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Are You Denying the Power of God?

All through history it can be seen, if you have eyes to see, the running not only in the opposite direction but as far as possible to escape what you fear most. This is what’s happening now in the world and specifically in America. There is great fear from the violent protesters in the streets and their talk of supporting an ideology of the far left, where many hold the doctrine of socialism or communism. This is no longer about racism. This fear will drive many into the camp of the right, those proclaiming law and order and a return to our founding principles. It may not stop there! As they push further to the right to escape the anarchist, they will gladly accept a heavier hand against those who are rioting or even those who are just protesting peacefully. As they push further to the right to escape the mayhem and the rise of socialism, they may even accept some form of totalitarianism for the sake of peace and prosperity. Of course, all this could eventually lead right into the devil’s hands. In the hands of the coming man of sin, he will remove many of the rules and regulations that keep big businesses in check and the rules that keep the government from overreaching its power. He and his followers will usurp the power of God, as they deny the power of God.

We as believers in Christ must enter this period with our eyes fully open to the leading of the indwelling Spirit. Let us always keep in mind that the Antichrist will seek to spread his diabolical net much further than just one country. Once he has captured one country then he will proceed to the next. His global agenda is the dumbing down of all religions, the rejection of the laws from a higher power, and turning to one’s own ability to sit on the throne of his own heart to solve his problems; perhaps this is a foreshadowing of II Thessalonians 2:4. The coming Antichrist is the complete opposite of the Christ in the Bible who both taught and lived a righteous life. The Antichrist will seek to unite all people by dumbing down their religion where it’s no longer paramount in the believer’s life. To dumb down these religions one must remove the power, convincing the population that there is no power to do those things that their God promised. Anyone with eyes to see can see this is already being accomplished amongst most world religions including Christianity. It’s essentially denying the power of God. It’s denying that He has any real power to do anything in the life of the believer. Are you denying the power of God?

When this is successfully accomplished, most of humanity will believe that this power must come from one’s self and not from some higher power. This is a very dangerous first step in nullifying your faith in God alone. It will put you on a very slippery slope into darkness, which is exactly where Satan wants you. For many years now the Antichrist spirit has been hard at work leading the entire global population to learn how to solve all of their own problems, no matter what they are, physical, emotional, behavioral, mental, or psychological. He has been telling them that they can solve all of their problems, convincing them that they have the power within themselves. He tells them that true power resides in them alone, not in some higher power. This is the greatest lie of our time, and we can all see where this has gotten us. Satan’s power has grown exponentially leading more and more of the population into bondage. We see it everywhere that’s now spilling into the streets of the world, that’s also created abusive and psychologically distraught homes. Instead of the world turning to God, seeking His power to overcome, they are allowing the devil to lead them into all manner of wickedness, causing them to fight back at a world that they can no longer understand.

They no longer see the problems in themselves, but they are allowing self-pity to rule the day. They are allowing Satan to tap into their many emotional and psychological struggles leading them to strike back at everything and everyone else, whom they now see as the root cause for their many problems. As they wallow in their self-pity because of the lockdown, the mask requirements, and the undue stress from others they have gladly put themselves into the hands of Satan to garner his power to stand against everyone and everything. It’s as though their old sin nature has been given full liberty to do whatever it pleases, to lose all control, to fight back with unchecked lawlessness. When they give their old sin nature full reign, there is no wonder that there is so much child and wife abuse, there is no wonder that they allow themselves to be driven into the streets to destroy property, loot stores, kill police officers, or anyone else that opposes them. As Christians, we must stand firm against the powers of darkness and the power of our old sin nature. As Christians, we need to learn how to access God’s power, to say no to the old sin nature, and learn how to stand against the wiles of the devil attempting to lead us into all manner of wickedness.

To access this great power in Christ, we must first believe. The Bible says, “For the kingdom of God is not in word, but in power” (I Corinthians 4:20). And in another place, it says, “Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might” (Ephesians 6:10). This power is a beautiful paradox, for the fallen world it makes no sense but for the Christian, it is great power from God. The paradox is when we become weak, humble, and totally submissive to the will of God then, and only then, will we access His great power flowing through us to accomplish His will. (See II Corinthians 12:9). The moment we try to do it on our own we will fail miserably. The Bible says, “The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace (Exodus 14:14). When we follow God’s will, waiting on the Holy Spirit to lead then we will have great power to subdue the enemy and put him to flight. We will have great power to say no to all the wiles of the devil. We will have great power to say no to all the temptations of the old sin nature. Glory! I hope that you are getting excited about the power of God. We don’t need to deny His power.

