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The Truth Will Set You Free

Tremendous forces are coming together in the political, religious, and business realms to develop a new philosophy that can be accepted by all in preparation for the Antichrist to take his seat in mystical Babylon to be worshipped by all. Know the truth and it will set you free. If we don’t embrace the truth alone, then we will be easily overcome by the tremendous forces descending upon the planet. These powerful forces, unrecognized as the powers of darkness, will lead the entire world into bondage. This bondage is accomplished by exchanging the truth for a lie. This lie is so deceptive most people will not even recognize it as a lie. The powers of darkness are manifesting this lie in every area of society. This is not for some future dispensation but has already begun. If we have eyes to see, then we will see this lie already manifested in the political, religious, and business realms. These powerful forces have been directing people from around the entire world for some time now by filling their minds with lies masquerading as a new truth or an amazing philosophy. This is a philosophy so profoundly intriguing that it awakens the old sin nature, which in time pridefully witnesses the reawakening of the importance of self, or self-importance.

This new self-importance in the religious, political, and business realm believes that self now has the ability to do everything without the restraints of religion and the permission of the gods, or the One True God. It believes that it can solve all of the world’s problems and the ailments of mankind. If we had eyes to see, then we would readily admit that mankind is already attempting to do all this without God. We have seen it in psychology causing humanity to trust in mankind’s ability as opposed to trusting in God alone to fix all their emotional and psychological problems. We have also seen it in the pharmaceutical industry that is creating cures for every physical and psychological ailment causing humanity to trust in mankind’s ability as opposed to trusting in God alone who can solve every emotional and psychological problem known to man, along with great wisdom in caring for our own bodies. This new belief or popular philosophy has allowed mankind to ascend to the throne room of his own heart. It has given him the liberty to jettison all the old religions to build a brave new world without God. This new philosophy has already spread quickly to nearly every person on the planet who has not surrendered completely to the Lordship of Christ.

The only thing that will set humanity free from their bondage is to return to the truth of classic Christianity that says, “We can’t, but He can; and if we don’t, then He will; but if we will (do it on our own strength and power), then He won’t (do His mighty works through us).” Simply put, we must trust God to lead and do everything through us. This is how we were originally created. We were never created to go it alone. Yet, none of this is possible until we get off the throne, the throne room of our own hearts. Now, for most, even for Christians, this is a pretty scary thing, because when we get off the throne, then we must follow God’s way completely. We will never be able to fix the world’s problems, but we can allow God to fix ours. This will be tough because you don’t have anyone to rely on but God. Even in tragic circumstances or persecution, God will not leave His faithful children alone to face life’s problems. True faithfulness is following all of God’s principles, precepts, commandments, and the direction of the Holy Spirit during your most tragic circumstance. When you sincerely allow God to get back on the throne of your heart, you will be a peculiar people, a holy, and faithful remnant (I Peter 2:9).

To allow Christ on the throne in our hearts we must die to self. The Bible says, “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me” (Galatians 2:20). I can tell you that most Christians have no idea what it means to die to self. This will be a complete reversal of everything we have ever been taught in the world. From the cradle, we have been taught to take the initiative and do it ourselves. We were taught at an early age that we have the power to make a change in our lives, to be whatever we envision ourselves to be. We were taught that we have the power to solve all of our own problems by studying hard, doing research, and making the right choices. You can see that dying to self and trusting in Christ to lead you in every decision is completely opposite of everything we have been taught. Most Christians will allow Christ to rule only if it’s an emergency, while they sit on the throne of their heart the rest of the time making their own decisions without Christ. On the other hand, to be truly known by Christ (Matthew 7:21-23) is to allow Him to reign in our lives every moment of every day. Believe me, when you do this you will see some remarkable changes in your life.

In our day humanity is facing some of its greatest challenges from Global Warming to new and deadlier viruses descending upon all of humanity. Mankind is not turning to God to fix these problems or to understand what caused them in the first place. No, with mankind on the throne in his own heart, he is attempting to fix all the problems without God. Although mankind is unable to really fix any of his problems, the powers of darkness will convince all of humanity that he is the only one capable of doing it. The Antichrist will put the onus back on mankind for not having enough faith in himself. He will say, “Get back on the throne!” “Have faith in yourself, you can do it!” This is the current thinking in today’s world, this is the new philosophy, introduced by the powers of darkness. This is the lie from the pit of hell to lead us into bondage and a slave to the Antichrist. As they listen to the lie of the new world philosophy, then they will be led into an even deeper bondage to the coming Antichrist as he takes his seat of power in mystical Babylon. The Antichrist will give a face to this new world philosophy. He will be consumed with his own pride believing that he has all the solutions to fix the problems facing the world. He will appear to be one of the most intelligent men in the world as he enlists other learned men from the political, religious, and business realms to lead the entire world to sit upon the throne in the throne room of their own hearts.

