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Sins Desire is to Rule Over You

So, whatever happened to sin? In my previous article, entitled “When Heaven Goes Silent,” we spoke about the whole world being led into captivity by the powers of darkness. Well, there is another captivity that’s as old as humanity’s fall from grace. This captivity was caused by opening the door to sin. In time, this powerful motivation to sin would rule over the entire human race from the cradle to the grave. The Bible says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). We first witnessed this worldwide captivity to sin prior to the great flood that wiped out all of humanity with the exception of only a few chosen people. The Bible says, “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). Although God made a promise to never wipe out all of humanity again with a flood, His prophets of old have prophesied that the world will be destroyed by fire and intense heat for their excessive wickedness and turning away from God. We often think about the Last Days as fire and brimstone, and I too have been numbered among those end-time prophets. However, there is a much larger threat to humanity that we don’t often think about. This will cause everyone, even the strongest among us, to cringe at the mere thought of things to come.

After many thousands of years, humanity is once again approaching this worldwide dilemma of complete lawlessness and being slaves to the power of sin. If this powerful motivation to sin is left unchecked, then it will allow sin to rule over the entire world once again. We should never underestimate this great power to sin in every human, which the Bible refers to as the old sin nature. One of the signs often missed concerning the end of days is complete lawlessness and unchecked anarchy. We have seen for some time now random acts of lawlessness where young people walk into their schools’ killing both teachers and children. We have already seen disgruntled employees return to their offices and randomly kill others. We have seen people walk into drug stores and department stores and brazenly take whatever they want. We have seen people walk into a laundromat and randomly shoot others for no reason. We have seen people in broad daylight walk up to another individual on the street and beat them for no reason. My friends, this is only the beginning. It will get far worse because every imagination and thought of man’s heart is getting even more evil, which in time will be continuous. God forbid! This will be worse than all the previous riots. This will be worse than total chaos. These are the days that are fast approaching.

Going hand in hand with this increasing lawlessness is what the Bible refers to as the falling away or the great apostasy (See II Thessalonians 2:3). As a true believer in Christ, filled with the Spirit and growing up spiritually, you have already begun to recognize this falling away among those who claim to know Christ. Unfortunately, this falling away is caused by opening the door to sin allowing it to control their lives, even if they don’t readily admit it. They may call upon the Name of Christ publicly, but their hearts are thinking more and more about saying and doing evil things. Clearly, they are no longer on the path of righteousness. They can cry aloud for God’s mercy and beg others to pray for them, but their hearts are far from the things of God and His righteous path laid out for them. They have forgotten the standard or perhaps they never learned it and internalized it into their hearts. Jesus said, “If ye love me, keep my commandments” (John 14:15). Sadly to say, many have no idea what those commandments are. In fact, many are hard-pressed to even quote the Ten Commandments, let alone having a good grasp on the many New Testament commandments, that show us how to love God and how to love one another. This falling away along with the growing lawlessness in the world will make it very difficult for God’s precious children.

So, don’t think for a moment, just because someone claims to be a Christian that he is one, without first examining closely his spiritual fruit. This will be a most difficult time for those on social media, especially when it’s impossible to examine their spiritual fruit other than what they have posted. Moreover, going out into the real world with face-to-face relationships, even among your own dear relatives, will be the most difficult. First, you may simply experience a coldness as they pull further away, then you may begin to detect their worldliness and their proverbial slip of the tongue. The real pain, however, will begin when you detect that they are telling you half-truths or little white lies to cover up their unrighteousness. Although family experiences are the most heart-wrenching, doing business with others or working with your colleagues in the world can also take their toll especially when you have been wronged or observe their unrighteous behavior. Not only are we standing firm against all the natural disasters falling upon planet earth, but we are also in the middle of the whole world wanting to take advantage of us or cause us great harm because they are now being ruled by sin. Shockingly the lawless world is doing this while they are speaking out of both sides of their mouth. Once again sin is getting the upper hand by leading the entire world into sin; allowing sin to rule over all of humanity. So, we must ask the question once again, “whatever happened to sin?”

Let’s return to the Old Testament for a moment and let God answer our question about sin and how to deal with it. The Bible says, “And the LORD said unto Cain, Why art thou wroth? and why is thy countenance fallen? If thou doest well, shalt thou not be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door. And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him” (Genesis 4:6-7). This is great advice coming down through the annals of history from our LORD God. We must turn the tables on sin by ruling over it instead of allowing it to rule over us. Pay particular attention to what God is saying to Cain, “If thou doest well.” The key to turning the tables on sin is doing well. We have lost the standard for doing well, even those who claim to follow Jesus Christ as their Lord. Just because they have removed the Ten Commandments from our schools, does not mean that we should remove them from our hearts. God’s standard remains as the Holy Spirit writes His words upon our hearts through faith. To violate those standards by willful omission is to sin against God. The whole New Testament was written by men moved by the Holy Spirit. These beautiful powerful Words were written so that God’s elect children, called by Jesus Christ, would know how to do well so that they could turn the tables on sins desire to rule over them.

As God’s beloved children you may learn well how to stand firm against the sin that wants to rule over your life, but we must still confront a very evil and lawless world, that’s getting worse by the day. As we write God’s standard upon our hearts, we will soon discover that we have been given specific rules to confront an evil world. These are rules that have been ignored by most as being either too difficult or for some future dispensation. These rules of non-retaliation are not only valid but are necessary for confronting evil. Open your Bibles and carefully read Matthew 5:38-48.  These are not holy suggestions, but they are standards for the Kingdom of God. Dear children, you soon discover this will take faith believing in God’s loving providence to give you both direction and assurance that He is with you every step of the way. Dear friends, to follow the rules of non-retaliation in your confrontation with evil will give feet to your faith. On the other hand, to resist Christ’s standards in the rules of non-retaliation will demonstrate a shallowness of your faith allowing you to be easily led to take up sides one against another. Unfortunately, many who claim to know Christ are choosing up sides one against another as they use the weapons of this world to fight others that they or their political party disagree. It’s a travesty to see Christians bashing others that they disagree with allowing sin to rule over them. Dear children, don’t let sin rule over you in a lawless world that’s waging war one against another!

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