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Daniel Blair is a retired Minister, who has studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and served as Pastor of churches in both California and Kentucky. He has led many revivals in this country and preached internationally. Reverend Blair stays active podcasting Revelation Truth and is an inspired writer keeping up a popular blog, and producing Christian videos. Reverend Blair ministers and counsels many hurting people on the social media site Facebook. He has seen firsthand how the devil and a multitude of psychological problems have taken their toll on Christians. Blair's passion for helping Christians to overcome their many problems has led him to write his second book entitled "Stand Firm" available at my online bookstore or at a bookstore near you. His first book was published in 2006 entitled "Final Warning." Reverend Blair and his wife, Robin, live in Round Rock, Texas. They have six children and fifteen grandchildren.

What Does God Say Concerning Things to Come?

Give us ears, Oh Lord, to hear what you are saying, about what is going on in the world. We must ask, “Do you really want to know?” In one word, pandemonium. Stark raving madness, unimaginable fear, unnerving stress, uncontrollable anger, thoughts of suicide, or striking back to harm others is running rampant throughout the entire world. Nearly every person is being affected by one or more psychological problems known to man, driving many into a dark pit of depression, while many others feel as if they will explode from within. No, this is not some sci-fi movie, it’s happening now. It’s reality. So, what is happening that could cause such chaotic behavior? Could this help us to see what is on the horizon, to see clearly the things to come? Let’s listen to what God is saying, while we still have ears to hear. Let me say upfront, this is not another conspiracy theory, but it will be our last warning of things to come. For over two thousand years from the writing of the book of Revelation to the present day, many have sounded the warning of things to come. So, what makes this warning different will become self-evident later in the article.

So, what is happening now in the world? I suppose we would need to be living on another planet to not know what is happening. It started over a decade ago with the news media wanting to give the other side of the story allowing the public to decide. “We report and you decide.” As time progressed the arguments became more detailed and hotly debated with each side, garnering their own supporters. This opened pandora’s box by giving others, not just the politicians, a voice or opinion in the public arena. Finally, this opened another door to the very popular social media platforms, which gave everyone a voice and a following from those who agreed. The divisions continued unabated as the world slept. Everyone was able to express his or her own opinion publicly. It did not take long before simple opinions would turn into legitimate causes and strongly held beliefs. It did not take long for old grievances to surface bringing forth more powerful forces to divide the people. As new leaders arose, they were accused of fanning the flames of discontent and creating more divisions among the people, while another leader was accused of taking half the country in a completely different direction. These divisions continued unabated waiting for a spark to lite the fuse.

The spark finally came with the pandemic that pushed people beyond what they could handle. Although divisions had been growing for more than a decade with sudden spurts of unimaginable lawlessness and mass shootings, it wasn’t until the pandemic before we witnessed the greater tragedy. In an instant, the whole world was turned upside down. Although the loss of employment was tragic, the greatest factors were isolation and a disrupted routine that affected the psyche of nearly every person. Wearing a facemask, sanitizing everything, and changing our schedules paled in comparison to the sudden increase in lawlessness, mass shootings, and growing divisions among the people. New divisions were precipitated by different opinions and questionable facts concerning the vaccine, reopening schools, wearing a facemask, or where the virus originated from. These divisions not only pitted one person against another, but it brought into question the validity of our trusted scientists and government leaders. This too has had a profound effect upon the psyche of the people. Who can be trusted to tell the truth? As occasional shocking lawlessness and mass shootings appeared across the country, in time they turned into daily and hourly events, which has dulled the senses. With every tragic event, it has pushed people to the brink, escalating their psychological problems, and creating pandemonium in the streets of the world.

