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Are You Following a Blind Guide?

For the first time in world history, there is a multitude of blind guides in every segment of secular society and religious life promising to guide you into an enlightened truth. With all these guides in our world today we are forced to ask the question, “Which one has eyesight to see the whole truth?” To be partially blind to the truth, or mixing truth with a lie, still makes you a blind guide leading your followers into the pit of inevitable consequences of following a lie. A true word from Jesus Christ is not to let these blind guides overcome you or cause you anxiety (See Matthew 15:14). With God’s help, we can confront all these lies from every source in both society and religious life as they are brought before us through listening or reading. This is possible my dear friends, if we truly hide God’s Word in our hearts and learn how to listen to the indwelling Spirit. When we do this, we will be able to expose and confront every lie. We will also be able to free those who have been taken captive to follow the lies of the enemy.

Of course, if we don’t do anything to confront the lies, then things will only go from bad to worse in this country and around the world. For those who have eyes to see, we have already seen God’s wrath being poured out on fallen humanity for some time now. We have seen reoccurring epidemics and we will continue to see them get even more deadly and widespread. We have already seen great forest fires that have wiped out entire towns and with the heat index on the rise, due to the consequences of man’s sins, then even greater conflagrations are on the horizon engulfing larger cities in monstrous flames of the roaring fire. We have seen smaller earthquakes traumatize entire communities, it won’t be too long before we see larger and more devastating earthquakes paralyze great sections of our country bringing both death and massive destruction. We could go on, but the point is clear until God’s beloved children rise up to confront the blind guides with the whole truth then things will only get worse. Moreover, things will get worse contrary to who’s the president or whatever new laws and global agreements are passed.

Have you hidden God’s truth in your heart, so that you can expose and confront the lies of the world? Let’s see if that’s so. Most lies from the entertainment industry are carefully knit together as subtle lies in every movie they produce. They almost never miss an opportunity to push the lie of evolution that removes God as the Creator. Evolution destroys the fact that everything was created perfect in the beginning (See Genesis 1:31). Friends, man is not getting better, he’s getting worse. The decline in actual intelligence and memory of historical events is beyond the pale. We can easily see the incompetence in every area of society. We are not evolving but devolving. For some time now the big screen has also been pushing homosexuality and sex before marriage. They have shamelessly ignored God’s Word that homosexuals will receive the due penalty for their error (See Romans 1:27). They have covertly removed God’s law that says marriage between one man and one woman should be consecrated before sex (See I Corinthians 7:2). We must expose the lies coming out of Hollywood by proclaiming the truth. In public education, it’s less subtle when they teach their lies. They teach that abortion is not really killing a child by removing God’s foreknowledge of the child in the Mother’s womb as he’s being formed (See Jeremiah 1:5). It’s less subtle when they teach that small children can choose their own gender when it was God who made woman out of the rib of the first man, Adam, so that he could have a helpmate; so that the two shall become one flesh, fulfilling His command to be fruitful and multiply (See Genesis 2:18,24; 1:28). Our gender was uniquely designed by God to fulfill this command. How is this possible if we change our gender? We must confront the lies of public education by proclaiming the truth.

Many of the lies preached from the pulpits of America are destroying the foundation of classic Christianity. One of the biggest lies is that God is the same in every world religion. How can the God of love be the same god that teaches his followers to kill people in cold blood, chop off their heads, and subject their women to excessive cruelty? On the other hand, our God of love teaches us to turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, and consider others better than ourselves (See Matthew 5:39, 41; Philippians 2:3). This lie has destroyed the exclusiveness of Christianity. Remember that Jesus Christ said emphatically, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one cometh to the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). We must expose the lies in religious life by proclaiming the truth. Another lie is that God did not give us everything we need for life and godliness, so we need their worldly counseling techniques and their pathetic drugs in an attempt to cure their increasing number of diagnosis of psychological problems. In so doing, they have destroyed the sufficiency of Scripture that clearly says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3). As new creations (see II Corinthians 5:17) it is essential that we have all the necessary knowledge to confront every problem faced by humanity in the way of emotional and psychological problems. It’s essential that we are transformed in Christ so that we will have the power to confront the lies in religious life by proclaiming the truth. To do so my friend, will deliver many from spiritual blindness and the pit of eternal damnation.

