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Daniel Blair is a retired Minister, who has studied at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; and served as Pastor of churches in both California and Kentucky. He has led many revivals in this country and preached internationally. Reverend Blair stays active podcasting Revelation Truth and is an inspired writer keeping up a popular blog, and producing Christian videos. Reverend Blair ministers and counsels many hurting people on the social media site Facebook. He has seen firsthand how the devil and a multitude of psychological problems have taken their toll on Christians. Blair's passion for helping Christians to overcome their many problems has led him to write his second book entitled "Stand Firm" available at my online bookstore or at a bookstore near you. His first book was published in 2006 entitled "Final Warning." Reverend Blair and his wife, Robin, live in Round Rock, Texas. They have six children and fifteen grandchildren.

Final Warning Video

This is an old video produced 13 years ago to encapsulate my theology concerning the Great Tribulation and the visible rapture of God’s faithful remnant. It is also an introduction to my first book written on the subject in 2006, entitled, Final Warning. Although, God has given me more clarity over the years the basic premise concerning the Great Tribulation has not ever changed. There is a great heresy sweeping the planet in preparation for the arrival of Antichrist, which must be dealt with by every believer in Christ.

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Are You Prepared for the Antichrist

There are many Antichrist types in the world today, however, the last dreaded Antichrist sent by Satan and the powers of darkness has not yet been publicly revealed (I John 2:18). We will discuss some of the major characteristics of the Antichrist. More importantly, we will help God’s children to prepare for his coming. We will not encourage them to start pointing fingers at potential candidates. This is very important because if we all did this it would lead to hysteria and a global panic. I am confident that when the last Antichrist arrives on the scene God’s faithful remnant will know. It will not be a matter of public debate or open discourse. On the other hand, God’s faithful remnant will spend their time making last-minute preparations for themselves and their families. Before we begin our discussion let me be very clear about what the Bible says, “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition” (II Thessalonians 2:3). There are two very important points: we will be here when the Antichrist arrives, if we are still alive, and secondly, there will be a great falling away from the true faith.

Many will claim the name of Christ on that day but only a few will be known by the risen Lord (Matthew 7:21-23). Many people will be led astray by the Antichrist believing that he is the true Christ or the anointed one. Most of the fallen world will blindly follow the Antichrist as the true savior of humanity. Unlike Jesus Christ who came specifically to the children of Israel, the Antichrist will set his sights on the entire world (Revelation 13:7-8). He will not be an isolationist, but a globalist seeking to control the hearts of all humanity. Although he may very well act like an isolationist to gain support from the country from which he arises, he will have plans to enlist all nations to a peace accord with the nation of Israel in his quest for world domination. The prime target for the Antichrist will be the seduction of Christianity and especially the nation of Israel convincing them that he is the true messiah or the anointed one. In essence, Christianity has been seduced for many years by leading them to trust in the works of mankind instead of trusting in God exclusively. This will allow the seduction of Christianity to be more compelling and effectual when the Antichrist makes his bold proclamations that often seem beyond the pale.

Satan from the beginning has always desired that humanity put their trust in him as opposed to trusting in God exclusively. His first words in the Garden of Eden, spoken through the serpent, were to proclaim that God was a liar by telling humanity that they would not die for their disobedience (Genesis 3:2-5). Well, we know how that worked out for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God allowing humanity to live an increasingly shorter life span on planet earth. Furthermore, Satan has been seducing humanity ever since bringing them to the point of serving his Antichrist as the savior of humanity. The characteristics of the Antichrist are not unlike Satan the father of lies. Perhaps one of his strongest attributes is lying to the masses of humanity by proclaiming his innocence for his many outrageous transgressions against the established laws of civil society. There is not even a hint of guilt or remorse. The population will be seduced into believing that others are falsely accusing him making them appear as the liars in the same way that Satan has attempted to turn the tables on God, accusing Him of being the liar. Truly the Antichrist is the man of lawlessness and the son of perdition or a man of eminent wickedness. His aim is the destruction of others for his own benefit.

