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Lying, Deception, and Distraction in the Last Days

Almost everyone is doing it, that is lying and wearing their face of deceit, but for God’s beloved children it should not be so. It’s as though we have turned back the clock nearly two thousand years, when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ, “What is truth?” (See John 18:38) Once again, the world has sunk into the depth of immorality not only where they were blind to the truth, but also where few actually spoke the truth. Everything was lying deception and wearing the mask of deceit. Deceitfulness ruled the day. The world has gone full circle now, for we have returned once again to those last days, the days of lying deception. As it was before, it has become common place for both our political and religious leaders to speak outrageous lies and wear the mask of deceit. Once again, we discover it’s most difficult to tell when someone is actually telling the truth, even with the rise of the so called “Fact Check” websites. These websites have also been known to take things out of context or bend the truth for their audience. This lying deception has also entered the schools, the news media, and the government changing historical facts, causing us to repeat our same mistakes. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Satan is keeping everyone so busy that they don’t study the whole truth by researching history but spend the majority of their time following the deceptive lies of our age. They can quote the talking points of their professors or the memes from social media but don’t truly understand the history of civilization. They don’t have an in-depth understanding of political theory and ideologies of government, especially the impact of socialism and communism on Christianity. Yet, what we have seen is a dumbing down of education, the news media, and religion. The fallen world gives the population a series of talking points, repeated again and again, never going too deep in historical fact or making a comparative analysis of previous events. While we are chasing the same story being repeated over and over again, the world is being conditioned to think that there is nothing more important to report. All of this so-called news goes through a gatekeeper allowing it to advance the fallen world’s agenda. For example, repeating again and again, the stories of the many killings, highlighting those done by firearms, which advances their agenda on gun control. Another example is all the repeated hateful rhetoric hurled at the President who wants to advance the agenda of his Christian base, whose desire is to stand against the homosexual agenda and the killing of unborn children. And if anyone ever says that there is more to the story that’s not being reported, then they are labeled as a false prophet, an alarmist or even a conspiracy theorist. If we don’t hear the whole truth, then we will remain in bondage.

To understand the truth then we must come to Christ who is the truth. The Bible said, “that Jesus Christ is the truth” and that “truth will set us free” (See John 8:31-32). Simply put if we learn the truth then we will not be led into bondage by the lies and deception of our age but set free. When we come to Christ allowing Him to write His truth on our hearts through the indwelling Spirit then in time, we will develop a Biblical Worldview. To do that we need to understand the history of interpretation of the entire Bible, realizing that much of the accepted Bible interpretation in the modern age has come within the past few hundred years, especially concerning the Second Coming and the Great Tribulation. We need a doctrinal base or systematic theology to pull upon and a working knowledge of the whole Word of God to keep us on track and not be led astray. It will also be helpful to understand some of the original language of the source material used in the formation of our modern-day Bibles. The most important thing is learning how to listen to the indwelling Spirit that will confirm all of His truth in the Bible. The Holy Spirit will never contradict His Word, nor will He add to it or subtract from it. Yes, with God’s help we can know the whole truth and the truth will set us free.

When we develop a Biblical Worldview, by coming to the truth, then our eyes will truly be opened. We will see the fight over the border wall, and the shutting down of the government, along with many other things as simply a distraction. The constant infighting among our elected officials and their hurling of insults at one another is another distraction. To attack every word of our current President and run an endless investigation of his affairs and possible collusion with Russia is also a major distraction. They simply do not want you to hear the real truth, so they constantly bombard us with their lies, deception, and distractions. These lies, and distractions are not limited to just the news media but have entered into every other area accessed by fallen humanity. Every social media platform from Snap Chat, Facebook, and Twitter, to Instagram, are all distractions for fallen humanity with some having the greatest evil portrayed for all to see. When you add to it the worldwide web and YouTube then the entire world is being led around by their noses, by Satan, keeping them busy and uninformed. This later distraction has become so accepted that it is now in our public schools, being used as learning tools, shaping the next generation. As we develop our Biblical Worldview by coming to the truth, we will withdraw from every distraction caused by Satan.

