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The Coming Storm to Control all of Humanity

The storm is coming. Satan and the powers of darkness want total control of every person on the planet. They want to control your action, your speech, and your every thought. Large worldwide religious movements have tried to do this, and it did not work. Imperialism did not work, nation-building did not work, the United Nations did not work, even progressive liberalism isn’t working. Only one thing is! Unfortunately, it’s not God’s beautiful truth, because He will not force His will upon humanity. On the other hand, Satan, the master planner, and deceiver, is already at work to control the entire world. He did it once before, just before the great flood and he is doing it again now. The Bible says, “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Genesis 6:5). “Every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.” Read that again slowly allowing it to sink in deeply. This is Satan’s plan; this is his goal. Satan does not care what your religion is, he doesn’t care what country you belong to, and he doesn’t even care what color you are. The more, the merrier! “Come one, come all” is his motto. Even the leader of the Catholic Church is sending an invitation to all religions to come together and reject those, like myself, who embrace fundamentalism.

I clearly hold to Christian fundamentalism. I hold to the belief in biblical infallibility, biblical inerrancy, and the sufficiency of Scripture. I will not be controlled. When we hold to our fundamentalist beliefs, we are not so easily carried away by modernism (or modern thoughts) that have seduced the church and invaded every social media platform. As we examine this seduction it will be necessary to understand that there is a difference between evil thoughts and vain imaginations. It’s necessary because both must be confronted independently. You might be successful in confronting one and not the other leaving you still in the hands of the enemy, stunting your spiritual growth, and eventually becoming a slave to the powers of darkness. The mistake a lot of people make is, if it’s not blatantly evil, then they say, there is nothing wrong with it and it’s perfectly ok to entertain whatever is thrown at them by the powers of darkness. The most common mistake most make is performing a self-righteous comparison of themselves with others (See Romans 12:3). To think of themselves better than others will allow them to be swept away by the tidal wave of deception that’s flooding the entire earth. Today we will start by making a critical analysis of vain imaginations, rarely looked upon by the world, and then proceed to look at evil thoughts that have captured so many souls in our day.

To seek anything more than what we have been given is vanity, especially if we fantasize about getting it (See Ecclesiastes 2:1,11). Vain imagination is also figuring things out for yourself, doing your research, or running the numbers. It all adds up to vanity. Thinking that you have the power within yourself to figure out what causes everything to happen is vain imagination. In their attempt to discover the deep dark secrets of the universe, to understand mankind’s personality or the deep caverns of his fallen nature apart from God is vain imaginations (See Romans 1:21, Colossians 2:8). We see this vanity more and more in our day causing humanity to pull further away from the one true God, who is the only one with all the answers (See I Corinthians 8:2-3). These kinds of thoughts or vain imaginations are prolific on social media and news sites. These vain imaginations can also be seen in nearly all their advertisements. For they pridefully proclaim that they have all the answers to the problems plaguing humanity. They brilliantly showcase all their remedies from different medications, the correct foods to eat or avoid, to the correct exercise programs, and to the best entertainment or clothing to wear. The list can go on and on to cure all the physical, emotional, psychological problems known to mankind. It’s not just making the worthless purchase but it’s filling your every thought with how you can improve your life, becoming all that you imagine yourself to be, as you move further and further away from what God wants you to become in Christ Jesus. These are vain imaginations, which many dwell on for hours.

It’s not just the vain imaginations that are driving people further and further away from God and putting them under Satan’s control by the powers of darkness, but it’s also the evil thoughts that they are constantly planting in their minds. It’s the absolute hatefulness that people display towards one another that’s magnified on both social media platforms and in the news media. It’s their anger, their hostility, and their rudeness that’s filling people’s every thought to follow them in their war against one another. It does not matter how noble their cause is, if it’s driving us to emulate their bad behavior and vigorously share their cause with others then we have been captured by the powers of darkness. Yet, we see this on a great many postings on social media every day. We witness their hate and war-mongering that easily drowns out any attempt to demonstrate our Christian agape love. The greater the cause, their misguided belief, or even their conspiracy theory, can magnify their evil thoughts bringing them squarely into the enemy’s camp and further away from God, the God of love. If we allow ourselves to be carried away by this hateful rhetoric, then we will become the sacrificial lamb offered up to the powers of darkness to bring us one step closer to total control.

