A Word of Prophecy

A Word of Prophecy 2013

This is the dawning of a new day. The world is on the brink of new discoveries that will affect every person living on the planet. A discovery so significant that it will promise mankind something he has only envisioned for thousands of years. A discovery so remarkable that it will allow mankind to realize his full potential both physically and mentally. A discovery so credible that it guarantees to control man’s bad behavior and his horrendous acts of lawlessness. This is welcome relief to the world that has suffered greatly under the weight of mass murder and school shootings. This discovery will be hailed as the greatest miracle ever recorded in the history of humanity. What appeared to be dead is now considered to be alive and therefore the whole world is amazed and flock to the one who makes this discovery available to the whole world (see Revelation 13:13).

Mankind over the past two hundred years has made little success in controlling man’s bad behavior and helping him to realize his full potential. Much of his counseling and prescription drugs have done little to curb the old sin nature leaving man’s heart noticeably unchanged. Yet, with the dawning of a new day things are about to change. Just a short time ago Marcia Angell’s review of Psychiatry indicated “We are seeing an apparent epidemic of mental illness. 46% of adults are diagnosed with mental illness at some point in their lives.” Satan, however, is no longer interested in just holding half the world’s population in bondage to his psychiatric programs but will now seek to capture the entire world through his new discoveries marketed to every country in the world. Although, those of the faithful remnant reject these new discoveries as “counterfeit miracles” and a way of leading the world to put their trust in another, it will be amazingly effective. This promise of a new life free from emotional struggles and helping them to obtain their full potential will simply be too great for most to pass up.

As lawlessness, unchecked anarchy, civil unrest, and unabated wars take their toll on humanity most will eagerly accept this new miracle that promises to change every man’s heart allowing peace to reign. This is no longer difficult for even the religious man because over the years he has been indoctrinated to accept all religions as the same, or least on the same level, with no one religion having a corner on the truth. Many political and religious leaders have spread this lie, in time causing mankind to doubt that God alone can change his heart or solve his problems. Step by step all religions are led to the same altar of putting their ultimate trust not in their god, but in the one who has offered them this new discovery that promises to really change man’s heart. When Christians no longer trust God alone to change their heart and make them into a new creation then they too will freely accept the one who offers them this new discovery thereby committing spiritual adultery.

As the great apostasy spreads it will become most difficult for true Christians to stand firm. In time all dissenters will be hunted down and killed as enemies of the new world order or sent to rehabilitation camps. Anyone holding to their belief that God alone can change their heart along with adherence to the sufficiency of Scripture will be deemed as emotionally unstable and in need of further psychiatric testing and counseling by the professionals. Failure to heed their counseling or accept their prescription drugs will make you an enemy of the State. Friends, there are difficult times on the horizon for the faithful Christian remnant that comes out from the world and refuses to accept this new found discovery introduced by the Antichrist and his false prophet. Truly this is the dawning of a new day of evil that will engulf the entire world so that the Antichrist can come as the savior of humanity. I present this word of prophecy to all who have ears to hear. God help us to “stand firm” and always bring glory to your Name.

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