With our eyes fully open then we can begin to see God’s plan for our lives. Imagine with me for a moment, if you will, a world without the internet, cell phones, social media platforms, and a news media that only gives the real news for that day without all the distractions. That is the world that Christ wants for you. As we enter into this world without lies, deception, and distractions then we allow God’s Word alone to have its full effect upon us as believers. We see our new life in Christ where the old life no longer has dominion over us. We understand the depth and latitude of our transformation in Christ. We are finally set free. With our eyes fully open we can see the beauty of the world around us apart from all the technology and the constant inward look of selfishness. We no longer feel the need for constant entertainment. We can truly appreciate silence and solitude. We long for those moments with God alone through both prayer and meditation. We can learn to appreciate our connection with other believers in Christ as God works through us to minister to them. We also appreciate their ministry to us through the utilization of Spiritual gifts. Oh, how we long for the new world in Christ.

As we enter into that world by choice then we as believers will have a tremendous effect upon the world. Although ultimately, we cannot change it, we can have an impact on it for good. We must let our voice be heard, even if they don’t have ears to hear. The border wall may keep out the drugs and illegal immigrants, but it will not stop the wrath of God. Until this nation stops killing millions of babies and the approving of homosexuality, then His wrath will continue to pour out on an unrighteous nation. Electric cars and recycling may slow the changing weather, but it will not stop the wrath of God. As long as we teach our children lies about our history by overlooking the human abuses in communist and socialist countries then the wrath of God will continue to pour out on an unrighteous nation. As long as we allow God’s beautiful children to learn their deceptive lies, then His wrath will continue to be poured out on an unrighteous nation. Let us as God’s holy children, come out from among them. The Bible says, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye  receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18:4). So, let it be done. Amen

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Can We Deal with an Economic Disaster?

Most of us can see the signs that the world is approaching a meltdown. From greedy and dishonest political leadership to an increasingly hostile environment and all manner of wickedness, most of us can see the grim future ahead. We can also see how greed in the manufacturing of products are designed not to last. Some of us can also see that much of the food produced today is destroying our health making us prime candidates for the drug industry. Most of us can see with our eyes that the economic system is ready to collapse casting the entire world into poverty. The world will need a savior to rescue them from near starvation and the ravaging gangs taking what they want. Beyond our eyesight, some of us can see Spiritually, that confirms that this economic collapse will soon become a reality. We don’t need to be an economist to determine the many factors that could cause such a collapse. The factors could include a world at war, global catastrophes caused by natural events or the hand of God, and the inability to recover from the combined global debt of every nation. This could be just one factor or a combination of factors that could cause the economic collapse. Dear children, I take no pleasure in writing this article and making this prophetic prediction. However, if we do not prepare now then we will not survive.

When the economic collapse comes it will have its largest impact upon the world’s ability to feed the masses. The people will suffer greatly when they must survive on one meal or less per day. This will be especially hard as we begin to realize that our food products are made by adding sugars and other ingredients to cause our bodies to crave and become addicted to these unhealthy products. Even now most realize to miss a scheduled meal or ever-increasing number of snacks makes them think that they are starving. It drives them back to the market again and again or to the many different choices in fast food restaurants to satisfy their craving. So what happens when money is no longer available, and credit dries up or what happens when the stores are empty and the restaurants are closed? What would the masses do to feed themselves? What would they do to relieve their hunger pain? The strong will almost immediately start taking from the weak. There will be hysteria and global pandemonium as local police are overwhelmed and martial law is enacted with a futile attempt to feed the masses. As we shall see, it would be far worse than the Great Depression in America as lines get longer and blame turns into rage against God’s beloved children and even God Himself.

