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Know the Watchman on the Wall

If we know who the watchman is on the wall, then we will be careful to hear what he says, and if the trumpets are sounded, we will take warning. We must know the watchman on the wall. I will tell you plainly, that I am not the watchman, but Jesus Christ is, and we must listen to His voice alone. If I hear His voice speaking or the trumpets sounding, then I will speak. I will sound the warning. Until that happens my friend, we must remain calm, we must remain watchful, and above all, we must listen for the voice of the Watchman. We are confident that God will do nothing without letting His prophets know so that they can sound a clear and decisive warning. The Bible says, “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Unfortunately, we are living in a day with many contradicting voices, some saying one thing and some saying another. There is no clear decisive voice but only a multitude of voices creating greater confusion, which has been the devil’s plan from the beginning. The greater the confusion the less we will be able to hear the warning.

This is becoming an even larger problem as we approach the end. The evil world is increasingly reporting and speaking the first thing that comes into their foolish hearts without ever checking their facts or getting corroborating evidence. They don’t spend the necessary time to properly vet their stories nor do they discern what damage it could cause others if the story is not one hundred percent correct. Moreover, they don’t demonstrate that they have any prudence in the matter whatsoever. If they were prudent then they would not be so quick to report or say what they think they know. It appears for the first time in history, everyone has their own little soapbox broadcasting whatever pops into their minds. We have seen the great damage that this has caused. It has destroyed lives, uprooted families, and driven a deeper wedge between political parties. We are seeing how this is also pitting different races and nationalities one against another bringing our country to the brink of civil war.  The tremendously sad part about all this is it’s spilling over into the Christian community, especially the carnal Christians, leading them to do the same. You would think that Christians should know better from their teachings in Holy Scripture. The Bible says, “A prudent man concealeth knowledge: but the heart of fools proclaimeth foolishness” (Proverbs 12:23).

God has given His children a wealth of knowledge in the Bible along with great wisdom gained through applying His truth to our lives. And for those who have gone on before us, they have shared their wisdom in the Bible for living a godly life in an evil world. God’s children are called to be prudent and not foolish. We know that some information is useful for a warning, for comfort, and for building others up in Christ. On the other hand, some information could be destructive, damaging, and lead others into a greater pit of confusion. Therefore, it’s essential that we only pass on information that’s useful for building others up in Christ, helping them to become all that God wants them to be. We need to share information that truly helps other believers to experience transformation in Christ. It’s also necessary, on occasion, to warn others of impending doom and enslavement by the enemy. However, we mustn’t allow these occasional warnings to drown out our responsibility to grow up in Christ working every moment of every day to put off the old life and put on the new life, straining forward to our ultimate objective of transformation in Christ. Remember dear children, this is only a proving ground for eternal life in Heaven. Walk in the Spirit.

As already stated, Jesus Christ is our true Watchman on the wall. All other sources in the world that attempt to warn us of the dangers that lie ahead are seeing through a glass darkly. They simply don’t have a clear picture of things to come. To rely solely on these other sources will only create greater confusion. Moreover, for those who attempt to integrate these sources from the world with their limited ability to interpret Scripture will also not have a clear picture of those things to come. If these things are professed publicly on social media and the internet it could bring great harm to God’s people. We must listen solely to the true Watchman on the wall, Jesus Christ. As God’s beloved children listen only to Christ, they are also led by the indwelling Spirit to be prudent in the knowledge they receive. This is extremely important! Although His servants may have an idea that’s beginning to formulate in their minds on what they think they see in the world, they have also learned how to watch, remain quiet, and WAIT for the appropriate time to sound the warning.

