God’s Loving Pursuit “As Humanity Escapes His Reality”

A Prophecy About the Metaverse

By Rev. Daniel W. Blair

God's Loving Pursuit

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“I am offering this discount to get this book into as many hands as possible to warn them of what’s coming quickly upon the world. The hardcover will stand up under the rigors of being passed from one person or family to another.”

About the Book

You know that there’s something wrong with the world, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.  It’s because you can’t see the big picture. Join Reverend Blair in an unforgettable journey from the dawn of history to the approaching apocalypse to unlock humanity’s most sinister and esoteric problem, which are driving them to an alternate reality, in an all-encompassing Metaverse. To unveil this big picture, the author takes us on a scholarly review of each epoch in Biblical history from humanity’s infancy to adulthood as the all-powerful God of creation lovingly pursues humanity in their rebellion, lawlessness, and great fear. Without understanding the big picture, humanity will be ultimately controlled, destined for demonic slavery, and led into a global catastrophe beyond measure. May the shocking truth in this little book allow you to see what’s really wrong with the world and more importantly how to fearlessly resist what’s already coming.

 About the Author

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Stand Firm “Godly Counsel for the Last Days”

By Rev. Daniel W. Blair

Stand Firm Book Cover

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Paperback  $14.99


About the Book

“In the coming days, a solid theological belief system may be our only hope for standing firm in our faith…”

As we fast approach the end of days, we have seen an increase in demonic activity, psychological problems, and increasing pressure from the religious establishment to accept other belief systems in the name of tolerance. This ready resource will equip the end time saint to stand against the whiles of the devil and how to remain faithful to Jesus. Stand Firm by Rev. Daniel W. Blair is a beautiful book with group study questions and prayers at the end of each chapter. Reverend Blair is convinced that God has given the Christian everything needed for life and godliness, and he supports this by offering practical application. So as you go along your way, return to this book, again and again, to drink from the fountain of knowledge concerning your salvation in Jesus Christ and godly counsel on how to Stand Firm in the last days.


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Final Warning “Because the Hour of His Judgment Has Come”

By Rev. Daniel W. Blair


Paperback   $14.99


 About the Book

Blair gives compelling evidence that the new Global City is already being built by the beast of worldly power to enslave the nations by teaching them to follow his godless agenda. Reverend Blair asserts that the image of the beast is already being worshiped and the mark taken by millions who are completely unaware of their eternal consequences. You are invited to join him on an unforgettable journey to the edge of extinction to witness all the plagues, woes, and wrath of God as they are being poured out upon the Global City. And then he carries you to the threshold of hell to imagine the horror of eternal torment. This is a whirlwind of a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. A must-read for anyone concerned about the future.


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Revelation TruthRevelation Truth
by Daniel W. Blair (Author)

As the world races toward the Great Tribulation, immorality among the world’s leaders, increased lawlessness, natural disasters, and anarchy many voices have flooded the blogosphere, YouTube, and the social networks to interpret the times. Rev. Blair has risen above the unholy chorus to write a series of timeless articles from a biblical perspective to help Christians stand firm in their faith. This collection of short articles taken from his two popular websites give practical application, prophetic insight, and a clear voice to those in power. As a prophet, social activist, and pastor, Daniel Blair writes each article with compassion and uncompromising biblical truth to prod every Christian to pick up the banner of truth and walk in holiness before the Lord. Use as a daily devotional or as a timeless resource during the coming distress.

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Guiding Principles for Biblical Counseling 

Book Cover-Guiding Principles for Biblical Counseling-1by Rev. Daniel W. Blair

When did we start referring our brothers and sisters to the world for counseling? When did Christian counselors stop believing that His Word had everything we need for life and godliness? When did they start going to the world for their guidance and approved methodology for counseling? Psychiatry and psychology have consistently asserted that people should be “salvaged” from the chains of religious upbringing and moral restraint. However, studies show positive moral and emotional benefits for those with religious faith. Churches and parishioners taking back control of their religions from psychiatry and psychology will accomplish the return to a morally and spiritually strong society.

This is a very practical book not only for lay leaders and pastoral counselors but for every Christian who desires to help their brethren who have suffered under the hands of secular psychology and psychiatric drug addiction.

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Survival Kit

Survival Kit

Here are four great books to help you stand firm during the coming distress with a backpack to carry your essential survival items. Each book is written not only to help you hold on to your faith but for helping others that may be weaker in their faith, in need of discipleship, suffering from emotional and psychological problems, and have become separated from their prescription medications and worldly counselors. These books open a window to the coming tribulation that will affect every Christian. We need to be prepared physically, mentally, and most importantly spiritually.


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Other Recommended Books

Recommended Books

The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

The Gospel of Healing  by A.B. Simpson

Wholly Sanctified   by A.B. Simpson

The Blessed Hope   by George Eldon Ladd

Humility   by Andrew Murray

The Mystery of Godliness   by W. Ian Thomas

The Celebration of Discipline   by Richard J. Foster

The Seduction of Christianity   by Dave Hunt

The Power of the Spirit   by William Law

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life  by William Law

Pilgrims Progress  by John Bunyan

The Practice and Presence of God  by Brother Lawrence


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  1. I finished reading your new book. A great reminder of how many maybe unaware of the mind control going on with social media, news media, and gaming. The remnant knows there’s something not right and has come out from among them. May we all continue to stand and walking in our Lord fruit of His Spirit as all is being recorded. All glory to our Lord for warning the remnant!

    1. Thank you Edward and Elda for reading my newest book, “God’s Loving Pursuit.” I am thankful that you are part of the faithful remnant and have recognized all that is coming upon God’s children in the Last Days. Please join me in sharing this truth with others. God bless you both.

  2. Dear Pastor, I am Prasanna Paul, your friend from Facebook from India. I just visited your blog there are spirit-filled messages today onwards I will go through it… Wonderful stuff of the word of God…Thank you Pastor
    Plz contact me.

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