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The Greatest Lie Perpetrated Upon Mankind

What is the greatest lie? As we sit comfortably in our own little corner, we are told what to believe about the rest of the world. Important facts are purposefully withheld. We simply don’t see the big picture but only the picture given to us by the News media and Social Media. Most alarming is that history is either forgotten or changed leaving most people to experience life in the moment, to experience only what’s happening now. Unfortunately, if history is reported it’s typically done so by only utilizing certain events to demonstrate the need to change laws to further their control of the population. Yet, it is history that the Bible used for thousands of years to teach God’s children about the pitfalls in life. It’s history that shows us how God worked in the life of humanity to get their attention, lead them to repentance, and a closer walk with Him through Jesus Christ. Before we continue, you might be thinking, why is the world keeping us essentially locked into the present moment in time by forgetting history, in a sense giving us amnesia, and not reporting all the truth about what’s happening in the world. That can be explained in one word, “control.” Think about it for a moment: “how do you control 372 million people just in your country alone?” You give them the biggest lie ever perpetrated upon humanity.

As we begin to unpack this big lie, let me say up front that I don’t believe that every news reporter or social Media engineer that develops their algorithms or all politicians are knowingly perpetuating this lie upon humanity. I am convinced it goes much deeper involving perhaps as few as a dozen well-placed world leaders and most importantly the great deceiver himself, Satan. Although the ultimate reason for the lie is control, it is also used to keep humanity in check from experiencing global panic and hysteria that could lead to mass rioting. Although Satan’s ultimate agenda is the control of humanity, I believe that his greatest motive is keeping God’s children from seeing His hand in history; to keep humanity from seeing His plagues and woes being poured out upon an evil world. If humanity is locked in the moment only complaining about their current difficulties, they will not see how God has been working in the history of mankind for the past two thousand years to get their attention, to convict them of their unrighteousness before a Holy God. In the last book of the Bible, written nearly two thousand years ago, it says, “Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book” (Revelation 22:7).

Well, it should go without saying, we have not kept the sayings of this book. What we have done is read it, choose our school of interpretation, and then put it back on the top shelf to be fulfilled at some future date after we have all been raptured up to heaven. This is extremely dangerous theology! Listen to what the book says, “And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book” (Revelation 22:19). So, to throw the book on the top shelf and tell everyone not to worry about it for we won’t be here anyway is not only bad theology it may end up depriving you from many of the glories in heaven. This book is a very dynamic book useful for every age to demonstrate God currently working in the affairs of man. Yet, this cannot happen if we change the facts in our history and somehow believe that all the plagues and woes are meant for some future dispensation. So, let’s work together in recovering the history and all its facts that we have been deprived of and uncovering the greatest lie perpetrated upon humanity.

Let’s start by asking what would constitute a biblical plague or woe? Just how many people would need to suffer or how many people would need to die? We have all become witnesses of the birth of psychology with the founding of the first psychiatric hospitals and insane asylums set up by the Muslim physicians in Bagdad, Iraq in 750, which is the first woe in the Book of Revelation (See Revelation 9:1-11). Over the centuries this has caused grief and suffering for millions upon millions of people where many have longed to die to escape their unimaginable suffering. We have become witnesses of the birth of Islam and the second woe in the Book of Revelation (See Revelation 9:12-21) where, in time it spawned global Jihad or terrorism against Christians, Jews, and other religions killing more than 290 million people, and still counting. We have witnessed the rise of the Catholic Church where the inquisitions and Crusades killed 50-68 million protestants and others who disagreed with the church’s dogma. We have been witnesses of The Black Death that killed over 50 million people in the course of seven years, this too would constitute a biblical plague from 1346 -1353. We have become witnesses of the Second World War that killed over 50 million people and saw the slaughter of 11 million Jews in their death camps. I think most Christians will agree that all these would constitute a biblical plague or woe. So, why has the Church closed its eyes to these plagues and woes that have already taken place against self-righteous man who has rejected the teachings of Jesus Christ? Why are we still looking into the future thinking that the worst is yet to come? It’s already here and has been here for over two thousand years!

Keep in mind that the news services and social media don’t keep a record of these historical events, even if they are reported. They simply become a blip on the screen in time allowing the world to slip back into their state of amnesia. Moreover, they don’t report all the facts of what’s really happening all around us. If we look briefly at just the different diseases and viruses in our present day, we will have our eyes wide open to what’s being concealed. In the year of 2017, there were 47.4 million deaths from various diseases and viruses. Although each disease and virus are neatly categorized by type, they still all add up to one tremendous plague on humanity that’s increasing every year. Although fallen humanity is good at explaining these plagues away, by saying that they are caused by poor environment or unhealthy living, it doesn’t diminish the fact that humanity is reaping what it has sown. Do we honestly think that God cannot see what is happening in this country and around the world, that He is just going to save up all of His plagues and woes for the future? If so, that would be contrary to the clear teachings of Scripture that says, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand (Revelation 1:3). As of this writing, we don’t know exactly how widespread the latest possible pandemic will be in the coming months out of China. However, we do know if it turns into a full-blown global pandemic it will be the hand of God. Do you think that God cannot see what was going on in China with the persecution of His children and the destruction of their houses of worship?