On the other hand, God in His infinite wisdom has already given us the solution to all the problems facing a world headed for complete destruction caused by the increasing number of forest fires, heat waves, earthquakes, and massive flooding in our cities. He has already given us the solution to the global blight on humanity caused by the increasingly fatal viruses and diseases. When we allow Christ to take His rightful place upon the throne of our hearts, then we will listen to Him alone. As we listen to Christ, we understand that there is only one solution to their problems. They must repent of the many sins that have caused all their problems in the first place. Yes, sin has caused all of their problems! As God’s children, we must yell that from the rooftop of every building. No, electric cars and windmills will not solve their problems. No, new and improved vaccines will not solve their problems. The only thing that will help is allowing Christ to take His rightful place upon the throne in our hearts. When we do, then we will come out from among them and be separate. We will become a living example of Christ living in us to the glory of God. We will become a living example to the power of love and forgiveness. We will become a living example of turning the other cheek and going the extra mile by utilizing the principles of non-retaliation (Matthew 5:38-42).  We will be a living example of the health, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of allowing Christ to reign in our lives. We will be a peculiar people to the glory of God. The truth shall make you free.

Jesus said, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32).

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God’s Loving Pursuit

God’s Loving Pursuit “As Humanity Escapes His Reality”

About the Book

You know that there’s something wrong with the world, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  It’s because you can’t see the big picture. Join Reverend Blair in an unforgettable journey from the dawn of history to the approaching apocalypse to unlock humanity’s most sinister and esoteric problem, which are driving them to an alternate reality, in an all-encompassing Metaverse. To unveil this big picture, the author takes us on a scholarly review of each epoch in Biblical history from humanity’s infancy to adulthood as the all-powerful God of creation lovingly pursues humanity in their rebellion, lawlessness, and great fear. Without understanding the big picture, humanity will be ultimately controlled, destined for demonic slavery, and led into a global catastrophe beyond measure. May the shocking truth in this little book allow you to see what’s really wrong with the world and more importantly how to fearlessly resist what’s already coming.

 About the Author

Rev. Blair has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years serving as a Pastor and preaching internationally. He is the founder and president of He Reigns Christian Ministries, with a mission to help God’s children worldwide stand firm in the face of heresy and religious persecution. He has always had a heart for the broken and troubled, leading him to become an effective biblical counselor and an advocate against the growing practice of medicating mental health disorders rather than correcting the underlying issues. Pastor Blair continues to write for his popular website, with over eight million visitors, and recording messages on his internet radio. This is Daniel Blair’s fifth book, he has previously authored Final Warning, Stand Firm, Revelation Truth, and Guiding Principles of Biblical Counseling.

From the Back Cover

There is an old adage that says, “Can’t see the forest for the trees,” which has led us to look at the big picture so we can see the proverbial forest or what is truly happening in the world. We are living in a world that cannot see the big picture because people are so involved in their day-to-day struggles from living in a world that seems to have lost its mind. They once called it future shock, where the world progresses at the speed of light, introducing such things as Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and the Metaverse. So, let’s go back in time to the beginning to help us see the big picture. This will be an unforgettable journey from the creation of man in the Garden to the caves in the Book of Revelation to help us see what’s really happening and more importantly, what to do about it.

How to Order the Book

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God’s Loving Pursuit hardcover book ordered here will be autographed by Reverend Blair with a personalized message, and specially boxed. However, you decide to purchase this book, it should be considered a treasured keepsake for your children and grandchildren as the world is cast further into darkness.

