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False Hope Will Not Stop the End

The greatest lie of Satan is giving fallen humanity false hope. He has been doing that since the beginning by causing us to question God. We can hear his voice down through the ages, “Did God really say?” And we hear it loud and clear today. Both the right and the left are giving this country false hope. The left is saying we can save the planet by reducing fossil fuels or doing without them completely. Although I sincerely commend their willingness to stop the burning of fossil fuels that are harmful to both the environment and public health, they simply don’t have the ability to change man’s heart that’s controlled by selfishness and greed. Only God can change man’s heart. In their outrageous political statements, they say that they can stop or reverse the effects of Global Warming, which is nothing less than giving people false hope. On the right, most will publicly deny Global Warming as fake news and false science. Although I commend the right for their willingness to protect their citizens from the earth’s coming woes by beefing up the military, withdrawing support from other nations, building a large wall on our Southern border, and doling out $76.5 billion for climate resilience and disaster mitigation. Again, they too are ignoring the Words of God about the end and giving people a false hope that they and their communities can survive the coming apocalypse.

If you are either on the left or the right, you have been told that you will overcome what’s coming upon the world. Well, in God’s Book that is simply not true. As the world sinks deeper into their sins then the consequences of those sins are not far behind. Man’s heart is not getting any better, it is getting far worse. The world has gone well beyond their favorite sins of pornography, greed, selfishness, homosexuality, drug addiction, disobedience, stealing, rape, murder, and becoming transgender to thumbing their nose at God. They no longer trust His counsel, His rules, or His direction for their lives. In the stubbornness of their hearts, they are calling forth the wrath of God while they hold tightly to their false hope given to them by the evil one who stands behind both the right and the left. There is a time coming when all of fallen humanity will realize that there is no hope apart from trusting in God alone. Although Global Warming may be an excellent example of God allowing humanity to sink into the consequences of their sins by reaping heatwaves, flooding, and hurricanes, it barely scratches the surface for what God has planned for those who have turned their back on Him and persisted in their unimaginable sins.

Don’t be fooled for one minute, for what you see coming upon the world is not Global Warming, but the hand of God pouring out His wrath on unrighteous humanity. No one will be able to stand, except His faithful remnant. The Bible says, “And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” Luke 21:25-26). What kind of signs are in the sun, the moon, and the stars, we don’t know exactly, but we do know that they are “shaken” thus having a profound effect upon the planet. It’s common knowledge that the movement of any of our heavenly bodies including the earth either in its trajectory or orbital plane could have a devastating effect. When the heavens are shaken the effect is so great that the sea and the waves are roaring. This sounds like massive hurricanes would have a mind of their own going in one direction then another casting up tremendously powerful waves to flood all the coastal cities in the world. It’s like the oceans of the world are being displaced by some great force, either from the movement of heavenly bodies or the crashing of a giant asteroid on earth, creating storm surges beyond anything we could possibly imagine.

As previously stated, if the heavenly bodies were moved slightly out of their trajectory or orbital plane, this too could have a profound effect not only on the world’s oceans but also on the tectonic plates by causing them to shift violently creating massive earthquakes and volcanoes. Scientists have now come forward with evidence that at one time in earth’s history, the earth was put on a closer path or orbit to the sun before correcting itself. This closer path would have caused a tremendous rise in world temperatures that went well beyond any global warming projections. This would clearly qualify as seeing the powers of heaven shaken. Unlike Global Warming where mankind believes he can reverse it, this shaking of the heavenly bodies would leave mankind completely defenseless. The Bible says that the nations are in “great distress with perplexity.” The distress is so great that they are wringing their hands in desperation, saying there is absolutely nothing that they can do to stop the coming catastrophe. In another place in the Bible, it says that the people are hiding in the “dens and the rocks of the mountains” asking that the rocks fall upon them in order to hide them from the face of God and the wrath of the Lamb (See Revelation 6:16-17). They say, who can control the heavenly bodies, such as the sun, the moon, and the stars? In their mind, no one!

