Walking in Truth, Our First Step to Transformation

Are you in a church that’s helping you to be transformed? Another way of saying it, are they helping you to put off the old life and put on the new life in Christ? I hope so. If not, then let me encourage you to stay where you are and join the ranks of the faithful remnant by learning how to really walk in truth to experience transformation in Christ. To do so will not only help you, but it will start a movement within your church to help others. Most of us have heard the old saying tossed about for years but few these days really understand its meaning. The saying is, “The whole Gospel truth.” As a believer, I venture to say that you know your church doctrine and may even have large portions of your Bible memorized, but you may not know if you are being transformed. Are you truly experiencing the new life in Christ? I hope to remedy that by showing you how to walk, in truth, which is our first step to transformation. Continue reading Walking in Truth, Our First Step to Transformation

The Lukewarm Church is Blinded by The World

When did we stop trusting God? When did we stop trusting Him to really make us into a new creation and then to grow us from one degree of glory to another (See II Corinthians 5:17; 3:18)? Perhaps it all started when the world turned its back on God and then discovered very quickly that humanity was in trouble. Why were they in trouble? There was no longer a moral anchor and humanity began to drift into a greater sea of immorality. Many tried desperately to reign in terror and gross immorality with new laws and mandates, but everything failed. As churches emptied and immorality increased fallen humanity needed a solution and they needed it quick. So, in time they resurrected some old theories of a pagan writer who lived a few centuries earlier; someone who thought he understood human nature. Then with the experimentation of new drugs, seemingly to affect behavior, and this new science of mental health, then the art of modern psychology was born. So, humanity no longer needed God to direct their path and provide them a moral anchor, because a new quasi religion had arrived on the scene to solve all the problems of fallen humanity. So how does all this affect the lukewarm church? Continue reading The Lukewarm Church is Blinded by The World

For Every Action There is a Reaction

It’s breaking my heart that God’s people are being manipulated. Satan has not only led God’s children into deception and error he is also now manipulating them to fight a war that they cannot win, which will drive fear into their hearts. I have always been amazed by the ebb and flow of history. For every action there is a reaction. There are countless examples in history from the abuses of the Catholic Church to the Reformation and from tyranny to democracy. For every action there was a reaction. We have also seen the ebb and flow from the gross immorality in the early days of our country to the great evangelistic movements to the global emphasis on missions. For every action there has always been a reaction. Continue reading For Every Action There is a Reaction

The Faithful Remnant Seek to Know Their God

The one thing missing among God’s people these days in the midst of their many trials and tribulations is the seeking of your people after their God. They seek a great many things, but they don’t prepare their hearts to seek after their God. This is tragic. They seek knowledge but miss knowing their God. They study all the manuscripts and understand a great many things about the history, the languages, and the culture of biblical times, but miss knowing their God. They banter back and forth in their study groups and have heated arguments about certain words and meanings but have missed knowing their God. They know all the church doctrines and have the ability to recite their systematic theology and can discuss the finer points of their religion but have missed knowing their God. We will discover together how the Faithful Remnant seek to know their God. Continue reading The Faithful Remnant Seek to Know Their God

We Are the Faithful Remnant

As we draw closer to the end no one will doubt the increase in wickedness and the power of Satan. They won’t doubt the destruction of humanity and our home, planet Earth. We would all have to be blind to miss what is happening all around us. However, what most will not easily admit is how difficult it is to stay pure in an impure world. They will not easily admit their tremendous struggle with the things they see and hear in the world. There is a growing group within all of Christianity that admits to this struggle and have banded together through small groups in churches, in business and on Social Media to support one another in prayer and mutual encouragement. By way of introduction, we are the faithful remnant. Some have referred to their selves as the remnant army, but whatever we call ourselves our goals are the same to stay holy in a wicked world that’s being slowly destroyed from within. Continue reading We Are the Faithful Remnant

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