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How to Overcome Suffering Victoriously

How can we overcome great suffering in this world victoriously? How can we stand firm in a world that’s shaking violently? As the entire world has its eyes transfixed on the possibility of nuclear war, the fear of global warming, and the destruction of democracies due to inherent corruption, they are missing the sudden rise in major earthquakes around the world. They are missing the destabilization of world governments, the rise of disenfranchised people that are rioting in the streets, and the crumbling foundations of all religions, especially Christianity. They are missing the tactics of Satan to destroy God’s children by stripping them of their eternal hope, heighten their fear of the unknown, and to embrace their own selfish interests. In this article, we will learn how to regain our eternal hope, dispel all fear, and embrace the power of living for others and not for self. To do so my friend will not only help you stand firm in the coming days, but it will allow you to fellowship in the suffering of Christ and experience the power of His resurrection.

Let’s begin with an overarching premise, that when our eyes are turned onto ourselves then all of our sufferings are amplified. On the other hand, when we look at the life of Jesus Christ, we see something radically different. His entire life was lived serving others. Some of His most basic needs were ignored for the sake of His ministry to others. His ministry to others in selfless service was always paramount. When He was interrupted by His own dear mother and brothers, He chose to continue serving others putting His followers on the same level as His own biological family (See Matthew 12:46-50). Everything our Lord did it was for others, to fulfill His mission. The Bible says He was tired from a long journey (See John 4:1-45), no doubt hungry and thirsty as well, but instead of following His disciple to town to get food, He stayed behind sitting on the well waiting to encounter the woman who was coming to draw water; a woman heaped in sin and past failures, a woman who needed what He was prepared to give her, a new life free from the agony of past failures and deep heartbreaks. This was His food and strength to do the Father’s will by proclaiming the truth and serving others. This was the suffering that the Apostle Paul wanted to fellowship in, to draw strength from helping others.

This is the key that would turn the world upside down. No longer would humanity just be selfishly concerned about their own welfare, but now everyone would be concerned about helping, giving, serving, and loving others. In every case He let nothing deter Him from His ministry to others thereby setting it forth as an example for those who would follow Him and do likewise (See Luke 9:57-62). In every case, our Lord gave us an example of living solely for others and not for self. You can notice an air of disappointment from Jesus when after three years His disciples still could not understand the importance of His mission in serving others. They could not fathom the amount of pain that He was suffering as He drew ever closer to the Cross knowing full well all that He would endure. He would not be suffering for just a few hundred people, but His suffering would be for all the people in the world for all of time. To make the ultimate sacrifice, to give His life as a ransom for all of humanity to fulfill the will of His Father in heaven. This is the first step in learning how to become victorious over suffering; to be so focused on serving others that we don’t allow our suffering to overcome us. This is the will of the Father.

The Apostle Paul clearly understood this when he said that he wanted to know the power of the resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering (see Philippians 3:10). Even when I look from afar, I cannot imagine suffering as much as Jesus Christ. Perhaps a good place to start for most Westerners, who have not had to deal with excessive physical persecution is the constant bombardment of very mean-spirited people and demeaning rhetorical abuse that Jesus Christ needed to endure from the religious elite. Not to mention the fact that He was also accused of being in league with the devil and freely practiced magical arts to garner His following. That alone would send most of us into full-blown attack mode or full unfettered retreat leaving one’s followers to be ravaged by the Satanic inspired religious elite. And if all this were not enough, the physical and psychological persecution was soon to come from beating him with a glass and rock-laden whip that would rip the skin from His back to giving Him a crown of thorns and a kingly robe to openly mock Him before others. Remember what the Apostle Paul said that he wanted to know the power of the resurrection and the fellowship of His suffering. Let me say, when we do, we will learn to overcome our suffering victoriously.

The second step in dispelling fear and overcoming our pain victoriously is to know the power of the resurrection. This must be an intimate knowledge of the resurrection through faith, believing that Jesus Christ did arise from the grave and is now seated in Heaven with His Father. It is the intimate knowledge of being caught up to the spiritual realm through the indwelling Spirit, to experience a foretaste of things to come. When we do, it will take our minds and emotions away from our present suffering to the promise of the resurrection and eternal life. This is exactly what we see in Jesus Christ. He had just endured the most excruciating pain of having large rusty nails driven through His hands and feet and then hung on a Cross to die an agonizing death. What did He say? He told John to watch after His mother as his own (See John 19:26-27). He forgave His tormentors for what they had done to Him (See Luke 23:34) and then He told the thief on the cross who believed in Him, that they would both be in paradise today (See Luke 23:43). When we focus our mind on the promise of the resurrection and loving service to others then we will overcome all pain victoriously. That is the power of the resurrection.