Although as Christians there is nothing we can do to change the inevitable, we can prepare now. First, we will discuss how to survive, then secondly, we will discuss how the coming Antichrist will use this to his advantage following through on an old saying by those in power, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Perhaps the best starting place is learning to develop some good habits now before things get really bad. The amount of food that people throw away is at an alarming rate, especially in the West, which basically happens for three reasons. First, most do not pay attention to the shelf life of a product and if not consumed by a certain date it goes bad and must be trashed. Secondly, too much food is prepared, and the leftovers are not consumed before they go bad and they too must be trashed. Thirdly, leftovers are not consumed because the desire to eat something different and more pleasing to the pallet outweighs the need of eating leftovers or other products in your cupboard where the shelf life is about to expire. Another good habit is learning to eat good nutritional food. The biggest lie given to the public is that they really care about your health as they list the ingredients on the products and make false claims about their health benefits. In reality, everything that’s processed has ingredients that are not healthy.

As Christians we would be wise to start now by cutting down on our bad food intake, especially the sugar-based drinks and processed foods. You can do your own research and discover the best foods and beverages for your health. Dear children, it will be very difficult to give up your cola’s, pastries, deserts, boxed foods, fast food restaurants and even more difficult to give up all processed food (primarily in a box). However, all this preparation now will help you when you must go without easy access to plentiful food in the market. We can also prepare by conserving food through proper rotation, not allowing our food products to go beyond their shelf life, and above all by never throwing food away. It’s unfortunate that we have lost the ability to plant a garden, to can vegetables, fruit, to hunt and fish which gave many an edge during the Great Depression. So, I would suggest that churches would work together in teaching their people to farm a small plot of land. We cannot wait until the last minute to co-op with others to plant a garden and learn how to can fruit and vegetables. We cannot wait until the last minute to learn how to fish or hunt wild game in areas that are now allowed. I know for most city dwellers this will be difficult, but it will be essential for our future survival.

Dear children, after doing everything we can do to prepare, we must be committed to not bowing to those in power so that we can buy and sell their food products. We must be committed to not taking any kind of mark or implant, no matter what their excuse. Believe me, there will be plenty of excuses that will all seem valid enough, such as: to protect you by marking (or implanting) the immigrant, which in time will also include you. Or to mark or implant you to safeguard your identity or be there in an instant if your life is threatened, or to locate you in case of an emergency or natural disaster. When the entire world see the validity in being marked or implanted and lines-up for the procedure then we must stand firm in our faith. The prophecy is quite clear on this point. The Bible says, “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name” (Revelation 13:16-17). Our trust must be in Jesus Christ alone to provide for our every need.

To bow down to those in power by taking the mark or the implant will have its eternal consequences. I quote this passage of Scripture entirely because we need to understand the full consequences of taking the mark or implant and bowing down to anyone other than Jesus Christ as Lord. The Bible also says, “And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name” (Revelation 14:9-11). Please dear children, I implore you to stand firm and follow these simple directions to help you to prepare for the coming economic collapse knowing that the Antichrist will use this crisis to his advantage.

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Wake Up! And Strengthen the Things Which Remain

I have always wondered how the entire world could be swept away so easily by evil. I have also agonized over why the church of our day is being led into lukewarm Christianity. Why are most satisfied with a daily prayer, the reading of a few verses in Scripture, the chasing after the latest prophetic message, and a weekly worship service? While most of Christianity is on the verge of dying, all they can talk about is the great escape before things get too bad. Almost no one is talking about strengthening what remains and perfecting their works before God. Hardly anyone is talking about transformation in Christ and becoming all that God wants us to be. The Bible says, “Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God” (Revelation 3:2). We will discover together how to strengthen those things which remain and how to perfect our works before God. If we don’t then those things which lie ahead will drag us further down into a pit of misery and the Great Tribulation meant to refine and awaken His Church.