To expose and confront the lies of the world we must listen to and obey, yes, I said to obey, the voice of the indwelling Spirit. Let me say first, and very importantly, that the indwelling Spirit will not contradict the Bible. He will uphold its truth by confirming it over and over again. So, how do we listen to the indwelling Spirit? A good place to begin is to confess your sins before a Holy God and quiet yourself before Him. That is, you cannot listen to the indwelling Spirit while you do all the thinking. Think not! And learn to listen to the still small voice of God through the Spirit. This will be the most difficult part for most because we love to think and keep on thinking until we drown out every voice but our own. If we properly quiet ourselves before the Lord, then it’s even possible to receive a short vision with its immediate interpretation. I have been listening to the indwelling Spirit for many years and I can tell you it almost always has something to do with our work for the Lord. The indwelling Spirit was not sent to be your prophetic looking glass, nor was He sent to tell you unrelated truth about your fascinations and inquiries. On the other hand, in the course of our work, we may see the prophetic and we will see and understand deeper truths beyond anything we could have imagined. Primarily, however, His job is to lead you to expose and confront the lies of the world with His truth. Won’t you join Him today in this great task or will you remain quiet as the entire world is being led astray by their blind guides? The choice is yours.

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The Final Word to Mankind

If you could write one more article, or make one last speech, or record one last video for mankind what would you say? More importantly, what would God want to say through you for all of mankind? What would be His final Word to mankind? I believe He would simply and very powerfully say, “you can’t do it.” What? You cannot really change mankind. All of your laws, all of your grandiose teachings from your professors of higher learning, and, all of your well-thought-out peace deals will not change mankind. All of your psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist and all of your pleading, counseling, and social programs will not change mankind. Finally, all of your religious teachings will not even change mankind. Only one thing will. Only transformation in Jesus Christ through faith will ever completely change mankind from the inside out. Only transformation in Christ will change an undisciplined beast full of lies and deceitfulness into a beautiful new creation full of love, truth, and righteousness. Here’s the question, “is the world still trying to change you or are you being transformed in Christ?” Before you answer that question let’s take a closer look.

The world can’t change people, but it can go a long way in changing their opinion about life. They can convince them that it’s right and honorable to strap on some explosives and destroy their fellow man. They can convince them that it’s ok to destroy the baby in the mother’s womb. They can convince them that it’s perfectly acceptable to change their gender and desire another person of the same sex. They can even teach them to discipline their outward behavior. There is one thing they cannot truly change. They cannot change you, nor can they make you into a new person where you can observe your old life passing away right before your own eyes. Let me say it again, man and all of his institutions, both civil and religious, cannot truly change mankind. They cannot give them a new life. They cannot give them the life that they were originally created to have. Only Christ has the power to make that change through faith. The Bible says, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). Jesus Christ was not kidding; it was not hyperbole. He spoke the truth of what He came to do for all of mankind if they were willing to listen and obey.

Let me say very clearly at this juncture, to be changed by Christ is much more than saying a little prayer and walking the aisle. It starts by admitting that you are a sinner. The Bible says, “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). That means every thought and every action comes short of the glory of God. Unless things really change you are destined for hell in the future, beyond the grave, and the wrath of God now in this life. We can and should feel sorrow for our sins before a Holy God but that’s not enough, it should move us to confession and true repentance, making a commitment before God and man to stop sinning. Now comes the power to stop! Believing that Jesus Christ will transform you into a beautiful new creation. Our belief will be proved by our actions. Dying to self, allowing Jesus Christ, through the indwelling Spirit to have full access to every area of our life. Until you have completely turned away from the world trying to change you into its own diabolical image, you cannot say that you have turned your life over to Christ completely. As Jesus Christ had the power to rise from the grave in three days, He also has the power to give you a brand-new life through faith. It is essential that you believe this truth, which is your first step to transformation in Christ.