We must come out from among them and be separate. The Bible says, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17). When we do then we can allow God to fill our every thought. We will no longer need to figure things out. We will no longer be inundated with hateful thoughts from the world. We will be set free to only listen to God’s truth, the truth about our humanity, the truth about the universe, and the glorious truth that has set us free from the powers of darkness. When we come only to God’s truth, we almost immediately, understand our role in the universe. We are caretakers. We not only care for ourselves, but we care for all of humanity, we care for all the animal life, we care for the entire planet, and marvel at the universe. We are caretakers of all that God has made. When we come out from among them, then we can truly aim for holiness. Although the world’s hate for us will abound, they will no longer rob us of our joy. God’s faithful children will continue to rejoice and be thankful in all things. We will openly display our peace to others in a world of shock and turmoil. As the world is ravaged by sin and hatefulness toward one another, God’s children will continue to express their self-giving love to everyone.

Dear children, this is only possible because God fulfilled the ancient prophecies and sent His only begotten Son as a sacrifice for all of humanity. His glorious mission to earth was to show humanity a better way. The old, old story of Christ dying on the Cross for all our sins and giving us a new life in Christ through faith only opens the door. We need to go through it by dying to self, thus picking up our cross, and following Christ. “Come out from among them.” When we come out from among them, then we will no longer be led to fill our minds with evil thoughts against others. We will no longer be led astray by vain imaginations carrying us down a path of total control by the powers of darkness. Oh, what a joy it is to simply wait upon the Creator of all that exists to lead us in our every thought, to show us things that will profound the imagination, to stretch the mind beyond what we thought humanly possible, by giving us His truth alone with no mixture of error. As social media platforms grow exponentially to spread their hatefulness, their vain imaginations, and their many outrageous lies, so does Satan’s control over all of humanity. Dear children, the storm is coming!  “Come out from among them!

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Why Do I Still Believe in a World of Unbelief?

Why do I still believe in Jesus Christ in a world of growing unbelief? The short answer is, I would be horrified to face another day without Christ in my life. Although we are in the world and feel all the negative influences from the world, they are only momentary distractions having no lasting effect. We feel exactly what the world feels but it has no hold on us. We too are confronted with the same drama and the unbelievable pressure from the agents of Satan to follow them in their hypocrisy. If we allow ourselves to be carried away for only a millisecond we can, and will, experience what the unbelieving world does every day. Unbeknownst to them, they are being swayed constantly by the powers of darkness to accept the many outrageous lies as the truth. They are led to believe the most astonishing things about themselves. They readily accept the bondage of their past life creating great pain and psychological trauma. They are so easily enticed to follow their every desire creating consequences beyond their worst nightmare. There is no control as they unknowingly follow the world down the same dark path of horrors untold. All this causes us, as true believers, to hold on to Christ even more tightly. We realize that Jesus Christ is our true Anchor keeping us from following the world in their unbelief. We have no desire to experience their road of horrors.

The saying is true, “we are in the world but not of the world” (taken from the words of our Lord in John’s Gospel 17:14-16). This is a great joy for us to be in the world but not of the world, but it is a deep sadness for those who have not learned its truth. So, exactly what does it mean, to not be of this world? Jesus Christ was born as a man, in the flesh, but said emphatically, “I am not of this world.” Furthermore, as believers, we are also no longer of this world.” The Bible says, “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you” (John 15:19). Wow! “Because ye are not of the world.” Let that sink in. We are no longer of the world because we have been, “chosen out of the world.” This is great news! If we are not of the world then the world no longer has any power over us. Everything they say about themselves has nothing to do with us. Their great men and scholars have written volumes about how mankind should act and behave. They have spent countless hours indoctrinating mankind, from the cradle to the grave, concerning the sciences, behavior sciences, and the psychology of man which is fine if you are of this world. On the other hand, we as the children of God are no longer of this world. Therefore, it would be foolish to follow their teachings that are no longer relevant and that change like the wind.