Why is this so important to watch, to remain quiet, and wait before sounding the warning. God has never called His servants the prophets to guess. He called them to be absolutely sure. We have all heard the story about the wolf and the little boy. He kept sounding false warnings and then when the wolf really came, no one believed him. We can only imagine how disastrous it was as the wolf ravaged the little village. We must be absolutely certain before we sound the warning. Having said that, I am not certain who the beast is, and what he will use to mark his followers, those who will freely worship him. On the other hand, I have been sounding a warning for years now, and only a few are listening. Yet, it’s these warnings that will help us to truly identify the beast. Yes, I am watching everything going on, but mainly I am listening to Christ, our Watchman on the wall. Let me say very clearly that anyone who leads God’s children to put their trust in another person, a government, or an agency is already acting like the Antichrist or the beast of Revelation. I have been sounding the warning for many years that the psychiatric industry is leading humanity to put their trust in the system of the beast to provide for all of their emotional and psychological needs.

Finally, our friends in China have given us this unique kind of virus that’s forcing the entire world into lockdown, which the coming Antichrist will use to his advantage. There is something far worse than the physical effects, other than for our older population, that’s invading our world. There is another pandemic sweeping the planet to rob God’s children of their peace. Social media has become the megaphone for their hearts allowing the entire world to see their deep-seated fears, anxiety, and their inner turmoil. This inner conflict is driving them to chase after one conspiracy theory after another in an attempt to explain their growing emotional and psychological problems, which are ripping them apart. What they long for is peace. They desire peace in this very unusual storm that’s affecting humanity in a way never seen before, but thanks to social media we are now seeing it loud and clear. Lockdown is having its effect! We implore all of God’s children, who are being torn apart by this unseen enemy driving them to the threshold of insanity, to turn back to God alone. We need to empty our minds of all this foolishness circulating on the internet and social media and fill our minds with only Christ’s teachings about rejoicing, moderation, prayer, thanksgiving, and how to reject anxiety so that we can discover the amazing peace that defies understanding (See Philippians 4:7). If we fail to do this then my prophecy will come true and the psychological industry will be overwhelmed causing the government to create an edict that everyone must submit to the will of the counselor before they can reenter the society of buying and selling. On that day we will know and proclaim loudly the identification of Antichrist.

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Dark Days Lie Ahead, Repent Now

No, this is not another conspiracy theory, it will be biblical fact. What does God say about what lies ahead? And more importantly, how will it affect you, as a believer in Christ? Even the world’s prophets and their scientists have painted a pretty gloomy picture on what lies ahead and depending on your political affiliation the opposite side has also painted their own picture of doom. Let’s not stop there, even those pushing their conspiracy theories have also painted a picture seemingly far worse striking fear into the world’s population. Which is rather interesting, because fear drives most people to seek and find conspiracy theories. Somehow, they believe if they hold the discovered truth in their hands, then they can control the outcome making it not so bad.  But I say again, what does God say?  The good news is that God’s voice to us, His beloved children, has not changed, His Words are the same giving us a true picture of reality as opposed to the deception that’s sweeping the planet leading the entire human race into bondage. To hear these words from God is not just restricted to a few gifted people but is available to all of God’s children through the indwelling Spirit.

So, before we explain what God says about what’s happening in the world, a word of caution is necessary. As long as you hold tightly to the latest conspiracy theory that’s capturing so many in our day, you will not understand God’s wisdom or the truth of what’s really happening in the world. Unfortunately, many have been able to quote their conspiracy theory in amazing detail but will not seek God’s truth alone! We must let go of all their diabolical teachings clothed in deception masquerading as light. If we don’t let it go, then we will be left in the deep dark pit of confusion being led from one conspiracy theory to another. Every day the flames of deception are fanned by the enemy to lead you to eventually put all of your trust in him. What stops the ears of most is they try to assimilate their pitiful understanding of God’s Word with world events. We must approach God empty-handed seeking only His wisdom from above. God gives wisdom to all of His children without finding fault as long as they come with a consistent faith; a faith that does not waver (See James 1:5-8). Dear children, God does nothing in secret (See Amos 3:7). He wants you to know what lies ahead. Otherwise, He would not have spent so much time telling us everything through His Scripture, to interpret the dark days ahead. We don’t need conspiracy theories; we need biblical facts.

