Call for Revival

Is the sun going down on Christianity or is there still a chance to turn things around? The political landscape will never change in this country until people get revival in their life. Choosing the right candidate will not … bring revival, choosing the wrong candidate will not bring revival. We must get out of the candidate business and get into the revival business and when we do God will raise up a Christian leader to lead our nation. I have written a lot about preparing for what lies ahead. I have prophesied, I have pleaded, I have done everything to help people stand firm, but now I say let’s not go down without a fight. If we get revival then we will wage war with the enemy, the real enemy that’s destroying this country. But I am afraid if you have not laid a firm foundation in Jesus Christ and if you know nothing about how to put on the full armor of God then you will not be successful in engaging the enemy. I have made it abundantly clear in my new book: “Stand Firm” (to be released in August) that if you are not properly dressed in the armor of God and depended upon Him completely, then you will be soundly defeated.

No one sends soldiers into the field without first being trained. Therefore, it is essential that we first have revival in the Christian community if we are serious about engaging the real enemy. And if we are successful in engaging the enemy then through God’s grace we may still have an opportunity to turn this country around before it’s destroyed by those in power. The revival I am talking about is the one that begins in your life, not the life of your neighbor, your friend, or your relative, but that begins in your life. When it starts there then it will spread, but it must begin with you first. Each of us must look into the mirror and see who we really are. How much have we gone into the world and sampled the pleasures the world has to offer?  Or how much have we ignored God’s will for our own selfish ambition? First, we must take a hard look at ourselves.

What does revival look like? What does it really look like? We see mass transformation in process, everyone growing, everyone is becoming holy, everyone is repenting, and everyone is getting excited. We also see people returning to those foundational truths of Christianity and applying those truths to their life. We see people expecting God to do great things and remembering what He has done in the past. What a glorious thing to sit and recall all that Christ has done for you. If we search our heart we all have stories where God has delivered us from danger, filled our hearts with love, witnessed His miracles, and many other things. Let them be landmarks that you return to again and again in your Christian pilgrimage. Dear friend, you will know when revival comes in your life, because your face will be lit with the glory of God, your heart will beat more strongly, and your excitement for knowing Jesus Christ will return in a wave of exhilaration. When revival comes in your life then join with us by calling on every Christian in your church, through social media, and beyond to start praying for revival in their life. But again, let it begin in you first!

How bad has this country become? First the homosexuals came out of the closet, then the baby killers, and now the atheist. I watched some of the interviews with these atheists who marched on the State Capitol and I cannot say that I am surprised at their overwhelming support for our current president, Barack Obama. When a country turns her back on God then all manner of evil and wickedness will abound, then they will raise up their own leaders to lead them. I say it’s time to bring revival back to America. Let’s start right here right now in the name of Jesus. Don’t wait for my war manual (Stand Firm) to be released in August, but start today by training in spiritual warfare. Encircle the camp of the enemy and lift your prayers to the God of heaven; plead with Him to change their heart. Let us pray for all those who are still in bondage to the old life unable to break the chains that hold them to the old sin nature. Let us pray that their every thought will be taken captive by the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s holy people can no longer look upon sin but must come out and be separate from a world that is engulfed in all manner of sin. In so doing we will be made strong to engage the enemy and deliver the day. God help us!

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