The Antichrist’s eminent desire is to garner the worship of humanity. In his pride, he will never stop talking about himself but constantly telling everyone about how intelligent he is having the ability to bring peace to a wayward world. In his pride, he will slander others to elevate himself above all others. In his arrogance and pride, he will proclaim that he has the answers to fix all the world’s problems. This pride and seduction will lead many to praise him openly and unashamedly above all others. The Antichrist will not refuse the praise and adoration from others but will act as though he rightfully deserves it by heaping praises upon himself. Seduction and pride will work hand in hand to energize his public following, whipping them into a frenzy of support. They will even be led to strike back at his enemies, causing civil disobedience, veiled threats, and raising money for his personal needs. Many promises will be made by the Antichrist to garner humanity’s support and their undying allegiance to him as the next world leader after the Caesars of old. As the Antichrist slips through each of the legal charges against him, as his predecessor, Adolf Hitler, did before taking control in Germany, his public praise and adoration will increase phenomenally. People will fill the streets bashing those who refuse to publicly worship him as humanity’s new savior.

So, how do we, as the faithful remnant, prepare for the Antichrist? Seduction will be your biggest worry. As his followers are seduced and led astray, they will bring great pressure upon the rest of the world to follow them in their seduction. From social media to the workplace you will be confronted with people who have been swept away by the power and majesty of the Antichrist. If you could only try to imagine what it was like to live in Germany during the rise of Hitler, it would give you a sense of what lies ahead. The faithful remnant will be much like the Jews who hunkered down, tried to escape, or openly denied their ancestry. I would hope that we as God’s faithful remnant will not deny who we are in Christ. I would hope and pray that we would stand firm and not be led astray by a false hope that all will be changed through his tutelage. The only real change is Jesus Christ making us individually into a new creation and changing us from one degree of glory to another (II Corinthians 5:17; 3:18). Also, we must hold tight to the original prophecy that God will not return to set up His Kingdom until after the dreaded Antichrist is publicly revealed and has led the entire world to worship him as the anointed one (II Thessalonians 2:3; Revelation 13:7-8). Furthermore, when Christ returns every eye will see Him descend from heaven in glory to rapture, or catch up, His beloved children (Matthew 24:30-31; I Thessalonians 4:16-17; Revelation 1:7). We as God’s faithful remnant will reject any man who pridefully claims to bring about world peace and prosperity through his own initiative.

Although we may need to be careful with great discernment on who we share the eternal gospel with, we will struggle to ensure that our immediate family is part of the remnant even if we are exposed to those in power. This is something we should be working on now by first warning them of what the Bible says about the Antichrist, as outlined in this article, and secondly to ensure that they are being transformed into the image of Christ every day of their lives. I hope you can clearly see that I am not pointing fingers or naming any person in particular, but I am through the grace of God giving you enough information to beware of the one coming soon to seduce the entire world. There is no time like the present. We must prepare for the Antichrist who is much closer than you think. It is time to look in the mirror at our own Christian walk to determine if we are truly following the risen Christ or are we following the great men of our era proclaiming unbelievable things. Test your relationship today to determine if you are trusting in God exclusively for all of your problems or if you are trusting in psychology and the governmental programs of mankind.

It absolutely breaks my heart that so many people will be led astray. Deception is a slippery slope engineered by the devil. Step by step the powers of darkness will lead you to embrace cute little videos on social media designed to make you question your heritage in Christ where He promises to grow us from one degree of glory to another, giving us everything you need for life and godliness. These little videos also promise to give you wisdom for all of life leading you to put your trust in your own abilities to solve all of your problems. When this happens, then it’s only one small step to putting your trust in the Antichrist who also promises to give you, your family, and your country everything it needs.  We must come out from among them while we still have time. The longer we stay among them the stronger the deception will become causing you to strike out at your own family members who disagree. The great falling away is a reality that will cut into the fabric of every family and every household. God help us to stand firm against powers of darkness and the Antichrist. Finally, don’t just share this article but discuss it with your family and friends, pleading with them to seek the God of heaven who will validate all things.