So, what is God saying? Nothing new, everything is going according to His plan. Everything is happening just as Christ had foretold because He stands outside of time and has seen the end from the beginning. He said, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last” (Revelation 22:13). Everything has been foretold showing us that the planet is dying and that there is nothing we can do about it. We have all seen the increase and severity of the earthquakes around the world along with changing weather patterns producing even more violent hurricanes. We have seen the great forest fires and devastating volcanoes. If we all stay in our homes and stop using the word’s resources or polluting the environment, we could slightly extend its life. Either way, however, everything is coming to an end, first your life, then the life of the planet. Self-righteous man will not be able to build his shining city on a hill, nor will he succeed in building a New World Order. The solution to our problems has not changed in over two thousand years. We can either go on as before, believing that we can discern the truth on our own and fix all of our problems, or we can trust in Jesus Christ. He has already given us the only truth that can extend our life, eternal life beyond this existence. We must stop listening to the many lies in the world and start listening only to God’s beautiful plan of salvation.

If you don’t stop following the devil in all of his conspiracy theories, then you will see the dark days ahead without God’s help to see you through. So, how dark will these coming days be? There is a much greater fear on the horizon than the conspiracy theories, especially those telling us about the vaccine being laced with harmful side effects or supposedly some secret mark of the beast which is an outrageous lie of the devil. On the other hand, the dark days ahead will have you crying out in agony for your food. It will cause many to go stark raving mad seeking suicide because of their mental and physical torment while others will seek death and will be unable to find it (See Revelation 9:6). The counselor’s office and the psychological industry will be so overwhelmed that some hospitals may need to be converted to mental wards. The moral and spiritual light will no longer shine, as darkness invades all the great cities of mankind. Extreme hatred, murder, riots, and mayhem will rule the day as many choose to stay in lockdown or shelter in place. Mass unemployment will not only rob you of your basic income, but it will set you up to become dependent upon the State. Even now Federal and State offices are being overwhelmed by attempting to care for the entire population. It may be necessary to have a new and better way of keeping everyone accounted for so that they can receive their monthly allotment. (See Revelation 18:22-23). This is only the tip of the iceberg on things to come, it’s past time to repent.

What does God desire in the way of repentance? It’s much more than those few trespasses that you struggle with on a daily basis to overcome. True repentance is agreeing with God that we can’t, but He can. We can never become all that we imagine ourselves to be, nor can we become a righteous person on our own through obedience. The Bible says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Come short of the glory of God! Let that sink in! We can never understand the deeper truths about life and our relationship with a Holy God if we have sin in our lives. Every person is mired in sin not only from birth but from a constant barrage of sinful thoughts and actions of the old sin nature. Satan knows this and targets every Christian with a multitude of deceptive lies to take his mind off of God’s objective to make us into a beautiful new creation (See II Corinthians 5:17). As we approach closer to the end, the power of evil has increased exponentially attempting to completely overpower humanity driving many insane in the process. We must repent of trying to bring forth our own righteousness and allow God to do His work in us through the indwelling Spirit. Repentance is only one side of the coin, the other side is, we must have faith believing that God can do His work in us (See Acts 20:21). We must allow it to happen. If we don’t then we will not be able to stand in the dark days ahead. May God have mercy.

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The Coming Out, to a New World

I wrote in my last article that when we finally come out of lockdown, we will be entering a new world. Looking beyond all the hype, the fake news, conspiracy theories, and false prophecies, what does God say? Is it even important that we know every detail of the emerging beast system destined to control the largest part of fallen humanity? Without getting too political or casting stones at an opposing party, we must look very carefully at the undercurrent that’s been working for many years in most of our public and private institutions shaping the next generation that will produce the coming beast. Quite frankly, the older generation is dying, bringing with them, their morals, their beliefs, and their standards. In the past Administration, they had set the ship of State to sail in a brand-new direction bringing with it the hopes and aspiration of the younger generation. They had a grand hope of creating a brave new world free from war, hunger, and disease facilitated by the sci-fi movies streaming out of Hollywood. It was then carried further by the liberal professors in all of our great colleges and universities teaching the younger generation that with the right political decisions this hope would become a reality. Then, President Trump was elected and the younger generation along with the liberal elite cried.

