Angels and Demons

Many of us have been fascinated with angels and would do almost anything for an angelic encounter. The fascination with angelology has produced shows like, “Touch by an Angel,” and has sold millions of trinkets, statues, and pictures of angels. … But who are these angels and what role do they really play in their dealings with humanity? They have encountered many of the major biblical characters of the Old Testament from Abraham, the father of a nation, to Daniel in the lion’s den. They have appeared in visions, dreams, and in human form unawares. They have announced God’s Word, devastated invading armies and destroyed whole cities. By the time we get to the New Testament their main objective is to make preparation for the birth of Jesus, to announce His arrival, to attend Him after His wilderness temptations, minister to Him at Gethsemane, greet Mary at the sepulcher, and to attend His ascension. Other than that, there are only brief encounters, assisting the Apostles in the furtherance of the gospel by giving them direction and releasing them from prison on more than one occasion. After this Angles tend to work mainly incognito thus leading the writer of Hebrews to encourage his readers to entertain strangers because they may be entertaining angels unaware.

Their next big encounter will be at the end of days when they sound a final warning to those living on the earth to accept the gospel, to fear God and give Him glory, to worship Him who made the heavens and the earth, to announce the destruction of Babylon and make a dire warning not to worship the beast or take his mark. Angels are used to sound the trumpets and to pour out God’s wrath upon an un-repented world. Then the angels are used to accompany Jesus Christ back in glory to gather His elect from the four winds, from one end of the heavens to the other. Through this brief summary we see that the angel’s primary job is not to minister individually to humans, but to take a much larger role in following God’s will to bring this dispensation to an end. On the other hand, it is the Holy Spirit’s job to minister to each and every Christian by assisting them in their spiritual growth. It is His job to lead Christians to follow God’s will by helping them to recall His Words found in Holy Scripture. As we shall see the Holy Spirit will never lead us to do something contrary to the teachings of the Bible, which is where the fallen angels or demons come into play.

So what is the role of the demons? Clearly the Bible states that Satan was thrown down to the earth and his time is short. As an enemy of God, he and his host of fallen angels or demons are bent on leading God’s children astray. Where the good angels don’t appear to have much interaction with humanity the demons most definitely have filled the vacuum.  I have written in my latest book “Stand Firm” to be released in August, “Clearly Satan’s mission is to destroy the Church and to convince you that you have no need of it; that you are quite capable of standing alone on your own spiritual journey. Friends, this is a lie of the devil, because once he separates you from the Church then his mission is to cause chaos in your life and to attack you at every weak point. You will soon discover that it is Satan or his henchman that can cause doubt, confusion, anxiety, depression, fear and temptation to sin. It is he that can bring forth evil thoughts, thoughts of suicide, or cast you into a bed of sickness.” All this is brought about because he wants to turn you away from your faith and total dependence on God. He wants to turn you back to trusting in self and the world to solve all of your problems.

Satan is a liar of the first order. He can even transform himself into an angel of light or make his words sound like you are talking to the Lord Himself. He may look beautiful and friendly. He may demonstrate concern for your well being, but all this is a disguise to win your heart and destroy your faith. Friends, as we fast approach the end of days it is essential that we have spiritual discernment and a thorough knowledge of God’s Word. Remember that Satan and his demons can also quote Scripture, but mostly out of context as he did in the temptations of Jesus Christ. For the unlearned it appears that there are contradiction in the Scripture, it is because they are unfamiliar with other blessed texts that complete the picture of God’s truth. Satan and his fallen angels will always use this to their advantage. This is why it is so important to have other Christians who are mature in His Word so that you can converse with on a regular basis. Christ knew exactly what He was doing when He built the Church, because He knew that we needed one another especially in a day where Satan is leading so many astray through their own understanding. Too many rest on saying: “God told me this, or God told me that”, yet in many cases it does not align with God’s Holy Word, and you wonder who they’ve been listening to. We desperately need one another if we are going to stand firm!

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