As athletes practice and work out daily to win the prize, so does the believer in Christ. Walking the aisle and deciding to follow Jesus Christ is only the first step in a long journey of enduring many different trials and tribulations. It’s a lifelong journey of overcoming many obstacles and dangerous pitfalls sent by the enemy. Yet through all this, the Christian grows stronger as he learns to walk in his faith every hour of every day. As he keeps in step with the indwelling Spirit, he learns all the disciplines of the Christian faith. He learns very quickly that the beginning of his strength comes from putting off the old life and the ways of the fallen world that have pulled him down from the cradle. He learns that everything in the world of fallen humanity is directed by the powers of evil and the wiles of the devil to keep him from experiencing the joy of his salvation. As the athlete strengthens his muscles to accomplish his goals, the Christian’s real strength comes from putting on the new life in Christ, but again this is only the first step. However, it is a very important step because one must really believe that they have a new life in Christ. Without belief in the new life, the old devil will continue to pull you down convincing you that you are not worthy of the new life in Christ. Or convincing you that you need the help of fallen humanity to succeed, which is a lie of the devil.

Let’s digress a bit and discover together how today’s Christian has suffered such a great loss and needs to strengthen what remains. Simply put, today’s Christian has believed the lie of the devil. He no longer believes in the new life in Christ. He no longer believes that old things have truly passed away, which is a direct contradiction of the Bible that says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (II Corinthians 5:17). Furthermore, Christ does not give us this new life and then depart back to heaven leaving us to work things out on our own. On the contrary, He gives us the indwelling Spirit whose express job is to help us put off the old life and put on the new life in Christ through what is known as transformation in Christ. The indwelling Spirit does not come empty-handed but has all the resources of the Godhead that has been written down in Holy Scripture conveyed to us as we grow from one degree of glory to another. The Bible says, “According to his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (II Peter 1:3). Yet, fallen humanity and the carnal Christian no longer believe this truth and have suffered a great loss because of it.

So, the first step to strengthen what remains is to reject the lie of the devil and start believing the truth. Once that takes place then we need to learn “all things that pertain unto life and godliness.” The best place to start is the inward discipline of meditation and prayer: to study, understand, and apply God’s Holy Word to your life. For example, if we read in the Sermon on the Mount that we need to turn the other cheek and go the extra mile along with many other beautiful truths, then through prayer and meditation we learn how to apply these truths to our lives. Step by step as the indwelling Spirit leads, we learn and apply each truth to our lives thus helping us to grow closer to Christ and to experience the power of the transformation, becoming all that He wants us to be in Christ. Friends, the world cannot do this. The unbelieving or carnal Christian cannot do this. This is only possible through faith, believing with our entire heart, and obedience to God’s direction through the indwelling Spirit. The good news is, the more we grow in Christ, the easier it becomes to throw off the yoke of the fallen world and the lies of the devil. Depression, anxiety, loneliness, grief, anger, along with hundreds of other so-called disorders pass away and are dealt with easily through the power and truth of the indwelling Spirit.

The second step is to learn and apply the outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission, and service. We begin by learning that we are no longer controlled by a desire to amass wealth and prosperity. Our true treasure is stored up in heaven as we give ourselves fully to others through both financial and Spiritual gifts. We learn that our true wealth is in our solitude before a holy God. We love and appreciate the truly quiet life of allowing God to speak to us through the indwelling Spirit. Allowing Him to direct us along the narrow path as we meditate on God’s written Word in the Holy Bible. No longer afflicted with loneliness we enjoy hours of quiet meditation before the Lord in solitude. We learn true submission to others through humility by honoring others above ourselves, seeking their opinion even if they are considered less than us. And then finally in our last outward discipline, we learn service to God and to others. Simply put, we live to serve others. All that we do, we do for others that God might be glorified. Each step of the way we begin to realize the Spiritual growth that is taking place within us as we experience the power of transformation in Christ.

Finally, as we seek to strengthen those things that remain in our Christian faith, we don’t ignore the corporate disciplines that are also essential to our Spiritual growth. The Bible says that we should confess our sins one to another. We all stumble by saying and doing things to others that are not right, that can be hurtful and even cause a weaker brother to stumble. It takes a mature believer in Christ to humbly confess one’s faults to another seeking their forgiveness as we also seek absolution from God alone. Although there are many other disciplines, we have only chosen to look at a few for this particular study. The next outward disciplines we will look at today are worship and evangelism. To worship God with others, even if it’s only a few others, is valuable to your faith in that we garner a much higher experience in both knowledge and insight through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, “And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness” (Acts 4:31). And of course, this leads into our last discipline to be discussed which is evangelism or sharing the gospel, or simply being able to explain to someone about the hope that you have in Christ Jesus. There is no greater help to your faith and growth in Christ Jesus than sharing it with others. An essential discipline to help us to strengthen the things which remain and being ready for the return of Christ in glory. Amen