Well, a lot has happened since then including this latest pandemic of COVID-19 that’s locked-down the entire world. As we come out of lockdown everyone’s opinions will grow louder and more unbelievable. The air of confusion will be everywhere. Everyone will be talking, and no one will be listening. Then all of sudden they begin to recognize that everything looks different, everything is cleaner, the air is fresher, the skies are bluer. What’s happened? Many will cry out, “What happened to all the smog and the air pollution.” It’s like a new world! Then a solitary voice will arise, later to be joined by a chorus of voices from the liberal establishment and the news media, proclaiming, “This is our new path forward. The religious right and the greedy capitalist had it all wrong. They were destroying our world!” A new gospel will be preached that says we can rebuild a brave new world without God. A new world can be rebuilt without all the confusion caused by the many contradicting beliefs of the religious antagonist. Then a huge cry will emerge from those who cried the loudest four years ago saying, “Let’s redirect the Ship of State. Let’s recover all that’s been lost! Let’s unite our voice against everyone who stands in our way.”

As the older generation is still glued to their homes in fear of coming out too quickly, the younger generation will ascend in a burst of pent up energy ready to change the world. For many years they have been taught the finer points of socialism and can recite the talking points with the greatest of ease. They have all learned well how to accept everyone’s opinion as the new doctrine of tolerance as long as it does not interfere with their socialist propaganda. They have learned how to accept everyone’s religion as long as it does not oppose their socialist agenda. As they venture out into their brave new world it will become increasingly easy to label all dissenters as psychologically unstable. I cannot say for certain who will ascend to the post of authority, nor is it important. Whoever it is, he will be directed by the evil one and the powers of darkness as he commands his followers to throw off the yoke of religious intolerance. He will command his followers to trust in the power of self to realize their new dream. In an instant most Christians will realize that the devil has been behind social media all along creating great confusion among God’s children, dividing them so that they can be easily destroyed. Welcome to the new world!

How can we stand against this new beast system coming upon the world? How can we do this when the beliefs and talking points of the younger generation are so firmly planted in their minds? This is only possible if we speak with one voice and not a chorus of confusion, contradicting doctrines, and far-fetched conspiracy theories. The younger generation will never understand our obsession with the mark of the beast and the many theories that are circulating on social media from a microchip implant to a hidden microchip to be inserted into the COVID-19 vaccine. The world thinks we have gone mad. We as God’s beloved children need to settle this once and for all. The mark of the beast is not secret nor is it mandatory. Clearly, the Bible indicates that it’s a free choice and a public statement of our willingness to follow the system of the beast. It’s our acceptance that Christianity is not the only way and that we should be tolerant of every man’s religion. It’s our acceptance that God has not given us everything we need for life and godliness, so we must depend upon the State for their counseling. We must depend on the State for their mind-altering drugs to manage our emotional and psychological problems. It’s our tolerance for homosexuality, the transgender, bestiality, and many other perverted lifestyles. It’s our acceptance of abortion as a god-given right for all women.

Dear friends as the entire world follows the beast in his path of tolerance and acceptance, then they are only one step removed from taking the mark, all that’s left is their public worship. Even before this final step, the entire world will begin to see the great difficulty in buying and selling. Today if we refuse to take a test to determine our psychological profile it’s nearly impossible to find a job to support our family. As we come out of lockdown many will be required to get a release from their doctor and in some cases from their psychologist to make sure that they are fit for employment. Being left in lockdown for such a long time will create a lot of anxiety and stress among the world’s population. Simply put you will not be able to enter back into the society of buying and selling until you have been approved. For the younger generation, this will not be a problem, because they have already been taught to accept this truth as the new normal. For the older generation, it will be much more difficult and those who resist or continue publicly with their conspiracy theories will be marked as being psychologically unstable.