These divisions did not happen by accident. They did not happen in a vacuum. These divisions have been orchestrated by the powers of darkness, pitting one side against another for some time now. Everything from the news media to social media was used to create this divide encouraging everyone to speak their opinion, even encouraging them to fight back with aggressive and hateful rhetoric, as long as it is for the liberal viewpoint. On the other hand, a time has already come where conservative views are considered decisive. Social Media has been given the power to silence the voice of anyone they disagree with by banning them from their platform. As we shall see, Satan will use these divisions to his advantage. He will send forth his agent, the Antichrist, when the time is right as a savior of humanity. He will come at a time when most people think that they can’t take anymore. Satan’s Antichrist will come as a savior proclaiming to unite all the factions, to stop the infighting, and bring about unity. However, this is only a smokescreen, for his real intentions are to only uphold his new liberal norm and if anyone disagrees, they will be seen as decisive. They will be seen as an enemy of the State.

So, what does God say concerning things to come? If you have read this far, then I assume that you are a Christian and sincerely want to know. Every article written, and its accompanying video, begins at the feet of Jesus Christ or it’s not worthy to be published. These are the most perilous times for God’s beloved children because what’s evil will appear to be good, and what’s good will appear to be evil making it difficult for the novice (See Isiah 5:20). The Bible says, “The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved” (II Thessalonians 2:9-10, ESV). The man of lawlessness (or the Antichrist) through his wicked deception will unite the entire world to follow his teachings. He will promise to save the world from wars, hunger, and what he calls global warming. They will eagerly believe that he will unite all races together as one, demonstrating mutual respect for one another. He will garner the support of the religious leaders who will lead you to give him praise and adoration for all of his braggadocious accomplishments (See Revelation 3:11-18). If you decide not to follow him and his teachings, then it will be most difficult for you.

So, you will need to stand firm in what you have been taught from the Holy Scriptures. God’s promise to you, is that the Holy Spirit will not leave you alone. He will bring to your memory all that He has taught you through the indwelling Spirit. Remember, that the people are deceived because they don’t love the truth in order to be saved (See II Thessalonians 2:10). On the other hand, we who love the truth will reject the lie of wicked deception. We reject the lie not only for us individually but also for our children and our grandchildren. We reject the lies in the Schoolroom. We reject the lies in the halls of Government. We reject the lies in the News Media, and social media. We reject the lies in movies, TV series, and videos. We reject the godless lies of psychological counseling even if it appears to be good by integrating it with religious teachings. For all these lies are leading us into the waiting arms of the Antichrist. What makes this particularly difficult is that many of these lies are endorsed by the religious establishment. So, what are we to do? Love the truth. Our love for the truth concerning our creation, our new birth in Christ, and His beautiful laws that give us everything we need for life and godliness, will shine as a bright light on the lies of the world exposing them for what they are. If we love the truth, then we will come out from among them and be separate (See II Corinthians 6:17). Can you hear it now? The hoofbeats of the Antichrist are getting louder. Stand Firm.

Please join me in prayer …

 Subject: “Come out from among them”

Good morning Heavenly Father. Oh Lord, you know well, how your children are so integrated within the social fabric of our society. At times it’s most difficult to tell that your people are any different than the people of the world. They may act differently in Church and try their best when around other mature believers, but you are keenly aware of how they act when socializing with those in the world. We pray, Father, that you will help them to truly come out from among them and be separate. Show them if they truly act like Christians filled with your Spirit, then it will be much easier because the world will come out from them. In fact, in most cases, they will be shunned by the world or openly ridiculed. Help them, Lord, to guard their eyes and ears by immediately turning away from evil people or gently cutting off their hateful talk by sharing the simple Gospel with great power, but only as you lead. Finally, help them to grow up in Christ, so that they can let their light shine brightly before the world. We pray this in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says …

“Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you” (II Corinthians 6:17).

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Sowing and Reaping – God Sees

God sees everything is probably one of the most amazing verses in the Bible. I would venture to say that most of humanity doesn’t know that and the ones that do, rarely think about it. Yet, the Bible says, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good” (Proverbs 15:3). “Both the evil and the good,” I can’t even imagine how God must feel as He beholds all the evil in the world, all of it, instantly as it’s happening, in real-time. Just to say, it breaks His heart, which I am sure It does, misses the depth of what’s happening. God since the creation of the world has put forth and established certain rules that govern all of nature including the crown of creation, humanity. There is no escaping it, there is no way to get around it. There is the law of cause and effect. For every cause, there is an effect. It is the rule of nature and the only one in the universe that can change it is God, or one in whom God empowers. More about that later. For now, let’s concentrate on the cause and effect, especially as to how it’s related to all of humanity, without exception.

