All Prayer

All Prayer

Today’s article continues an eight week series on the armor of God. A very important part of being prepared spiritually for the “End Times” is being dressed in and utilizing the whole armor of God for Satan will be extremely powerful and even more deceptive because he knows that his time is short. The next piece of armor to be put on by the Christian soldier is all prayer. Those on the front lines in any military campaign will tell you the importance of good communication with their headquarters. It is no different with the Christian soldier who is also on the front lines in his struggle against the enemy; he needs good communication with his Commander in Chief. Prayer is essential as we wait to strike the enemy with just the right words from God so that it will penetrate their heart and win another victory for Christ. There are many kinds of prayers, and they are all useful in standing against the devil. There is intercessory prayer where we pray for others that God will meet their specific needs, there is a prayer of thanksgiving and praise, there is a prayer of repentance and confession, there is a prayer for a specific mission activity, there is prayer of meditation on God’s Holy Word, and there is prayer against the strongholds of the devil. It takes all kinds of prayer to stand against the wiles of the devil.

The Christian soldier can fight demonic activity by all prayer. When we speak about demonic activity, we will speak specifically about that activity against an individual person. Be assured that not all demonic activity against an individual is demon possession. On the contrary, much of the demonic activity today stands outside of man, injecting thoughts into his mind, manipulating circumstances, and raising up false prophets to lead him astray. Even though we may have put on the full armor of God, we still need all prayer as we stand against this activity of the devil. The Bible says, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective” (James 5:16b). As you fall on your knees in all prayer, ensure that you have your breastplate of righteousness firmly in place, believing that God will deliver you from the snare of the devil and allow you to overcome his manipulative attacks.

There is also demonic activity where the devil not only takes an individual captive to do his will but actually possesses him. I believe as we get closer to the end of days that there will be an increase in demon possession to a degree not seen since the first century. This is why it’s not only essential to read and understand these spiritual truths about Satan and his demonic host, but to actively share this information with others in the Kingdom. As one who has come into contact with an individual who was demon possessed, I can assure you that your best defense is all prayer. We come into the presence of God, enlisting His power to stand firm in His strength. Furthermore, you realize instantly the necessity of being fully clothed in the armor of God.

As you unsheathe the sword of the Spirit and bring it to bear in your confrontation with the demon, you recall the words of Jesus who said that some forms of demon possession can only be dealt with through prayer (see Mark 9:29). So how do you pray? Not being an expert on demon possession or exorcism, I can tell you that God’s Spirit will intercede with our spirit to tell us how we should pray and specifically what we should say in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ at the moment of confrontation with the demonic spirit. In my one encounter, I spoke things I never thought possible with great boldness and comforting assurance that God was with me. The demon was gone, and the man stood lifeless in front of me, leaning against the wall. All praise and Glory to God!

As we grow closer to the end of days, my prayer is that God will rise up an army of Christian saints who have the ability in Christ to confront the demonic. As mental institutions are filled to capacity, one wonders how many are possessed by the demonic or how many could simply be set free by the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. As mental diseases take their toll on humanity, the world turns not to God, but to the world’s counselors and a never-ending onslaught of prescription drug addiction. The starting place for the Christian soldier is all prayer—to kneel before our heavenly Father, beseeching Him to give us an open door to set the captives free.

The Christian soldier can also fight this demonic activity in our institutions by all prayer. Not only does the devil seek to control and at times occupy the individual person, but he also directs institutions to do his bidding. He has also done this since the first century. If he cannot destroy the church, then he will seek to occupy its leadership in an attempt to destroy it from within. We saw this with the Catholic Church prior to the reformation, and we are seeing it today with the proliferation of different denominations, sects, cults, and heresies. How can the Christian soldier stand against this through all prayer?  It would be helpful at this point to point out another lie of the devil. The devil has put it into the minds of Christian men and women that the coming together with other main line denominations for an open dialogue would be the work of the devil and the coming antichrist. If you included cults and other world religions, for which many are working for, then you would be correct, and it should be avoided at all cost. But for all true Christian believers to come together in one accord as brothers and sister in Lord, that would truly be the work of God. Christ prayed that we would all be one. Jesus prayed, “May they be brought to complete unity to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me” (John 17:23b). We need to pray and work for the unity of all true believers in Christ.

The devil does not stop with the church but also seeks to occupy positions of leadership in world governments. When he does that, then he can control what people are taught, the laws that govern them, their social programs, their institutions of mental and physical heath, and even their forms of entertainment and what they eat. He can also direct those in leadership to establish a new tradition of tolerance, which will eventually become law. We have already seen how this dangerous tradition can create confusion for nominal Christians and lead many into apostasy. The Bible says we need to pray for our leaders in government so that we can live a quiet life, but there is also a time that we need to pray against what they are attempting to do, realizing that the devil stands behind many of the institutions in our world today.

Furthermore, the Christian soldier can overcome stumbling blocks and closed doors with all prayer. The old devil will create as many stumbling blocks and closed doors as he can to hinder the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth. The apostle saw this clearly in his own missionary efforts, but he stood against them with all prayer and asked others to stand with him. Friends, don’t see every closed door or stumbling block as the hand of God. It could be the handiwork of the devil to keep you from completing your mission for Christ. This is exactly why we need all prayer, asking God first for discernment or wisdom concerning what we are facing then, secondly, asking God to remove the stumbling block or open the closed door if we see that it’s the devil causing us the problem. This is just another wile of the devil to keep us from completing our mission for Christ.

The question we need to ask ourselves as we fast approach the end of days is what our mission is concerning the things we have heard in this series of articles on the armor of God. I am sure that you have realized by now that Satan does not want you to engage him in holy warfare. As a defeated foe, he will do everything in his power to keep you sitting on the sidelines and out of the conflict between the sons of light and the sons of darkness. Even though we are convinced that this is a spiritual war, it is still very real, holding humanity in the balance. We can enter the war against Satan today. We begin by coming together in small prayer groups, asking God to help us overcome the stumbling blocks Satan has thrown into the path of His holy church. We proceed by asking God to give us an open door to rescue those taken captive by the devil to do his will.

As the word spreads throughout the Christian community, then small prayer groups will turn into larger groups and become numerous as they stretch across this land and around the globe to the glory of God. This will just be the beginning of something quite breathtaking because after nearly two thousand years, the church will engage the enemy. As the war escalates and the sides are more discernible, a horrific power will emerge from the camp of the enemy to crush the resistance, but it will be countered by a greater force from heaven brought on by a praying church. The Christian soldier will bow his knee in all prayer and will rise up the victor to the praise of almighty God—there will be no more closed doors and no more stumbling blocks as the end time saints march to victory.

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