Brother’s Keeper

We all know someone, family member, friend, or acquaintance that has a very fragile faith. We are deeply concerned if confronted with a major crisis could they stand firm in their faith. So, we may have tried counseling them about … the dangers of this world, but it appears to be falling on deaf ears. We have tried setting them an example in holiness and righteousness depending on God alone for everything, but they are unconscious of our efforts. We have prayed asking God to bring our loved ones into a closer walk with Him, but nothing seems to change. Then we may even question our own ability to stand firm during the coming persecutions. Or we may question if we really have the spiritual eyes to expose the deluding influence that is sweeping our planet in the last days. Dear friends, it is these questions that have inspired me to write my latest book: Stand Firm. I have a vision.

As we fast approach the end of days I have a vision that we as a Christian community will become our brother’s keeper. We will no longer rely exclusively on the institutional church to help our brother stand firm. We must step up to the plate and be our brother’s keeper. I have a vision. No matter where you live, if it’s in the bustling cities of the industrialized world or the rural communities of the third world we are called to be our brother’s keeper. I have a vision. Reach out to your immediate family and your closest friends and offer to meet with them for prayer, mutual encouragement and the study of a little book to help them to stand firm in the coming days.

This little book: Stand Firm is so simple to read yet so profoundly accurate in presenting God’s truth from His Holy Word, the Bible. It is a road map of the many Scriptures on how to properly fear God, give Him the Glory, and worship His Son, Jesus Christ. It lifts the veil of the deluding influence that has captivated so many and gives godly counsel on how to live in today’s world. It will rise up an army of Christian soldiers to fight the good fight of faith by putting on the full armor of God and using each piece of armor to send the enemy to flight. I have a vision. It will empower and reenergize the weak and wobbly Christian to take his stand by remaining faithful to Jesus and enduring patiently even in the face of intense persecution.

I have a vision, by coming together we can become once again our brother’s keeper in a time when it is most needed. Won’t you step up today and be your brother’s keeper by organizing a small group of family and friends to meet together for mutual encouragement learning together how to stand firm in a perilous world. Don’t forget to come together with the Holy Bible, filled with the Holy Spirit, and this little book: Stand Firm. The time is short my dear friends won’t you act today.

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2 thoughts on “Brother’s Keeper”

  1. Daniel: I feel as you do and agree that the time is coming that we will all need one another but people are just not getting the message. At times, we feel that our children think we’re mad and full of anxiety over nothing. As Christians all we can do is love one another and be examples to our friends and family in hopes that they will see that we have the love of God in us. Maybe their not taking God’s word seriously but that is what the Bible says will happen. They will be lovers of self, pleasure and the world and their god is money and fame.

    Your site has inspired me a great deal. I’ve enjoyed the Lighthouse so much as it reminds me of the light of the world – Jesus…! There is a peace on your site that is soothing but informative as well. Yours is the kind of site that can reach young Christians and help them mature in the word.

    God Bless You and I look forward to seeing many more of your articles.

    B Harmon

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