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Cherish Only the Good Memories

Our memories are one of the greatest blessings from our Creator. It is a tremendous blessing to learn many beautiful things and store that information into our memories. It is a miracle to recall most of this information in perfect sequential order for the remainder of our lives. God has also given us the unique ability to memorize vast amounts of information to perform our jobs, to create, and to remember various tasks that are essential for our survival. Memories are also important for our social interactions with others and for building personal relationships. We were given commandments to memorize for the building of a community with others and a proper relationship with our God. We were given memories to cherish all that our Creator has done for us in the past and all that He plans to do for us in the future. Without memories, we would be lost in a cave of despair and robbed of the very essence of what life means. Without memories, we could never cherish the many good memories from times past. Without memories, we would grow stagnant, unable to learn, and retain needed information from our Creator. Without memories, it would only be a tragic existence forgetting immediately the wonderful joy and peace just encountered. How heartbreaking to have no memory of a loving relationship.

Yes, memories are a beautiful part of life. While some can cherish beautiful memories, many others in the world are inundated with painful memories. Their painful memories or bad memories can cause a multitude of problems. These memories can surface at any time for no apparent reason. We have all experienced these sudden reoccurrences even if they only lasted a short duration. If these reoccurring memories are not dealt with properly then they can cause devastating problems that will affect people for the rest of their lives. The most common memory to hold onto for many years or the rest of your life is the memory of being hurt. The hurt from others can take on many different sizes and shapes where a seemingly small hurt or crisis can be overwhelmingly difficult to bear. This hurt from others could be a misinterpreted glance from another or it could be the horrible pain of being physically or psychologically abused. Either way, the pain is real and gets tremendously worse if it’s digested and agonized over for any length of time. The longer it’s agonized over, the greater the pain increases. The sooner this bad memory is dealt with the quicker an individual will be on the road to recovery.

There is another common bad or painful memory that must be dealt with immediately. This memory is similar to the one that we just discussed, except this hurt does not come from another person. The hurt comes from yourself. Yes, humans are quite capable of hurting themselves, thus creating a lasting memory. This too comes in various sizes and shapes. It could be something as small as making an innocent mistake while speaking to others or it could be falling in with the wrong crowd and doing horrible things that are difficult to imagine. Believe me, there are many different ways that a person can seemingly hurt themselves. No matter how large or how small, if the bad memories are not dealt with properly, then there could be devastating problems. Just as before, the sooner this bad memory is dealt with the quicker the individual will be on the road to recovery. Before we look at the biblical solution to these multiple problems relating to our memory, let me say a word about what will not help. Group therapy of calling out your hurtful or bad memories multiple times to others will only exasperate the problem making it far worse by giving you the liberty to keep bringing it up to your mind again and again.

Clearly, unforgiveness is the problem that’s creating all of these bad memories. The good news is there is a biblical solution for unforgiveness. Although forgiving and forgetting is probably one of the most difficult things for humanity to do, it is not impossible. God has given His children both the ability and the motivation to forgive. Furthermore, as we shall see, truly forgiving will also lead to forgetting the hurt caused by yourself or others. So, what is our motivation to forgive? The Bible says, “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses” (Matthew 6:15). This is tremendous motivation because the unforgiven will be cut off from all of God’s blessings and His protection until they have truly forgiven others. On the other hand, if we truly forgive by following the biblical principles below, then we will continue to receive all the blessings needed to overcome the hurt caused by others or the hurt caused by ourselves.  Now let’s look at the three principles of forgiveness, which will help us to forget the hurt. Dear friends, to truly forgive is to forget, allowing it to completely disappear from our memories.