Unfortunately, the world is tightening its noose around the neck of those in the world by moving their indoctrination from just the schoolroom to also include the entertainment industry, the news media, and particularly all the social media platforms. Make no mistake, every teaching, every movie, every news story, and nearly every post or image on YouTube or social media is a lie fabricated by the powers of darkness to keep you in the world. Satan is thrilled that this has caused a tsunami of unbelief that has flooded the entire world. This has even overtaken many who claim to be Christians dragging them back into the world of unbelief and back onto the road of horrors. Dear children, we are not of this world. So, it’s absolutely essential to come out and be separate. The Bible says, “Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17). Some time ago this statement, “not to touch the unclean thing” was a wake-up call for me. Even today I must continue to remind myself of the extreme danger of just gazing momentarily upon an image that can awaken the sexual desires or leading one down a path of perversion. The writings of a post or meme may seem harmless, but can plant thoughts that pervert the truth, weakening your faith sending you downward into a cesspool of idolatry. Therefore, it’s essential to come out from among them so that we don’t unknowingly follow the crowd to eternal damnation.

I am deeply saddened that many well-meaning Christians are used by the powers of darkness to capture the hearts and minds of others. I have seen this in both men and women posting images to present themselves sensually to attract others while intentionally or unintentionally arousing their lustful desires.  Don’t touch the unclean thing! The powers of darkness also use well-meaning Christians to spread their lies and weaken the faith of others, so they too will join the growing crowd of unbelievers. Remember that Satan is very deceptive. The entire meaning of a message or post can be changed by a single word, making it difficult for most to identify the deception, causing them to believe the lie and weaken their faith. Quoting Scripture out of context appears to be Satan’s favorite trick, seen clearly in his quoting Scripture to Christ during His temptation (See Luke 4:1-13). These out-of-context Scriptures are shared widely on social media and YouTube by well-meaning Christians, which leads others to reject the truth and embrace the lie. Perhaps the most alarming to me is to see well-meaning Christians share sayings (or quotes) from other world religions and the accepted psychobabble from the world. It deeply saddens me that Christians are being used by the powers of darkness to spread deception in the last days causing their brothers and sisters to stumble. Don’t touch the unclean thing!

Dear children, our Citizenship is in heaven. We are not of this world. It is past time to come out from among them. When we truly come out from among them, their schools of indoctrination, their movies, their news media, and all their social media platforms, then you will discover how much easier it is to be a Christian. You will realize how much easier it is to grow up in Christ, becoming all that Christ wants you to become in Christ. You will soon discover the blessings of fellowship with other true believers who have also come out from among them. In a very short time, you will witness the joy of serving others that you can reach out and touch. In time you will witness the great power of everyone using their unique Spiritual gifts for the common good of the brotherhood. Finally, you will rejoice knowing that together you have become stronger to face all that’s coming upon the world. Of course, Satan and the powers of darkness don’t want you to know this. This is not a new truth, it’s an old truth. Jesus Christ said, “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). As we grow up in Christ using our Spiritual gifts to strengthen the Church and its unpolluted witness to the world, we will understand why we were told to come out from among them; not to share their thoughts and ideas but to only share the true witness of Christ in the face of the devil.