We can choose our candidates and holler that the sky is falling all day long, but nothing will change the course that the world has been set on except living out our faith every moment of every day. As God’s beloved children we must come together as one, agreeing on the basic principles of our faith and stop all the senseless rhetoric that’s creating so much confusion. We cannot say that we are different and then act like the world. We cannot say that we love one another and follow the world in their same sins of spousal abuse, malicious talk, and hatred for one another. We cannot tell the world that we trust in our God for everything then seek their counsel and drugs when we cannot deal with our anxiety or depression. We cannot tell the world that we believe that Christ is the only way and then listen to what other religions have to say about life. We cannot tell the world that we would be willing to die for our Lord and then deny His Lordship in our lives. If we really want to stand against the beast system that’s being developed right before our eyes, then we must stand for the truth by living out what we say that we believe. Believe me, children, the more you live for Christ the clearer the beast system, and his mark will come into focus, otherwise, you will continue to run after every new conspiracy theory.

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Developing Discernment in an Age of Deception

Are you unknowingly being used by the devil to do his bidding? We need to discover how to have great discernment in this age of deception that’s already captured so many of God’s children to do his bidding, to do his work. Let me say, very importantly, that there is no easy path to great discernment. It will take faith, dedication, and many hours of hard work. Before we learn how to have great discernment, let’s look at why it’s so important to have discernment in our day. Without great discernment, the beast of worldly power will capture you to believe his lies as the gospel truth and then he will lead you to teach others, thus doing the devil’s bidding. Jesus said, “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch” (Matthew 15:14). This is wise counsel from the Lord. “Let them alone.” Don’t learn from them! Return to the “Teacher of Truth” and stop trying to learn from the world and its many pretend teachers taking their lessons from the beast of worldly power. Also, See my Article “Are You Following A Blind Guide.”

Our first step in developing great discernment is to redeem the time. The Bible says, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16). Dear children, this is essential if we are serious about developing great discernment in an evil age. Even while most of the world is in lockdown due to the latest pandemic, most are still wasting many hours in worthless activities. Although they have many more hours at their disposal, they have not redeemed the time. Redeem means to buyback. So, we need to buy back our time spent on meaningless activities, senseless conversations, and trivial pursuits. For most, that would, pretty much, cut out social media that robs people of many precious hours. We can’t stop there! Many other areas rob us of our time from the many hours of baseless entertainment to chasing after every new conspiracy theory and false teachers. These hours wasted can easily turn into days, then weeks, months and years. The first step is buying back this time and using it to learn how to have great discernment in an age of deception.

Now that I’ve got your attention and all this new bought back time on your hands, what should you do with it? This calls for wisdom. So, we don’t fall into the same trap laid by the devil, we must be very selective on what we read, what we watch, and what we listen to; and, please dear children don’t share something on social media that you have not thoroughly examined yourself. Yet, how will you examine unless you have discernment, which will lead us to our next step? The Bible says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears” (II Timothy 4:3). The key to great discernment is knowing what you believe and believing what you know. Yet, we live in a day when most Christians avoid the sound doctrines of our faith like the plague. Most of their theology or doctrines are built on a hodgepodge of sermons from the pulpit or the internet, scant readings from their Bible, and Scripture quotes (typically out of context) on social media. If that’s all that you have then you will never discern what’s been coming upon the world and how the devil is using it and you to spread his lies. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work and learn how to have great discernment.