Humanity has once again fallen into the pit of selfishness. There is no wonder why there is so much pain in the world. So many drugs to dull the senses. So many counselors attempting to pick up the broken pieces. Let me be very clear. To know the power of the resurrection and to experience the fellowship of His suffering will not diminish the pain but it will give us strength and power to see it through to the end. I am afraid we live in a time when Christians are not taught how to go through the pain and suffering victoriously. Rather they are being taught to look for the big escape. They are taught that when things start to get really bad then we will all escape in the sky in the secret rapture. Oh, we will have the rapture, but it will not be secret, for every eye shall see. (See Revelation 1:7). It will be in the twinkling of an eye at the end of the age, for that is our true hope. Things are already bad and only getting worse, so it’s time to learn how to stand firm. It’s time to put others first in loving service. It is time to stay focused on their needs and stop focusing on our own selfish desires. It’s time to know the power of the resurrection by embracing its eternal hope. Let us say with the Apostle Paul, “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings being made conformable unto his death” (Philippians 3:10). Amen.

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The Fulfillment of Future Shock

In today’s world, the younger generation sees things as normal, the older generation sees things as the new normal, and the faithful remnant sees it as the fulfillment of future shock. This is a day when time is siphoned off by the evil world and the powers of darkness. Some say, “Where has the time gone” where others proclaim that “time appears to be moving faster.” All of this is adding to the epidemic of stress in the world, where many cry out saying, there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Of course, the side effects of all this stress is unproductive people in the workplace and failed relationships because people feel overwhelmed. Most feel as though their growing responsibilities in life are more than what they can handle. We must learn to redeem the time, to “buy back” the time stolen from us by Satan and his host of evil.

Don’t think for a moment that all this technology has helped us to redeem the time. In fact, I will prove just the opposite. It’s all an illusion orchestrated by the devil to make you think that you have more free time. In reality, we don’t. Whatever free time you thought you had gained is now spent doing things that are not beneficial to your spiritual growth. This free time is not drawing you any closer to the Lord, along with all the peace and joy that comes with a closer walk with Him. On the contrary, more stolen time is now spent on repairing and upgrading our mechanical and electronic devices. More time is spent on the devices that promises us a world of fantastic adventures through their many apps and programs. More time is spent conversing with faceless people from every point in the known world covering every conceivable topic. More time is spent walking in unrighteousness doing things that in former years would shock your sensibilities.

You might protest and tell me how much free time you now have since the technological revolution. Then I will point out to you, that although many more hours were spent washing clothes and hanging them out to dry, I still have fond memories of my mother singing praises to the Lord and drawing ever closer to Him in prayer and meditation while doing her work. Let me add that this is rather difficult to do when we are tied to our modern devices. There are many more examples, remembered by the older generation, such as cooking large family meals where we took time to all sit around the same table and talk to one another face to face. We have memories of sitting around the fireplace or on the large porch together listening to tales larger than life, and memories of how we loved and encouraged one another. Perhaps one of my fondest memories was praying together as a family and spending the time reading from God’s Holy Scriptures. So, you still think Satan and the powers of darkness have not stolen our time by promising us more free time for just embracing his new technologies?

So, how do we redeem the time that’s been stolen from us? The Bible says, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16). What I love so much about the Bible is it candidly speaks the truth in simple language that anyone with eyes to see can understand. We redeem the time stolen from us by walking circumspectly in wisdom, not as fools. The fool is the one who says in his heart, “there is no God.” He spends the majority of his time trying to prove it by saying we have evolved, that we came from primordial slime after the Big Bang and that we must answer all of our own problems through the study of psychology. He spends much of his time on the advancement of technology and AI research to look beyond what he sees as the limitations of religion. He sees his future as the full integration of the technological and the biological to make the perfect person free from the slavery of religion. Probably not too unlike the Borg of science fiction.