I will set an example for all my brothers and sisters in Christ by making this the last article and forthcoming video to be shared on social media. For the powers of darkness have already seduced the church to have their services and prayers on their platforms to be torn apart, manipulated, and ridiculed by others. I will continue to write and produce videos, but they will only be available on my website to be shared freely among all. I will continue to pray that my writings, videos, and daily prayers will drive you to the foot of the Cross to renew your commitment to Him alone in a hostile world bent on your demise. Share my website with your church, your family, and your friends. Your children can show you how to access my website directly without going through Facebook; they will type in your internet search browser:

My final thoughts, from the Lord, for my dear friends is that we cannot, we must not relax who we are in Christ with our pagan workmates and especially our family. The Bible says, “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me” (Matthew 10:37-38). As we follow Christ together in the Spirit, I would love to hear from you often by utilizing the “Keep in Touch” form at the end of every article, video, and prayer. As the days grow more difficult it will be essential to be with other like-minded believers, who will physically stand with you to weather the coming storm. Dear friends, if you ever come close to Round Rock, Texas, let us fellowship and worship our Savior, Jesus Christ, together. Stand firm.

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Nothing Will Stop the Hand of God

Mankind boasts pridefully that he will stop the hurricanes, the fires, and the viruses sweeping the planet. In his pride, he believes that by reversing global warming then he will stop the hurricanes and the forest fires destroying so many homes. In his pride, he boasts that he will stop all the old and new viruses destroying so many lives by taking the vaccine. The Bible says, “He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision” (Psalms 2:4). God mocks or derides the vain attempts of men as He calmly goes forward in the execution of His own purposes. From the very beginning, God has always allowed humanity to slip deeper and deeper into the consequences of their sins, He has allowed them to reap what they have sown. Please read carefully Romans 8:24, 26, 28 where it says “God gave them up” essentially allowing them to sink deeper into their sins. What most have failed to see or openly admit, is that humanity has been slipping deeper and deeper for a very long time now. Everyone must admit that hurricanes are getting stronger, more frequent, and more deadly causing horrific flooding. Everyone must admit that the forest fires are growing in numbers, even larger, and more devastating destroying entire towns. They will continue to get far worse right up to the end because humanity refuses to repent.  It’s a very sad thing, to be an end-time witness of humanity’s self-annihilation.

Moreover, everyone must admit that the viruses continue to mutate into deadlier strains, which is the primary purpose of this article. The earlier viruses, for which most of us are aware, started with the flu that has now mutated into many different strains leading fallen humanity to develop yet another vaccine annually to fight a never-ending battle. As more dangerous viruses began to crop up within the past decade it was nearly impossible to keep up with an effective vaccine as millions died worldwide. As we fast forward to our day, we have become overwhelmed with how deadly the new virus is and alarmed at how quickly it has mutated to even more deadly strains affecting millions worldwide. Although many have pointed their finger at China, almost no one is asking our Creator, the God of both heaven and earth. Although many have listened to the conspiracy theories or the so-called medical experts, no one is asking our Lord Jesus Christ, the Alpha, and the Omega. We have asked the Lord and this article is His answer. The viruses will continue to mutate with even deadlier strains right up to the end. The Bible says, “And I looked, and behold, a pale horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given authority over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by wild beasts of the earth” (Revelation 6:8, ESV). Make no mistake, the pale horse will continue to ride right up to the end, because of the stubbornness of mankind’s heart.

As humanity goes forth blaming everyone and everything for their growing problems, they have failed to see that the cause of their problems has originated with themselves. They have failed to see that they have not followed God exclusively. They have shunned God’s commandments and have removed Him from their most sacred institutions. God is no longer the center of their government, and He is no longer the center of their families. Even those who claim to know Jesus Christ as their Savior, no longer exclusively follow His ways but seek the counsel from the world. They have even removed God from their entertainment, or His truth is critically mocked. There is no wonder that no one is asking God about the latest pandemic but seeking the world’s counsel or following some new conspiracy theory. Let’s s stop pointing our fingers at others and admit that we are the problem. We have caused all that is happening to the world and its inhabitants. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we will arrive at the truth about what’s causing all our problems and more importantly how we can stay the hand of God through national repentance, which I am afraid will never happen if we stay on our current trajectory.