Their fear is sudden and so great that their hearts are failing them. As the roaring sea floods the coastal cities, they are also faced with earthquakes and volcanoes. We are already seeing the number of moderate and major earthquakes around the world in places that don’t normally see them. Typically, out of 473 earthquakes in one week, there are approximately 25% that are considered either moderate or major earthquakes. These numbers are increasing daily and in severity. These are rarely reported by the news service. As the fallen world learns more about the number of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and tsunamis decimating planet earth, the more they will feel helpless to do anything about it. When millions, not thousands, are escaping the burning inferno, the hottest and most desolate part of our hemisphere, the Southern continent, to find refuge in our country, it will be pandemonium. Many will pray that the great wall on our Southern border will hold. Furthermore, we are already seeing some of the hottest months on record, with failed crops and economies where thousands are being displaced or dying. When fallen humanity finally, at the last moment, discovers that their hope from either the left or the right is false and that there is nothing they can do about these calamities, there will be no law that can restrain them. Even Hollywood can’t picture the worldwide inhumanity of open hostility and barbarism.

On the other hand, the true believers in Christ who have not been blinded by the world will approach this moment with great joy in their hearts, not for the sinner suffering under the wrath of God, but for God’s justice and mercy for those who are being saved at the last minute. We will also rejoice because we know that our redemption draws near. We know that in a very short time that all of our pain and suffering will cease; that we will be with our God forever. The Bible says, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28). Lift up your heads. Don’t let them sink in depression or sorrow, but lift them up to the glory of God, knowing that although this planet is being destroyed, that there will be a new heaven and a new earth. The Bible says it best, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away” (Revelation 21:4). Praise God!

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How to Follow the Holy Spirit

Without knowledge of the Holy Spirit, it will be impossible to follow Him. So, our first task is to make sure that we know Him, not in just a casual way, but to know Him intimately. When we come to Christ asking Him to save us from our sins and make us into a new creation, then He marks us with the seal of the Holy Spirit through faith and then fulfills His promise by giving us the Comforter to dwell with us as long as we are in these bodies (See John 14:26). Although the Holy Spirit or Comforter is with us from the very moment of our conversion, He has limited access until we completely die to self. This is the first step in following the Spirit. So, how do we die to self, has been an often-misinterpreted topic from the beginning. Perhaps the easiest way to see our self is to take a hard look at our desires, our wants, our way, and our will. Another way to look at our self is to compare it with the rights, wants, desires, and the will of a slave. Now you’re starting to get the picture. To die to self, freely surrenders your will, your desires, your wants, and your rights to the living God through the indwelling Spirit. Anyone can make this confession of faith, but following through on it, will take a lot more work. Let’s proceed.

Surrendering your will is like the great exchange. If we give up our will, then it’s essential that we take on the corresponding will of another and we can’t do that until we know what their will is in the first place. We know God’s will from the study of His Word in the Bible and from listening to the indwelling Spirit. A word of caution at this point is essential, “The indwelling Spirit will never contradict God’s Word in the Bible.” The Bible is very clear on this point saying we must test every spirit, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (I John 4:1). So, how do we test the spirits? The absolute best way is to compare it with the Bible, which means we need to search the Scriptures to see if those things are so (See Acts 17:11). We can also seek the advice of more mature believers in Christ to help point out Scripture that needs to be prayerfully studied. We have confidence in the indwelling Spirit because He does not contradict but confirms and amplifies the Word of God, often drawing out a deeper meaning and helping us to apply that meaning and direction to our lives, which is the will of God. So, the next step is to learn together how to listen to the voice of the indwelling Spirit.