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I See Destruction Everywhere

The vision is real. I see destruction everywhere. If you accept this vision as real, then what will you do to prepare? Everyone has their own interpretation of things to come. Most of those interpretations are based on social media, movies, videos, preaching, and prophets. Some interpretations are based upon their own personal research from just the writings in the Bible. Very few interpretations are based upon only what is received directly from the risen Christ in correlation with what is written in the Holy Bible. This has created a great deal of confusion in today’s world. Most believe that they will never see total destruction. They believe that they will be snatched away in some secret rapture before things get too bad. Others believe that they will need to put up with a few bad things in what’s called the birth pangs before they are snatched away even before the Antichrist is revealed. Everyone seems to have their own beliefs as the whole world is racing faster and faster towards total destruction. I am going to ask you to set your sacred beliefs to the side for just a moment and answer this one question, “Are you prepared to face the total destruction of everything?” If not, then the coming Antichrist will easily lead you to his altar, so he can receive your worship. The coming Antichrist is much closer than you think.

The Antichrist already knows exactly what you want. He knows your heart and your every desire. He has read your post on social media as you rant about one thing, and then another. He knows how deeply dissatisfied you are with so many different things in the world. He watches your struggles with others who don’t agree with the things that you desperately want. Although the Antichrist cannot see into your heart and read your thoughts, he is an expert in observation. He can listen to your voice, read your post, and even read your body language. Antichrist is fully aware of the growing divisions in the world. He sees the Kings of the East plotting against the West. He sees the one stricter sect of a religion struggling against another. He sees different political parties doing everything possible to overthrow the other party. He sees the hate and warmongering. He sees everything. The Antichrist will use all of this to his advantage. Antichrist wants the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ wants for this world. Although Antichrist is the exact opposite in every way, he will pretend to be the same. He will pretend to give you everything you ever wanted, but his endgame is total destruction. Christ came to give us life, Antichrist in the end will bring death to all, even to his most faithful followers.

Let’s back up a moment and discover together how the Antichrist will cause this to happen. The Antichrist will use the same method that he has always used from the beginning. He will raise up those who believe that they are more righteous in their opinions and beliefs to strike against others whom they see as more worldly or liberal in their thinking. Antichrist has always been the instigator behind every so-called holy war to root out the heretics. These so-called holy wars have been among the bloodiest in history even if they claim it was just political. Hitler was fighting his holy war believing that the Germans were the only pure race giving him justification to exterminate the rest. Many of the Popes in church history were fighting their holy wars to drive out the heretics or force them into submission by any means possible. This was one of the greatest persecutions against God’s people motivated by their belief in overcoming unrighteousness. History has witnessed many holy wars from the invasion of Jerusalem to cast out the pagan to the Muslim invaders striking back with impunity to destroy the infidel. In every case we see the arm of the Antichrist raising up those who believed that their so-called righteousness gave them justification and the liberty to destroy others. We are seeing the same thing today with President Putin telling his people that he is routing out the Nazis and standing against the West who lavishes in luxury and embraces every form of perversion. He will use this same justification to unite the Kings of the East to conquer and destroy the West.

At this very moment, we have our own holy war at home. I have never seen our country so divided. It seems like the whole country is at one another’s throats, bashing, ridiculing, and even threatening one another with harm. Their justification is that the other person is wrong in their beliefs and opinions. All of this is being stoked by the powers of darkness by utilizing the social media platforms, news outlets, and even the church. The anger level is increasing exponentially causing people to choose up sides and strike back with impunity. Unfortunately, most feel that they are at liberty to say and do whatever they please as long as they feel that right is on their side. There is no great surprise that this division is delineated by the right and the left. There is no great surprise that the level of hate is causing pandemonium in the streets, and outright wickedness on social media. Antichrist is fully aware of what’s happening in this country and will use it to his benefit to bring forth an unrighteous holy war, which will ultimately destroy both sides. Remember, this has been Satan’s plan from the beginning to destroy everything that God has created. He is rightly called the destroyer. Satan and his Antichrist care less which side is right and which side is wrong. He only cares about total destruction.

Antichrist’s goal is to make one side feel that they are righteous and must stand against the evil. They will be encouraged to do it within the system but if that doesn’t work, then eventually they will be permitted and justified to take more extreme measures. They will be permitted to force the other side to capitulate and follow the new laws or suffer the consequences. In the beginning, the Antichrist will pander to both sides making grandiose promises that seem nearly impossible or at least far-fetched. He will make great promises to both sides from promising to fix the environment to improving the economy for both sides. He will promise a brave new world as long as everyone follows the new laws of pretend righteousness. Abortions are permitted but don’t make a show of it for safe places will be provided. Every perversion will be outlawed but keep it to yourself and all will be fine. On the surface, everything will look wonderful, and the Antichrist will expect your undivided allegiance. As thousands are slaughtered in the beginning to force everyone into submission to the new laws, it will now appear like peace has come down from heaven while everyone is now pretending to be righteous and happy to serve their new leader.