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Revelation – A New World Coming

Every true believer in Christ is looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth. However, what will concern us today is the new world that Satan and his henchmen are making right now under the noses of fallen humanity. For years we have all been concerned about the New World Order that would be established and ruled by the coming Antichrist. They have taught this in the schools of higher learning and in the movies that we’ve watched for over sixty years. For those who have been brought up to believe this, look forward to a time when every nation will work together in mutual respect and harmony. They have foreseen a world that has moved beyond the captivity of religion, especially Christianity, and into the future by overcoming the depravity of man through psychiatric counseling. They have foreseen the abolishment of hunger, wars, and the effects of Global Warming caused by man. I am here to say that this is all a fantasy. It’s a lie from the pit of hell. As we shall see unless man’s heart is changed by returning to the basic principles of our Christian faith then man’s wickedness will increase with the proportionate outpouring of God’s wrath through His Seals, Trumpets, and Bowls (See Revelation 6,8,9,16).

Fallen humanity cannot fix the depravity of their hearts. Although he has tried for thousands of years through every known religion and social structure, it has always failed. Even Christianity build on seven hills and the remnants of the great city of Rome it too has failed because it has allowed self-righteous man to enter its hallowed halls and change it’s faith (See Revelation 17:4-6, 9). They along with the rest of Christendom have all but rejected the Sufficiency of Scripture and the Exclusiveness of Christianity, which has allowed a great evil to enter the church (See II Peter 1:3; John 14:6). They have allowed Satan to lead them around by the nose instead of being transformed into a new creation in Christ (See II Corinthians 5:17). Even their unholy wedding with every social structure known to man has not been successful in changing the heart of man. All has been tried from Socialism to Communism, and from Fascism to Capitalism but all have failed. Nations and people still rage, as they invent newer ways to destroy one another. Horrific crimes that shock our sensibilities still go unabated against humanity. Hunger and diseases still ravages the planet and our once beautiful home is still being destroyed. Nothing has changed. Man’s heart is still depraved.

The world that’s being shaped now is not going to be any better. In fact, it’s going to be far worse, because they have rejected the only thing that can truly change man’s heart. Things are not what they appear. It doesn’t take an expert to see that most of our freedoms have already diminished by allowing evil to prevail in our legal system, health care, education, and the business sector driven by wealth and greed. Don’t think for a minute that evil will be eradicated just because some promises have been made by those in power. Experimental drugs will continue on the market as they seek to control and boost the productivity of the workforce and to refine drugs to help the mental experts deal with the depravity of humanity. Don’t think for a moment that we will overturn the rights of the homosexual community and stop the pedophile’s quest for sexual encounters with children. Don’t think for a moment that we will stop public education from teaching their perversions and historical revisions to our children. Don’t think for a moment that we will overturn the mother’s desire to kill their own child through abortion. Don’t think that for a moment that we will actually stop those who are destroying our planet or polluting the environment. Our freedoms have been taken away step by step over the past sixty years while most of us have slept. We have already lost our freedoms to carry our Bibles, to teach or preach in schools, in public buildings, malls, parks and on the streets without a permit.

So what do we do, as children of the Most High God? We cannot ultimately change the direction of the world, but there is much we can do, and should do. It can be summarized in two points: 1) come out from among them; and 2) draw close to Jesus Christ in faith and obedience. What matters most to me is that you will be prepared for the coming of Christ in the clouds (See Mark 13:26). So, the first thing we need to do, is stop following the world’s agenda that’s keeping you so confused and ignorant that you would not recognize the Beast (or the Antichrist) if he were standing right before you. Redeem the time. Quit following every wind of doctrine where the News Media, Social Media, public education, and Hollywood has become a cesspool of contradicting information to keep you uninformed, busy, and aggravated. Believe me, it will be totally unacceptable to withdraw from society. It will be illegal, if not already, to reject your children’s public education and its profane curriculum and to reject the counsel and drugs from your counselor of psychiatry (under the cloak of Social Services). It will, in the near future, be illegal to reject the world’s method to monitor your movement and purchases through a new and improved chip on your credit and debit cards. Cash and personal checks will no longer exist.