Let me start by saying the Spirit wants to speak to you, that’s what He does. I found it useful in the beginning, especially for the novice, to begin with, a Scripture that has meant so much to you and meditate upon it in complete silence before the Lord. Quietly roll the verse over and over again in your mind asking God to reveal its deeper meaning and how to apply it to your life. If you begin with Scripture or with just meditative prayer, either way, you still need to learn how to listen. Really listen! This starts by stopping your mind from wandering from one topic to another. You must learn how to empty your mind completely. Simple, quiet praise to the Lord will help. Now comes the real hard part, in total silence and solitude wait upon the Lord. Yes, I said wait. Although this is the most difficult part it is the most rewarding because the Spirit will, in His time begin to draw you ever closer to Him, until the water wells up in your eyes and you begin to hear the still small voice of God touching every fiber of your soul. As God begins to pull you closer to Him let go and quietly go with Him. Don’t run away in fright, which many do in the beginning, but rest in the Lord allowing Him to minister to your soul.

Once you begin to meet with God on a regular basis and learn how to listen to His voice through the indwelling Spirit, then you are ready for the next step, learning how to follow the Spirit or keep in step with Him. A key Scripture text to help in our understanding on how to follow the Spirit is in the letter to the Galatians and specifically 5:16-26. (Please open your Bible now.) The Apostle begins by contrasting the flesh with the Spirit. In the old dispensation, God sought to control the flesh with the law by teaching His children, “Thou shall not!” Not too unlike how we teach our little children today. When they misbehave by violating one of our rules, we quickly render the appropriate punishment. But when they get to a certain age, we stop disciplining them as children and start spending more time encouraging them to use their gifts and calling. We spend more time trying to mold their character. This is exactly how God is now treating his children by telling us that we have come of age, that we can resist the flesh by concentrating on walking in the Spirit. We no longer live under the tutelage of the law but have now been set free by the grace of God to walk in the Spirit. The Bible says, “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Galatians 5:16).

To follow the Spirit is allowing Him to go before you in loving service to others. That’s exactly what the Spirit does. He almost always leads us in service to others. This is one of His primary jobs, but first, He teaches you all things (See John 14:26), so that you can teach others, which is part of your service to others. In our service to others, we will learn how to pass on God’s Word in both words and in, deed. You might say, “I don’t know how to serve or how I should serve.” That’s not a problem. We simply step out on faith praying in the Spirit as we go and believe me the doors will begin to open. One opportunity after another will begin to avail itself. If it’s helping others with some menial task, then the Lord will give us the strength to perform well. If it’s doing something a little bit more complicated, then He will give us the wisdom beyond what we thought possible. If it’s encouraging, edifying, or admonishing someone, then believe me the Spirit will give the correct words just at the right time. Remember through each task we are listening not only to the indwelling Spirit but also listening to the needs of the person we are attempting to help. The key to service is listening and becoming pliable in the hands of God.

We can all learn how to follow the Spirit in loving service to others, thus fulfilling the will of God. So, how do we know if we are following the Holy Spirit? This is known in at least two ways. First, we will produce the fruit of the Spirit in our service and relationship with others. The Bible says, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance: against such there is no law” (Galatians5:22-23). As you study the Bible and listen to the indwelling Spirit you are cultivating this fruit of the Spirit. Secondly, if you are following the Holy Spirit then you have discovered your own unique Spiritual gifts from your study of the Bible. The Bible says, “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant” (I Corinthians 12:1). Furthermore, you will use your Spiritual gifts in your service or ministry to others. Make no mistake we have all been given a Spiritual gift for this purpose. These are the two proofs that you are following the Holy Spirit along with your personal testimony of hearing the voice of the indwelling Spirit. Amen

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Will Christianity be Classified as a Mental Illness?