There is power in the Gospel (See Romans 1:16). I have seen this countless times when sharing the simple gospel to an antagonistic unbeliever attacking me at every turn. As you share the gospel you can almost literally see the blindfolds come off their eyes with a real softening taking place in their hearts. There is great power in the Gospel. Are you denying the power of God? There is also great power in forgiveness. Many of His children have fallen and have slipped back into darkness because they truly did not forgive others but have held onto the trespass for many years, repeating them again and again. If you have not practiced the three principles of forgiveness, you would have a difficult time convincing me that you have truly understood the power of forgiveness. If you still dwell on the trespass, if you still tell others, and if you still bring it up to the offending party then you have not truly forgiven, which keeps God from forgiving you (See Matthew 6:14-15). Here is the power of forgiveness, when you forgive then you take down the barrier, allowing God to avenge you and bringing about the possibility of true reconciliation with the offending person.  Are you denying the power of God?

There is also power in self-giving love that turns the other cheek, goes the extra mile, and gives without ever expecting anything in return (See Matthew 5:38-48). This power is so great that it can remove the sword from your attacker and humble the most prideful opponent. The Bible says, “Therefore if thine enemy hungry, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good” (Romans 12:20-21). There is great power in love. Are you denying the power of God? There is also power in people being changed by Christ or transformation that we looked at last week in my article entitled, “God’s Children Are Slipping into Darkness.” If I had to only pick one thing to convince me of God’s magnificent power, it would be, transformation in Christ. This goes well beyond just turning over a new leaf or overcoming some old bad habits. This change literally changes everything, our character, our behavior, our attitude, our longing, our desires, our direction in life, and our personality. Everything changes even if you came to Christ as a person who never did anything really bad in your life, or so you thought. Without true change, we will never see the face of our Lord in heaven. Thank God we have been given the power to change from the inside out to the glory of God. Only God’s power can bring about this change. Are you denying the power of God?

In conclusion, we see little power today in God’s children as they continually slip into darkness being overcome by the beast to be revealed shortly. What we do see is constant learning without understanding. What we do see is a form of godliness as they banner their good works before others. What we do see is chasing after the world uncovering every so-called conspiracy theory. What we do see is chasing after every little news event in the world. What we do see is an increase in lawlessness with a beaten path to the counselor’s office. In so doing they are denying the power of God. The Bible says, “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away” (II Timothy 3:5). As God’s beloved children, we should be drawn to others who are growing spiritually in Christ. We should be drawn to those who are accessing and using the power of God, not to yell at the devil, but to stand firm against him allowing God to fight for us. We should be drawn to those who are using God’s power to become all that He wants them to be and to further His Kingdom here on earth. As Christians, we don’t deny the power of God, we walk in His power.

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To the Christians Living in America

Thus, saith the Lord. You are seeing through a glass darkly; things are not what they appear. There are only two kinds of people in the world, those who have the light and those who are filled with darkness. Darkness has invaded your world and has filled people of every race, color, and creed. It has filled both the religious and the non-religious. It has even filled most of your political leaders, even those who claim to know me. Things are not what they appear. You have witnessed how the whole world has grown more dark giving heed to their many immoral thoughts leading them into every manner of wickedness. What many do, who claim to be righteous, they do behind closed doors or under the cover of night. Things are not what they appear. You, oh son, have witnessed the increase in lawlessness that is covering your land and consuming everything in its path. I call upon you to be a witness to those who claim to be righteous but are filled with darkness allowing their thoughts to control their unholy actions.

Call forth the remnant who have their minds and hearts stayed upon me; those who are not chasing the latest conspiracy theories, or the many false prophecies spawned by the evil one. Call them out from those who are consumed by darkness leading them in one direction and then another. Call them out from their general assemblies to meet alone with me in their prayer closets or in smaller fellowship groups who have rejected the darkness and are only embracing the light of my glory. Let them fellowship with those who have made a commitment to grow up spiritually from one degree of glory to another. Let them all aim for transformation in Christ by walking only in my statutes and commandments. As children of the light, they have already rejected all the teachings from the world on how to live a fulfilled life and even their advice on how to live a bountiful life in Christ. Darkness has invaded the churches of man because they have embraced all the godless teachings of the world. As children of light, they must come out from the darkness before it’s too late.