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What Causes the Global Chaos

We will take a deeper dive into what will cause the global chaos affecting every people group and nation in the world. What causes global chaos is a most difficult question that will open the darkest caverns of evil that have invaded the world as we know it. This unimaginable evil has affected humanity in a way that is not expected, nor is it realized. Many have come forward with their plausible explanations of what is causing the tragic events in the world that have horrifically afflicted humanity, but none has seen the real cause. They have not seen the underlying reason that’s causing humanity to experience one devastating tragedy after another. Only the Spirit of the living God can expose the truth of what is happening behind the scenes driving humanity to the edge of insanity and its unfathomable destruction. We have all seen and experienced what is happening all around us. We have experienced the pain and the suffering. We have agonized and even cried out to the Lord, but few understand the reality of what is happening. There is a cause and effect. The primary cause of the global chaos is turning away from God and the effect is reaping what humanity has sown. We will look closely at how this effect on humanity is causing a global chaos.

Recently, I have written a lot about what is falling upon the world from the horrific weather patterns blamed on global warming to the increase in earthquakes, wars, famines, forced migration, and even more deadly pandemics to come. Today, I will write about the effect it is having on humanity creating a very chaotic world on the verge of self-annihilation. We cannot just say that people will be sorely affected, we have to go much deeper and understand together how humanity will be affected. There is one main cause for the chaos that creates a multifaceted problem. In one word, it is migration. The migration of the masses within a nation-state and the migration of people fleeing from other countries. The migration from within and from without is causing a severe social/economic problem. Although these migrations seem dissembler, they are more similar than thought, for they both seek better economic and social conditions. They both seek freedom from unfair or unjust laws. They both seek security from unchecked lawlessness. They both seek a safer area from the increasing natural disasters and the pending pandemics. They both seek stability in the workforce and society unknowingly caused by the dumbing down of humanity. In 2022, 8.2 Million people migrated between states adding to the chaos.

The dumbing down of humanity will have a profound effect on everyone causing sociological, economic, and psychological problems. When humanity begins to lose its ability to rationalize, think complex thoughts, to learn, and retain new material, it will lead to instability in the workplace and even in personal relationships. This dumbing down is caused in large part by technology, advanced algorithms, and artificial intelligence. When it is no longer required to maintain basic skills of penmanship, mathematics, and grammar along with other basic skills there is a dumbing down leading humanity to become ever more dependent upon the Antichrist system. Furthermore, when humanity can no longer function properly in the workplace it will lead to a run-on psychological medication that will put them under control of the world system that controls its distribution. It will also cause increased lawlessness in obtaining the medication. Moreover, when humanity can no longer function in the workplace it will severely limit the quality of the products and services that will have a detrimental effect on the society. This will create a larger migration from one job site to another which will inhibit their ability to become proficient in their task. This too will increase the number of workers seeking to withdraw into the caves of technology and become a part of the unemployed and homeless population. Every step of the way humanity’s unemployed workforce will be controlled by those in power.

That’s not the only migration. The other migration of people that’s been displaced by wars, famines, disease, poverty, and lack of work will increase tenfold from other countries. In the coming days there will be no way to stop this migration with a million people camped on your border. Walls and extra border guards will not stop the inevitable. Allowing a few to come in by placing them in confined areas and campsites will not work. In reality, it won’t be much different than the Great Depression in this country when thousands upon thousands fled to California in search of work and a new beginning from their worsening poverty. Most people will simply be looking for a better life. This has already created a lot of fear, especially when those in power tell us that they are lawless groups that bring in drugs and that some could be terrorists. Global migration will continue and get much worse, combined with the internal migration from a dumbed-down workforce, it will only create a more dangerous environment spawning lawlessness, homelessness, and an array of psychological problems. Migration is nothing new. In previous generations, migrants were assimilated into the host countries in which they migrated. Today this is not happening creating even greater chaos at the border.

Along with migration, the dumbing down of humanity, and the rejection of God it opened the door to the powers of darkness. Once the door is opened then evil and unwanted thoughts are cast upon the minds of humanity that increase exponentially as we grow closer to the end. Although some of these thoughts could be generated by movies, videos, and social media platforms, most will come directly from the powers of darkness. These evil thoughts will add to the chaos in the world driving people to do the unimaginable. These thoughts are so prevalent and powerful that they will drive many to the precipice of insanity. These thoughts are also responsible for the instability in the world’s workforce causing many to constantly migrate to another job, in a different state or country. All the world’s counselors and psychotropic drugs will not solve this problem. Depression, anxiety, and hallucinations pale in comparison to what individuals must endure to struggle against these unwanted thoughts of the enemy. People may even look and behave naturally but are completely controlled by their thoughts and emotions. All this only adds to the chaos facing a world that has completely turned its back on God.