Before we attempt to answer the question, “Will Christianity be classified as a mental illness,” it’s important to understand that not everyone who calls upon the Name of Christ is cut from the same cloth or holds to the same doctrine. As classic Christianity drifts to the left of center it looks and acts more like the world of fallen humanity every day. Most in this large group gladly accept the label placed upon them individually as suffering from some form of mental illness needing the counsel and medication supplied by the fallen world. In time, it has become so accepted by the local church that psychiatrists are asked to teach from their pulpits and even train their counselors in the proper methods of counseling. Most so-called biblical counseling is so integrated with the techniques of psychiatric counseling, it’s difficult to see the difference, other than an occasional quote from the Bible. This unholy wedding has already taken place between the psychiatric dogma established by the fallen world and the biblical doctrine of the local church to produce a new man for the modern age. This new man is no longer subject to the doctrine of his church but is now held accountable by the new teachings of the fallen humanity that will affect every area of his social-economic life.

For some time now we were required to pass a series of psychological tests and in some cases fit into a certain profile to be hired. Furthermore, it was also required to advance in our careers, to enter public office, or to serve in the military. Many companies these days also require your attendance at seminars and training sessions steeped in psychological methods to improve your productivity and to develop your workplace behavior. No longer is the church or its teachings on behavioral issues required or even wanted. Working hand in hand with law enforcement and the courts, psychiatry has for some time now filled the void left by the church’s failure to hold their membership accountable to Christian moral behavior. Now families are broken up as courts intervene, requiring extensive psychological counseling, assigning them a permanent label for their newly prescribed mental illness, and in most cases psychiatric drugs in an attempt to cure their new behavioral problems. The real tragedy is that the local church, if they are willing, are no longer allowed to address their behavioral problems even if no law has really been broken or if charges have not been pressed against them. The church is no longer allowed to be the same church that Christ established two thousand years ago.

When will the church start being the church? When will we truly come out from among them and help our brothers and sisters to grow up in Christ? (See II Corinthians 6:17) When will we help them to be transformed in Christ? Those are some hard questions for a hard and difficult age. I believe the best we can hope for is to start with small groups of sincere believers that want desperately to follow the Christian Way no matter what the consequences may be. I can tell you the fallen world will not go quietly into the night. They will fight back. They will fight back with the same arsenal that they have been stockpiling for the past two hundred years. They will fight back with their accepted belief system that mankind’s answers to all his problems fall in the archives of their psychiatric techniques and its approved drugs. They have already won over the largest part of the Christian Church and most other world religions. What’s left to conquer is what they have classified as fringe groups either in other world religions or in groups that claim to be following the Christian Way and specifically the rejection of psychiatry and its psychotropic drugs to control the behavior of its members.

As new people in Christ, we are convinced that only Christ and the indwelling Spirit has the power to cause people to change through faith. Only Christ can take a very immoral person that has done great harm to society and completely change his heart. The Bible says, “And I will give them one heart, and I will put a new spirit within you; and I will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh: That they may walk in my statutes, and keep mine ordinances, and do them: and they shall be my people, and I will be their God” (Ezekiel 11:19-20). What a tremendously beautiful and powerful prophecy fulfilled by the Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord. The very cornerstone of who we are, as God’s beloved children, His true Church, is that God alone has the power to change our hearts through faith. We as believers in Christ cannot and must not allow the State, in league with the devil, to take this away from us. If we do, then we are no longer the true Church. We must come out from among them and stand firm on our belief in the infallibility of God’s Word, the sufficiency of Scripture, and the exclusiveness of Christianity, which are the hallmarks of who we are in Christ Jesus.

Make no mistake the world of fallen humanity will fight back by proclaiming that all fringe religious groups, including those who claim to be Christian, are mentally ill. They will design a simple fail or pass test to determine if we are mentally ill and in need of counseling, drugs, and in certain cases incarceration. Everyone who fails this test will also have all their weapons forcefully removed once a label has been placed upon them for being mentally ill. So, what is the content of this simple, pass or fail, test? We don’t know at this point but can only speculate. Perhaps some of the questions would be: (1) do you believe that your God can completely change your behavior without the help of psychiatric counseling and prescribed drugs, (2) do you believe that God has made you into a new creation where old things have passed away and you no longer need our help in dealing with your past and its problems; (3) do you really believe that your God can transform your life in Christ where you no longer need the help of the State and its resources of psychiatry? Of course, to answer any of the questions with a positive affirmation of God’s abilities will give you the mark of a Christian fringe group and clearly classified as having a mental illness. God help your beloved children to come out from among them and stand firm.