Typically, when any kind of premise, like the premise of cause and effect, is stated, it will be mocked. To mock this premise, which is a rule of nature, is to mock the Creator, the one who established the building blocks of creation. Now let’s look at His established Word once again, the Bible says, “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting” (Galatians 6:7-8). God sets forth the premise of sowing and reaping. The law of cause and effect, you will always reap what you sow. We will look at the negative first. “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption.” Cause and effect! So, let’s look briefly at what sowing to the flesh means. We will move from the general to the specific. Generally speaking, anything done to the body, the soul, or the mind, that’s harmful, either intentionally or through willful neglect is sowing to the flesh. This is the cause, and the effect is reaping corruption.

So, before we elaborate on the corruption, let’s get a bit more specific in sowing things to the flesh, which are inherently harmful. Of course, most believers could immediately come up with a catalog of sins, and they would be correct because every sin has a profound effect upon the mind, the body, and the soul, which is the flesh. For example, we all know that gluttony (overeating) or purposely eating processed food, or any other kind of food that’s not good for you will harm the body leading to obesity and a myriad of different diseases or health-related problems. Cause and effect. Another example is we all know that laziness, the desire to lie around the house all day, or our unwillingness to work will also have a powerful effect upon the whole body, mind, and soul leading to mental anguish, psychological problems, and physical poverty. The list could go on and on, but we can easily see there is cause and effect. Our wrong thinking and actions will always lead to tragic circumstances. Cause and effect. Now we need to multiply this exponentially as we look at all of humanity in the midst of their chaos.

God has given humanity His beautiful laws to govern all of our thinking and actions to keep us from going off the proverbial cliff. Well, humanity has rejected those laws choosing to legislate their own morality. They have become a law unto themselves reaping the consequences of their bad behavior. They have all been sowing to the flesh and now they are all reaping corruption. Every new disease and every new virus are getting far worse, reaping death and destruction across the entire planet. Mankind is reaping what he has sown. God will not be mocked. He sees every action precipitated by every evil thought. Humanity can point its finger all day long to the accepted causes of the current COVID-19 virus, the alarming increase in global warming, and the unbelievable chaos in the world with its nonending riots and mass shootings, but they will not ever admit to the real cause. We are reaping what we have sown. Rejection of God’s Law in the Schoolroom and the halls of Government has caused an epidemic of crime, sexual immorality, and unheard-of perversions. It has caused the horrific weather patterns around the entire world that keep getting worse every day, not to mention the increasing so-called natural disasters. As the entire world sinks into oblivion for their rejection of God, it’s difficult to paint a clear picture of things to come. Hollywood has been trying to paint this picture for many years now with their ever-increasing “end of the world” movies, but nothing will capture the real horror of the things to come.

As the world passes new laws, one after another, to fix what they believe is causing their problems, they will slip deeper and deeper into the abyss trying to drag God’s children with them. New laws will be passed requiring psychological counseling and the taking of prescribed drugs and vaccinations to fight every new epidemic or ever-increasing lawlessness. As mass murders and suicides skyrocket even more laws will be passed to no avail. Dear friends, we have one of the greatest challenges ahead of us. Let’s pray that we are up to the task. As the world falls apart and it will, then they will finally discover that all their psychological counseling was useless as humanity is ready to explode. We must step up to the plate allowing God to work through us. Last week we talked about confronting an evil world. Today we will discuss how to become even more effective in confronting an evil world by sowing to the Spirit and not to the flesh. Sowing to the flesh will be of no value as we confront an evil world. So, we must die to self along with all of our selfish ambitions. The Bible says, “And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts” (Galatians 5:24). When you die to self and allow the Spirit of God to come and dwell in your hearts, then you will have taken the first step in sowing to the Spirit.