Unfortunately, some of our leaders don’t recognize this truth as they pridefully proclaim that they can erase all the viruses, stop all the hurricanes, flooding, and forest fires by a governmental decree or mandate. These are the things to come. They say let’s enact an official mandate. I can hear God laughing. The leaders can pridefully mandate that every person receive the vaccine, the new vaccines that will come later, and all the booster shots but it will not stop the viruses. It will not stop the hand of God. It will not stop God from allowing humanity to slip deeper and deeper into the consequences of their sins. Let me be clear, I am not anti-vaccine. The vaccine is not poisonous (but for some it does have some serious side-effects) nor is it the mark of the beast. However, I do believe that our leaders’ enormous pride in thinking that they can stop the virus by mandating the vaccine is the same pride that’s filling up the pits of hell. In the same vein, nothing will stop the hurricanes, the flooding, and the forest fires by mandating that we all get solar power, drive electric cars, and follow all the green initiatives. Again, let me be very clear, I am truly not opposed to cleaning up the environment and caring for our planet, but none of it will stay the hand of God. He will continue to let humanity slip deeper into the consequences of their sins. The flooding will continue and get worse. The hurricanes will continue and become more devastating. The forest fires will continue and become even more deadly wiping out entire communities. The many different viruses will continue to mutate and become even more deadlier.

In time powerful leaders will mandate full acceptance of all their initiatives. The greatest part of the population who has grown weary of the many storms, fires, flooding, and viruses will happily follow all their mandates pridefully administered. They will eagerly follow their lead in fighting all the calamities falling upon the world. They will call forth their greatest scientific minds, learned doctors, and environmentalists to help the leadership to develop new initiatives to stop the death and destruction. I sincerely cheer on their work; however, I know in the end it will not work. Nothing will stop the hand of God because humanity has not changed, nor will they ever completely change. As the world slips deeper into their sins, I firmly believe that God’s faithful remnant will grow ever closer to Him, every moment of every day, in complete obedience to all His beautiful commandments. They have long since thrown out and turned off everything that could have caused them to stumble. They have humbled themselves before the God of all creation believing that He alone will help them to stand firm. They will not blindly follow the crowd but will bring each initiative and mandate before God of heaven seeking only His advice and not the advice of the world. If their conscience is not clear, then they will openly reject the mandate and suffer whatever punishment is deemed necessary by those in power. My heart is breaking that so many of God’s precious children are in great pain or dying because humanity refuses to repent allowing God’s wrath to continue unabated.

In conclusion, I hope you’re paying attention. God has not given complete immunity to all His faithful children, so please don’t be foolish. We will be affected by the hurricanes that fall upon our shores. We will be affected by the floods that come quickly and unexpectedly. We will be affected by the many forest fires and the drifting smoke that travels for hundreds of miles. We will be affected by the many more viruses and their deadlier mutations growing exponentially. However, in certain cases, God can and does protect certain individuals who are following His divine purpose and will from natural calamities and the lingering pestilence. Take assurance that God will bless all His beloved children to stand firm with great peace in their hearts while displaying an infectious joy even in the midst of the storm. Please don’t be like the arrogant and prideful but take all the necessary precautions like wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing everything you bring home. At the same pace we see humanity slip deeper into sin, we will witness an increase in the death and destruction coming from hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and all the many viruses. There is a direct corollary between mankind’s increasing sin and the wrath of God being poured out on humanity. The Bible says, “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them” (Revelation 14:12-13). Amen

Please join me in prayer …

Good morning Heavenly Father. Oh Lord, we know that a message of judgment is a hard pill to swallow in any day. It deeply saddens my heart to preach it because I know mostly it will fall on deaf ears and not much will really change. Lord, you know I would much rather preach a message of hope. If you could only give them ears to hear it would bring great light to their souls. True repentance and turning away from the things of the world would allow them to see the paradise that you have envisioned for earth as it is in heaven. They could see the sincere love that all would have for one another. They could see the effects it would even have upon the earth allowing it to heal itself from the many years of destruction and neglect. I would much rather give them hope and not judgement. Oh, what joy and peace it is to experience our new life in Christ free from all the pain and suffering of the old sin nature. If they could only receive the Gospel through faith. We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says …

“Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost” (Romans 15:13).

