A Nation Divided

In the past four years rebellions, riots, protest, and fractured governments have become the norm. We have seen dictators toppled, forms of government change, and thousands more killed in an attempt to dispose of their leader. As the whole world appears to be hemorrhaging from internal conflict one can only wonder how long our national unity can remain intact. As our country faces its national election it has become self evident that the population is clearly divided over fundamental issues. The lines have been drawn between capitalism and socialism; between taxing the rich to trusting in liberated capital to produce more jobs; between same sex marriage and a marriage union of the opposite sex; between abortion and the sanctity of life; and, between government heath care and private sector health care. Unfortunately, others have attempted to draw lines between the rich and the poor; between white and black (or Hispanic); and, between a woman’s right to choose and her inability to do so. Four years ago the rhetoric of a young man attempted to unite a country when he said things like, “There is not red states and blue states, but the United States.” Four years later the rhetoric has changed. Division is now a hallmark of both campaigns with aggressive behavior, divisive television ads, false accusations, and disrespectful interruptions during national debates.

All of this heated rhetoric has not united the country behind one individual but has driven a wedge between its population to the point where it is reported that one side will attempt to kill the other side if elected.  I fear that it will not make any difference which side wins the election, because the country will be divided if things don’t change. We are headed to more than just a fiscal cliff if this country does not return to its founding principles. The principles I refer to is those built on a biblical foundation of mutual respect and obedience to God’s commands so clearly given to us in the Christian Bible. These principles cannot be wed with those of other world religions or modern philosophies. To do so would only continue to plunge this country into deeper division.  Let me be very clear this will not be obtained by revolt or rebellion as witnessed in other countries. Although it is possible if Christians wake up to the reality that our true enemy is alive and well, seeking to divide and destroy this beautiful land that we call home. It will take a lot more than just private prayer, although that is needed and should be practiced by every Christian. What is needed is a fundamental change in how we think and act in engaging the real enemy of our land.

Before we proceed it is absolutely essential that Christians free themselves from their self-imposed bondage to the evil one. Until you do, you will be of no use in restoring kingdom principles to a land that has lost its way. Satan for a very long time now has changed his tactic and has engaged every Christian to question God’s ability to give you everything you need for life and godliness. He has all but smothered most Christians with psychological and emotional problems and then convinced them that God is not capable of dealing with their problems. As the lines grow longer in front of the counselor’s office and the drug companies are raking in billions of dollars every year the Christian community has been lulled asleep. While sleeping, the enemy has entered the vineyard and is about to divide and destroy your land. Wake up dear Christian! And return to those biblical principles on how to engage the enemy and ward off the flaming arrows of depression, loneliness, anxiety, doubt, guilt, and many other so called emotional and psychological problems that keeps you in bondage to do his will. (I have covered this extensively in my new book: Stand Firm, godly counsel for the last days).

If every Christian frees himself (or herself) from their self-imposed bondage of the evil one then you are ready to make a difference. We must get beyond the ballot box and get into the streets. It is time to start sharing the gospel wherever, and whenever you go – in the public buildings, schools, and from house to house. It is time to join hands together with other Christians marching to the drumbeat of our Lord Jesus Christ, singing, publicly praising His glorious Name, and offering united prayer for those who need it. It is time to give to the poor and the less fortunate in the Name of Jesus. It is time to offer the prayer of healing to the downtrodden and suffering in the Name of Jesus. It is time to publicly engage the enemy in the Name of Jesus. Won’t you join me today in taking our country back or will you just trust the ballot box to bring about the real change that is needed. We all know that the end is coming and that the time is short, but I say let’s not go down without a fight. Dear friends, put on the full armor of God and meet us on the front lines.

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