The Bible says, “… but we that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting” (Galatians 6:8). Step by step we will learn how to live in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, be led by the Spirit, and bear fruit of the Spirit. This will give you a completely different mindset, not an earthly mindset of being self-centered, but a heavenly mindset of being other-centered. Remember, that Jesus Christ did not come as a rich man, setting up charities, and giving His money to the poor. No, He reinstituted the beautiful Law and showed humanity a better way of living for others. He came to give Himself completely to others every moment of every day. Even many of His great miracles of healing reversed the natural law of cause and effect through their, God given, faith. When we sow in the natural world, we cultivate, fertilize, and water the seedlings so that they grow. We do the same in the spiritual world by keeping in step with the Spirit and by following His lead in our every thought and action. We will soon discover that our every thought and action is about doing good to others by only speaking the truth wrapped in love. It’s only the truth that will set them free (See John 8:32). The Bible says, “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:9-10). Dear children, to speak the truth and to do good to all men will do more than all of their laws, all of their counseling, and all of their political maneuvering. Let us be the change that the world desperately needs by giving ourselves to all that has a need.

Please join me in prayer …

Good morning Heavenly Father. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for sending us the indwelling Spirit, our true Helper in all things. We know that the more we seek you in our ministry to others, the easier it becomes, and greater is the reward. We know in the beginning it’s quite difficult because most people don’t have the patience to wait upon you to fill them with your Spirit. Yet, without the Spirit we are nothing, nor can we do anything to really help others on how they should be helped. We are especially thankful for giving us the exact words to say at the appropriate time to bear their burden, especially if they have been overtaken in a trespass. We know the more we cultivate our relationship with the Spirit, the easier it becomes to really be good to others in a way that truly helps them. We pray that all of your children will continue to sow to the Spirit so that they can receive a harvest of Spiritual fruit and gifts to be used in being good to others, that is, to truly help them. We humbly pray this the blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says …

“For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting” (Galatians 6:8).

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How to Confront an Evil World

Oh Lord, please show us how to confront a world with so much hate and open hostility towards one another. Please show us how to confront an increasingly anti-Christian world, even before the revealing of the dreaded Antichrist. The voice of Christianity, once larger than life, in this world and specifically in America, is almost nonexistent. It’s almost nonexistent in the public square by creating tremendous restrictions from openly proclaiming God’s truth in every area of society including social media, although lawlessness has full reign with almost no restrictions. The positive voice of Christianity on the news media is replaced with constant negative reporting, and the voice of hate and lawlessness is constantly aired. The encouraging voice of Christianity in public education is replaced with giving voice to other religions and promoting every perverted lifestyle; the sad result is unimaginable lawlessness in the face of our precious children. So, how do we confront this evil world? Legislating morality doesn’t work, boycotting doesn’t work, rioting in the streets doesn’t work, and even voting in the other political party doesn’t work. Only one thing will. We must learn how to share the simple Gospel and start acting like Christians by following Christ in His path to victory.

Let’s begin with how to follow Christ in His path to victory. Jesus Christ called people to a new life in Christ. Following the religious leaders of His day, as it is in any day, will not lead to a new life. Even having the correct religious beliefs won’t in themselves lead to a new life. Even following the letter of the law and the many religious standards will not in themselves lead to a new life. Only one thing will. Faith alone. Believing that Christ died for all of our sins and believing that He rose from the dead in three days to give us a new life in Christ. If we truly believe that, then we will gladly put off the old life through repentance, by dying to self, and by closing the door to the old life. If we truly believe that, then we will put on our new life in Christ by following His beautiful commandments. We will eagerly want to learn how to act like a Christian every moment of every day. Although this may appear difficult in the beginning, the more we grow up in Christ with the help of the indwelling Spirit, the easier it becomes bringing forth one blessing after another. This is the simple Gospel, which has tremendous power, the power of the Cross to convict the hardest heart.