If we truly expect to be transformed in Christ, to experience this bountiful life that He has promised, then we will follow His instructions in putting off the old life, dying to self, and putting on the new life in Christ, by keeping in step with the indwelling Spirit. Let me say it again, you cannot follow the world through its teachings, its movies, and its beliefs and claim to be following Jesus Christ through the indwelling Spirit. Unfortunately, most who claim to follow Christ in the last days will get stuck on this one point because they want the best of both worlds. They are unwilling to completely give up one life for the other. Most will continue to watch their videos and television nonstop. They will continue to get advice from the world’s counselors. They will continue to take their drugs for their emotional and psychological problems. They will continue to entertain evil thoughts and ignore the clear commands of Christ. They will continue to commit sexual immorality by living together before marriage, committing their unchecked perversions with children, and men committing shameless acts with other men. They will continue in their pride, boasting, and outrageous lies, all along claiming to be a follower of Jesus Christ. I implore you to stop following the world and let Christ show you the way to your new life in Christ. Time is running out.

The Bible says, “I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:1-2). This is beautiful instructions from the Bible on how to know the perfect will of God, then once followed, allowing us to be transformed from one degree of glory to another (See II Corinthians 3:18). Dear children, do you really want a new life in Christ? Then get off the fence and stop being conformed to the world. The more we submit our body to Christ as a living daily sacrifice the more the indwelling Spirit will transform our lives into the perfect image of the Son, bearing every Spiritual fruit. The Bible says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (II Corinthians 5:17). Dear friends, if we don’t believe that Christ will make us into a new creation, then quite simply, it will not happen. If we don’t actively follow the Way as presented so clearly in the Bible, then transformation will not happen, and we will still be stuck in the old life. To escape the world and allow Christ to change us, there is one more essential truth that we must believe.

We must believe that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. If we truly believe that, then we will have no need for the godless teachings in the world. The Bible says, “According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3). Let’s be clear, we are talking about life and godliness, not instructions on how to paint your house or fix your computer. On the other hand, the Bible will give us instructions on patience and long-suffering as we complete our work. It will give us wisdom and guidance on how to flee anxiety and overcome depression if we run into difficulties. It will give us everything we need for life and godliness. Here’s great news, the indwelling Spirit will bring His instructions to our memory and give us guidance and application for His truth. Praise God. Dear children, although Christ came to promise us eternal life in heaven with Him, He has also given us a bountiful life right now through faith in the person of Jesus Christ who is the divine Son of God. So, before time runs out, I implore you in the Name of Jesus Christ to follow Him and become all that He wants you to be. Transformation in Christ opens up a whole new world, full of wonder and amazement beyond our wildest imagination. This is your final word to mankind. The Clock is ticking.

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A Righteous Army of Light Will Overcome the Powers of Darkness

Dear Christian, it’s time to fight back using the very powerful weapons of righteousness. It’s time to fight back, but not with the weapons of this world. The weapons of this world, used by the carnal Christian, has nearly destroyed the beautiful message of the Cross. It has turned the pagan against us, unwilling to listen to our message. The hateful rhetoric on social media, the memes, and the sharing of demeaning messages about the other side has caused the unbeliever to hate us that much more. As the walls go up, the dividing lines are drawn, and communication ceases, then hostilities toward the Christian community increases exponentially. I think everyone will admit that the weapons of this world don’t work in winning the hearts and minds of the unbeliever. We have closed the door to heaven for people and nations that are steeped in their sins or worship an unknown god. We simply cannot damn them to hell. Although the Bible is clear that we should not cast our pearls before the swine, with the warning that they can turn on us, we must admit that not all people should be classified as the unreachable swine ready to rip us apart (See Matthew 7:6). So, what can be done for the rest?