Scripture doesn’t stop there; it says to walk circumspectly in wisdom in order to redeem the time stolen from us. The short interpretation is to make every face to face encounter count for something by helping others to see the truth. We do this in wisdom by allowing God’s beautiful truth to flow through us in both our speech and in our actions. When we do, we soon discover that the real power is in the Spirit of God and not in the devil, the powers of darkness, or his advancing technologies. The real power created the world in seven days. The real power raises the dead and creates new people out of sinners. Do you really think that technology will follow us to heaven? Do you think we will have any need for our laptop or cellphone? Here is the bottom line, if you want an eternal life in heaven where there is no need for technology then why do we crave it so much now?

The answer is clear when we perceive that Satan wants to rob you of your time. So, how do we redeem it? We make every moment count through our walk but also by redeeming those moments alone with Christ our Lord, where time seems to stop. You can’t do this while you’re on the computer or a cellphone. You can’t do this while reading the latest squabble on the News or on Social Media. You can’t do this when you allow your mind to be filled with the latest nonsense coming out the world orchestrated by Satan. We must find those quiet moments to be alone with Christ in meditation upon His anointed Word, through selfless prayer and praise. We find these quiet moments from contemplating the beauty of His creation by gazing intently upon gorgeous scenery of mountains, rivers, and great forest. We find these quiet moments by enjoying His handiwork in beautiful plants and flowers, and His ability to create such amazing wildlife. Capture the moment. Redeem the time. When you do, it will be like heavenly music to your ears. To do so my friends will be only a small foretaste of things to come, heavenly bliss at its best. Redeem the time and you will find the peace and joy that Christ promised to His followers. Amen

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Fight the Good Fight of Faith

Could it be that most Christians in today’s world are fighting the wrong fight, or fighting the wrong battle? I am afraid if they don’t get this right soon, then it will be too late. So, let’s examine the real battle that needs to be waged in the hearts and minds of God’s beloved children. Before we do, however, let’s take a moment and review the battles that many are wrongfully engaged in, producing meager results at best. There is the humanistic battle that has captured many in our day leaving them stressed, empty, and discouraged. They struggle almost daily to walk in the path of righteousness by following the many commands in Scripture and the rules and regulations of their church and society. They relentlessly struggle against the old sin nature rebuking this sin and the next. They yell at the devil and have learned how to rebuke curses to no avail. Clearly, they are engaged in the wrong battle by trusting in the works of their own hands. They are not fighting the good fight of faith.

Next, there is, what I refer to as the social/political battle that’s being ruthlessly waged in our day, capturing many. These are those who struggle daily to improve the social and political structures in our world. They enthusiastically work long hours for just the right candidate to arise and overcome the many sins in our evil world, to turn back the tide of lawlessness, and win a glorious battle against the heathen. They have openly and unreservedly embraced the world’s methods in overcoming all the emotional and psychological problems invading the fallen world. No longer trusting God to solve their many problems they are now in league with the fallen world bringing their teachings and counseling techniques into the lukewarm church in an attempt to help God’s wayward children. However, with all this hard work, the world is not getting any better. People are not delivered from their many emotional and psychological problems but have sunken even deeper into a regimen of endless counseling and the addiction to psychiatric drugs. Clearly, they are engaged in the wrong battle by trusting in the works of their own hands. They are not fighting the good fight of faith.

Next, there is what I refer to as, the doctrinal battle, on what we say we believe. Let me say right up front, that this can be a good fight, if we apply our doctrine, or what we say we believe, to our lives. Yet, most vigorously fight others with heated rhetoric to hold onto a belief that they have never truly applied to their lives. This battle has raged since the first century ruthlessly fighting others over doctrine to the point of rendering horrific persecution to those who refuse to recant. Clearly, to fight over a baseless doctrine that has not changed your life, or the life of others is not only senseless but spurns the Holy Name of God and His many glorious promises designed to bring forth life to those who are dead. They too are engaged in the wrong battle by trusting in the works of their own hands to bring forth life by only believing the right doctrine. The Bible says, “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble” (James 2:19). So, it must be more than just believing in the right doctrine, if we want to fight the good fight of faith, we must apply our doctrine to our lives.