We will discuss the three marks of a Christian, who confronts the evil world, but first, we need to understand that love motivates our behavior. Each of these marks is enveloped in a sincere agape love for others. That is, giving ourselves to others without expecting anything in return. The good news is this love comes directly from God, flowing through us to others. We simply cannot conjure up this love. It must come directly from God, or it is not true agape love. Although love is colorblind, it does recognize evil contrary to the color of the individual. When evil is recognized, then it is imperative to allow God’s love to flow unhindered through us. It is also essential to listen carefully to the indwelling Spirit and to act accordingly. If He gives us an open door to share the simple Gospel, praise God, go through it with boldness wrapped in love, but if not then bid your farewell and retreat immediately to safety. It is essential not to entertain their false teachings. The Bible says, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6). Now, let’s discuss the marks of a Christian displayed every moment of every day, especially when we are out among those in the world.

The first mark of a Christian in confronting an evil world is allowing your joy to flood the souls of others. The Bible says, “Rejoice in the Lord alway: and again I say, Rejoice” (Philippians 4:4). We must actively demonstrate our joy to the fallen world. Although every true believer suffers with Christ and are deeply grieved for those who have been taken captive by Satan, we don’t agonize over the things of the world. Nor do we follow them in their pity-party of intense emotions over every unfortunate circumstance. It’s essential that we don’t follow the evil world in their anxiety, depression, and hatefulness. If necessary, withdraw from the eyes of the world and seek God in a private place. Allow the indwelling Spirit to counsel you through His anointed Word, and if necessary, seek private counsel from a mature believer. Put the joy back into your heart, so you can confront the evil world. Recall the joy of all that Christ has done for you, that you are no longer under the power of sin and the devil, and that Christ will never leave you or forsake you. Remember the great joy of having God’s Spirit dwelling in you giving you spiritual gifts and teaching you His beautiful truth. Let the evil world always see your sincere joy in the Lord wrapped in self-giving love. This will be a powerful witness to an evil world, causing them to ask you, “what makes you so different from the world.”

The second mark of a Christian in confronting an evil world is praise. Remember this when you are out among those in the world, God inhabits the praises of his people (See Psalms 22:3). Now, let me be very clear, this is not empty praise. This is sincere praise overflowing from your heart, a heart that is happy in the Lord. This is spontaneous praise as we are moved by the indwelling Spirit to praise the Lord for all of His bounty, His love, and His protection. This praise will recognize those little miracles throughout the day even when we are out among the heathen. As a child of God, I simply cannot hide my excitement when I recognize the power of God’s love as He moves heaven and earth to open the door for sharing the simple Gospel to snatch another person from the flames of eternal damnation. We can no more hide our praise in public than putting our light under a bushel (See Matthew 5:14-16). No, we are the light of the world, so we let it shine brightly in the evil world as we joyously praise God in words, songs, and instruments. Let everything praise the Lord. As you joyously praise God among the heathen this will be another powerful witness. They will want to know what makes you so different than the rest of the world.

Finally, when we go out among the heathen, we will be careful to let our third mark of a true believer be readily observed. Don’t ever hide your thankfulness, which is an anomaly to an evil world, which rarely expresses their thanks for anything. Typically, what you always hear among the heathen is constant complaining. Unfortunately, we also hear constant complaining among those who claim to know God. On the other hand, the Bible says, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (I Thessalonians 5:18). We must trust God’s Providence for He can take the worst-case scenario and turn it into the most amazing blessing. Remember, this is a proving ground to get you ready for eternity. We all have problems, but Christians allow those problems to strengthen them and draw them ever closer to a loving God. We are even thankful when we learn from our mistakes as we seek God’s wisdom in the matter. Be thankful in all things trusting in God’s loving Providence. This too will be a powerful witness to an evil world that is always complaining about everything. Again, they will want to know what makes you so different. Dear children, when people start asking you that question, then you will know that you are confronting the evil world for Christ. This is a world that does not have much time left, so snatch as many as you can from the fires of eternal damnation, before it is too late.