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Getting Caught Up in the Spirit

“Getting caught up in the Spirit” is a term we don’t often hear about among modern-day Christians. It’s a term that makes little sense to most believers. In the Old Testament, there are many references to prophets, kings, and military leaders having the Spirit of God fall upon them to fulfill a specific task for the Lord. Some even fell into a trance with their eyes wide open (See Numbers 24:2-5). Most of us are acquainted with the many times throughout biblical history where the Spirit of God came upon certain men and women to prophesy the Word of the Lord. The most striking, however, were those being caught up in the Spirit and translated to another place and time (See Ezekiel 8:1-3; Acts 8:39-40; II Corinthians 12:1-5, Revelation 1:9-20). Throughout New Testament history many godly men and women have also been caught up in the Spirit through deep prayer and meditation. Sadly, to say, most Christians today spend far less than an hour of uninterrupted prayer, with almost no one practicing the discipline of meditation. Furthermore, almost all these prayers are one-way communication telling God what is needed. Unfortunately, they have not mastered the art of listening to God through many hours of deep meditation. Yet, we live in a day where almost everyone is claiming to speak for God creating a tremendous amount of confusion and even causing weaker Christians to stumble. So, my question is: “How can so many speak for God, when almost no one is listening?”

Although we live in a day when discernment is essential, we as God’s elect children also need to master the art of listening to God in our prayers. This is the gateway of being caught up in the Spirit where we lose track of all time or where time seems to stop. So, let’s start at the beginning with the precious words of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who said, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly” (Matthew 6:6). Unfortunately, this is a very difficult saying for the people of our day. You might protest and say, “my door is always shut, and locked!” Yes, your physical door is shut because most of humanity is shut-in these days, separating us further and further away from one another, almost to the point of isolation. (We will save that for a future article.) On the other hand, to shut our door means God wants our undivided attention. We must stop all interactions with other people while we pray. We must stop interactions with all of the devices that always pull us in one direction and then another. This would include cellphones, TV, radio, and the computer. All these devices can and should be silenced if we are serious about listening to God in prayer. Silencing all these devices for more than just a brief time will prove to be most difficult for most.

Now we must enter the proverbial closet for two reasons. First, we enter our prayer closet to be completely alone with God. We don’t need an audience of those wanting to congratulate us for our splendid spirituality. We are not performers rehearsing our prayers before others. To do so would pridefully direct our attention to self rather than to God. (For the record: my written daily prayers were directed only to God long before they were ever released to the public for mutual encouragement.) Secondly, we enter our proverbial prayer closet so that we will not be interrupted. This is also why it’s so imperative to silence all of our devices because we don’t want any interruptions while we are conducting business with our God. Dear children, we are only discussing the first steps. We have much more to discuss. Remember that God is waiting. We were created for such a relationship, and every relationship must have a two-way conversation. If you are doing all the talking, then it’s not much of a relationship. As a pastor and a marriage counselor for many years, I can tell you that’s always the biggest problem; people are talking but no one is listening. If we really want to get caught up in the Spirit so that we can hear the still small voice of God, then we will need to learn how to listen. So, if you are ready let’s go to the next step.