So, how do we fight this good fight of faith? The key to fighting the good fight of faith is trusting in all the beautiful promises of God, proclaimed by His Son, and by the anointed writers of the Bible. The world that’s run by the powers of darkness does not want you to believe that the promises are real, and they don’t want you to trust in Christ to fulfill His promises through the indwelling Spirit. The greatest wile of the devil in our age, the last days, is to hide these promises from God’s children and to convince them that they need the world’s help. Like the days of old, your children have forgotten the promises and have sought reliance upon human aid, which is totally inconsistent with trusting in you to fulfill your beautiful promises (See Isaiah 30:1-18). To fight the good fight of faith, we must start by remembering your many wonderful promises, to put them deep within our hearts, and then walking in such a manner that proves that we are trusting in your promises to be fulfilled in our lives.

So, how do we apply these promises to our lives? This is an important question that has been ignored in our day. Yes, we must believe the promises, but that is only the first step. Most try to take this first step and only pay lip service to the promise, but that’s as far as they go. We must go a lot further. Whatever we say we believe; we must put it into our life. For example, if we say that we believe that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness (See II Peter 2:1-2), then we must search the Scriptures to find what we need to answer life’s problems. The moment we turn to the world then we have nullified our faith, we have lost the battle, we are no longer fighting the good fight of faith. Another example is if we say that God has made us into a new creation and that old things have passed away (See II Corinthians 5:17) then we must believe that truth, but we can’t stop there, we must proceed. If we truly believe that old things have passed away, then we will not keep looking back. We will no longer believe the world, that says, “we are just made that way and are unable to change who we are.” When we reject their lies and believe that God will fulfill His promises in our lives, then we will be fighting the good fight of faith.

If we don’t follow these simple steps, then we will be numbered among those who have no faith when Christ returns in glory (See Luke 18:8). Believe me when you start trusting in Jesus Christ to fulfill His promises in your life then you will be confronted head-on by Satan and the powers of darkness. They will attack you at every turn. We will be called radicals for our interpretation of Scripture. We will feel the brunt of their hostility, and their malicious anger. When we stand toe to toe with the world claiming the promises of truth and our unwillingness to participate in their lies that’s leading God’s children astray by trusting in their counselors, then we will know that we have entered the good fight of faith. When we proclaim to them God’s promise to make us into a new creation where old things have passed away, then we will know that we have finally engaged the enemy. When we tell the world that we don’t need anything from them because God has given us everything we need for life and godliness, then we will know that we are fighting the good fight of faith.

Suffice it to say that we cannot bring about the promises in our own power. Every true believer in Christ learns all too well that we can’t but He can. It is only Christ through the indwelling Spirit that can fulfill His promises in our lives. As we step out in faith ready and willing to join the good fight, then we have His grace and the power of heaven at our disposal through prayer. As Christ prayed in the garden, He was about to embark on the greatest promise ever made to humanity, the promise of salvation through faith alone. God the Father gave His son the grace to see the mission through to the end, and He will do the same for us. When we run into difficulty, we must not turn to the world for help, but we turn to God for whom our help comes from (See Psalms 121:1-2). It is He that will fulfill all of His promises in our life. So, let us also recognize the power of prayer as we step out in faith asking God to fulfill His promises in us. Dear Children, fight the good fight of faith. Amen

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The Witness of Our Hope

How do we become powerful witnesses of our hope, in the Last Days? Sadly, to say, there are very few powerful witnesses in our day. In an age of the lukewarm church and increasing immorality among the world’s population, we need a powerful witness, or Christianity as we now know it, will cease to exist, except a few isolated enclaves. The Words of Holy Scripture may be fulfilled sooner than you think, that says, “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations” (Revelation 13:7). In our study today we will take our lead from the two witnesses in the last days who stood toe to toe with the beast, whose witness was so strong that their words were like flaming fire coming out of their mouth to overcome those who would come against them. (Read Revelation 11:1-11) Dear friends, we need such a witness in our day. Although before we attempt to witness, we need to have our hope firmly planted in our hearts. We must know what we truly believe, unfortunately, many in our day don’t know what they believe.

The established Church for thousands of years have had their statements of faith, a collection of enlightened doctrine by their learned professors, they passed on to their flock or church members. Through rigorous training and memorization, they were taught to stand firm on these important church doctrines even if they must endure persecution. In time these church doctrines reached well beyond or ignored those areas that have come under direct attack by the devil. They settled primarily for doctrines that would only address worship, commitment, prayer, tithing, confession, and the finer points of theology. It’s these later points of theology that over time have lost their appeal to the masses because they didn’t seem to address their everyday difficulties in life. When the church fell silent, unable to give the masses biblical guidance, they stopped believing in the sufficiency of Scripture to answer man’s problems. As the confessional fell silent, most started looking to the world to address their many emotional and psychological problems. They started looking to the world to give them liberty for their life of promiscuity, unwanted children, and unnatural sexual urges. They stopped believing the true doctrines of our faith and the hope we have in Christ. Dear friends, it’s past time to know and understand the hope we have within us. It’s time to memorize these unchangeable truths, to hide them in our hearts, and have them on our lips ready to confront the world as a powerful witness.