This is not the end of the story. As God’s true children suffer in silence for their refusal to pay tribute to the new master, they will soon enough witness God pouring out His wrath on fallen humanity. Fallen humanity will not escape as God raises up the Kings of the East to finish what they had begun. They will bring forth destruction upon the West causing destruction to also fall upon their own lands. I see destruction everywhere! God will truly pay them back for their self-righteousness and for their pretending to follow Him alone while they put all the trust in the Antichrist. On the other hand, God’s children have been prepared for years by exchanging the sword of Caesar for the Cross of Christ. In so doing they have become a bright light shining forth from the darkness. They stood firm against all the pretend righteousness by not striking back but continually showing their self-giving love to all. We as God’s beloved children are not called to pick up weapons and join some holy war to force righteousness upon the land. We are called to do what we have always been called to do. If we force the other side to do what they don’t want to do, then their hearts will not be changed. On the other hand, if we proclaim and demonstrate the Gospel to fallen humanity, then we will witness the real power to change hearts. Politics and laws will not bring change. God’s love flowing through His beloved children will bring forth real change in a world headed for total destruction. Prepare now to stand firm or be swept away by the coming flood of unrighteousness pretending to be righteous

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Your God is Too Small

As we survey the majesty of the heavens, with what we can see with our own eyes and the eyes of scientific achievement, we stand amazed at the largeness of our Creator who holds all things together. Although we cannot truly understand this truth with our finite minds, we do accept it on faith believing that someday we will fully understand. For now, all we can do is trust that our Father in heaven will give us what we need when we need it. We are fully aware of this great quest of the scientific community. We know they long for the answers to their many questions that we have already known and accepted through faith. As they spend billions of dollars to examine the universe, they will be left with more questions than answers because their finite minds cannot and will not be able to comprehend the majesty of the heavens with all its profound secrets that are way beyond their wildest imaginations. All of their brilliant calculations, even with the help of AI, will be unable to add up the magnitude of everything in the universe, seen and unseen, that’s divinely working together. They can produce amazing images from infrared that they claim can go almost back to the beginning of the universe picturing a vast number of star systems, but it still only represents one grain of sand in comparison to the whole universe.

How can they ever hope to understand the majesty of the beginning in its wholeness? Moreover, how can they understand what they cannot see, namely the invisible? All the most expensive and most powerful telescopes in the world cannot see the invisible that holds everything together and causes everything to work together for good. Our God is invisible (Colossians 1:15), and God and His Kingdom cannot be seen by man (I Timothy 6:16) unless God allows it. Some have even postulated the existence of a multiverse perhaps even before our universe existed. On the other hand, we as God’s beloved children accept on faith that God has always existed before time itself and the creation of our known universe. We accept on faith that there is a literal heaven and hell that cannot be observed by some powerful space telescope. We are not limited to one universe, but we have many universes or different realities for all of God’s marvelous creatures that one day will join us in heaven to sit around the throne of glory (Revelation 4:1-11). Our God is not too small, for we cannot in our finite minds ever fathom God’s total capacity or His profound existence in every dimension or universe. Our God is not too small.

As humanity draws closer to the end of our existence, then the rush is on to discover other things beyond their ability or capacity to fully understand. As the great space telescopes search the known universe, others are working feverishly here on earth searching for the unseen particle that holds everything together. Humanity is spending billions of dollars smashing atoms at nearly the speed of light looking for the so-called God particle that essentially holds everything together. They refer to this unseen particle as dark matter, which is a misnomer because, in reality, it’s not dark but invisible. Furthermore, there is another little project in the former gold mine in South Dakota. They have gone deep underground looking for this mysterious dark matter joining fallen humanity’s quest to unlock the secrets of the universe and our existence. What they are looking for they will never truly see, for it will not be seen with human eyes but with the eyes of faith. God is always showing us in little miracles that He is much closer than you think. God fills everything we can see and everything we can’t see. If God was not there, then everything seen, and unseen would cease to exist. God truly holds everything together (Colossians 1:17).