We need to raise up a righteous army of light to overcome the powers of darkness and to make the people’s hearts and minds ready to hear the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Before we can do that, we need to catch the vision from heaven. What would it look like, if the powers of darkness were overcome and people were made ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Picture with me, if you will, if the vilest sinner, the Muslim, the Hindu, the backsliding carnal Christian, the atheist, and all the other world religions could hear the whole truth without the world’s wrong perception of the Christian and his beliefs it would be a beautiful thing. If they could hear the Gospel without the years of indoctrination, misinformation, godless teaching, and bad theology, then it would truly turn the world upside down. Not everyone would believe but very many could believe and be changed into a new creation by the power of the Gospel. If this happened in the pagan world of the First Century, who had very many different gods, then it can also happen now, just as gloriously. It can happen now if we are successful in removing their perception of hate and mistrust projected upon them by the Christian community as a whole. So, how do we do that?

The Bible says, that the great Apostle Paul became all things to all people for the purpose of winning them to the Gospel of Christ (See I Corinthians 9:19-23). To do this we must honor and respect their customs without participating in their sins or agreeing with their false theology. We must not be seen as the enemy but seen as a good neighbor. And for those who accept our sincere friendship then the walls will start to come down so that we can present the Gospel unashamedly with great power and excitement from the Holy Spirit. If this is not coupled with good works and walking as children of light, then our preaching will fall on deaf ears and be seen as hypocritical. If they don’t see the promise of Jesus Christ, we are proclaiming, being fulfilled in our lives, then our preaching will be in vain. If they don’t see the love, the joy, and the peace in our lives they will have little interest in what we are saying. Let’s be clear, we are not talking about just the pastors and evangelists but every believer in Christ. We are talking about raising up an army of light to overcome the powers of darkness that has this world in its death grip. Furthermore, as children of light, we will use our weapons of righteousness to overcome the evil in our day. Although these weapons will be very effective to opening the door to the Gospel for the common man, it could cause us to also suffer persecution from those in religious authority that disagree with our teachings thus directing those in secular power to come against us. (See II Corinthians 6:4-5). Stand firm and keep preaching the truth.

So what are these weapons of righteousness? The Bible says, “By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned” (II Corinthians 6:6). Unlike the world, the believers’ new life in Christ should be bright and pure who has separated himself from every manner of sin, not to judge others, but to set them an example of purity which is a strong arrow in our arsenal. Secondly, unlike a world of confusion, the Christian is filled with heavenly knowledge. He easily confounds the knowledge in the fallen world by showing them that they cannot cure emotional and psychological problems apart from the new life in Christ, which causes old things to pass away. He demonstrates longsuffering as he allows the Gospel message to overcome every obstacle thrown at it. Unlike the fake smiles and meaningless gestures in the world, his genuine kindness breaks down every barrier. He does not judge their appearance or color but looks deep within their heart with a sincere desire to meet their every need. Everything is done in full confidence that the Holy Spirit is speaking through us and directing our every action to overcome the evil in the world. Our most effective weapon is to demonstrate true agape love, that gives without expecting anything in return. Finally, once the wall is completely down and we have their attention, we must proceed with the power of God to deliver the entire word of truth, by the armor of righteousness on the right hand and on the left. (See II Corinthians 6:7) To wield these powerful weapons of righteousness will bring down the wall of hostility between us and the unbeliever.

Dear friends, instead of complaining and growing hysterical about all the influx of new religions, the vagabond, the refugees, and the worst of sinners, let us see this as the great Providence of God bringing the mission field to us. No longer do we need to travel great distances to find the unbeliever, for he now resides on our own shores. Instead of joining with the godless religions, let us raise up an army of light to let them feel the conviction from the Almighty God. Let them witness His great power flowing through us as we learn to walk as children of light every moment of every day wielding our weapons of righteousness to overcome the darkness. Never let them catch us walking in the ways of this fallen world. Let them never catch us sinning or speaking forth words of hate and damnation to the other side. To do so my friend, will allow the darkness to spread and the Church to become inept in its duty. Let us uncover our crosses and loudly ring our church bells to the glory of God, so everyone can see that our God reigns. We pray that they will not see this as an act of hateful opposition, but as true children of light ready to give them the words of life.