When we enter our prayer closet, we should always praise God first for His many wonderful accomplishments, then humbly ask Him to provide for our needs. Now we must stop and listen for the still small voice of God before concluding our prayers. So, let’s briefly discuss the art of listening, which can be used for listening to God and for listening to others. We must empty our minds of every other thought. The mind can think of multiple things at the same time. You simply cannot listen to God or others when your mind is occupied with other thoughts. Oftentimes, people are thinking about their next response rather than listening to others. This takes discipline. Are you listening? With God, it’s a bit different in that we intersperse our time of listening by quietly quoting Scripture (best from memory) and praising Him for all His wonderful works as the Spirit leads. Furthermore, when you humbly ask a question, wait patiently for His response. We will either hear God’s still small voice or the indwelling Spirit will put it miraculously into our minds. I say miraculously because you know immediately that this thought did not originate from you; simply put, it’s nothing you would have ever thought of bringing great conviction to your soul. This takes a measure of discernment to make sure the thought came from God and not from you. It’s very dangerous to tell others that you got something from God when you didn’t, so please be careful. If you are sure, then happily share it with others always being careful to give God all the glory.

As Christians, we should all be filled with the Spirit which opens the door to being caught up in the Spirit. So, let’s digress a bit and discuss briefly what it means to be filled with the Spirit. Every believer who surrenders his life to follow Jesus Christ as his master will receive the Spirit to help us put off the old life and to put on the new life in Christ. Step by step as you grow up in Christ you allow the Spirit into every area of your life. Once the Spirit gains total control of your entire life leading you and directing you along life’s narrow path then you can consider yourself as being filled with the Spirit. Admittedly there will be times when we become less than full of the Spirit if we grieve the Spirit by ignoring His lead (See Ephesians 4:30). I hope and pray that these times will become less and less because it is essential to be filled with the Spirit if we truly want to get caught up in the Spirit. I will tell you plainly that the Spirit’s job is to prepare you for getting caught up in the Spirit by leading you to desire the Spirits’ company more and more. His job is to make you into a new creation and a faithful servant of God. Our job is to be a good pupil every moment of every day.

Finally, let’s discuss the absolute wonder of being caught up in the Spirit. I call it an absolute wonder because it is beyond the physical limitations of this world. I have already mentioned that it feels as though time stops when we are caught up in the spiritual realm. It’s like experiencing the perfect moment in time where the surroundings of the physical world are no longer relevant or even thought of because every thought is cast upon that perfect moment where you feel the presence of God. This is where all your questions cease, as you bask in His unfathomable glory. This is where you are just happy to be in God’s presence where every fiber of your body comes alive!  Yes, God’s beautiful words do come but, in His time, and not yours. God stands outside of time; therefore, time is irrelevant. God’s words rarely come when you expect them, nor are they the words that you expect. Remember, that God’s ways are much higher than our ways (See Isaiah 55:8). Our finite minds cannot comprehend the infinite mind of God. So, when they do come, as they have in this article, then we are gloriously excited to touch the mind of God. So, don’t ever give up trying to hear God’s beautiful words, the Bible says, “Pray without ceasing” (I Thessalonians 5:17), and remember to always take time to listen.

In conclusion, why is it necessary to be caught up in the Spirit? Simply put, God desires a relationship with His new creations in Christ (See II Corinthians 5:17). God wants to give you direction and encouragement to come together as one. A large portion of the New Testament, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, gives us direction on how to love one another through self-giving love and unlimited forgiveness (See Matthew 18:21-22). God does not want His beautiful creation destroyed through willful neglect and the ravages of sin. No, God wants us to care for the whole creation, which includes the planet, all its wildlife, and every person made in the image of God – all of humanity. In the beginning, God created a paradise and wants to restore it by leading all of humanity to repentance, death to self, and following the way of Christ (Read the Great Commission – Matthew 28:16-20). However, until the world repents, they will continue to reap the full consequences of their sins, which must be on the lips of every true believer. When we get caught up in the Spirit it will completely change our Worldview. We will find ourselves working even harder to care for the planet, all its amazing wildlife, and reaching out to every nationality in their distress. We eagerly share the good news of salvation with everyone and the wonders of our transformation in Christ. We soon discover that we are our brother’s keeper, as we are being “caught up in the Spirit” to have fellowship with our Creator.

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