As A Christian Are We Growing Insensitive to Sin

As A Christian Are We Growing Insensitive to Sin?

Most believers understand that sin is wrong. They know how important forgiveness is and the price Christ paid to give it. They also know the importance of repentance and dying to the old sin nature. However, living in a sin filled world where every segment of society is practicing their sin in the open daily from the highest to the lowest among us we are compelled to ask the question, “As a Christian are we growing insensitive to sin?” It was not that long ago as believers we would be appalled to witness some of the sin we see in our world today. Was the sin there all along or were we just blind to it? Or was everything done in secret behind closed doors? Or have we as a world just gotten more-evil? Perhaps we can answer all these in the affirmative. Have we grown insensitive to sin to the point where we can just overlook it and not be too bothered by it? Insensitive to the point where we can gaze upon it, we can watch it, we can read about it and we can even share it with others. As we shall see this did not happen overnight. It took a very long time for people, especially believers, to feel comfortable enough to look at the sin and have no problem sharing it with others.

So, what does the Bible say about the sin all around us. “But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy (I Peter 1:15-16). We are called to be holy, which means we must separate ourselves from all manner of sin. Before we can separate ourselves from sin we must first recognize it as sin. Oh, how we have fallen when we no longer recognize sin as sin. When did we as Christians stop recognizing pride and lying as sin? When did we as Christians stop recognizing that vulgarity, sexual immorality and adultery as sin? Have we grown that insensitive to sin that we no longer call it sin? Perhaps we should ask what’s causing the insensitivity. Could it be that in our eagerness to get away from one set of sins like homosexuality and abortion that we have run headlong into the acceptance of other sins, such as pride, lying, vulgarity, sexual immorality, and adultery? Can we safely say that one set of sins are better than another? We must agree that all sin is sin, although our Father in heaven tends to take a dimmer view of lying and pride. Perhaps because Satan is known as the father of lies and his pride led him to rebel against a most Holy God.

Perhaps another reason for becoming insensitive to these sins in question is that somehow the old sin nature can accept these better than the unpopular sins of the religious community such as: abortion, homosexuality, the acceptance of other world religions and cruelty to children or animals. Whatever the reason for our insensitivity we must open our eyes and understand that all sin is sin. It should make little difference to the believers if it’s someone of low position or a higher position, if the sin is present we must call it out. If it’s lying, then they must no longer lie and repent of all previous lies by confessing them to God and to one another. (See James 5:16) If it’s pride, then they must stop all their boasting and bragging about their selves and in humility consider others better themselves. In the same way all vulgarity, sexual immorality and adultery must stop with repentance, making a confession to God and to one another of their previous sins. For those in the highest level of authority should they not repent and confess these sins publicly to receive not only the forgiveness from God, but from the people. If not, then how can God fearing Christians continue to support such a person or persons. Have we become that insensitive to sin that we now turn a blind eye to it?

Perhaps another reason for becoming insensitive to sin is that one becomes comfortable with it. It is always easier to do it the second time. Either committing the sin or just participating in it. To listen to the boasting over and over again or the lying one begins to accept it as the new normal. The same is true in listening to vulgarity or being around a hot-tempered person. After awhile it becomes easier to accept. Of course, the same is true in committing the sin. Every time one commits a sin it becomes easier. In the same way, every time one participates in a sin, such as, watching it on TV or on Social Media, it becomes easier. Step by step one becomes more insensitive to the sin. It no longer shocks. It no longer feels repulsive. One no longer feels the conviction of the Holy Spirit thus grieving Him (See Ephesians 4:30). In time after seeing the sin time and again one become insensitive to the sin. Once that happens then it becomes easier to move from being just a participant in watching the sin committed to committing the sin ourselves. As one loses their insensitivity to the sin it becomes an acceptable habit. Indeed, sin is a very slippery slope.

Now, let’s test ourselves and see just how insensitive we have become to sin. Are you shocked, and feel repulsive when you see someone on Social Media beat a defenseless dog, or see a half-naked woman leading the music service in church, or see young boys beating up another boy in the school yard? If you say no, then you have grown insensitive to sin. How do you feel when someone post on Social Media a pastor touching the genitals of a woman, or someone is using vulgar language to express their point, or someone is mistreating their child in the market? If you say that you feel nothing, then you have grown insensitive to sin. How do you feel when you see a man half-nude dressed as a woman? If you feel nothing, then you have grown insensitive to sin. To be holy we don’t comment on those post but turn away immediately. As holy children we must not even gaze upon the sin. How do you feel when countless women say that they had an adulterous affair with the President of the United States of America? Truly now, can they all be lying? Yes, this all supposedly happened before he became President but the lying is happening now. The pride and boasting is happening now as President. As believers have we grown that insensitive to sin or are we simply ignoring it because we like his policies. Because we like how he is standing in the gap for the Christian community. This list could go on, but you get the point. Let’s make sure as believers who have been called to be holy that we have not lost our sensitivity to sin.

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4 thoughts on “As A Christian Are We Growing Insensitive to Sin?”

  1. There is so much truth to how our church is corrupted.
    Sin is no longer sin. Jesus died so we can sin… oh Lord help us see the lies and become closer to you in these days of woe.

  2. You’ve hit the nail on this one and we ought to ask ourselves the very same question, “have I become insensitive to sin?” Thanks for giving a true reminder at a time like this. May the LORD bless you.

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