So, let’s now look at the three principles of forgiveness if you truly want to forgive and forget the hurt. The first principle of forgiveness is to never bring the hurt or trespass up again to the offending party, which always keeps the trespass alive and well. We have the same tendency to bring up the past to ourselves when we have acted foolishly by beating ourselves up, allowing unforgiveness to flourish. The second principle of forgiveness is to never share the trespass with others (unless you’re in danger). Most everyone wants sympathy from others when they have been mistreated or wronged in some way. It’s part of our human nature. So, to truly forgive another we must not pass it around to others, which keeps the offense alive. The final, and most difficult principle is to not dwell on being hurt by others or by yourself. We must immediately cast it out – stop thinking about it. Although this third principle may seem impossible because the hurt keeps coming back again and again, it’s not, if we truly forgive and trust God’s loving providence to render the appropriate judgment leaving it completely in His hands. Following these three principles of forgiveness will truly help us to forgive and forget the hurt caused by others or by ourselves, following the Lord’s own example, who in Jeremiah 31:34 says, “For I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.” There is great power in forgiveness to bring total healing to our memories. Let me stress going forward, that the moment that you are hurt by others or by yourself, then you must forgive immediately seventy times seven, an infinite number of times (Matthew 18:21-22).

There is one more bad memory that people dwell on that is paralyzing a large part of humanity. This memory is not caused by others or even by oneself. This bad memory is typically caused by unforeseen circumstances totally outside of their control. Unfortunately, these bad memories will grow worse as we fast approach the end. These bad memories are caused by the effects of war, a poor economy, Global Warming, diseases, and pandemics. These bad memories will become so bad among the general population that it will cause many to lash out in unchecked lawlessness, commit suicide, or attempt to withdraw from reality altogether in some kind of Metaverse. This most devastating effect on the mental or psychological well-being of humanity is the constant recall of bad memories, dwelling on the memory for hours, days, and even years. I could simply tell the one constantly entertaining the bad memory to simply stop and cast it out, but it’s not that simple. We must do more. We must learn to trust in God’s loving providence. Trusting in God’s loving providence believes that He does nothing by accident, nor does He allow anything to happen without a path of escape, the wisdom, and power to overcome, or a valuable lesson that must be learned for our continued spiritual growth. Furthermore, if we had eyes to see we can often witness the miracle of God turning something bad into something amazingly good, truly a good memory to be cherished. Let’s learn to trust in God’s loving providence.

Oh, what joy it is to be finally set free from the bondage of our past mistakes or from being hurt by others. Yes, we have all been hurt by unforeseen circumstances, by others, or even by ourselves. Thank God, we have learned the power of true forgiveness that leads to total forgetfulness. Thank God we have learned how to trust in God’s loving providence. We have learned to cherish only good memories. Once the bad memories are gone through forgiveness and trust in God it’s like putting on the wings of eagles and flying to the utmost heights of heavenly bliss. It’s never too late to forgive and forget. For those who are not in Christ, it will be a most difficult journey, so I implore you to ask Jesus Christ to forgive you of your sins and make you into a new creation, where old things, painful memories, will truly pass away (II Corinthians 5:17). As a new person in Christ who is no longer burdened by the past, then you are free to add to your memories some of the greatest miracles this side of heaven. There is not a day that goes by when we don’t recognize the beauty and grandeur of our new life in Christ. Every day is another miracle full of abounding joy and a peace that truly defies understanding. Every day is feeling the warmth of His love enveloping us like a warm blanket on a cold night. Every day we learn how to quickly forgive and how to love others as Christ has loved us. We have learned how to trust in His loving providence and cherish only good memories. All glory to God.

Forgive As I've Forgiven You

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Grasping the Benefits of Christ

If the human race really grasped the benefits of Christ everything around us would immediately change. We have had many people, some no doubt wiser than myself, try to explain the grandeur and majesty of these benefits. There have been hundreds, perhaps thousands, of pages written by some of our most ardent Christian scholars to plummet the depths of this most profound mystery. I dare say, over the centuries, there have only been very few in each age that has truly understood the great mysteries and benefits of Christ. These are bright lights shining in the darkness. These are the ones who have touched the very essence of Christianity through the indwelling Holy Spirit. These are the ones who have sat long at the Savior’s feet waiting for Him to open their minds to His abiding presence. They have waited patiently to understand the glorious benefits of being in Christ, to experience the great joy, and peace that truly defies understanding. As we fast approach the end it’s essential that we fully grasp the benefits of Christ. Let me encourage you to fully grasp the benefits of Christ and not settle for what can be seen on YouTube or social media. Please don’t settle for what the lukewarm church is offering.