Once you have redeemed your time then it’s time to “endure sound doctrine.” To endure anything takes a lot of hard work. The Bible says, “These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11). In the beginning of their new life in Christ, they spent days, hours, and even minutes developing their sound doctrines of the faith. In the same way, at the beginning of my pilgrimage, I spent countless hours studying the many beautiful doctrines of our faith such as, justification by faith alone, the need for repentance and confession, and forgiveness that leads to reconciliation. I have looked fully into the depth of Hamartiology the doctrine of Sin and Soteriology the doctrine of Salvation. I studied and accepted the infallibility of all Scripture and its sufficiency to answer mankind’s deepest spiritual needs, along with every emotional and psychological problem plaguing him, believing that God has truly given us everything we need for all of life and godliness. I spent countless hours studying the doctrine of Eschatology or the teachings on last things, not only out of an inquisitive mind but out of a need to use those teachings to help us stand firm during the worst of times holding firmly to our beliefs. I have spent years studying every doctrine in-depth not to become educated or famous but to be a light for God’s wayward children in desperate times.

Dear friends, you simply cannot rely on the knowledge of others to see you through these dark days. We must all “endure,” that is, study hard all the beautiful doctrines from the Attributes of God to the work of the Holy Spirit and His gifts (Pneumatology), and the work of the Church founded by Christ (Ecclesiology). To study all these beautiful doctrines including Christology and Cosmology is not for just the Pastor or the professor of theology but all of God’s beloved children. As we study and apply all of these beautiful doctrines to our life then we will, through faith, grow up and become all that God wants us to be in His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. As we grow up in Christ then, and only then, will we have great discernment in this age of deception. If we do this, then God will begin to open your eyes to what’s really happening in the world and not what the false teachers and the proclaimers of conspiracy theories are trying to shove down your throat. Believe me, there is a reason for it! If they can keep you occupied with all this nonsense filling up your time, then you will not see what’s coming over the horizon. You will not see how the beast of worldly power will capture the entire world. Tragically most will not even know that they have been captured.

Finally, along with a good foundation of all these beautiful doctrines of our faith, we also have been given the indwelling Spirit that helps us to take this godly knowledge along with the spiritual gift of discernment to see what’s really happening in the world. Most will not see that this global lockdown has forced most to hang out longer on the internet and social media, which is not teaching them the truth but allowing them to assimilate a melting pot of knowledge that’s been synthesized for the palate of fallen humanity. The more this knowledge is broken down and synthesized the more it dilutes the truth where there is nothing left but the deceptive lies of the devil. Not only is it robbing you of your time, but it is preparing you for what lies ahead, to the coming out. As we come out of lockdown to a new world everyone will be expected to check in with their health care provider, their psychologist who will be putting them on a new regiment of drugs and lifelong counseling. If you don’t have great discernment you will not know that they are leading you down a path of total dependence on the State. Are we not already getting a taste of it by putting the entire population on socialized assistance? Once we become fully dependent upon the State then they will have total control of the masses. Only great discernment will see where this is all leading. Please, dear children, heed what has been written here. Welcome to the new world.

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Listen to God, Before You Speak

People are in total shock like they have been awakened to a dysfunctional world, it’s like being suddenly cast into some sort of Twilight zone. The streets are empty, the shelves are empty at the market, and it’s rather haunting seeing so many people in the West wearing a face mask. Every day we get updates on the number of infected people from the virus and how many deaths the world has just counted. For the first time in history everyone is being asked, some being told, to stay in their homes, not go to church, and limit their gatherings to ten people or less. This is already having a tremendous effect on the psyche of humanity. This isolation from physical contact with family and friends, with a sudden pull back from other friends on social media, is beginning to have an effect on the best of us. People are already starting to experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and even depression. Schedules have been skewed and sleeping has become more erratic. People are crying out to their God and to their governments, asking what is going on? They are looking under every rock and behind every tree to find the answers they seek. Fear is purposefully driving people to chase after anyone and everyone who claims to have the truth about what’s going on in the world.