Before we give them the words of life, we need to heed the infinite wisdom from our Holy and Righteous Lord. Tragically many believers ignore His words of wisdom thinking that they know better. Although we are called to preach the Gospel message to all nations, which would include every race and religion, the Lord’s wisdom cautions us to wait until we have an open door. Wisdom says to wait until an opportunity presents itself through the use of our weapons of righteousness, where we can detect that our gracious loving behavior is not spurned, or arrogantly ignored. As believers, we have learned the hard way that if we proceed with the blessed doctrines of the Gospel while people are still unreceptive and hatefully rejecting us, then we have felt the brunt of their open hostility. On the other hand, once the walls come down and we are received as a good neighbor then we have the grace and power to proceed with the precious Gospel message, to boldly preach the Cross, which still possesses the power of salvation (See Matthew 7:6). Dear children, let me encourage you to step out on faith and become a part of this army of light to overcome the powers of darkness in our day. May God be praised.

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Hoofbeats of the Apocalypse are Growing Louder

We would need to be spiritually dead not to hear the hoofbeats of the apocalypse. It’s growing louder every minute of every day in the hearts and minds of all God’s precious children. It’s not fear mongering. It’s not a product of vain imaginations. It’s not just an opinion. It’s not even necessarily prophetic. It is reality. It’s happening now. Every believer should already sense the tremendous moral decline in our society, that’s almost beyond belief. It’s almost like waking up to a bad dream. We have seen the wrath of God being poured out on all ungodliness in this country and around the world for some time now. Although most will not see or recognize this wrath, it should not be so, for God’s elect children. We have been given eyes to see. The Bible clearly indicates what God’s wrath is, and how to recognize it. Three times in the Bible, specifically in the letter to the Romans, it says, God gave them up by allowing them to sink deeper into their sins and its inevitable consequences (See Romans 1:18-32). Yes, my dear friends, sin does have its consequences. Listen and you can hear the approaching hoofbeats of the Apocalypse.

I believe that’s exactly what we are seeing today, in this country and around the world. When this country turned its back on God by approving homosexuality, the transgender, and every other sexual sin openly and unashamedly then they have received the due consequences for their sins. When this country turned its back on God by approving of abortions, the killing of millions of innocent children, and the cruel treatment of the less fortunate, then they have surely received the due consequences for their sins. When this country turned its back on God by removing His teachings and prayers from the public schoolhouse, then they have received the due consequences for their sins. When the whole world has turned its back on God by destroying His beautiful planet, then they have received the due consequences for their sins. So what are these consequences? The increased death and destruction upon the planet and in our communities have already shocked our sensibilities. We as a nation and the world at large are being overwhelmed by gangs, perverts, the insane, godless religions dragging humanity down to the gutters of immorality, mass murders in our schools upon our defenseless children, homelessness in our streets, and rampant drug addiction. Clearly, this is the consequences of our sins.

I hate to even imagine how much worse it will get but imagine we must. The streets will be filled with horror with evil lurking around every corner. And for those of us who were born and raised in quieter times, we have seen the tremendous decline and its effects upon humanity. Back in the ’50s when prayer and Bible study was allowed in the public schools with the Ten Commandments hanging proudly on the wall, we never heard of mass murder in our schools. Now the numbers are staggering. It is reported that there have been 2,057 school shootings since the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14, 2012. Can anyone question the pain and suffering this has caused not only for the children but the tragic loss that the parents and grandparents must endure. Before there was a sense of safety and confidence that our children were not being taught things contrary to our beliefs. Now our children are taken away and led into every manner of perversion through approved public-school indoctrination. We had never even thought of allowing a five-year-old to choose their own gender, now it’s being widely accepted. This alone, not counting all the other perversions, will have a profound effect upon the family unit and the society as a whole. We need to count the cost. We are reaping the consequences of our sins.