Now, for the second thing. Do not come to me for I am merely a man. Come to Jesus Christ believing that He has already given you everything you need for life and godliness (See II Peter 1:3). Listen to Him through Scripture confirmed by the indwelling Spirit. Walk with Him in obedience to all of His commands allowing the indwelling Spirit to produce every Spiritual fruit (See Galatians 5:22-23). If we say we truly believe in the Sufficiency of Scripture, then as Christians we will reject any and all forms of psychiatric counseling, psychotherapy, and especially their mind-altering drugs. I foresee a time when God’s faithful remnant will need to withdraw to a private place to teach their children and one another. To a place where they can counsel one another from the Holy Scriptures. The Bible says, “As far as I am concerned about you, my brothers, I am convinced that you especially are abounding in the highest goodness, richly supplied with perfect knowledge and competent to counsel one another” (Romans 15:14, Williams). To withdraw to a place where they can worship freely in the Spirit without being tracked by those in power. Believe me, that won’t sit well with those in power. They will seek to draw you back into the fold. Dear saints, this will call for patient endurance.

We must decide: are we children of the light or are we children of darkness? The children of light will only teach their children the truth and not allow them to be exposed to the evil in the world, especially at such a young tender age. Why would a five-year-old be told that he or she has a right to choose their own gender, or that they have a choice to become homosexual even if their parents are against it? The children of light would spend more time caring for the needs of others by helping them to grow up in their faith, rather than wasting it on senseless debates and chasing after every new wind of doctrine. The children of light would be more concerned with transformation and producing spiritual fruit, than following the latest news articles or bashing the other side. The children of light would learn how God’s Word answers every one of your emotional and psychological problems, rather than depending on the world to solve your problems. The children of light would embrace their own God given gender and seek to embrace the opposite sex, instead of chasing after the perversions of our society. Dear children let’s withdraw from society, seek out others of like faith, and be children of light, because Christ’s return is much closer than you think.

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Warning: Social Media and It’s Manipulation by Antichrist

Perhaps one of the greatest dangers facing any society is division among the masses. Give people a little knowledge and a voice on the world stage with no accountability or rules of engagement it will produce pandemonium and even greater confusion. Learning how to manipulate those voices into a coherent objective through false narratives is not only dangerous for any society but could also have devastating results for all of humanity. This will be used by Antichrist to manipulate the masses. That has never been possible before, beyond nation states relying on books, speeches, and print media. Dialogue was primarily between one’s neighbor, a small group, family clan or the reach of the Church, institutions or government assembly. Although we have had news media outlets for some time now in the modern age, most would have just accepted or rejected their brief reporting and then went on with the rest of their life, typically only sharing it among their peers.

With the coming of Social Media that has all changed. Now they have been given a much larger audience. It has given them a voice to the masses, not only to share their own personal thoughts about life, but to assimilate information from others. To receive information from many different kinds of people from every walk of life, religion, and morals. In conjunction with the portable cellphone these Social Media sites can all be accessed anywhere at any time 24/7 to share on, but mainly to assimilate information. There is a continuous news feed of information. Unlike schools of higher learning and Hollywood’s proliferation of countless movies to teach the masses, that has shaped our society for over sixty years, Social Media never turns off and has the ability to project a false narrative to a greater number of people in every corner of our world. The false narratives shared has only created greater confusion among the masses in every area of thought, especially in the area of politics and theology. This new platform has subjugated the local church and even the established news media to a certain degree with the latest manipulation from unseen powers seeking to shape the world in its own image.