As we embark on this journey together, we must jettison all the worry, all the fear, and all the busyness that has kept us so occupied. We must cast out all the vain imaginations, and thoughts that can enslave us to the powers of darkness. We must clear our minds of every idle thought. We must block out every little noise and distraction. We must prepare ourselves for the Master’s use. This is a very important step in a world that has gone mad, throwing information at us at the speed of light, as we are continuously being dragged into deeper bondage of exhaustion going from one thing to another. Stop! Clear your mind and your insidious schedule. Prepare yourself to meet the Lord who wishes to walk with you and talk with you along life’s narrow way. This cannot just be a chance encounter or only a one-time encounter. This wants to be a lifelong encounter, a lifelong experience of walking with Christ, a true Friend. 1 Only after we have walked and talked with Christ will we truly understand the benefits of Christ. The Bible, perhaps for the first time in your life will come alive as if the words are flying off the page into your tormented souls.

Now, let’s back up a minute. If you have not stepped out in faith believing the Gospel message, then you have not yet experienced the power of salvation. 2 So, let’s assume for a moment that this great power has not reached your heart and that you are still dead in your trespasses. 3 If that’s the case, then all that we have spoken about thus far makes little sense. There is great power in the Gospel that opens the window to a brand-new life in Christ. Before Christ, you were spiritually dead being tossed about by every wind of doctrine needing the world’s help to solve your mounting problems.4 God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to teach us about His love and literally take our place on the Cross to pay the penalty for our trespasses. These are the same trespasses that separated us from God causing us to die spiritually. When we believe that Christ died for us on the Cross and the third day was raised from the dead to give us a new life, then it opened the door to salvation. When we pick up our cross through faith, die to self, and follow Christ in His resurrection, we will be a new creation in Christ.5Although this is a beautiful first step, many never go any further to experience the true benefits of Christ. So, let’s press on and look closely at the true benefits of Christ.

I have already mentioned that Jesus Christ wants to be our lifelong friend. He wants to be a very close friend, every moment of every day even while you are working, eating, and socializing with others. If you close out Christ during these times, then you will have missed the true benefits of Christ. Jesus is with you every moment, or He is not with you at all. Pause, and think about that for a moment before we proceed. The Bible says that we are in Christ.6 It also says that Christ and the Father are in us.7 Furthermore, we also have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us as the seal of our salvation, the Teacher, and the dispenser of Spiritual gifts. 8 Wow! We can never speak about loneliness again. Are you beginning to see the benefits of Christ? God will forgive us of all our sins, make us alive in Christ as a new creation, be with us every moment of every day, and teach us how to experience the glories of our new life in Christ.9 As we explore the benefits of Christ, we will experience heavenly bliss on earth as it is in heaven. This is exactly what God wants for all of His children who are called out of darkness and into a marvelous light.10 To experience anything less, like the lukewarm church, must break the Father’s heart.

Our Father in heaven wants us to experience every Spiritual blessing.11 Of course, our greatest benefit is salvation from the powers of darkness and eternal damnation. We have been made alive in Christ Jesus to hear our Savior’s voice and to feel His abiding presence even in the midst of the chaos.12 We have been made alive to be bright lights in a very dark world.13 Even the horror of persecution cannot separate us from God’s love that flows powerfully through every fiber of our being, bringing a peace that defies understanding.14 God, the Father does not relish our trials and tribulations but rejoices in them to strengthen His beloved children to fill up the sufferings of Christ.15 As we are strengthened in Christ, the barnacles of the old sin nature fall off, and we learn to trust more in His loving providence to work all things together for good.16 Step by step, we no longer see through a darkened glass but can clearly see the Spiritual path before us. Oh, what joy it is to see, really see for the first time, that God’s ways are so much higher than our ways.17 All the important things of the fallen world seem like foolishness to the way that’s now been opened to us.