When we come out, we will need to make certain that we have preachers and teachers that know how to use God’s Word alone to give godly counsel to all its members. We can’t say that we believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and then not known how to give godly instructions from the Bible to solve every emotional and psychological problem known to man. Indeed, the Bible is true, when it says, “… and there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). If we really believe God’s Word that says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3), then we would search the Scriptures, through the direction of the indwelling Spirit, until we find the truth needed to give proper counsel. We would do this without the help of fallen humanity. We would trust God to bring forth healing to our brothers and sisters’ heart. We would learn how to encourage one another, to edify, to admonish, and to counsel one another in the power of God to bring forth change in their hearts. We would learn how to respectfully hold them accountable in the Spirit of love and affection. Let’s come out from among them and be the true Church. Amen

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The Coming Apocalypse and Lukewarm Christianity

I have been preaching and teaching on the coming Apocalypse for many years, yet there is one thing, more than anything else, that will start the final countdown. This one thing is the alarming growth of lukewarm Christianity throughout the entire world. One might point to the dark ages in church history and claim that must have been the worst era of lukewarm Christianity. I would object. Although this particular era in history did produce rank immorality, most people in Christendom held to a quasi-religion established by the Catholic Church. This drove most believers to obtain a certain level of righteousness, if not for the sake of conscience, then out of stark fear of the unknown or the fires of eternal damnation. Even after the Reformation when many believers escaped the tyranny of the Catholic Church, most were held steadfast by the printing of the Bible that in time became available for the common man. However, it was after the great missionary effort, that took God’s Word around the globe, where believers in Christ began to drift. This drift toward lukewarm Christianity was caused primarily by the new world philosophies, the acceptance of psychiatry, and the growth of secularism. This drift continued unabated for two hundred years to the modern era which has produced lukewarm Christianity, in the classic sense, on a much grander scale encompassing most believers. We will examine this significant growth of lukewarm Christianity in our time and specifically its relationship with the coming apocalypse.

The first characteristic of lukewarm Christianity is that they simply don’t understand their true condition as it specifically relates to their sanctification. They are completely void of true transformation in Christ. Perhaps the best way to describe this contemporary believer is to visualize an astute young man, clean-cut, and touting his many college degrees. Pride is his hallmark, which can very well fit the description of most believers in today’s world, even if they can only brag of a high school education. Contrary to the legitimate education they still proudly boast that they have done their research on the internet, social media, news media, the many philosophers and teachers in the world along with their own life experiences or the school of hard knocks, to fill up the binder under their left arm. Here is the problem. It’s what he has under his other arm that makes him a lukewarm Christian. This other arm, or the right arm, which will be explained more in detail later is the religious binder. This binder is full of those wonderful little teachings that he proudly accepts, as long as they fit neatly into the teachings of his other binder. Because of the binder he proudly holds under his other arm he has rejected a lot of the teachings and core values of the religious binder putting him in a very peculiar situation. He is not sold out to Christ nor is he sold out to the philosophers and secular teachers of this age. He is simply sold out to his self. He trusts in God for certain things, he trusts in the world for certain things, and he trusts in his self for the rest. He has masterfully integrated the world’s teachings into the teachings of Christ along with his own. He is what Christ considers a lukewarm Christian.