Before we confront the world there is one more thing we need to do. As the two witnesses measured the Temple and those who worship there, they also measured the outer courts and those who are there. We must see and understand the lies that’s believed by the world. So, what are these lies, that need to be confronted with the truth? They say mankind can solve all his own problems through psychiatric counseling and the administering of drugs. They say that public education must be free from the restraints of religion, and specifically, Christianity, to allow the children to choose their own gender and develop their own ethical norms within the constrict of an evolving society. They say that the Ten Commandments are archaic and have no place in modern society and the rule of government. They say that the Bible is no longer relevant allowing the free reign of sexual immorality, homosexuality, and the transgender to flourish in society. They say that God did not create man but that he evolved from a lower form of life. They deny the sanctity of life by legalizing abortion and euthanasia. We must learn to spot these lies in every area of life, from the schoolroom to the family reunion; from the workplace to the marketplace; from the news media to social media; from entertainment on television we watch to the books we read, to the games we play. First, we must learn to spot the lies. I am sad to say most Christians in our day have become blind and can no longer see the lie.

Once we see and recognize the lie, we must as God’s beloved children, speak or witness the truth in power. The Bible says, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (I Peter 3:15). We can no longer remain silent or speak timidly. On the other hand, we must speak with boldness, clarity, with meekness and fear of the Lord. Meekness is not weakness. It is having great strength under control and in our case, it is witnessing or speaking under control of the Lord, allowing Him to speak through us. When we do, it will be like fire coming out of our mouths to overcome those coming against us with their lies. Now imagine with me for a moment, if every believer witnessed the truth in power, it would turn the world upside down. Political parties can’t do it, other world religions can’t do it, social media can’t do it, and the lukewarm church can’t do it. Only one thing can. The powerful witness of every single child of God. Your age makes no difference, your church affiliation makes no difference, your gender makes no difference. We must all join the two witnesses and stand toe to toe with the beast.

So, what do we witness? We witness our hope:

“We Believe in God alone to solve all our emotional and psychological problems, who created everything that exists. We Believe that we did not evolve. As new people in Christ, we are being transformed into His likeness. Old things have passed away. We believe in the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture. We believe in the power of the Gospel that Jesus Christ died on the Cross, was buried for three days, and was raised from the dead. We Believe Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. All other paths lead straight to hell. We Believe in the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. All other unions are an abomination. We believe that all life is sacred at the moment of conception. Sacred for both the aged and the infirm. Abortion is murder. We will monitor the teaching of our children, which should include Bible study and prayer, if they violate our beliefs, we will pull them out of public education. Finally, we believe that the wrath of God is allowing fallen humanity to reap the consequences of their many sins. Whereas, to accept His plan of salvation brings peace and great joy.”

Dear children, memorize these unchangeable truths, hide them in your hearts, and have them on your lips ready to confront the world as a powerful witness. Once you notice the lie, then you must immediately, as God leads, witness this truth in boldness, clarity, compassion, and meekness. When you do, then you will be joining with the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation by standing toe to toe with the lies of Satan and the coming beast.

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The Seeds of Civil War

The seeds of Civil War have been planted in the hearts of humanity for a very long time now. This article will examine how these seeds of Civil War have just started to blossom creating havoc and great misery in the world. When all the seeds of Civil War have shot forth to maturity it will be the greatest horror to have ever come upon the planet. This Civil War will not be just in America but will take root in every other country in the world. For these seeds to blossom, they need to be put into fertile soil. For the first time in human history, this has been made possible by technology and accomplished by the Social Media platforms that are reaching nearly every people group on the planet. I will demonstrate how the powers of evil and the rulers of darkness are using this new platform to fan the fires of discontent and arouse the evil nature in every person to follow its will. We will look briefly at how it all started with the News Media pitting one side against another allowing it to flow easily into all the Social Media platforms. Then we will look at how this will lead to a real Civil War in the streets of America and other countries in the world.