As a Christian, and a pastor for over 40 years, I know I can never really change the direction of the world, but I can help His children and those willing to listen to understand what’s happening behind the scenes. To see the big picture on how this generation is being manipulated to forget their original calling of God and to be sucked into a false narrative to fight against the opposition even if that completely changes their character making them just as bad in the eyes of a Holy God. A trespass is a trespass no matter which side is committing it. 1Those in power have already proven that they can take a ragtag group of so-called deplorable people and turn them into a powerful force to be reckoned with among the world’s elite. And this was accomplished through Social Media. I am not, at least at this point, referring to President Trump, whom I support and voted for. However, I do see the stage being set through the manipulating of voices on Social Media. It does not take much narrative, false or otherwise, to control and manipulate a very large segment of the population through Social Media.

As Christians we need great discernment to stop believing the lie or the false narrative. Stop believing every post that you read. Stop believing every video you watch. A good way to discern blog articles and videos is what are they trying to advertise with their pop-up ads? Is it sexual in nature or does their ad promote something contrary to sound doctrine? Moreover, don’t you realize that God’s Word is free and that it should never be peddled as merchandise?2 Don’t you know that God can raise up prophets and pastors to speak on things in society without you surfing through the internet discovering half-truths on your own?3 People have become masters at twisting the truth and making it a lie or taking a lie and making look like the gospel truth.4 If we can’t get past the third or fourth post on the Social Media news-feed without red flags going off, then we must realize that someone is passing on false narratives to be used by those in power and that will be used by the coming Antichrist. Remember it was Christ who instituted the Church giving authority to its leaders to give you everything you need for life and godliness.5

We must come out from among them while we can and the best place to begin is stop participating in their hateful rhetoric. Social media has robbed humanity of so very much, and of course, that was, the devil’s plans from the beginning.6 If he can change history by re-writing it, or change the narrative and make you believe it, then you will be led to fight against any opposing force. He may even lead you to persecute Christians on the other side, which has been seen throughout Christian history. You will be led to follow the new deliverer in accepting any new initiative or project coming in the future. He will fill up your minds with hateful rhetoric for the other side that will grow like a virus. I have been amazed at how easy people can attack others on Social Media because they did not align with their pitiful understanding of theology or world affairs. This is made easier because they are not talking to the other person face to face, in person. Primarily, because there is no longer Church authority, they have easily accepted whatever makes sense to them or what they have found on the internet to agree with them in their error.7

When Christians start getting their theology only from Social Media we are in deep trouble as a nation and as a people of God. Even the quoting of Scripture can be taken completely out of context to prove a false narrative. This break down of Biblical theology among God’s children allows them to easily assimilate false doctrine at an alarming rate on Social Media. If we are not grounded in our faith, then we will believe the lie.8 We say that we are against globalization, but we easily talk to other faiths and assimilate whatever makes sense even if disagrees with the clear teachings from God’s Word. Dear children, we really need to spend more time in the Bible developing our theology and allowing the indwelling Spirit to write it on our hearts.9 For the Christian their narrative should always be about Jesus Christ and the new life He promises, not to fill their heads with nonsense.10 Dear children, we all see the signs of His coming so let’s get busy now and make sure we are living the life that He has called us to.

We have given up so much to be tied to our cellphones and the Social Media platform. Although I too have developed a few select friends on Facebook, I spend much more time developing a personal relationship with my Lord. Let me encourage everyone to come out from the world and find a small group of friends or neighbors to share your life with. If possible, find a church home that still preaches the truth, a place where you can build meaningful relationships with real people you can converse with face to face, in person. Believe me, you will be much richer because of it. You will learn to be more sympathetic, more understanding, and more giving when you are looking at the person you are talking to. We were actually created for God and for one another.11 It’s a wonderful thing to actually read the other person’s body language when talking to them in person, to sense their feelings and to reach out and touch their hurts. Take time now, before time is no more, to develop a personal relationship with others and with God through personal prayer and meditation. Stand firm dear children, because the coming Antichrist will use Social Media and the internet to manipulate you to follow him.

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