This lukewarm Christian is neither hot, nor is he cold. With a folder under each arm, one secular and the other religious, he has become a person in need of nothing, for he says to himself that he has the best of both worlds. If he has an emotional or psychological problem, he can either trust in God, or if that doesn’t work for him, then he can trust in psychology and the professionals of this age. He has the best of both worlds, so he thinks. If he has a problem with his drinking or with drugs or any other number of behavioral problems, he doesn’t need to trust in God to help him change because the world has come up with many self-help books and professionals to supposedly help him to change, so he thinks. The list goes on and on running back and forth between the world and organized religion paying respective lip service to each and hoping that eventually he will be helped to live a wonderful life. Christ is extremely honest with this person when He says, “I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (Revelation 3:16b-17). Christ put His finger directly on their problem. They truly misunderstood their true condition. They were not being transformed in Christ to experience the bountiful life that He had promised. They were being deceived by the world and the enemy.

So, what is the counsel of Christ? We are counseled to come only to Christ to get everything we need for this new life in Christ (See Revelation 3:18). He was saying, in essence, to throw the other binder away it will not help you to live a sanctified life. It will not help you to be transformed in Christ. It will not help you with any of your problems. He is saying that the world has bewitched you causing you to straddle the fence by putting your trust in the world and putting your trust in God. You simply cannot mix the cold water from the world with the hot water from Christ and not expect to receive anything but lukewarm water. Christ is extending His invitation one last time to fallen humanity and the lukewarm Christian, by saying, “Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and he will sup with him, and he will be with me” (Revelation 3:20). If you refuse His invitation, then you will soon be left alone to face the coming Apocalypse by yourself. I cannot begin to emphasize how tragic that will be. You think it is bad now, just wait. Right now, we are only seeing the countdown to the Apocalypse that’s so extremely close. How do I know that? It is because we see that most Christians today are lukewarm. This is the great falling away spoken of by the Apostle Paul (see II Thessalonians 2:1-3).

Lukewarm Christianity, which is the great falling away, and the Apocalypse are intrinsically tied together. How do you know that? It’s quite simple, as man becomes more depraved and the lukewarm Christian grows divided in his trust, then the wrath of God will be poured out proportionally on an unrepentant world. As lukewarm Christianity spreads around the world, the more aggressively we will see God’s wrath unleashed from heaven. Do you think God is blind and can’t see what is going on in the world? He sees everything. He sees into every house, behind every closed door, and in every dark ally. He sees the marching in the streets by the homosexuals. He sees so-called Christians supporting that depravity. He sees innocent children being led astray into every manner of sin. He sees it all, and the more He sees the more we will see the outpouring of His wrath in the way of heatwaves, smog-filled cities that are killing thousands, the pollution in our oceans and waterways killing all the sea life. We see His wrath in the continued flooding in our cities and the increase in the number of destructive earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. We cannot and must not blame all this on global warming. We must properly place the blame where it belongs on an unrepentant people. We see clearly that God’s wrath is letting go of fallen humanity to experience the consequences of their sins (See Romans 1:18-32). One doesn’t have to look very far to see the consequences of people’s sins wreaking havoc on our society. As I am writing this, I am reading about another mass shooting, this one in El Paso, TX,  by a very immoral person. It’s not the guns, as some foolish legislators insist, rather it is a society that has turned away from God and is now reaping the consequences of her sins. If we don’t repent quickly then we will see planet earth on a collision course with its destiny. We have been warned!

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Do You Want to See the Face of God?

How much do you want to see the face of God? If you are not interested read no further. The first step is to stop following evil. The Bible says, “Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God” (III John 1:11). This is the most difficult step because in our minds we have not crossed the line by doing evil. In our minds, we say, “We have not done evil, we have only observed it.” We live in a world of observers. That’s what we do. From morning till night we follow evil by observing it. Before you object, ask yourself how many times have you shared the evil in the world with others, in person or on Social Media. Satan has tricked our minds into believing that as long as we sit in the comfort of our own homes observing evil on television or YouTube or Social Media then we have not done anything wrong. We have tricked our minds, with a little help from Satan, into believing that we have not crossed the line by following evil. We object by saying, we are just observing it! Yet, to observe evil constantly is to follow it. How did we ever get here?

