A Prayer for Ukraine

A Prayer for Ukraine

I have already written one prophecy as the invasion began into Ukraine and have prayed privately. Now, I believe God is opening a door to pray publicly for the people of Ukraine. I join the rest of the world in being heartbroken for all the people and especially for the children who are suffering. I lift my voice to heaven and ask our Heavenly Father to protect the innocent and especially His beloved children who have been caught up in this tragedy. We pray, Oh Lord, that you will not allow the invading armies to go any further than what’s been predetermined. If it’s only a land bridge that they seek from the Black Sea to Belarus, then stop them, Oh Lord, from proceeding any further. We pray that this horrific war will not harden the Ukrainian people but will cause them to humble themselves before you, the God of Creation. We pray, Oh Lord, that you will be quick to forgive their trespasses and deliver them from the grip of their enemy, both seen and unseen. We pray that you will allow the Ukrainian people to settle peacefully in the Western half of the country. We pray that you will mercifully protect them from any further incursions of the enemy. We pray, that their strong spirit will be a great light to every country in Europe that has mostly turned away from you. Allow the Ukrainian people to be our rear guard from all the Kings in the East. Finally, Oh Lord, we pray for a great blessing upon these people as they turn back to you in faith and obedience to all of your commandments. We humbly pray this in the blessed Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Reading from the King James Version, the Bible says …

“He increaseth the nations, and destroyeth them: he enlargeth the nations, and straiteneth them again” (Job 12:23).

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  1. Amen. I have been praying for the Ukrainians these past few weeks. About a year ago (2-8-2021), I had a vision as I was waking up. It was so vivid that I wrote it down. The vision was of hands holding a broken hourglass. The hourglass sands were spilling everywhere, slipping through the hands. I did not see a face, only hands and the sleeves of a robe which were pastel yellow and pastel blue. I did not know the meaning behind this vision except that time was running out. It was recently when I saw the yellow and blue of Ukraine’s flag on TV that I remembered this vision and wondered if that was the significance of the sleeves.

    1. Thank you for your comment Lori. Yes, this is a great vision to contemplate asking our Father in Heaven to help us fully understand its meaning. God bless you my dear sister and thank you again for sharing.

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