We don’t need to search the universe with our space telescopes or smash atoms together or dig deep into the ground to find God and the meaning of life. God is here, all around us, every moment of every day. No matter where we go, God is already there. God truly sees everything. He is a part of everything seen and unseen. This should be a tremendous wake-up call for everyone. We cannot hide from God by the dark of night or by the closing of a door to hide our sins. We cannot even hide our thoughts from God because God is already there knowing everything we will ever think before we even think it. Remember, it was the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who said that He is the Alpha and the Omega (Revelation 22:13), the beginning, and the end. Jesus Christ encompasses all of time. If we as Christians really believed this truth, then we would be highly motivated to keep in step with the Spirit allowing Him to lead us and guide us from one little miracle to another. Things simply don’t happen by accident because we know that our God is always in control, working out everything to the very best for those who have been called (Romans 8:28).

God does not want us to spend all of our time and money searching for what is already predetermined to happen. There is nothing new under the sun. God wants us to enjoy every moment of the life that He has given us. We must learn to allow things to happen even if they go against our little schedules or limitations. We must learn to step out of our so-called comfort zones and allow God to bring forth one little miracle after another. Over the years, I have seen many miracles when I least expected them to happen, but I can tell you they always happened when I stopped my own quest and followed God close behind. I always call them little miracles because God is making the invisible visible. He gives us Spiritual eyes to really see what is happening at that very moment in our life and the lives of others. Humanity is missing so much because they refuse to use the eyes of faith given to every believer when they receive the indwelling Spirit to dwell with them every moment of every day. Wow! The miracle of life is not looking through a space telescope, smashing atoms, or digging in the mines of South Dakota. No, the miracle of life is residing within us to chart an amazing journey in this existence and beyond.

We must allow God to take us by the hand and teach us how to look at the heart of others and not the face that they want us to see. God can allow us to look at their hearts, not to pry, but to give them life from the amazing light from within us to the glory of God. Simply put, others will not be interested in the message of the Cross if they can’t see the enormous change in our lives. If all they see is a judgmental spirit that always finds fault, then they will not be interested. If all they see is a robot doing the same thing over and over with no willingness to change then they will not be interested. However, the God who is in us through the Holy Spirit is always  ready to stop and spend all the time necessary to bring the spark of life to one of His children. We must also be ready to stop whatever we are doing if God is leading us in a different direction. If humanity wants to understand the meaning of life, then God is willing to stop and bring them by the hand into a most amazing existence to overcome the old sin nature and experience His love flowing through them to others. This is the true meaning of life. It will open up a whole new world giving us Spiritual eyes to see one little miracle after another. Rejoice in what you have seen with your physical eyes, but nothing can match what we can see with our Spiritual eyes unlocking the true secrets of the universe. If your God is not too small, then you will experience the wonder and majesty of His great power through faith. You will witness one little miracle after another. All glory to God!

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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness

The Bible says, “The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God” (Isaiah 40:3). Most are not what they appear to be. When Christ comes back their masks will be removed, and everything will be revealed. Are you truly ready for that day? Remember, God looks at your heart, your mind, and your soul. He looks at your memories and your every thought that you ever had. He looks at how you spend your days chasing after one opinion and then another. He is fully aware of how much time you have spent on social media, YouTube, entertainment, and your relentless searches on the internet. He knows everything about you as you stand before the King of Glory waiting to be judged for everything that you have done in the body (see II Corinthians 5:10). Now, tell me again that you are ready for His glorious coming in the clouds. The Bible says, “And saying, Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3:2). So, let’s talk about getting ready for the coming of Christ who will rapture up the pure Body of Christ, to be caught up to meet Him coming in the clouds. This is a topic we don’t want to quickly pass over. We need to take our time to ensure that we will be ready when Christ returns.