A couple of weeks ago we talked about how to hear God, see my video, “Why Can’t I hear God.” Today, we want to show you how important it is to listen to God before you speak. There are many people speaking today on the news media and social media that are not listening to God first before they speak. This is creating a lot of confusion and unfortunately leading a lot of people astray making them prime candidates for the coming Antichrist or the Beast of Revelation to draw them into his diabolical net. I noticed most people on social media don’t speak but share what someone else says. Well, let’s be clear, although you did not physically speak it yourself, the moment you shared it, then it became your voice. You are now responsible for it as if you spoke it yourself. The power of speaking forth words is well beyond our understanding (we will talk more about that later). Many a man, and especially Jesus Christ and His followers, turned the world upside down through their speaking forth. If God’s followers can do that, then be rest assured that Satan and his followers are trying to do the same thing. Therefore, we need to be careful when we speak our words forth either verbally or in a shared post. Believe me, they will have a tremendous impact on others and the world at large to build up or to destroy.

The Antichrist is already speaking through many people bringing his malicious power upon the earth leading many people to believe the lie and reject the truth. His biggest lie right now is to convince the unbelieving world that this Coronavirus, that’s causing a global pandemic, is not a plague or woe sent by God but just a virus caused by many different things, such as a biological weapon or the result of 5G cell phone towers. Without entering into a full dissertation about 5G let me summarize that there is no evidence of harmful effects medically. By far these are not the only far-fetched conspiracy theories circulating on the internet, one other that I will mention is simply called Q. What’s alarmingly heretical about this one is that it claims that we are all good people contrary to our religious faith (either Muslim or Christian) and that the only truly sinful people in the world are those in power. They say if the State will lock them up, then everything will be rosy. Nothing is further from the truth, because we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Remove sin and our need for repentance will only destine us for the fiery pit of hell. There is great power in these spoken lies to create confusion, fear, and anxiety but most importantly to keep them from repentance because of God’s righteous plagues. As already stated, sharing these lies on the internet through your websites and social media is doing the devil’s work by speaking forth his lies to the world and most regrettably to your brothers and sisters in the Lord, possibly causing them to stumble too.

Yet, the answers that men are seeking are in the same place that they’ve always been, in the Word of God that’s made alive through the indwelling Spirit. In order to receive those words, you must not only be saved, but you must be close to the Lord and filled with His Spirit. You can’t flounder around in fear and expect to hear what the Lord has to say. The Bible says, “Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you” (1Peter 4:12, ESV). Many Christians today, are both surprised and don’t realize that this is simply a trial to knock off the barnacles of the old sin nature to draw us closer to Him. Furthermore, they don’t realize that judgment will always begin with the house of God, for the Bible also says, “For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome of those who do not obey the gospel of God” (I Peter 4:17)? These are powerful words spoken by Apostle Peter, a follower of Jesus Christ. These are words that need to be spoken today and not the lies circulated by the devil. When we listen to God first and speak forth only what we hear from Him, then we witness the true power of His words that’s still capable of turning the whole world upside down. Even in lock-down and a changing economy, God’s precious children can continue to grow in truth and knowledge of their Savior. They can still become all that He wants us to be in Christ.

We must proclaim to the world that judgment is coming upon them, not to punish them, but to lead them to repentance. There is power in the words. We must proclaim to the fallen world that there is power in the gospel to make people into a new creation free from all of their past struggles. There is power in the words. We must proclaim to the world that the devil is a liar. There is power in the words. We must proclaim to the world that there are many false prophets and charlatans trying to lead you into darkness and great confusion by believing in and passing on their conspiracy theories. There is power in the words. We must proclaim that all these conspiracy theories are leading you and preparing you for the coming Antichrist and the Beast of Revelation. There is power in the words. We must proclaim that there is only one way to heaven and all other ways will lead you straight to hell. There is power in the words. We must proclaim that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. There is power in the words. Finally, faith and trust in God alone will give you a new life in Christ, the seal of the Holy Spirit, and the promise of eternal life in heaven. There is power in the words. Dear children stop chasing after everything you see and read on the internet and return to the depth and width of God’s Holy Word, the Bible. There is power in the words, Amen.

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