Another kind of migration that is dumbing down and destroying humanity is filling their minds with non-essential thoughts. This happens every day from getting up to going to bed. These thoughts are considered to be of our own choosing, pretending that we have discernment, filtering out non-essential thoughts. Not only is the mind filled with an array of information from the world controlled by the powers of darkness, but they rob you of your precious time causing you tremendous problems going forward. We were never created to spend our time in the caves of technology that not only consume our time but throw our schedules and priorities out of sync. People have been known to get so involved with technology, such as searches on the internet, news media, social media, apps on the cellphone, YouTube, television, and the Metaverse that they have forgotten their priorities, their schedules, and their promises to others. They always complain that they don’t have enough time as they are pulled in one direction, and then another by the powers of darkness. Not only do these caves of technology consume our time and mess with our commitments but it has a profound effect on our psyche, which causes undue stress and explosive behavior issues.

In conclusion, I can remember a time when people would never move from their hometown. They stayed in one place built lasting relationships and retired from the same job they had from their high school or college graduation. Yes, it’s a different day. I can also remember a time before there was technology of any kind. These were beautiful days with ample time to study God’s word without any interruptions from our devices. I remember a time when we had ample time to meet with God privately for hours on end. I can also remember a time when we could study and interact with others to build our theology. I can remember a time when visiting church members as a pastor could take many Spirit-filled evenings of encouraging and being encouraged. Well, we live in a different day now where technology has robbed us of the things that make us human, like keeping our word, fulfilling our commitments, and strengthening our personal relationships. My prayer is that God will deliver His children from the bondage of the technology used in their proverbial caves to escape reality. There is no escaping the fact that humanity is reaping what it has sown. Be strong, be bold, and come out of your technological caves today to face the dying world with a message of hope. Let us lead humanity back to spending all of their recovered time worshipping and serving their Creator.

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Discovering Our True Legacy

I am getting much older now, so discovering my true legacy to pass on to my children and their descendants has been uppermost in my mind. A legacy is what you leave behind, something significant with a profound meaning, that will always be remembered. I could pass on my many books, jewelry, along with other prized possessions, but I have discovered that is not my true legacy that will be remembered for the rest of their lives. I have discovered my true legacy is to pass on what I know about God. I can remember a time in my life when I had no desire to hear the Christian Gospel. In fact, I would run from Christians and anyone else who attempted to talk to me about Christ. I had an unbelievable fear at the time that was not fully understood until much later. Simply put, I discovered from reading the Bible that “… everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his works should be exposed” (John 3:20, ESV). Well, honestly speaking, that was me at the time. Although it was difficult for me at the time to give up some of my favorite sins, it has been the most amazing journey of discovering my true legacy. A legacy I feel compelled to pass on to all of my family and friends.

Our true legacy is to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ until we die in the flesh. Everything Jesus did was not for His benefit but for the benefit of others and especially for His disciples. Our legacy as believers in Christ is not to carry on mankind’s traditions but to carry on the unique teachings of Jesus Christ handed down to us through the Bible and inspired by the Holy Spirit. If we follow in the footsteps of Christ, then everything we know about our infinite God will be passed on to our descendants, who hopefully will have become our disciples. In a nutshell, this is our legacy. It would be to our shame if our descendants lived their entire lives and did not know the simple Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a thrill it is to share the simple gospel and feel the power of God working through us to save those who hear it. This thrill is magnified when it is shared with our own family members, for which I have many blessed memories. The Bible says, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek” (Romans 1:16).

 Unfortunately, we are seeing the great falling away today because most Christians have not passed on their legacy in Christ. They have failed to share the simple gospel. The great falling away is having a profound effect upon humanity driving them into the depths of immortality and unbelievable chaos. We can only imagine what it is doing to our families. Sharing the simple gospel should naturally roll off our tongues with great power to open closed doors bringing our descendants to a point of deeper understanding and conviction. The simple Gospel says Jesus Christ is the Son of God, He was born of a virgin and died on the Cross of Calvary for all of our sins, past, present, and future. Then Christ arose from the grave in three days to give us all a new life in Christ through faith. After we share the simple Gospel then we are ready to share the great principles of our faith. Not only to share the truth in words that others can understand, but we also demonstrate how God has miraculously changed us into a brand-new creation (II Corinthians 5:17). Being changed from one degree of glory to another is our demonstration to our beloved descendants and the fallen world (II Corinthians 3:18). This is our true legacy that we have passed on to others.