Oh, what a glorious way it is, to experience every Spiritual blessing from the hand of Christ. Oh, what absolute joy it is to experience the brief times of heavenly bliss on earth as it will continually be in heaven. The Spiritual blessings now can be happily realized in those little unseen miracles where you know with all assurance that God was there working everything out for the best. Have you ever seen the impossible suddenly become possible? It was nothing that you necessarily prayed about or even expected, it just happened. This is what I have always referred to as God’s little miracles. The longer we walk with God trusting in His loving providence the easier it becomes to recognize those many little miracles in the believer’s life. After we reach perfection in the heavenly places, we will see every miracle as it happens. Our participation in the miracle will radically change in that our heavenly desire and the miracle will become as one. Wishful thinking will be a misnomer because our righteous thinking will become a spiritual reality in heavenly places. Every step of the way we will rejoice that Christ is working through us causing all things to work together according to His will, witnessing little miracles, and touching others for Christ. Although there are many benefits in Christ, there is none greater than we will never walk alone.

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Pushing the Prophetic Timeline

I have written extensively about the Kings of the East coming against the West, Israel, and the United States in the last Great War or Armageddon. Most know the prophecy that the Antichrist will unite the West and Israel to stand against the Kings of the East in this final war (Revelation 16:13-16). Please see below, “An Open Letter to President Putin and President Zelenskyy,” I sincerely hoped through the giving up of some land for Russia’s land bridge, and the opportunity of NATO membership for Ukraine, then peace could be realized. However, I now see that both parties are not interested in peace, which will unfortunately push the prophetic timeline forward. The prophetic timeline is beginning to unfold when we see Russia trying to enlist other Eastern powers (or Kings) to support their undeclared war against Ukraine and the West. Mr. Putin has spoken to many foreign leaders along with those in his Bloc to win support for the undeclared war. The prophetic timeline is beginning to unfold when the West is wholeheartedly joining in the undeclared war against Russia by supplying advanced weapons, technology, and many crippling sanctions. The prophetic timeline is being aggressively pushed forward to fulfill the prophecy. Continue reading Pushing the Prophetic Timeline

Sins Will Cloud Your Eyesight

We can all disagree on eschatology and the timing of Christ’s Second Coming, but we cannot disagree on our need for repentance. My concern as a pastor for many years is that most don’t have a full understanding of what they need to repent of and more importantly how to properly repent. Most people qualify their need for repentance by what they see in others. If they see others on the news or social media with what they perceive as a much greater sin, then it often leads them to overlook the sin in their own lives. It’s very easy for the self-righteous to look down on others while ignoring their own so-called little sins. Therefore, our goal is to stop judging others, so that we have ample time to examine our own sins. Yes, it will take a great deal of time and effort to look within to examine our own character, our own thinking, and our own behavior. If we are honest, then we will soon discover that we all need repentance, including ourselves. Let’s look at the process together on how to look within to discover every unknown sin that has clouded our eyesight, then we will discuss the process of true repentance. Continue reading Sins Will Cloud Your Eyesight

It’s Much Later Than You Think

The whole Western world has been deceived. They have been led astray, believing that they have time to repent and follow Christ because they believe that there are so many more things in the book of Revelation that must be accomplished first, or they are deceived into thinking that they won’t be here anyway. They keep passing the deception to one another that before things get too bad, we will fly away in some secret rapture. Yes, there will be a rapture but only at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in the clouds where “every eye shall see” (Revelation 1:7). If I told you that everything has already happened in the book of Revelation and Christ is at door to rapture His children but only after the final bowls of God’s wrath are finally complete, which has already been in progress for some time, would you be ready? Yes, I will show you that we have already arrived at this point just before the Kings of the East destroys the West and the world’s final Antichrist. You might ask, “What about the beast (the Antichrist, or the man of lawlessness); shouldn’t we see him first.” Let’s take a look at the beastly system already in place. Continue reading It’s Much Later Than You Think