There are also dire consequences for destroying our beautiful planet. No, we are not going to blame Global Warming, but we will point to our sins and their consequences. Our cities are now being flooded beyond anything we have seen in history. Rising temperatures are raising the sea level, affecting our weather patterns, destroying crops, and causing the extinction of many different species that have a profound effect upon the ecosystem. Smog alone has been responsible for 5.5 million deaths per year. When we start adding up the number of deaths, disease, and poverty caused by violent hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires, and earthquakes we can plainly see the consequences of our sins. We can’t blame God or anything else. The blame squarely sits upon our shoulders for the greed, avarice, selfishness, pride, and any other number of sins that would cause us to destroy our very home. Yes, we will sink ever deeper into the consequences of our sins. Again, it will be difficult to imagine even by reading all the bowls of God’s wrath in the book of Revelation. Let’s be clear the wrath of God is allowing us to slip deeper and deeper in the consequences of our sins. Dear friends, there is nothing we can do to stop it. Nothing short of total and complete repentance.

A stronger economy will not stop the decline. A more robust military will not stop it. The most magnificent wall on our Southern border will not stop it. Climate control will not stop it. All the best political decisions from Congress will not stop it. Even our beloved president cannot stop it. Only one thing will stop it, total and complete repentance before a Holy and Righteous God. So, what about the believer? What can, or should, the Christians do. We can keep preaching and teaching that people will wake up and repent. We can continue to pray. Yet, there is one more thing we are all called to do. This one last thing is not an option for it is a clear command in Scripture. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities” (Revelation 18:4-5). The good news is if every Christian living in the world today, took this command seriously, we may not stop the descent, but we could slow it down substantially, if not for ourselves, then for our children and grandchildren.

So how do we come out of the world? Well, we don’t withdraw to some mountain top with other like-minded believers. On the other hand, we do withdraw ourselves, our children, and our entire household from what the world is teaching, participating in, and selling. So, how does the world teach and counsel us? They do it daily through all the Social Media platforms, YouTube, Television, movies, games, public schools, organizations, surfing the internet, and counseling centers. Come out from among them and be separate. When you do there will be a tremendous void that may cause you some slight anxiety or depression. This is where we really need other like-minded believers in Christ for mutual encouragement and love. You will need to really read and study all of God’s Word asking Him how to apply all of His teachings to your life. You will begin to enjoy the times of quiet meditation and praying in the Spirit experiencing an indescribable inner joy and peace. As you put off the old life that was being shaped by the world and start putting on the new life shaped by the indwelling Spirit, you will not miss the world or the things in it. Fellowship among His true believers will take on a whole new meaning. Let me conclude by saying it again, this is a command of Scripture because God loves you. He does not want you to experience the plagues falling upon the world as they sink deeper and deeper into the consequences of their sins. Come out from among them and be separate!

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The Coming War to Enthrone Antichrist

The new Babylon, the most powerful nation in the world, will be governed by the Antichrist who will fulfill all the dreams and aspirations of the Nation of Israel by proclaiming himself as their true deliverer. Proclaiming loudly to the world powers that anyone who comes against the nation of Israel will be dealt with swiftly and with the full extent of his military might. Most of the Jewish people have become inclusive and want peace at almost any cost. At any cost other than the full governing rights and global recognition of all Jerusalem as their capital. At any cost other than access to the Temple Mount, in some small measure, for the construction of the third Jewish Temple. The Antichrist will proclaim peace to the nation of Israel and to all the Jews living throughout the world who has suffered greatly during the time of the Gentiles, which is quickly coming to an end with the recognition of the Nation of Israel in 1948, (See Luke 21:24). He will declare an end to antisemitism from all the nations in the world. He will proclaim peace to a people who have suffered greatly under the oppression as second-class citizens and the occasional slaughter by the Muslims since the conception of their religion. Peace will be a welcome relief from the rocket attacks by the Palestinians in Gaza and the day to day terrorism from the West Bank. The Jewish people will rejoice in the streets of the whole world as a testimony to their new freedoms and promises made, and kept, by the coming Antichrist.