My eternal hope is that my sincere love for others has been manifested for all to see, especially my beloved children and grandchildren. Godly love goes well beyond the four-letter word known and embraced by the fallen world. Our godly, self-giving love, even loves our enemies by turning the other cheek, going the extra mile, and giving to those who ask (Matthew 5:43-48). Of course, we know this godly love is impossible to achieve for the fallen world but becomes natural to those who have been made new in Christ. Only this godly love can produce the fruit of gentleness, forbearance, kindness, goodness, and self-control by the indwelling Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The other big change in our new life in Christ is that God puts tremendous joy in our hearts through the Holy Spirit. This goes way beyond the world’s definition that is intrinsically tied to happiness. God’s joy comes from the depths of our hearts contrary to what is happening around us, even if we are faced with sadness, grief, and many other pressing problems. This godly joy causes us to rejoice always, even in public with singing, not as a command but motivated by the Spirit, producing another beautiful fruit of the Spirit (Philippians 4:4).

 All this amazing fruit of the Spirit is the result of God making us into a brand-new creation where old things have truly passed away (II Corinthians 5:17). From the very beginning of our journey Christ teaches us how to let go of the past, no longer allowing it to pull us down again into the depths of despair. Every day we are taught how to put on Christ resulting in our phenomenal transformation in Christ. When we see our transformation taking place, we have a desire that all of our children and grandchildren will also enjoy the same experience. As the world struggles with the pain and anguish of their old life burdened with godless psychology and the side effects from their many drugs, the new person in Christ turns to God alone, who has given us everything we need for life and godliness (II Peter 1:3-4). The more we are transformed trusting in Christ alone for all of our needs we begin to experience the most amazing peace that truly defies understanding (Philippians 4:7). This is our legacy that we deeply desire to pass onto all of our family and friends. As a parent, a grandfather, and now a great-grandfather I have witnessed the pain and suffering of my descendants caused by the fallen world, so as a last will and testament, I pray that they all receive Christ and begin the transformation process today.

We can pass on our many belongings and priceless heirlooms, as we stated before, but they all pale in comparison to passing on our true legacy. As the world enters into greater chaos from rejecting Jesus Christ, then it’s difficult to put into words the horror that awaits the fallen world. The world rushes to its caves of godless technology controlled by the Antichrist system to escape what’s falling now upon the world. There is only one place of true refuge that will keep you in His amazing peace, joy in your heart and a living hope that will look beyond this life to the absolute bliss of heaven. It is my eternal hope to see all of my family, friends, and the many disciples that I had the privilege of helping on their journey to a true everlasting life. This is my legacy discovered many years ago as a child and fully embraced as a young adult. Oh, what an amazing journey it’s been every day of my life. This is my legacy that I pass on to you today. Please make it your legacy too and remember to pass it on to your own children and grandchildren to the glory of God. Amen

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Pressing On Toward The Goal

Pressing on toward the goal is beyond difficult when your whole world has been turned upside down. Even in the worst of tragedies, there was a semblance of normality when hope remained for completing the course. There was hope when there remained true companions on the course participating in the struggle of pressing on toward the goal. However, when the hope diminished by an unrecoverable loss, then the goal faded in the distance. When the goal fades along with the hope of reaching it, then new struggles emerge cutting deep within the heart. How does one recover the hope of their calling? How can a new goal be established that resurrects a world that has been completely turned upside down? There are solid answers to both these questions that have penetrated deep within my heart by the Holy Spirit, our true Comforter in times of pain and great loss. The loss was the unrecoverable loss of my sweet wife, Robin, who struggled for fifteen years with Alzheimer’s disease. This is a horrific disease that takes a person slowly, one piece at a time, over the course of many years. Through each step, the caregiver is also sorely affected pressing us to me more for their continued happiness and self-worth.