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We Are Forward-Looking People

There is something uniquely different about God’s children. We rarely look back either to reminisce or painfully evaluate past failures. We are a forward-looking people, a true anomaly in the modern world. This is something fallen humanity would love to experience all the time. However, if they are honest, they spend a great deal of their time looking back. They look back not only to evaluate past failures or reminisce but to do something far more damaging. Their obsession of always looking back, further than current events, enters into a deep chasm of captivity. Clearly, this abyss of one’s personal journey is not the same thing as the concrete historical events etched into the annuals of a nation’s heritage. It is, on the other hand, a collection of beliefs about oneself that they have adopted over time, which they believe can never change. It is a collection of past events that they believe have had an incurable effect on their physical or psychological wellbeing. As we shall see, these people tend to get trapped in the past causing them unending turmoil, which adversely affects their lives.

Their continued obsession with the past, especially the hurts, real or unreal, magnifies their pain exponentially allowing new powerful emotions to arise. With no warning, these emotions can bring forth disturbing thoughts of hate, revenge, and harboring thoughts of un-forgiveness. As these thoughts are played out again and again it can open Pandora’s box of every psychological problem known to man, thoughts that can also lead to hurting others or even hurting oneself. This obsession of always looking back well beyond current events can lead fallen humanity to even find fault with a Nation’s heritage or its recorded history following the same path of hate, revenge, and un-forgiveness. This is especially true if they are obsessed with the pain, real or unreal, magnified by public opinion or a few bad actors in our day. Either way, the psychological pain is real, which is causing people to strike back at one another with a ferociousness not seen before. It’s causing an unimaginable chaos in the streets of the world as they seek to rewrite history as if that would even make a difference.

As a nation of people, we need to learn how to look forward and stop our obsession with the past. Unfortunately, our fallen nature makes this very difficult, if not impossible, for most. Fallen humanity’s obsession with the past is helped in no small measure by Social Media, News media, and public education. The Good News is we have been given a proven way out of this bondage. When we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, He will give us a clean slate. That is, every bad thought, every obsession, and every sin ever committed against a Holy God will be forgiven. The slate will be wiped clean by the precious blood of Jesus Christ who took our place on the Cross. All the sins of the whole world past, present, and future were placed upon Jesus, the Son of God who died in our place and then buried in a tomb. On the third day, Christ rose from the dead to give us a new life, a clean slate. The Bible says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (II Corinthians 5:17).

We are forward-looking because we have a new life, with a clean slate. Sin no longer has power over us. Why look back on a sin that’s already forgiven? Why look back on an old life that is passing away and no longer has any power over us? Why look back on an old hurt that will no longer affect us? Why look back on an old psychological or emotional struggle that held us in its death grips for so long? No, the Bible says that old things pass away, that they no longer have any hold over us. Praise God! So, the key is, to look forward to our new life in Christ, then you will see the power given to you to shut the door to the old life. You will have power to say no to the old life with its many lies and beliefs that keep pulling you down to the cesspool experienced by fallen humanity, who struggle daily with their many emotional and psychological problems. Do you want that power to forget those past struggles and only look forward to your new life in Christ, then keep reading because it’s only God’s truth that will set you free?

The good news is that you will not need to do this alone. Jesus Christ promised to send us the Helper and that’s exactly what He will do. He will help you to put off the old life just like you would put off an old, soiled outfit. Step by step the indwelling Spirit will remind you not to look back or to dwell on a previous hurt by another person, an organization, or the government. He will teach you the power of forgiveness that will set you free from those who have wronged you or fed you lies for so many years. He will set you free from the many years of self-condemnation by learning how to forgive yourself. He will set you free from your past, believing that you can now become everything in Christ, with no limitations. The power of forgiveness will break the chains of slavery allowing you to always look forward, to be a forward-looking person. No longer being trapped in the past by learning how to forgive and forget is only the first step that must be taken concurrently with putting on the new life in Christ, by looking forward. We look forward to putting on our new life in Christ.