For the faithful remnant, these will be perilous times indeed for they will have no fear of exposing the evil powers of darkness masquerading as light to garner the worship of God’s people throughout the entire world, both Jew and gentile. Yes, even the lukewarm Christian who has experienced some measure of reformation but not transformation in Christ will follow the Antichrist, saying who can stand against the Beast who has delivered us from the clutches of radical Islam and the radical beliefs of the Christian remnant (See Revelation 13:4). Lukewarm Christianity will also dance in the streets with the homosexual, the transgender, the abortionist, and the pervert to celebrate the inclusiveness of all religions and the acceptance of every lifestyle. If that’s not enough, they will even send gifts to one another in celebration of their new freedoms (Revelation 11:10). Everyone will proclaim peace, peace throughout the world and hate those who wait for Jesus Christ, the real Messiah, returning from heaven. Although the faithful remnant will love and pray for the earthly Jerusalem, they will also remember it’s prophetic reference as the city called Sodom and Egypt, where the Lord was crucified, and the city that will kill those faithful witnesses who speak against the coming Antichrist. (See Revelation 11:8). The Christian faithful remnant will look beyond the earthly Jerusalem to the heavenly Jerusalem, to a Kingdom that cannot be shaken (See Hebrews 12:18-29). The faithful remnant will be hated by the entire world, even the Jew because they proclaim the exclusiveness of Christianity and the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.

Well, dear children if we are still here and have not yet been lifted up in the rapture, then we must not lose hope. Christ will return for His true Church at the end of the age, just as He had promised. He is not slow in keeping His promise. The Bible says, “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (II Peter 3:9). Just think about the great number of true believers to be transformed in Christ from the beginning of His ministry until now. Think of the great joy in heaven that Christ was patient and allowed so many of your brothers and sisters time to repent and follow Him. Friends, Christ loves you; He has set His seal upon you (See Ephesians 1:13-14). Not only is this a mark of ownership, but it is also His seal of protection and promise. So, no matter how bad it gets, He is here with us going through the same suffering and not allowing you to fall under the snare of the devil. So, if we are still here during this time then we have been called for a special job, which we will talk more about in a moment. For now, let me impress upon you that God will give us the strength and great power to fulfill our calling. Although our numbers will be few, we will have something that the rest of the world doesn’t have. We have the Spirit of the living God living in us, to guide, to protect, and to fulfill our destiny with great power.

So, what is this special job that we as the faithful remnant have been called to do? We like every true believer in Christ have been called to preach and teach the truth. We are called to teach the whole gospel truth, not the watered-down version that’s become so popular in today’s world. This truth goes well beyond just walking the aisle and saying a little prayer. It goes well beyond even learning and trying to practice all of His beautiful commands. It goes beyond learning what your Spiritual gifts are and attempting to use them with your own power. It even goes well beyond studying the whole Bible and memorizing many favorite verses. The heart and soul of the Gospel is that Christ wants to make us into a brand-new creation, which is only possible if we truly die to self and surrender our lives completely to the indwelling Spirit, whose job is to grow us from one degree of glory to another – to transform us (See II Corinthians 3:18). Without transformation, we simply cannot claim to be a Christian. Once we begin the transformation process then we will learn all of His beautiful commands that will not be burdensome. We will learn and use our Spiritual gifts not from our power but from the power of God flowing through us. We will study the whole Bible, not for intellectual purposes but for the Spirit of the living God to write them on our hearts and apply them to our lives. As a Christian being transformed, we will understand and believe in the sufficiency of Scripture and the exclusiveness of Christianity. We will also be among the first to recognize the Antichrist by removing his disguise and proclaiming it loudly to an unbelieving world.

In conclusion, we will prepare by continuing the transformation process by trusting in Christ alone. We will shun the counseling office and their mind-altering drugs. We will withdraw from those who claim to have a new truth that’s not in the Bible. We will close our ears to those who bring forth a prophecy that’s not grounded in Biblical truth. We will come out from among them who want to accept the immorality in our world. We will shun those who say that Islam and Christianity serve the same God. Although we love the Jew and will pray for him, if he rejects Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, then we must treat him as an unbeliever. We will continue to love and pray for all people from every race, nationality, and religious upbringing that they will come to a point in their life where they will accept the Gospel truth and seek God’s forgiveness. Finally, dear children pray for great discernment in these last days, stay alert, and keep preaching the truth. “So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them for me” (Ezekiel 33:7). Oh Israel, reject the coming Antichrist and come to Jesus Christ, your true Messiah. May God be praised!

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