The first thing we need to do is throw away that Sunday go-to-meeting mask with those beautiful smiles etched in self-esteem. The second thing we need to do is stop chasing everyone’s opinion and seek an audience with the resurrected Christ.  Your eternal life depends on it before you decide to cast this article aside. Satan has done a great job of sowing confusion among God’s children and the rest of the world. Social media gives the entire world a platform to express their unqualified opinions on the world stage. This is the worst evil to have ever descended upon the planet. For the so-called believers, it has given them a mixed bag of theology and for the rest, it has allowed the enemy to divide the entire world into warring camps ready to annihilate one another. Social media including YouTube is like a drug that keeps the entire population hooked as an addict. Some will leave, but they almost always come back to fill up the large hole left in their time, not knowing what to do with themselves. Social media is like a double-edged sword where it gives the contributor pride that his opinion must be correct when it’s validated by his number of likes and followers, then it gives the rest a mixed bag of theology by trying to assimilate everyone’s contradicting opinions.

Satan’s endgame is working!  You can hear him laughing now! Very few will be ready for the Second Coming of Christ because they have wasted all their time searching for some elusive truth and totally missing the mark. So, we must find something else to fill the time to help us get ready for eternity. Stop chasing after everyone’s opinion and seek an audience with the risen Christ who will speak directly to you through the indwelling Spirit and be validated by His all-sufficient truth in the Holy Bible. When you follow this method used by the saints of old, long before social media, you will soon discover that the Bible is not just a history book but a book that shows you how to grow up spiritually in Christ. This Spiritual growth is not something that can be accomplished in a few short Sunday School lessons, it will take your entire life. Let’s be very clear on that, it will take your entire life as you press on to the goal of your upward calling in Christ Jesus (see Philippians 3:14). The resurrected Christ will not teach you how to play church, but He will teach you how to be the Church.

Some of you may need to start with salvation where you will offer your entire life to Christ believing that He alone can accomplish what He has promised to do in your life, believing that Christ will make you into a new creation where old things will truly pass away (see II Corinthians 5:17). You may need to begin again at the Cross repenting of all of your sins and believing that Christ’s shed blood on the Cross will wash away your sins and forgive them for all eternity. Your faith will only open the door, now you must go through it by applying all of God’s truth to your life, which will help you to overcome the old sin nature and put off the old life. Now comes the exciting part, you learn from God’s Word how to put on the new life in Christ, which helps you to put off the old life. Dear children, remember you are still standing at the door until you allow Christ to grow you from one degree of glory to another. We do this by keeping in step with the Spirit. Yes, this will be a lifelong journey but if you are not on the journey, then Christ at His second coming will know. Christ sets the rate of our growth we cannot lag behind, nor can we run ahead, but we can keep in step with the Spirit, one step at a time (see Galatians 5:16-26). I will tell you, in the beginning, some of these steps are most difficult where they will seem almost impossible, but they are not. We don’t have an option to give up we must continue realizing the great joy and peace that comes with every accomplishment.

If you are ready, then let us proceed. I will suggest that you get a little journal to record in it every time you learn something new that must be put out of your life, then also record in your journal every time that you learn something new that must be put into your life. Start by reading the Gospel of John, then day by day read through the New Testament, each time reading it slowly and prayerfully until you get warming in your heart from the indwelling Spirit. When you get this warming or convicting, then stop, record it, and apply it to your life. Ask Jesus to help you, He is listening. Every time you are successful in putting something evil out of your life and replacing it with the good, then you will be growing one step at a time. It is a lifelong journey that must be taken if you want to be ready when Christ returns for His Bride, His Holy Church. Make no mistake this journey will take all of your time. You will discover that social media will be of no help for all it will do is pull you further and further away from your goal. Satan is fully aware of this and will try everything to keep you involved by playing games to getting tons of likes on totally useless posts, or posts that only build your pride. You can hear Satan rejoicing.

Finally, don’t be fooled. We as a people have passed the point of changing the West, and America in particular, from within the system. The godless have had over 60 years to decimate our western world. Wake up, everything has changed. To change a few laws will not change their behavior or their godless hearts. Posting out-of-context feel-good Scripture on social media will not work. Electing a new political leader who promises to fulfill a godly agenda will not work. Antichrist is coming. There is only one thing we can do. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5). We must come out bringing our children and grandchildren with us, no longer allowing Satan to teach them through their public school system. We must teach them how to grow up spiritually in Christ. We must teach them to shun all their social media platforms that will be opening another door to an alternate reality in the Metaverse, see my newest book, “God’s Loving Pursuit.” We must teach them to turn their backs on all the world’s sins, which have reached up to heaven. We must come out from among them and prepare for the coming of Christ. Please prepare now, the Tribulation will only get worse, and you will not stand unless you grow up in Christ every day

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