The powerful delusion sent by God has already fallen upon the world causing them to believe the lie because they have rejected the truth. The Great Apostasy has already begun filling the land with its many lies about the things to come. Remember, dear children the entire world will worship the dragon, Satan, who gives his power to the Beast or the Antichrist to rule over the hearts and minds of fallen humanity. Those in darkness will try and convince you that you have more time. They will tell you that it’s possible to overcome the darkness by electing the right leaders and reversing many of the immoral things that your country has embraced for many years. Remember, things are not what they appear for darkness has filled your land along with your leaders both political and religious. Come out from among them now or experience the full wrath being poured out on all unrighteousness. The time is short. The trumpets are sounding, and the bowls of God’s wrath are getting ready to be poured out. Come out from among them, dear children, for things, are not what they appear.

The next thing on the horizon is the revealing of the man of lawlessness, so please see my previous article about the coming man of lawlessness, “The World’s Preparing for a Savior” on this secure website.

Rev. Blair has recorded this Blog Article as a Tribulation Radio Show in HD Video with local vocalists, prayers, and much more to the glory of God. Please Click Here

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The World’s Being Prepared for a Savior

Most people in the world today feel lost, which can cause them great fear. This awful feeling of fear can be compared to the unrelenting dreams, that many have experienced, where the scenery and strangers keep changing as one struggles to find their way or make sense of what’s happening. This feeling of being lost can last for what seems like hours. And for those who try to help you find your way, you soon discover that they are also lost, pointing you in one direction and then in another. It’s like many are suffering from some repressive psychological problem acting one way and then another. Then, you discover that it’s not a dream! Welcome to the real world of today. Nothing makes any sense. It’s like everyone is on their own little quest to discover the latest conspiracy theory or uncovering some unknown prophecy, trying desperately to make sense of a world gone mad. The lostness and fear are heightened as people continually point fingers at one another, finding fault, bashing one another, or making excuses for their bad behavior. This is all covered meticulously by the news media and followed closely by social media dragging the entire nation through the same drama. After many days of prayer and meditation, the answer finally comes. The world is being prepared for its savior. Continue reading The World’s Being Prepared for a Savior

Know the Watchman on the Wall

If we know who the watchman is on the wall, then we will be careful to hear what he says, and if the trumpets are sounded, we will take warning. We must know the watchman on the wall. I will tell you plainly, that I am not the watchman, but Jesus Christ is, and we must listen to His voice alone. If I hear His voice speaking or the trumpets sounding, then I will speak. I will sound the warning. Until that happens my friend, we must remain calm, we must remain watchful, and above all, we must listen for the voice of the Watchman. We are confident that God will do nothing without letting His prophets know so that they can sound a clear and decisive warning. The Bible says, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Unfortunately, we are living in a day with many contradicting voices, some saying one thing and some saying another. There is no clear decisive voice but only a multitude of voices creating greater confusion, which has been the devil’s plan from the beginning. The greater the confusion the less we will be able to hear the warning. Continue reading Know the Watchman on the Wall

Dark Days Lie Ahead, Repent Now

No, this is not another conspiracy theory, it will be biblical fact. What does God say about what lies ahead? And more importantly, how will it affect you, as a believer in Christ? Even the world’s prophets and their scientists have painted a pretty gloomy picture on what lies ahead and depending on your political affiliation the opposite side has also painted their own picture of doom. Let’s not stop there, even those pushing their conspiracy theories have also painted a picture seemingly far worse striking fear into the world’s population. Which is rather interesting, because fear drives most people to seek and find conspiracy theories. Somehow, they believe if they hold the discovered truth in their hands, then they can control the outcome making it not so bad.  But I say again, what does God say?  The good news is that God’s voice to us, His beloved children, has not changed, His Words are the same giving us a true picture of reality as opposed to the deception that’s sweeping the planet leading the entire human race into bondage. To hear these words from God is not just restricted to a few gifted people but is available to all of God’s children through the indwelling Spirit. Continue reading Dark Days Lie Ahead, Repent Now