Now that we are free from our old life and no longer feel compelled to constantly look back at a life that no longer exists, then we want to fill up our life with the things of God. As we walk in each of His beautiful commandments, we begin to realize just how different they are from the fallen world. The Bible says, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD” (Isiah 55:8). The more we put on our new life in Christ, the more we realize that there is a great struggle between the powers of darkness and the ways of God. Satan, our old adversary, seeks to control the entire human race by constantly filling their minds with the things of the world. He wants us so busy and our mind so occupied, that we have no time for God and our new life in Christ. We don’t have to look very far to see how he is doing this through the internet, social media, 24-hour news media, and entertainment on demand. When we come to Christ, then we no longer fill our minds with the things of the world, but with heavenly things so that we can participate in the divine nature (See II Peter 1:4).

Those who try to walk in the world and the Kingdom at the same time won’t need to worry much about the wiles of the devil. On the other hand, if you desire to only walk in the Kingdom then there will be an all-out war. The devil will bring to your memory, again and again, those who have wronged you. Satan is the author of every conspiracy theory having you chase one rabbit after another. He will do everything in his power to cause you to dream endlessly about a brighter future filled with riches, by utilizing the things of the world. Our spiritual weapons are mighty for pulling down strongholds, so let us cast down every vain imagination, every false teaching, every lewd entertainment, every social media post that doesn’t glorify God, and everything else that consumes our time to make us a pawn of the powers of darkness. Let us cast down everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Then let us bring every thought from this point forward into the obedience of Christ (See II Corinthians 10:4-5). Let us think our thoughts after Christ as we press onto the goal – facing forward and never looking back. Let me leave you with the words of Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:62).

Please join me in prayer …

Good morning Heavenly Father. Oh Lord, we need clarity of thought. We need to recall those Scripture texts that you want us to dwell upon, that would be useful in understanding the day in which we live. Help us, Oh Lord to ignore the distractions caused by others or by our occasional pains and keep our mind focused on you. We completely die to self and ask the indwelling Spirit to take full reign of our lives. We truly desire to become all that you want us to be in this life and in the life to come, in our Heavenly position with you for all eternity. We pray that you continue the transformation process by helping us to fully put off the old life and put on the new life in Christ. There is no greater joy than being filled with your Spirit and thinking your thoughts after you, to truly realize the blessings of what we were originally created to be, and to walk with our Creator. We pray that you help us to complete our tasks for today for which you have called us. We pray this in the glorious Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says,

“Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ” (II Corinthians 10:5).

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The Unshakable Kingdom

We live in a day where we see a new kingdom being built. All the great minds and the most learned professors have come together to build a new kingdom, the kingdom of man. To them and the rest of the world, the Kingdom of God is old, it’s outdated, and needs to be replaced with new ideas. They say we have come of age and no longer need the commandments of religion to show us how to live. They say we have the greatest professors of psychiatry and volumes of every psychological disorder known to man. They say everything is at our fingertips to build the greatest empire known to man. So confident they are, that they are willing to embrace everyone’s thoughts and actions as valid expressions of a new world order. They will happily recognize all world religions as equal as long each are willing to embrace the new kingdom. They graciously accept every race equally as long as they follow the rules enacted by the kingdom of man. They throw down the walls and accept every foreigner enthusiastically giving them citizenship and a seat at the table. In the new kingdom of man, every expression of morality is openly accepted. So, laws and statutes are being changed at the speed of light to usher in the new kingdom and discard the old.

Well, my dear friends, there is another Kingdom, that is not made by the hands of man. This Kingdom was created in heaven and made available to the entire world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Since the beginning mankind and the powers of darkness have tried desperately to erase God’s Kingdom from the face of the earth. More than any other religion upon the planet, Christianity has endured horrific persecution from heathen empires and other world religions, which bring forth horrible visions of beheadings and the casting of entire families to the lions. It has also endured the inquisitions from the Catholic Church sending many to an early grave or subjecting their bodies to torturous mutilation. The unshakeable Kingdom has suffered greatly from the humanistic teachings of psychology casting a large shadow over the sufficiency of Scripture sending millions to a life of misery. It has suffered greatly under the influence of science bringing into question the majesty and authority of the Holy Bible producing even greater confusion. As the winds blow and the earth shakes the unshakable Kingdom remains unaffected by the fallen world. It remains unaffected by the outpouring of God’s righteous wrath on an unrepentant world.