At the beginning of our modern age our observing of evil started as simply play-acting, it wasn’t really happening, it was all make-believe. Now things are substantially different. We have passed very quickly from the make-believe or acting to what’s really happening. No longer are we satisfied with the simple reporting that something cruel and inhumane has happened, now the world wants to see the evil actually taking place on cable news, on YouTube, or Social Media. This is not unlike the ancient arenas where Christians were essentially fed to the wild beasts for the amusement of the spectators. Not unlike the ancients the modern world now wants to desperately follow the evil. They rush to turn on the cable news to witness the latest massacre of men, women, and children shot full of holes or burnt to a crisp. Others today have tricked their minds into believing that they are just doing research. Here’s the problem, however, the more they follow evil the easier it eventually becomes to do the evil. Step by step they are led by the hand of the enemy from becoming only observers to becoming doers of evil. When we follow this same behavior then we will never see the face of God.

Therefore, if we truly stop following evil, then we will not so easily fall into the trap of doing evil. If we stop following evil, by observing it, then it will also give us an abundant amount of time to follow righteousness. To follow righteousness then we need to find righteousness, which is difficult to do in an evil world, but not impossible. We need to follow the good we see in the Bible and also in the teachings of godly men and women. In the Bible, the Apostle Paul said, “Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you” (Philippians 4:9). Although we cannot observe the Apostle’s character, we can learn from His writings inspired by the Holy Spirit. Writings that speak directly to our hearts through the indwelling Spirit that motivates us to walk in love and righteousness. Godly men and women throughout Christian history have also blazed the trail in opening the door to righteous living. I personally love to read some of the very old authors, like Thomas A. Kempis, Jeanne Guyon, and Feneoln along with the modern-day teachers, such as, A.W. Tozer and W. Ian Thomas, who have all fought the good fight against the evil of their day by walking in righteousness. If we want to see the face of God, let us follow the good and be doers of righteousness.

Of course, the absolute pinnacle of righteousness is the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and specifically, His teachings in the Sermon on the Mount, which I might add is very relevant for our day and should be followed. I am appalled that most Christians have no idea what the Sermon on the Mount says, and the ones that do, explain great portions of it away by saying that they are way too difficult for our day and must be meant for some future dispensation. This is one of the great lies of Satan. Every word in the Sermon is relevant for our day and time. The fallen world wants to quickly explain away Christ’s teachings in the Sermon on non-retaliation. To turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, and give to them that ask is a true measure of our righteousness before a Holy God (See Matthew 5:38-42). Jesus ended His Sermon by saying, “Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon the rock” (Matthew 7:24; See vv.25-27). Through the grace and power of God, we will obey all of His glorious teachings. Believe me, to follow the good in others along with the teachings of Christ and His Apostles will more than adequately fill up your time and bring us closer to seeing the face of God.

Once we have stopped following the evil and start following the good, then we will be helped by the indwelling Spirit to complete our transformation in Christ, which I am very sad to say that many believers in our day have not even begun. As we grow closer to Christ, the further we will be separated from the evil in the world. Every moment of every day will be filled with attempting to follow the will of God by rebuking the old sin nature and listening to the indwelling Spirit. We will discover soon enough that if we keep in step with the Spirit, we don’t think much about the letter of the law because He writes His beautiful law on our hearts demonstrating that true love fulfills His commands. In time our transformation in Christ will become a reality as we draw closer, and closer, to Him each day to behold the face of God. Peace, tranquility, and joy barely describe the vision of God in the face of Christ. As we behold the beatific vision of God, we are in ultimate direct communication with our Creator. Immediately all pain, worry, fear, and temptation by the old sin nature are completely dissipated as we bask in the light of His glory. Once there, you will not want to leave, for it truly gives us a foretaste of things to come.

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