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Timeless articles written to help Christians stand firm

What is the Key to Unity?

Why did Christ and His apostles work so hard for Christian unity? Why did Jesus make this a main tenet of His high priestly prayer to the Father? Could it be that unity is the spring board to revival? That … Continue reading What is the Key to Unity?

A New World Religion in Disguise

A New World Religion in Disguise 1One of the characteristics of the new world religion is its acceptance of psychological counseling that attempts to modify man’s behavior and cure the ailments of his heart. This is accomplished through therapeutic counseling and the administering of psychotropic drugs. … Continue reading A New World Religion in Disguise

Obama’s Political Acumen

Obama’s Political Acumen 2Is Obama predestined for re-election? As the fat cats, the one percent, rally around the intended front runner Obama has already planned to use that to his political advantage. His spokesman, George Soros has already prophesied an economic collapse followed … Continue reading Obama’s Political Acumen

Helping Others Stand Firm

Helping Others Stand Firm 3Are we helping or hurting others to stand firm? Admittedly the focus is usually on us and our desire and our ability to stand firm, but what about others, are we helping or hurting. Although you have been called individually … Continue reading Helping Others Stand Firm

Stand Firm in 2012

Stand Firm in 2012 4What is the one thing we can do to stand firm in 2012? I am sure there are many different answers to that question. In fact, I have written an entire book on this very subject to be released sometime in … Continue reading Stand Firm in 2012