So, why was the Kingdom not destroyed? Its citizens possess something the world does not have. They have something that was rejected by the world. The people of every race and nationality who have entered this Kingdom are given something the world cannot see or understand unless their eyes are opened by faith. Many from the fallen world have tried and have failed miserably because they did not want to let go. They did not want to let go of all the knowledge that they had assimilated from the world. They did not want to let go of their own powerful will to do whatever they thought best. They did not want to let go of their own proven ability to perform whatever tasks they set their minds on to accomplish. We see all this and much more in people today, who are busy building the new kingdom of man. It makes little difference which political party or national interest they serve, for they are all committed to using their resources to accomplish the same goal, to build a kingdom without God at the helm. This kingdom of man will fail, and great will be her fall. On the other hand, God’s Kingdom will remain as the unshakable Kingdom.

So, what do these citizens of God’s Kingdom possess that the world doesn’t have? The simple answer is nothing. They have become nothing so that they could become everything in Christ. They have happily accepted the powerful grace of God, which takes them by the hand and demonstrates how to become totally dependent upon Christ for everything. This is so opposite from living in the world who has learned well to depend on oneself for everything. The kingdom of man has taught them all too well that all the information they need for all of their problems is at their fingertips made available by the internet or from the world’s counselors. On the other hand, what a glorious journey it is to put our trust in Christ alone. How marvelous to be filled with His Spirit through faith believing that we now belong to Christ and immediately become citizens of the unshakable Kingdom. As our eyes are opened for the very first time, we realize that all of our great accomplishments were simply filthy rags. For the first time, we see the holiness of God which brings forth a godly fear and reverence. As we gaze upon God’s great power to hold the entire universe together, we know immediately nothing can separate us from His magnificent love. Step by step the indwelling Spirit teaches us to be dependent upon Christ even when we face our greatest challenges or when persecution comes.

This powerful grace given to us by God is absolutely free. We can’t earn it or deserve it. It is rightly described as unmerited favor. In an instant, through faith in Christ, we are made as a new person in Christ (See II Corinthians 5:17) and given citizenship to the unshakeable Kingdom. The Holy Spirit will lead you to denounce all the unrighteous works of man that’s trying to tell you how to live your life. He will replace it by giving you everything you need for life and godliness (See II Peter 1:3-4). With God’s powerful grace and our total dependence on Christ, we will be able to obey all of his wonderful commands. We soon discover that they are not impossible, nor are they meant for some future dispensation. There is great excitement when we discover our own unique Spiritual gifts and when He leads us to do the impossible  Although there is great joy in becoming citizens of the unshakeable Kingdom, we also soon discover a great desire to say with the Apostle Paul, “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death; if by any means I might attain unto the resurrection of the dead” (Philippians 3:10-11). As we walk in the commands of Christ, from the grace given to us, we will literally turn the world upside down, because the world will see that our faith is not in words only but through our actions.

Unfortunately, for most who call upon the Name of Christ they are not numbered among the faithful remnant, nor do they belong to the unshakable Kingdom. They have been shaken to the core, joining the fallen world in their quest for answers to their multitude of problems, as they cry out for deliverance from a world that’s gone mad. Some have even shaken their fist at God for not sending forth a “secret” rapture to deliver them from their misery while many others have completely given up on Christianity as they drift back into the world. We are witnessing the great falling away. How tragically sad that they did not trust God to shield them from His wrath. How sad that they did not believe that God’s unshakable Kingdom would stand firm against all that’s coming upon the fallen world. We are part of the unshakable Kingdom. We just need to be reminded of that fact and learn once again how to stand our ground as we trust in God completely. In our total dependence upon Jesus Christ, we will learn anew how to be a part of the unshakable Kingdom. We will lift our downcast heads, strengthen our drooping arms, and face the coming days with great confidence, that God will never leave our side even to the very end of the age (See Matthew 28:20). So, different we are from the fallen world, let me encourage you to act like it. We are the unshakeable Kingdom.

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