Although it appears that in 2017 the combined deaths from terrorism and conflict are down from the previous years by concluding the wars in the Middle East and initiating a peace plan in Israel, it could be that Satan and the Beast will use this to his advantage by preaching peace, peace when there is no peace. On the other hand, so-called natural disasters are not only up but off the chart. Just how large must the earthquake, the tsunami or fires need to be to constitute a biblical plague or woe? Every year we see the number and severity of earthquakes increasing, bringing with it, stronger tsunamis along with death and destruction on a biblical proportion. We have seen fires ravage an entire country killing an untold number of wildlife. Dear friends, this is not just the beginning of the birth pangs. The Great Tribulation was birthed in the First Century and the Church should be using it to bring more people into the Kingdom of God. They should be using it to open the eyes of a world that is blind to what is happening all around them, partly caused by Satan, who does not want them to see and repent. The greatest lie perpetrated upon mankind is that things are great and that we are at the beginning of a new day. Even Christians have bought into this lie by saying that all sin will be eradicated by putting the homosexual back into the closet and outlawing legalized abortion. Yet, other sins are clearly overlooked while most are being led down a path of praise and adoration for their new leaders. They cannot see that most are still lukewarm in their Christianity, impure in their thoughts, and self-righteous by nature. Dear Christian don’t buy into the lie that the Great Tribulation has not come and that He will not send His plagues and woes on unrepentant humanity until we are safely raptured up to heaven. It’s happening now to turn you around, to prepare your hearts to meet your Holy God coming in the clouds with the armies of heaven (Please read Revelation 19:11-16).

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Who’s Telling the Truth?

The Bible says, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). This has been the problem since the beginning of time. When temptation and sin entered the world, thanks to Satan, mankind as a whole has not agreed with their God and have not generally agreed with one another. This division between man and his God was caused when the truth was questioned by the incitement of a lie, “Did God say” (see Genesis 3:1). It was not long thereafter that man was telling his own lies driving a deeper wedge between groups of people and the family unit. In time, these lies spawned completely different notions as to who God is, how we as a man came to be, the meaning of life, and our place in the universe. Although Jesus Christ came to set the captives free by giving them the truth about who we are and our original relationship with God, fallen humanity had already been questioning the validity of truth seen so clearly in Pilate’s response to Jesus, “What is Truth” (See John 18:38). I don’t think Pilate was mocking Jesus but simply stating an accepted norm that believed it was impossible to actually know the truth. Why was that so difficult then and now will be the topic of our study today, especially important with what’s currently going on in the world. Continue reading Who’s Telling the Truth?

His Woe is Coming Quickly!

Woe, woe, woe is a constant refrain that we hear in the last book of the Bible. When we read it, we think of God saying, “this is it!” Or saying, “this is the last straw for you have just passed over the proverbial red line.” This happened once before in biblical history when God raised His prophets of old to speak to the nation of Israel. God had warned His children for years that they had not kept His commandments, that they had followed after the disgusting immorality of their age. They had so integrated the world around them into their religious traditions and civic life, that they could no longer see their unrighteousness as filthy rags. Clearly, their sin had blinded them to their true condition before a Holy God. The Bible says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter” (Isaiah 5:20)! They had become so blind that they convinced themselves that they were correct in their beliefs. They were so convinced that their bad behavior was good, even in the eyes of God, that they would come out from among those who thought otherwise and fight against them with harsh words. They were not far from stoning the prophets. Continue reading His Woe is Coming Quickly!

Are You Fit for the Kingdom?

Jesus Christ stated that some people simply aren’t fit for the Kingdom. What? Yes, that’s correct! Until they change their way of thinking, they are not fit for the kingdom. This has proven to be a huge problem in today’s world. Many have come into the church without changing their way of thinking. They have come into the church and have expected, no demanded, that the church change its way of thinking to fit their interests and desires. They have memorized the Bible stories, some favorite verses of Scripture, learned many of their praise songs, and have learned well how to play church but have not changed their way of thinking. They have entered the church and have set their hands to the plough to do the Lord’s work in the kingdom, but they are not fit for the kingdom. Why? Let’s listen to the words of Jesus. “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62). So, looking back is the problem. That is, looking at their own interests, their own agenda, and their own expectations based on the humanistic knowledge of their previous life.

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How to Overcome Suffering Victoriously

How can we overcome great suffering in this world victoriously? How can we stand firm in a world that’s shaking violently? As the entire world has its eyes transfixed on the possibility of nuclear war, the fear of global warming, and the destruction of democracies due to inherent corruption, they are missing the sudden rise in major earthquakes around the world. They are missing the destabilization of world governments, the rise of disenfranchised people that are rioting in the streets, and the crumbling foundations of all religions, especially Christianity. They are missing the tactics of Satan to destroy God’s children by stripping them of their eternal hope, heighten their fear of the unknown, and to embrace their own selfish interests. In this article, we will learn how to regain our eternal hope, dispel all fear, and embrace the power of living for others and not for self. To do so my friend will not only help you stand firm in the coming days, but it will allow you to fellowship in the suffering of Christ and experience the power of His resurrection. Continue reading How to Overcome Suffering Victoriously