As A Christian Are We Growing Insensitive to Sin?

Most believers understand that sin is wrong. They know how important forgiveness is and the price Christ paid to give it. They also know the importance of repentance and dying to the old sin nature. However, living in a sin filled world where every segment of society is practicing their sin in the open daily from the highest to the lowest among us we are compelled to ask the question, “As a Christian are we growing insensitive to sin?” It was not that long ago as believers we would be appalled to witness some of the sin we see in our world today. Was the sin there all along or were we just blind to it? Or was everything done in secret behind closed doors? Or have we as a world just gotten more-evil? Perhaps we can answer all these in the affirmative. Have we grown insensitive to sin to the point where we can just overlook it and not be too bothered by it? Insensitive to the point where we can gaze upon it, we can watch it, we can read about it and we can even share it with others. As we shall see this did not happen overnight. It took a very long time for people, especially believers, to feel comfortable enough to look at the sin and have no problem sharing it with others. Continue reading As A Christian Are We Growing Insensitive to Sin?

Resist the Lies of The Devil by Walking in The Promises

The lies of the devil have caused most of the problems in our world today. It’s not just the lies, but the fact that so many of the world’s population actually believe the lies. Have you ever wondered why there is such an increase in emotional and psychological problems? It’s reported in 2014 that 91% of the population would seek a mental health professional if they had a problem. Have you ever wondered why there is such an increase in drug addiction? It’s also reported that in the same year that 8 million Americans battled both drug addiction and a mental health disorder concurrently. Perhaps the most alarming statistic to me was the increased numbers in suicide globally. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Worldwide, 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, according to the World Health Organization. The shocking fact is the Church is not exempt from these problems. Psychological problems, drug addiction and suicide are caused primarily from listening to the lies of the devil. So, follow me along to discover how to “Resist the lies of the devil by walking in the promises.” Continue reading Resist the Lies of The Devil by Walking in The Promises

What Will Be the Measure of Your Faith When Christ Returns?

If you had to, how would you describe your faith? More importantly, how would God describe it? That is something we want to be sure about when we consider this question, “What will be the measure of your faith when Christ returns?” Faith has been a very loose term tossed around to describe many different things. Some have referred to their particular denomination as the “faith” with the connotation that if you left the denomination for another it would be the same as leaving the faith. Others have used the word quite differently essentially saying if you just had enough faith you could have or do whatever you want. While others have said your faith is simply the collection of all your doctrines that you so tenaciously hold onto. While there may be a certain element of truth in all these definitions, for the sake of this article I will only look at the aspect that Christ looks at upon His return to earth. Continue reading What Will Be the Measure of Your Faith When Christ Returns?

How Will the Beast Unite the Entire World to Follow Him?

He will unite all the warring factions. He will unite all the races. He will unite all the political parties. He will unite most all the nations to follow him by giving him their power. He will unite all the liberals and conservatives. He will unite the learned and the uneducated. How will he do it? How will the Beast unite the entire world to follow him? To not only give him their allegiance but to worship him. Of course, not everyone will. The few exceptions will be those who have had their names already written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Before I tell you what it is (please don’t skip ahead), let’s look at what won’t work. The things that will not unite everyone together as one. It won’t be Facebook or any other social media platform. In fact, the opposite is happening by throwing even more ridiculous and hateful opinions into the hopper. If anything, it’s gone a long way to divide the world into two major factions along with many other smaller factions drifting from one opinion to another. Continue reading How Will the Beast Unite the Entire World to Follow Him?

Christian Persecution is Much Closer Than You Think

As we quietly meander along life’s journey choosing our battles, aligning ourselves with one political party or the other, we feel as though we are really making a difference. We may feel as though we are on the right side of history. On the other hand, everyone is making their own political or religious statement casting a larger shadow of confusion over a beleaguered world. Everyone has his own opinion. In the midst of this confusion, the only thing we know for certain is that God’s true children will be persecuted. The Bible says, “Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you; and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake” (Matthew 24:9). So, what is happening now that causes this tremendous hate toward the Christian community? What are the early signs of Christian persecution? Should we prepare now? Christian persecution is much closer than you think. Continue reading Christian Persecution is Much Closer Than You Think

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