My goal from the beginning was total physical and mental healing for my sweet wife. My goal from the beginning was to recover our glorious relationship of running the race together set before us; striving together to press on to win our heavenly prize of our upward calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14). What a joy it was running the race together with our eternal goal always in mind. The goal of her recovery and the goal of fulfilling our calling in Christ Jesus somehow became immeasurably connected. With the loss of one, the other became disturbingly affected. How does one regain their initial calling and re-enter the race after losing one’s other half joined together by God? Although in time Alzheimer’s disease took away her speech and recognition of those who loved her, the hope of her recovery remained. The hope was constantly reignited by small improvements in the face of all medical odds. For thirteen long years, both hopes ran concurrently along the same path earnestly praying for total recovery of my wife while helping others to stand firm by being transformed in Christ Jesus. Now, there is an unexplained emptiness while I vigorously attempt to resurrect my original calling in Christ Jesus and restore the amazing joy that goes well beyond empty platitudes.

The deep love for God has not changed. The spiritually constructed theology and God’s powerful words from the Bible remain deeply embedded in my heart. Perhaps the goalpost will become more visible as my mourning gradually passes with every day. Indeed it will be a joy to get back on the track so I can continue running the race that has been set before me. I am confident that I have many friends and family who are praying for me and eagerly await my next article from the Lord to help them stand firm and face the uncertain days ahead. As I survey the days ahead, I realize the importance of quickly overcoming the pain of a personal loss and pressing on toward the goal. I pray intently that my pain and God’s enduring love will help me to be a better servant and counselor for those who are currently struggling and who will struggle with future losses. Although I remain a firm believer in all of God’s precious Spiritual gifts, including the gift of healing, I sincerely accept God’s providential will, which may not always align with our desires. I will never feel that my estimated four thousand plus prayers were a waste of time because each time I witnessed a miraculous improvement that was truly witnessed by the nursing staff and others. Knowing that my dear departed wife is now safely in heaven means I must run the course alone, but not truly alone, because the Spirit of God is being magnified in my life once again. All glory to God.

We all know the world is in a mess, on the verge of another world war, or Armageddon, and the rising of the dreaded Antichrist or the man of lawlessness to control all of humanity. So, I must press on toward the goal, to both warn and encourage God’s beloved children to stand firm. Although this is very strenuous to write this very personal article, I believe the fruit lies in connecting me with others who have, and who will face great losses in the near future. We will not take our losses lightly, but we will not allow them to hold us back on what must be accomplished in the coming days. Each of us will seek our own path forward but I am convinced that all the ultimate goals should be the same. We must all continue our march forward allowing God to prepare us for eternity. I believe that most of God’s elect children understand what must be put off in the way of sin that will have no place in heaven. The more difficult part is understanding what is needed for our eternity in Heaven. We can define it as our new life in Christ that we will strive for every day of our lives on the planet.

May God use the Balm of Gilead to bring healing to all of His beloved children when they struggle with the pain of loss. Lord, Jesus Christ draw them ever closer to you so that they can follow you in your footsteps. You have given us a wonderful example of forgiveness when you openly and unreservedly forgave your tormentors from the Cross. Your followers forgave their persecutors, allowing the bright light of their love to shine brightly, while some even gave their personal testimony from the stake. As we face the days ahead let us not follow humanity in the constant back-biting, false testimonies, and hateful rhetoric. Lead us to always speak the truth in love, ready to turn the other cheek, and go the extra mile (Matthew 5:38-41). Let us truly love our enemies, doing to others what we wish that they would do unto us (Matthew 7:12). Let us strive every day of our lives to love others as you have graciously loved us. Let us purposely and unreservedly allow your magnificent love to flow through us to others. What an amazing experience! We can now see the goal rising up before us with such a great cloud of witnesses cheering us on to run the race set before us with patience (Hebrews 12:1), “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12:2). We will press on to the goal, our upward calling in Christ Jesus, even if the whole world falls apart.

Finally, the Bible says, “If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth” (Colossians 3:1-2). When we become heavenly minded, then walking in the world will have a profound effect upon humanity showing them the light of God’s glory and the power of His enduring love. Amen

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