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Timeless articles written to help Christians stand firm

Helping Others Stand Firm

Helping Others Stand Firm 1Are we helping or hurting others to stand firm? Admittedly the focus is usually on us and our desire and our ability to stand firm, but what about others, are we helping or hurting. Although you have been called individually … Continue reading Helping Others Stand Firm

Stand Firm in 2012

Stand Firm in 2012 2What is the one thing we can do to stand firm in 2012? I am sure there are many different answers to that question. In fact, I have written an entire book on this very subject to be released sometime in … Continue reading Stand Firm in 2012

Victory at Last!

Victory at Last! 3Victory at last! Victory at last! The end time saints have come off victoriously from not worshiping the beast, his image, and taking his mark. What a glorious day that will be when the rapture finally arrives. “But in those … Continue reading Victory at Last!

Hell – A Foretaste Experienced in Rebellion

Hell – A Foretaste Experienced in Rebellion 4It is rebellious man who rejected that love and has believed the lie of Satan. Rebellious man is not getting anything more than what he has asked for and God is simply obliged him by letting go, letting him slip … Continue reading Hell – A Foretaste Experienced in Rebellion

Prince of Peace – Revealing Antichrist

Prince of Peace - Revealing Antichrist 5In a divided world where civil war, sectarian violence, terrorism, and street protests seem common place, how can the entire world be united to follow one person? Yet the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible teaches that the coming … Continue reading Prince of Peace – Revealing Antichrist