The whole world, especially our nation, is starting to divide into two distinct groups. Both groups can demonstrate a certain level of intelligence, accept different races, claim to embrace every social-economic group, and entertain certain spiritual and ethical norms. On the other hand, they clearly have differences in how to govern the masses and their resolute position on certain orthodox religious teachings, such as, homosexuality, abortion, and the freedom of religion, which are non-negotiable. Yet, the differences don’t need to be that great to fan the flames and arouse the evil tendencies when we can easily get a few thousand people on Social Media to agree with us that the other side is evil and that we are perfectly correct in how we feel about them. The more we stay in our echo chamber on Social Media listening to everything we are saying, and thinking, being agreed with, the greater the evil rises up within us to strike back at the other side. In the beginning, it may simply be in an argumentative comment, then it will be in our own post, then perhaps even doing something outside of our echo chamber on Social Media, which we will discuss later.

If it was just the echo chamber of Social Media it would not be as bad, because eventually, most people would run out of things to complain about, thus getting back to just sharing baby pictures and family events. However, with twenty-four-hour cable news, we have plenty to complain about, bringing it all back into our echo chamber. The News Media have become experts on taking sides and ruthlessly tearing down the other side. Even the best amongst us have a hard time from keeping our blood from boiling when we listen to outrageous lies and hateful rhetoric thrown at the other side. It’s never-ending. When they finish one slanderous report or investigation, then they quickly turn to another, even if it threatens the national security of our country. Of course, all this negative reporting comes flowing nonstop into the Social Media platforms and right into our own echo chamber. When will they ever wake up to the fact, that you can’t keep talking bad about someone, over and over again, and not allow it to affect others? When will they wake up to the fact that they have gone well beyond just reporting the news to actually making it up to suit their purpose?

Well, it won’t take long to see where this is all headed. The seeds have been planted by the News Media, our echo chamber has given it fertile soil in which to grow, which causes the Civil War to begin in our own hearts. The Bible talks about the civil war that rages in the soul, it says, “For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would”( Galatians 5:17). It doesn’t take very long for some amongst us to start breaking out of their echo chamber and start striking back at the other side. In the beginning, it may be simply marching in the streets, yelling obscenities at the other side, pulling off their hats, or dousing them with water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there for in time others who cannot control the rage within them will pick up a knife, a gun, or even a bomb to do horrific harm to others. Dear friends, it’s not the knife, the gun, or the bomb. It is the rage caused by the Civil War within our souls. This is the Civil War caused by the News Media and advanced by the Social Media platforms that enters into the heart of man.

How bad this is going to get is hard to predict. I can’t speak to the world, but I can speak to the Christian Community. The Bible says in the Last Days the beast of worldly power will make war with the Saints and overcome them (See Revelation 13:7). If the powers of evil can cause the old man or the old sin nature to raise up its ugly head and think things it should not, then we will have already been put on a very slippery slope. Can’t we see this already, even among those who claim to have a close relationship with the Lord and say that they are filled with the Spirit? Although some will rightly claim that the powers of darkness are driving them to think things they should not, they have been remiss at casting out the evil thoughts immediately. When they dwell on the thoughts allowing the seeds of Civil War to grow up to maturity in their Social Media echo chamber, then they too will begin to lash out at the other side. Look around dear friends, this is already happening. You can’t scroll very far on Social Media before you can see this loud and clear. You see the old sin nature and the powers of darkness overcoming the Saints.

Dear children, we must not join them in their hateful rhetoric against the other side allowing it to manifest itself in bad behavior. We must come out from among them and be separate otherwise the Civil War that begins in our hearts will manifest itself into a real Civil War in the streets of America, that will spread to every country in the world. I cannot even imagine how horrible this will be. A family member against a family member, neighbor against neighbor, citizen against citizen as they all viciously fight against one another. Look at some of the recent mass shootings. Why are they doing it? Because they have allowed the old sin nature to rise up and strike against those in whom they disagree. There is only one thing we can to do stop this insanity. Don’t join with them on Social Media. Witness to the other side in love by proclaiming the Good News with compassion and clarity. Stop hating and start loving. God help your children stand firm against the powers of darkness that are using both the News Media and the Social Media Platforms to do their bidding. God forbid, if not for us, then for all the little children.

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