Brave New World

Out of the sea of humanity comes one to unite the entire world. A force so powerful and persuasive that it has people dancing in the streets singing praises to the one who is ushering in a new age. What was billed as breaking down the barriers of race, which is a good thing, has encompassed so much more. It’s reported that 6.4 million evangelical Christians voted for Obama and have taken part in this solemn assembly joining hands with other world religions, homosexuals, and abortionist to build a brave new world of tolerance. As the Western world rushes toward a fiscal cliff and anarchist are marching in the streets it is all part of the master plan to take from the rich and give to the poor – to spread the wealth – to level the playing field. To do so will ensure that the power base remains in the hands of the one running the new world. It guarantees that no party can mount an opposition. Around the world one nation at a time will be placated beginning with the Middle East. Great compromises will be made to bring every nation under the umbrella of a brave new world. The initial olive branch was offered in Cairo, Egypt by Barack Obama putting the three great religions on the same level introducing an age of tolerance and cooperation.

Unfortunately many evangelical Christians have hitched their wagon to the Republican Party only to be classified now as racists, intolerant, and opulent unwilling to share with the masses. The lines have been drawn. Join the new world or be ostracized. I am sure in the coming months there will be a lot of talk about mounting an opposition against the one who has brought this country into stratosphere of the new world order. I am sure they are already talking about how to re-brand the Republican Party to make it more palatable to the masses, but unless it follows the extremes of tolerance it will not succeed thus leaving many Christians without a party or a voice in the next election, if there is one. What it will do is cause a great polarization between the tolerant evangelical and the intolerant Christian. It will cause a great polarization between good and evil – between the holy and the unholy. So what are Christians to do as we fast approach the end of days a midst the spread of this new world order sweeping the planet?

I can say it is time to stand firm, but if I say that alone then I have said nothing. We can in fact do two things. We can stand for the truth, because without a solid theological belief system then we will fall for the lie and be swept away with the other 6.4 million evangelicals who have joined ranks with the brave new world. On the other hand if we roll up our sleeves and get back to the basics of our Christian faith then we can make a difference. Ask yourself do you really understand what the transformation means or has Satan clouded its meaning and has you believing that you are still in bondage to the old sin nature and the sins of your family. Ask yourself do you really believe that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness or have you believed the lie of the devil that says God is inept in delivering on his promises. The second thing we can do is mount an opposition against the rulers of this age that stand behind the new world. Our fight is not against flesh and blood! Do you know how to put on the full armor of God and stand firm against the real enemy, the one who is destroying this world and putting humanity in bondage to do his will and not the will of our Father in heaven?  Do you know how to come out of the world? Have you learned the secret of non-conformity? Finally, can you stand against the coming persecution for those who refuse to join the brave new world?

Dear children, I can no longer cry about our present situation. I must get up and do something about it, but I cannot rush ahead on my own strength. I must wait upon the Lord and wait for His Words from heaven that give us encouragement and direction as we face tomorrow together. This is why I have been late in getting this article out for all to read. Before we ever speak a word it must come from God or it must not be spoken. I know that there will be some who will mock these words or not even take time to read them, but I am not writing to them but to you, because you are the one that is precious in my sight. You are the one whom I long to see in heaven as we rejoice together before the true King of this age and the age to come. God bless you all and “Stand Firm.”

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