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Rev. Blair has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years serving as a Pastor and preaching internationally. He is the founder and president of He Reigns Christian Ministries, with a mission to help God’s children worldwide stand firm in the face of heresy and religious persecution. He has always had a heart for the broken and troubled, leading him to become an effective biblical counselor and an advocate against the growing practice of medicating mental health disorders rather than correcting the underlying issues. Pastor Blair continues to write for his popular website, with over eight million visitors, and recording messages on his internet radio. God’s Loving Pursuit is Daniel Blair’s fifth book, he has previously authored Final Warning, Stand Firm, Revelation Truth, and Guiding Principles of Biblical Counseling.


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  1. I really love everything that I’ve read so far & would appreciate it if you would please pray for me

    Will u please pray for me?

  2. God’s greetings and blessings to you Rev. Daniel. It has been almost 2 months since I have been on fb and was surprised to see you are leaving fb. I believe you are inspired and directed by God and He will bless and multiply your blog and website. As a servant of God I am honored to be able to participate in your daily inputs. I claim your victory in Christ and know He will enlarge your territory. We shall keep you and your ministry in daily prayer. In His Love, Evangelist William J Madigan

  3. LOVE your INFORMATIVE, INSPIRING Tribulation Radio Show “Making Sense Out of Another Tragedy” ! PRAISE JESUS for HIM putting it ALL together for such a time and place as this! Such a BLESSED SHOW with Ed Hollyfield singing his WONDERFUL, SPIRIT FILLED song “Let’s Return to God”! Thank you Reverend Daniel Blair for listening to JESUS in making this BEAUTIFUL show to HONOR HIM!

  4. Yes, dear Reverend Daniel Blair, your message (like ALL your messages) are truly GOD GIVEN and SO VERY TIMELY! I am ALWAYS AMAZED at your HOLY SPIRIT led messages (your books, articles, Prophetic Notes, prayers, Tribulation Radio Shows, Revelation Truth videos) are TRULY FROM THE HEART OF GOD, as we know you LISTEN to HIS VOICE to receive BIBLICAL wisdom, guidance, and direction. We are GRATEFUL TO GOD for HIM using you to bring us and others CLOSER to JESUS and HIS WILL for our lives. GLORY TO GOD!

  5. Very nice and Christ focused! Awesome read brother! See you around facebook! God’s blessings upon you and Robin.

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