds and a good conscious we as Christians must not only reject all of Islam for their hateful ideology, but also for their worship of a false god. You see, Mr. Obama there can only be one God and His name is not Allah. Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). Muhammad is not the way and neither are you. We as Christians would love to tell them the truth which will open their eyes to a loving God. Our gospel will bring them great joy filled with a heart of love and forgiveness, but you will not allow it. You tell us that we must accept them as equals in the eyes of God which closes the door to their salvation and a new life in Him. You have barred their way to heaven and destined them to a life of everlasting punishment. You have claimed to be a Christian so you know that I am speaking the truth. I have seen you bow down to their god in prayer with their religious leaders. I have seen you celebrate their religious holy days. I have seen you bring Muslims into your administration. Yes, Mr. Obama I have heard where it was said if anyone speaks against Islam then they will be arrested. I for one will speak loudly and clearly against this religious cult and I will not use filthy language or demeaning terms, but I will speak the truth in love and power given to me from His Majesty on High. Here I stand, I can do no other!

We know that your plans are to destroy ISIL and then continue your ambition to destroy God’s faithful Christians who reject your path to tolerance but rather embrace the exclusiveness of Christianity. Mr. Obama we are not blind to your deception. We know your plans concerning those who are put on the no-fly list. We know there are essentially no guidelines to put people on the list and once on the list they can no longer purchase a weapon to defend themselves or their families. Once you have ruled Christianity as a dangerous cult because they follow their entire Bible preaching the gospel to everyone they come into contact then you will be able to seize their weapons leaving them defenseless making it easy to have them incarcerated in the many FEMA camps you have constructed. But until that time comes we will fill the airwaves, the internet, and social media with the truth of God’s Holy Word. Many of my brethren will not go into the night silently, they will not so easily surrender their weapons, but will fight back with every ounce of energy to protect their families and continue to spread the word of truth. You must know that you will not succeed in your plans to eradicate all of God’s children who hold that there is only one path to God through Jesus Christ.

Furthermore, Mr. Obama we know why you have chosen to use the world ISIL instead of the other accepted designations for those radical Muslims who choose to follow every word in the Quran. You know who and what occupies or soon will occupy the Levant giving you and the other world powers a green light to enter that area and conquer it for the New World Order. I am not surprised that you used the term ISIL – 19 times in your speech from the Oval Office. Anyone with understanding knows that the Levant includes not only Iraq, and Syria, but the island of Cyprus, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, part of southern Turkey and the nation of Israel. You will stop at nothing to build your New World Order. God knows your plans to draw all the nations of the earth; you stated that America has come together with 65 other countries, against the Levant to create the New World where everyone will join together accepting all religions or non-religions. But as you come against Israel in the last days you will not succeed for you will not just be fighting the kings of the east, but you will be fighting the King Kings and Lord of Lords.

Prior to this great battle your kingdom will be plunged into utter darkness. This we are already seeing because of your many policies instituted by your administration and all the new laws made by man and not by God. Soon you will realize that in the end you and this country will reap what it has sown by legalizing homosexuality, abortion on demand, removing the sanctity of marriage and replacing it with a permissive life style. Moreover, when you teach this country to embrace the cult of Islam by allowing then to bring their traditions and teachings into public schools at the same time you are banning the Bible then you will be judged by leading our dear children astray and causing them to stumble. You preach tolerance but you are driving a wedge between the white man and his brother the black man. You have caused race riots and turned many against your own police department. In the months ahead the streets will run with blood from the Muslim hordes that you are allowing into this country. The mass shootings and bombings will continue that you will use to drive fear into the hearts of the people. Again, we are not blind to what you are doing. Step by step you will draw them to the altar of the beast to reject the one true God and find solace and contentment in all religions coming together as one to accept your, “values of religious tolerance, mutual respect, and human dignity” as you proudly stated.

Perhaps one day you will come close to stamping out radical Islam, but you will never succeed in stamping out the true children of God, nor will you ever make them bow down to the idolatry of tolerance or the world rulers destined to come forth. Your every move has been carefully monitored by the faithful remnant of Christ and you have been found wanting. I am personally asking you to repent of working against the God of heaven in order to set up your own kingdom here on earth.

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