Aliens and the Powers of Darkness

Aliens and the Powers of Darkness

Let me be clear, we are not talking about little green men and flying saucers. On the other hand, we will speak plainly about the powers of darkness that have followed Satan’s lead in manipulating and controlling fallen humanity since the beginning. Simply put, they are not of this world, and in the strictest sense, they can be referred to as aliens. The Bible is replete with many encounters of other worldly creatures from giants of old to angels (the sons of God) seducing earthly women (See Genesis 6:4). Most biblical scholars will agree that the powers of darkness are real, having a tremendous emotional and psychological influence upon fallen humanity. I wrote explicitly about this, utilizing more than half of my second book, “Stand Firm” to make this argument that much of the psychological suffering of fallen humanity is instigated by the powers of darkness. I am convinced that Satan and his demonic host have a tremendous hold on world events leading fallen humanity to a point of eventually accepting the powers of darkness as simply a more highly evolved form of alien existence. The political and scientific leadership of the fallen world will seek to avail themselves of this alien wisdom, unaware of the many hidden strings attached. This so-called higher wisdom will be nothing less than a new gospel that will supposedly fix all the ailments of fallen humanity.

God has given fallen humanity only one Gospel that never changes. Let me remind you of the words of the Apostle Paul who wrote, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:8). This is a tremendously important warning for our day. Dear children, there is a new gospel coming from the pits of hell that will be preached more openly by the coming leadership. This new or different gospel has been disguised for many years through public education, the entertainment industry, and more recently even from the Catholic Church. This different gospel actually dates back to the Garden of Eden when humanity was led to question God’s authority and accept the lies of Satan above God’s absolute truth (See Genesis 3:1-5). The next big event that’s instructive for our study today is the Tower of Babel where fallen humanity was led to believe that they could come together as one people and reach up to heaven and be like God in both power and authority. We know the rest of the story. God will not accept a challenge to His authority then or now (See Genesis 11:1-9). The powers of darkness are always trying to produce a different gospel to seduce and control the fallen world.

This different gospel will lead fallen humanity to reach for the stars, seeking solutions to all of their ailments without God’s help. It teaches them that this will be accomplished when all people come together as one. On the surface this coming together sounds like a beautiful undertaking, focusing all of our time and resources on improving humanity instead of haggling over trade deals and fighting endless wars. The Catholic Church has taken the lead on this monumental endeavor, seemingly to have no concern that it weakens the Gospel as long as their task is accomplished by bringing everyone together. As all people come together from around the world, they are told that they can keep their religion or non-religion, but it is essential that they accept everyone’s beliefs and behaviors as the newly accepted norms. This new gospel preaches that they can build a “brave new world” or a New World Order that allows all the nation states to thrive under their current local leadership. Yet, they will be beholden to the World Order with a puppet (the first beast) put into place by the powers of darkness. Has the powers of darkness already contacted the world leadership? Some in the scientific community are saying yes, claiming that President Trump knows of an agreement with aliens (the powers of darkness), who are waiting to reveal themselves when we are ready. 1

How visible the powers of darkness will become through the world’s leaders is not yet fully known. However, I do believe that the world will give their allegiance to the powers of darkness possibly masquerading as aliens or some higher power that can produce either real or unreal miracles through the world leader (the first beast) and through his religious advocate (the second beast) (See Revelation 13). Let’s be very clear, the coming one will want your chants of worship and praise. Dear children, please don’t be fooled by his religious face or his small concessions like curtailing abortion, keeping the perverts off the streets, and allowing you to re-enter your halls of worship. What he wants is your soul. What he wants is your praise and adoration. The coming, or reemergence, of a powerful leader will maintain his seemingly strong relationship with the nation of Israel by extending his great and lofty promises for their protection. He will be seen as the great peace maker drawing together a collation of middle eastern countries to stand against the threat of a new and more powerful Islamic Caliphate (See my article “The Second Woe – The Muslim Invasion”). Just so that we are clear, a present or coming leader is simply a pawn in the hands of a much greater power in the universe, one who actually rebelled against an all-powerful God, the Creator of all that exists. Don’t ever underestimate the powers of darkness.

Although this coming leader may pridefully relish your worship, Satan knows that the real worship flows through his puppet directly to him. Let that sink in! He along with his powers of darkness will pull the strings as he leads fallen humanity around by the nose (See Ephesians 2:2).  Everything will be orchestrated by Satan and his powers of darkness as fallen humanity chases one proverbial rabbit after another. All of their laws and new bills will in the end not make one bit of difference. All of their rioting in the streets and complaining won’t make one bit of difference. All of their post on social media won’t make one bit of difference. Only one thing will, the proclamation of the eternal Gospel. Dear children, as we stand on the precipice of change in the face of eternity, we must return to the truth of our Gospel handed down to us by the Saints who fought the good fight against the powers of darkness.

Satan’s gospel attempts to force his mandate upon the fallen world; whereas God’s Gospel changes hearts and minds one person at a time. Satan’s gospel leads the world to the pit of confusion thus allowing evil to control their lives; whereas God’s Gospel gives us His unchanging and sufficient truth to become new people in Christ free from the power of sin. Satan’s gospel paves the way to hell, whereas God’s beautiful Gospel shows us the way to eternal life. Jesus Christ died on the Cross to pay the debt for our sins so that we can receive the refreshing waters of forgiveness. Christ rose from the dead in three days to give us a new and bountiful life in Him through faith. God’s Gospel gives us the gift of the indwelling Spirit to help us to put off the old life and put on the new life in Christ – to experience the real miracle of transformation in Christ. Which Gospel will you choose?

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  1. This was quoted by a number of news outlets that professor Haim Eshed, of the Asher Institute for space research in Haifa, Israel made this comment. He is also the former Israeli space security chief and a retired brigadier general of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

2 thoughts on “Aliens and the Powers of Darkness”

  1. Excellent post DR Blair. I have told people for 30 years now when this subject comes up that aliens will eventually be revealed but it will in fact be demonic in nature and controlled by satan. After all
    Satan wants man’s worship above all. Evolution is the original lie ” you shall be like gods”. Evolution is the complete antithesis of creation. Evolution is base elements becoming complex life and smarter and better over time. God’s Word says the world was created perfect and man’s rejection of God’s authority in all matters brought death and decay. What was once perfect, not just man but the whole creation, is in decay. Paul said the whole creation groans for its redemption and regeneration at Christ’s return. The Bible says the world will wax old like a garment so even if their is serious climate change it is no surprise to the Christian and nothing man can do can reverse it. The revealing of the “aliens” will explain everything in the way a humanist wants to believe it and the aliens will be worshipped as the higher intelligence that will lead man to the “new age”.
    The book “Alien Intrusion” by Gary Bates is an excellent Christian and well researched source on the subject.
    God bless you and your ministry and give you more spirit filled words in these trying times.
    Sean from Maine

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